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  1. forestboy1978

    Bloody hell, but I am impressed, & from 1992 too

    Long video if you have the time and patience. I like her and I like her intensity but god can the woman talk..
  2. forestboy1978

    Bloody hell, but I am impressed, & from 1992 too

    Agreed. Formidable woman.
  3. forestboy1978

    Favourite Christmas song.

    Fairytale of new york. It's the best xmas song IMO. Boring I know but it is what it is. Pure quality from the Pogues.
  4. forestboy1978

    Making the news today....

    Pretty much get what you're saying. Just don't want to jump back 100 years cos of am ass backward totalitarian ideology.
  5. forestboy1978

    Making the news today....

    Doubt they'll be an argument. This is definitely just a discussion. But, I just don't get it. A death is not just a death. Perhaps we've seen different slaughter houses. But the ones I've actually seen they just walk in and get bolted in the head. They are gone. Instantly. Ideally they had a life eating grass in the sun but of course they probably didn't. Still, it's better than getting your throat cut and bleeding out in fear for god knows how long. Im from a farming background btw and our animals did live in freedom, hand milked etc up until the slaughter house. They never knew what was coming. Don't get me wrong. I don't agree with automated milking etc etc, it's all bad. But I draw a line about slitting their throats and watching them die for 10 mins.
  6. forestboy1978

    Making the news today....

    You're not going out of your way to do it though are you. If you knew it for a fact that a creature would suffer immensely somewhere for your actions, you probably wouldn't go on holiday. It's totally different.
  7. forestboy1978

    Making the news today....

    Not at all. A friend of mine had a car accident and was found half a mile from the crash on his hands and knees. Crawling to find help. The loss of him paled in significance to the suffering, fear and desperation he felt while he was dying in pain and fear, alone.
  8. forestboy1978

    Making the news today....

    Nah, I'm serious. I don't see a funny side to it. I don't like to see any creature, human or animal, to suffer unnecessary distress. It's totally unnecessary.
  9. forestboy1978

    Making the news today....

    A good start would start with a total and complete ban on halal meat. I'm not a veggy but I'll put my money where my mouth is if halal is banned. That shit is disgusting!
  10. forestboy1978

    Claiming on public liability

    Well I think I got off comparitively lightly. Didn't want to pay 1k excess and then have to claim on the insurance. I'm surprised you think that's cheap as more than 1 discipline is required unless trader knew drainage and fencing. Remove gate Break out end post Cut concrete footpath and some paving excavate Repair refit pipe Potentially cut down fence bay and refit post in another position Refit gate Repair patio Pour concrete I was expecting 2-3k for multiple site visits just cos it's an insurance job. Being that you have to wait for your money also. Anyway, a rare bit of good luck 😉
  11. forestboy1978

    Claiming on public liability

    Yes, it cost me £920 as my excess is 1k so obv pointless making the claim. Their insurance company paid for that and are billing me or my insurance company btw.
  12. forestboy1978

    Claiming on public liability

    Thanks for that info but it's all gone through insurance already and bill has been provided. I suspect that that is exactly what the solution was and someone has made a pretty penny.
  13. forestboy1978

    Claiming on public liability

    Yeah I'm going to take it on the chin. Blatantly breakage occurred whilst fitting the gate otherwise it would have come back to me sooner. They would have put 2 and 2 together but as toilet started not flushing weeks after the fence was installed they were not aware of the cause. Yeah I stupidly fitted a ball of concrete all the way down to the pipe. Should have put 2 inches of sand underneath the post but hey ho. Only came to £920 to re fit the whole lot which is surprising.
  14. forestboy1978

    Made me laugh

    What did he think would happen?
  15. forestboy1978

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Haha I might try this now. Gotta go an do a days grind cos I took Friday off as it was crapping it down.


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