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  1. All this new battery powered gear is amazing. I used to hate two stroke fumes. I must agree I'd prefer the old style tensioner
  2. 3 all in the same tree, hit a phone cable with the stump grinder knocked out and entire close.
  3. Not really mate we had several inches on the Granite Belt last week.. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-17/thick-snow-blankets-southern-queensland/6626630
  4. Its like anything in business, if its profitable it will be worth doing if not don't bother.
  5. Over here its all about sugarcane thousands upon thousands of hectares. They plant billets directly no till. I guess much of it goes for ethanol.
  6. I'd forgotten about balance ploughs Mike, looking at the way they operated I'd think they were responsible for the removal of many old and ancient hedges...
  7. Little Fergies only used to pull a double, plowing and on very heavy ground a single, plowing with a crawler was popular for a while
  8. If I was starting over a hgv would be first priority, as for the question 10, 12 or even 14 tonner with crane would be my choice. I had a 7.5 ton Isuzu great lorry for filling with chip and never went over loaded, but ideally you need a crane in this game you won't fit ond and carry more than 3 ton if fitted to a 7.5 toner. As for 3.5 toners they're a waste of time and effort, I learnt through the hard way..
  9. If somebody accused me of stealing something which I hadn't I'm afraid we'd have resort to sorting things the way old fashioned way!
  10. We're all those long hot summer school holidays with the odd thunderstorm really just in our imagination?
  11. Sorry lads 24c here today blue sky, not bad for winter...
  12. The UK has a horrible culture of knocking those that have done well, I'm a staunch socialist but I have no problem with wealth just as long as they pay there dues.
  13. The inexperienced can expect dreadfully low wages to start with sadly its part of the game...


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