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  1. forestboy1978

    Non paying customer

    I always wonder though with something like this, the customer can really damage my business with checkatrade, google or facebook review in spite.
  2. forestboy1978

    Non paying customer

    Thanks a lot guys. What annoys me about this sort of thing is the lack of knowing. No response whatsoever leaves you knowing nothing.
  3. forestboy1978

    Non paying customer

    They confirmed quotation via text. I don't have signed quotation acceptance anymore as I found that getting people to sign things and then post or scan the quote, dropped my conversion rate significantly. I do have text correspondence and photos of the gate installations. Will this be a problem?
  4. forestboy1978

    Non paying customer

    Got a customer owes me a grand. Very good communication up till job completion. No complaints, no issues. Hasn't responded to email with invoice and isn't answering phone or replying to texts. Quite wealthy also. 45 minute journey to get to them so I haven't been round yet. Not sure what recourse is. ta
  5. forestboy1978

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    They know why....
  6. forestboy1978

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Civilisation full stop you mean. Forget the Western part. I do notice that all those cheering this on as a positive statement are happy to do so using the Latin alphabet on the western developed smart phones. Fucking parasites.. and I'm not even religious.
  7. forestboy1978

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Renovation works... 11 churches in a month in France have been vandalised or burnt. This is no.12 Your telling me that a stone building that hasn't been ablaze in 800 years catches on fire without fuel. My ass it did.
  8. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    You are right it might have been 50p. I'll find out. But I may stop quoting them after I've tendered a bunch more to make sure I'm not just on a streak.
  9. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    Well you're saying you charge a lot and win your insurance quotes. I generally don't charge a huge amount and I still never win them and in fencing my reputation is close to impeccable so that's not the reason. I don't get it.
  10. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    I don't follow what you're saying. I'm mainly referring to fencing and landscaping though. Subsidence scenarios, car crashes etc. Often small but not always. I quote to do it right and don't win them. Where as on the whole I win 75% of all quotes tendered.
  11. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    Can't remember. Did the quote a couple of months ago. Didn't spend a lot of time looking around to be honest for such a small job so could be the case.
  12. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    Of course that isn't always going to be the case. Some people are just willing to earn less or just want to build a portfolio. More often than not though the job will be inferior.
  13. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    I agree but I never win them. Got an email today from the manager of a housing association who I often work for. He said sorry mate churchill chose another contractor cos they were cheaper. I only charged £500 to remove and replace x2 ornamental trees and the trees cost £300 inc delivery. Yeah it would have been an easy half day but still, had to view it, quote it etcetabloodyre. Some pikey probably plans on ripping them out of someone's garden to re install on a couple of fresh dog turds.
  14. forestboy1978

    quoting insurance jobs

    What's you guys experience with these? I never win them cos insurance company always chooses the cheapest company regardless of the quality of the work. Do you avoid them? Do you quote low for a crap job or what? Ta
  15. forestboy1978

    £40,000 Fine

    got ripped off paying 1 mill for that house.


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