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  1. Good to hear. I'm rarely out of the forest poodling around at 30-40mph. Probably going to strap tool boxes on top shelf etc and cover the clamps for the hard top with foam to feel better.
  2. What a bastard that was fitting out this weekend in the heat... Sorted though. Basic. Does what me and the dog need. Might do a few little tweaks here and there. Gets a nice rush of air flow from bulkhead through side window. Settles down right away in there.
  3. I like the idea of dog on the raised floor so he can see through the glass and has more head room. What I don't like is having a collision and him going though the window. Could harness him perhaps with the right length tether that can get up and move about a bit but not tie himself up. Other issue is getting to stuff way in deep under the deck. Solution is to have the deck in releasable segments perhaps so that when no dog in there I can remove bits and climb in and lift out. Bit awkward though with memory foam topper etc. Really wanna smash this out in one day next week cos don't have time to mess about with it for a while. Kinda wishing I'd put my foot down and got a terrier. Mrs idea to get the shepherd. Though I do love him to bits, he's a ****************ing pain.
  4. Can't tell if you're being serious or not...
  5. Yes. That's why I came here. Make a sub comparment for shit and dog above it so glass can remain unobstructed and he can see into the cab. Great idea.
  6. Haven't got high hard top. It's standard. I do have front sliding window though and I am going to leave an avenue for air travel from that to his compartment. Perhaps the answer is to make his side with a higher shelf but I'm not sure. I've seen these dogs in quite tight cages and I always thought it was cruel but from a safety aspect it makes a lot of sense that there is minimal room to rattle about in the case of an accident. He'll never be in there for more than 30 mins at a time unless travelling through europe perhaps where I'd limit it to an hour.
  7. Hello all, Getting a hard top fitted to my ranger next Tuesday cos got a baby on the way. Not myself personally but the mrs is banging one out fairly shortly. Anyhow, the main reason is cos the dog needs to go in the back for obvious reasons. He's a big chap. 45kg shepherd. I want to put a shelving system on the right hand side for various items and 2/3rd remaining floor space on the left for the dog. But I want to shelf off across the top below the glass above the bulkhead and cover the glass so I can store stuff above the dog. My concern is that he wont feel comfortable. He'll be able to lay down with his head raised up but not stand up and possibly not turn around. This is kinda good cos obv if there is an accident he'll be more enclosed and wont be bouncing around etc but I'm thinking of ventilation and all the other issues. If anyone has any advice or experience with doing something like this would be well appreciated. Ta
  8. This winter has been the worst for me since I started working outdoors 12 years ago. It has cost a lot of money during the times where working was simply impossible. The upside is it has motivated me to get off my ass and I've negotiated a workshop and more yard space on a local farm. From summer onward we'll be going indoors and making gates and panels, mortising posts etc when the weather is too severe for whatever job we're working on. Killer of a winter...
  9. Bought a dogmatic cos he was pissing me off too much. Absolute life saver. Still pisses about but it doesn't matter as I have full control over the little sod.
  10. Spent a lot of time over Xmas training him to walk on the lead so he's pretty good on the lead. But yeah I have seen them and am interested cos he's always half a foot in front of me which wouldn't normally bother me but while he's in front he's the one making decisions and his decision making leads to violence so the fucker needs to be right next to me if you catch my drift.
  11. Yeah it's a worry. I wanna take my dog to work with me like my old dog used to but he's a total shit head. Where he's so big people get really scared. He's soft as anything with us and frankly a bloody coward but he goes ballistic with other dogs. Used to go for horses and cows too but that has stopped. He's 40kg at 11 months so for a Shepherd he's going to be huge. Praying to god he chills out cos I'm the only one who can walk him due to his behaviour and I've got the least time.
  12. You gotta have a massive wang to own dogs like that. My mes chose our monster of a dog so that's the excuse I'm sticking to.
  13. Disc cutter is by far the most sure fire way. If you have a spare palin, you can rip off the palin to reveal some of the bolt and use bolt cutters. Depends how many you have to do but I'd just disk cut them
  14. Thanks for that. I'm Southampton, so too far away. Really want to look at the stock before buying even if they do delivery.


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