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  1. I think he needs a change of vocation
  2. This winter has been the worst for me since I started working outdoors 12 years ago. It has cost a lot of money during the times where working was simply impossible. The upside is it has motivated me to get off my ass and I've negotiated a workshop and more yard space on a local farm. From summer onward we'll be going indoors and making gates and panels, mortising posts etc when the weather is too severe for whatever job we're working on. Killer of a winter...
  3. Bought a dogmatic cos he was pissing me off too much. Absolute life saver. Still pisses about but it doesn't matter as I have full control over the little sod.
  4. Spent a lot of time over Xmas training him to walk on the lead so he's pretty good on the lead. But yeah I have seen them and am interested cos he's always half a foot in front of me which wouldn't normally bother me but while he's in front he's the one making decisions and his decision making leads to violence so the fucker needs to be right next to me if you catch my drift.
  5. Yeah it's a worry. I wanna take my dog to work with me like my old dog used to but he's a total shit head. Where he's so big people get really scared. He's soft as anything with us and frankly a bloody coward but he goes ballistic with other dogs. Used to go for horses and cows too but that has stopped. He's 40kg at 11 months so for a Shepherd he's going to be huge. Praying to god he chills out cos I'm the only one who can walk him due to his behaviour and I've got the least time.
  6. You gotta have a massive wang to own dogs like that. My mes chose our monster of a dog so that's the excuse I'm sticking to.
  7. Disc cutter is by far the most sure fire way. If you have a spare palin, you can rip off the palin to reveal some of the bolt and use bolt cutters. Depends how many you have to do but I'd just disk cut them
  8. Thanks for that. I'm Southampton, so too far away. Really want to look at the stock before buying even if they do delivery.
  9. Been asked to quote for supply and plantation of x15 heavy standards of various types and x3 semi mature English Oaks 5-6 m height and 20- 25cm girth. Ta
  10. Zues. Rescue we picked up about 2 months ago. 10 months old in that pic. A bit of an asshole. Attacks anything on four legs and small humans shorter than around 3ft. Requires a lot of work but he is improving.
  11. Half decent site half decent access Timber post and g boards £60 per meter INC Concrete post and g boards £75 INC That's capped and installation guarantee. I'm in the South
  12. Hi, where's the cheapest place to buy them in the UK? Ta
  13. I don't see the issue with Mogg lying down and resting. Why the hell not if you're waiting with nothing else to do? Probably was thinking, and for him, that is working.
  14. Guy in my county had 9 brain tumors was given months to live. Started taking £1300 per month of cannabis oil. All have reduced to 5%. Lots of stories like that. I try to keep an open mind. Me 1-2 glasses of red wine in the evening reduce my heart rate and make me give less of a fuck.
  15. OK so I'm thinking fix some joists to scaffold poles to make a ramp that sits permanently on the right hand side of the container. Chipper and grinder stay in the container. Trailer gets chained with a heavy duty chain to a ground anchor that sits under the axles. You'd have to get under there with a small battery angle grinder and spend considerable time to cut it free.


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