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  1. Gave the option to have gov pension or waver for £2 extra per day to be included in pay.
  2. You have an annoying knack of telling me to do what I'm already gonna do 😉 This is catharsis.. I'm sounding out my thinking
  3. Just thinking back now to a month ago when I took a rare day off to view and work out a quote which turned out to be 9k of fencing and he bitched and moaned that I wasn't on site. Job was done by 2pm anyway and early finish. Had I been there would have been done by 11am and I would have been left with about 8 hours of travelling and admin to calculate a quote while he went home and got paid for the rest of the day... God I'm soft
  4. We have parted ways in a friendly manner. Will source a replacement ASAP. With a clean driving license. Frankly it's a weight of my mind...
  5. It's that guy. Irony is as well as moaning about his wages this morning he moaned about waking him up. Was only Thursday week i told him to be at mine at 7.50 on Monday we are on the school job in town. Last Sunday 10.20pm I get "wot time we starting tomorrow and where".....
  6. I have a few numbers of people who can do the odd day but I want someone permanent. Contacted his brother in law and asked him to talk some sense into him. His words. "probably time for the dopey cunt to learn a lesson. He wont find another job"
  7. Sheesh how? Anyway, he's got 3 hours 11 mins to get back to me a let me know if he's coming back to work. If not, I'll process his wages for the month add his annual leave entitlement and pay him and send him his p45. Need to find someone by this Tuesday...
  8. He's not a lad. He's a 30+ year old man who initially baulked at the idea of getting his own ass 2 miles down the road to work. If he wan'ts full time he's got it. He doesn't. If he wants his 22 days he'll get them if he worked full time. He works approx an average of 3/4 full time, pretty much fitted around his long weekend. He gets the proportional amount of holiday accrued for the proportion of full time work he does. Approx 3/4. He refuses to learn to drive. We still drop him home often out of guilt when possible. He gets all tips and out early. And he appreciates fuck all. I've even given him a shit ton of outdated trimmers, all my old cabled tools that have been upgraded to batteries etc etc etc. I work full time during the week, evening and nearly every weekend so he has a job. I earn probably triple what he earns for triple the hours and all the stress and financial risk. I'm not fucking mother theresa...
  9. You'll probably do financially better in life than me lol
  10. Well 22 days annual leave is prorata so he doesn't get that. He accumulates it based on how many of the 253 days in this tax year he covers. But by next April he'll have 23 possible days per year to a maximum of 26.
  11. Anyway it is stressing me out cos I just don't like this kind of bullshit above all else. It's the worst thing about being the boss.
  12. Average about 15-16 days i would think. I could actually do with someone else full time frankly now as I can't really keep up with the quotes. Funnily enough I met him through his brother in law who worked for me for 18 months and we are talking about him coming back next spring. Of course he'll earn more as he can drive, has aerial rescue, large fell etc. This is probably what is pissing him off. Everyone gets paid more than him because they can get in a vehicle and pull a trailer or whatever.
  13. Nope. Near the end of the month we discuss the following month. I always give him his days off Friday or Monday so he gets long weekends. He chooses how much more than 12 days he wants depending on his circumstances. This works well for him and myself frankly as some jobs only need 2 guys.
  14. He has a 12 day per month contract but often works almost full time. Sometimes a monday off, or a friday or whatnot.. his days range from 12 -21 per month depending on how much he wants the work.


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