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  1. simonm

    weeds in a rose hedge

    Spray with residual, will kill all pre emergence for around 10 months
  2. simonm

    Grounds maintenance operative

    SDM Tree services is a small LTD company based in Wakefield, we are looking to appoint a suitably qualified individual to carry out commercial grounds maintenance on private housing estates. You will be working as part of a 2 man team with the owner operator, duties include mowing "ride on & walk behind" strimming, litter picking, hedge cutting, weeding, knapsack spraying, planting trees & shrubs. Applicants must be punctual, reliable, able to work on their own initiative, capable of working to a high standard. Driving licence essential, pa1 pa6 a bonus...must have proven previous experience in a similar role, further training available for the right candidate. This is a fast paced job working in all weathers that can involve a lot of walking. Hours Mon - Fri on a job & knock basis. start time 7.30 finish depends how efficient you work together on site. Job Type: Full-time Salary: £16,500.00 to £18,000.00 /year Please send your cv & cover letter to services@sdmtreeservices.co.uk
  3. simonm

    Prosecution up north

    I spoke to our local TO about trees in the district that I know have tpos attached and that homeowners have ignored this and just got folk in to mutilate them and was basically told that unless it's a promenant tree in a focal point nothing would be done by the council as they didn't have the time or budget to prosecute. Why bother with the paperwork if there's no comeback
  4. simonm

    Auxiliary oiler

    Would it need anything other than gravity fed? It's already got an oil source from the saw isn't this just drip fed as a bit of a help?
  5. simonm

    Auxiliary oiler

    I have ordered a 42" panther mill but are thinking about going a bit bigger as I have a lot of big lumps kicking about. I would like to be able to tackle everything I've got.
  6. simonm

    Auxiliary oiler

    Is it right that you loose around 8" worth of cutting once the bar is on the mill? Thinking I would be better with a 64" mill & oiler if that's the case
  7. simonm

    Auxiliary oiler

    Auxiliary oiler... When are these necessary? What do they screw into on the end of the bar?
  8. simonm

    New to milling

    It's just an experiment I suppose, a more profitable way of moving the wood on other than sending it as firewood. It looks straight forward enough using the chainsaw mill.
  9. simonm

    New to milling

    Just ordered a panther 42" mill
  10. simonm

    New to milling

    Think I best stick to the alaskan for now as I've never done it before. Would be a fraction of the cost... Those panther ones look nice to use. Has anyone used one before?
  11. simonm

    New to milling

    So would you be able to cut a wider slab with a chainsaw over band saw? Silly question but is it just a case of once they are cut stack them somewhere dry and breezy to dry them out?
  12. simonm

    New to milling

    Over the past 10 years all of the timber we have ended up with from tree surgery has gone for firewood. I've being wanting to have a go at milling for a long time but have never really had chance to have a go. I have a lot of oak beech & elm in 3-4 meter lengths just sat around doing nothing, I am wanting to have a go at making them into table tops etc. Am I best off getting an alaskan mill type jobby or just jumping in and buying a mobile band saw? I like the idea of the band saw as we have the space to use it and machinery to load it etc... Suggestions???? Advice???
  13. simonm

    Green waste recycling

    Will probably be used on flower beds on the grounds maintenance sites we manage
  14. simonm

    Green waste recycling

    Yeah something similar to this, ideally with a conveyor.
  15. simonm

    Green waste recycling

    Looking for a machine to recycle bits of timber with the odd nail in it, sweepings leaves twigs hedge clippings basically stuff that you would either pay to dispose or burn...stuff that you wouldn't really want to put in a chipper. Everything I have seen is the size of a wagon!


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