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  1. bark mulch in bulk

    Anyone used Aw jenkinson? being quoted what i think is a really good price.
  2. bark mulch in bulk

    I am looking to buy Landscape bark mulch in bulk, ideally loose tipped loads around 20t at a time...who is a large supplier? looking to get delivered to the Leeds area.
  3. Re edging beds & borders

    I see you can buy a stihl edge redefiner but only in the usa! and as you cant mail order stihl stuff looks like its a no go!
  4. Re edging beds & borders

    We have inherited a large site that has being neglected in the past and will need to re edge the borders, i don't fancy doing it by hand! is there a machine out there that can cut the edge and chamfer the soil to create a nice finish?. I know of lots that will cut the edge but you still have to chuck the soil back by hand!
  5. Bandit gallery

    That looks like a right chipper.
  6. Whats the Bobcat like running the flail? is it mostly used for bramble etc? its the way i wanna go...got my class 1 booked so it will be digger & big chipper time.
  7. Another day spent felling trees & chipping up...little Vermeer is excellent for moving logs, makes life easier feeding the chipper. There will no doubt be jobs where man power wins,maybe a digger & big chipper would be better
  8. How much does the digger weigh? do you just use it for loading brash?
  9. Where to order parts for pto kwikchip chipper

  10. Something like that looks ideal...would do the job of 10 men! Wont ring in sick or moan about how shit the job is...
  11. Never thought about a tractor...would be very versatile, could stick a loader on to move timber for the clean up. What size machine can you hang off a tractor? i guess it depends on the horse power.
  12. Rigid...no problem...but why shell out for 2 machines that need 2 men to operate when 1 man with 1 machine could do.
  13. But why have 2 vehicles? if its site work & chip is staying, 32 t beaver tail with hiab, track chipper onto back with loader & away u go, crane timber on, drop it off go back & pick tackle up
  14. It then means 2 vehicles to take what 1 machine could do, a digger would be more versatile.
  15. Where to order parts for pto kwikchip chipper

    I rang Fletcher Stewart when i had mine and they put me in touch with somebody else, not sure who it was!


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