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  1. How do you adjust the carb? Think they are 1 of them electric things as there's no hi low screws. It's fresh fuel & it's deffo always mixed right.
  2. It feels like it when you pull the cord, what's the cause & remedy?
  3. I've got 2 stihl brush cutters that are both a year old, when they get hot they like to run rough as hell and cut out. Once they stop they are a pita to start! Any ideas?
  4. I've got a stihl long reach hedge cutter that I've had since I first started up, after tons of use it's finally died today. I did notice it's sounded a bit rattly over the last few weeks however while on full chat there was a bit of a ping then it cut out. When you pull the starter there seems zero compression at all, I've fiddled with it and the only thing I noticed was a few small shards of metal above the piston & cylinder. I've looked allover for where it's come off and can't find it anywhere. Any ideas what went wrong? Worth fixing?
  5. This is it pal everyone is on the take nobody wants to put nowt in! Most get away with it at big firms as they blend in with the good lads but at smaller ones they stand out like a neon dildo!!! I know since I worked for myself I've had nowhere near as much time off as I did when I was employed. The upside is I now have a lot more money than I ever would of.
  6. When I first started up I had a friend work for me known him a few years, I would do a 15 mile round trip to pick him up and drop him off every day! Worst thing I ever did, not once got a thanks or here's a fiver m8. They start to expect it from you like its normal then when you say no more and reality hits that they have to get up early and catch a bus it's a shocker. At 40 and still doing what a 18 year old would do is a massive drain! He's too old to change and never will and will continue to take the piss as long as you let it go on. Sort another lad out sack the numpty and move on. It's hard work finding good lads but any will be better than the drain you have at the moment!
  7. Been in business about 10 years started off doing tree work and now mostly transitioned into grounds maintenance. Constant issues with staff over the years, I've had 1 good lad who recently got send down for 13 months! Is it me? Am I a magnet for dummies? Job and knock pay good wages paid holiday pay for an extra week at Xmas out my own pocket, will go out my way if they are putting the effort in but most seem to be unable to grasp the concept of work. Had a lad with me for 4 weeks works well when he is here, rang in sick once, blobed because his scooter broke down rang me an hour after start time to tell me, late twice, drove 6 mile in the wrong direction to pick him up this morning as bike broke again never turned up! Rang an hour later to tell me he forgot he was working! The work ethic now seems to be piss poor! Does anyone else have to suffer this rubbish?
  8. I had it when I sold my little van to a traveller. He paid me in £20 notes asked for "luck money back" went back in to get a fiver for him instead ?
  9. Dog bab on your boot, then tree then hands
  10. Bet the wagon drivers had left some nasty surprises in the hedge backs ?
  11. Father in law did it all his life, must be like robots.
  12. Got sent to another one in Bradford, house was rancid the kind where you wipe your boots on way out, Asian lady shouting something foreign at me downstairs bog was packed to the knackers with shit, told her I was going to get something out the van drove back to yard chucked keys at gaffer said its not for me and left £12 an hour no way
  13. Ground or seat based only now ?
  14. I did a very brief stint at dynorod, unblocking a manhole overflowing in the middle of Bradford with bog roll and turd allover. Asian kids paddling around in it like they were at the seaside. Still have flashbacks ?


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