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  1. Hi, where's the cheapest place to buy them in the UK? Ta
  2. I don't see the issue with Mogg lying down and resting. Why the hell not if you're waiting with nothing else to do? Probably was thinking, and for him, that is working.
  3. Guy in my county had 9 brain tumors was given months to live. Started taking £1300 per month of cannabis oil. All have reduced to 5%. Lots of stories like that. I try to keep an open mind. Me 1-2 glasses of red wine in the evening reduce my heart rate and make me give less of a fuck.
  4. OK so I'm thinking fix some joists to scaffold poles to make a ramp that sits permanently on the right hand side of the container. Chipper and grinder stay in the container. Trailer gets chained with a heavy duty chain to a ground anchor that sits under the axles. You'd have to get under there with a small battery angle grinder and spend considerable time to cut it free.
  5. Don't think so. Old boy just mentioned to me that one of the guys who lives there is a pro cage fighter. I don't know who he is or why he's there but it''s something I guess.
  6. I doubt very well but he is a paid fighter. What's your point exactly?
  7. Cheers guys Well there is a guy living on site who is a profession cage fighter. To nick it you'd have to get through the fence or gates, disc cut through chains, attach to a vehicle and drive off. It's more than 3 mins of making a lot of noise. I would say it can be done in 4-5 mins with a crew. There is a building firm who also use the yard and I kinda get the feeling those boys aren't to be fucked with. They do leave diggers lying around etc. it's a difficult one.... I guess I could leave it in the container and I'd still half half a hatch way to gain access and 3/4 space remaining. Only thing is container is about 1 ft of so up on blocks. Would need to either get ramps out and put back each time or speak to the old boy about chucking some concrete down to create a slope.
  8. Hello all. Going to be buying an 8x5 caged plant trailer for permanent stowage of stump grinder and my small self propelled chipper. Will be storing at my yard but not inside my shipping container. Was thinking along the lines of ground anchor under the trailer and chaining over an axle so not easy to cut chain. Perhaps a wheel clamp and hitch lock also as extra measure and covering all with a tarp. Uncertain as to best was to secure items within the trailer itself. Need to figure this all out before I buy it. Will obviously save me a lot of hassle being able to take pick up truck to trailer and hook up and have guys take van and tipper trailer direct to job site. Ta
  9. Started watching it a few weeks back but was knackered and fell asleep. Will watch it again on Sunday. If you like those types of movies, pretty sure you'll like Green Book. Best movie I've seen in a while. On another note.. was thinking hmmm, is Clint the only Hollywood celeb I like as a person. Denzel Washington is the only other that I sit up and listen when he has something to say. Solid dude.
  10. One of the few Hollywood types who I like to listen to generally. Gran Torino is a great movie. Glad he's not dead.
  11. Gone but never forgotten 2017-11-10 14.10.58.mp4
  12. I know about general care of plants. Not monkey puzzles so couldn't say but if it's been out in bright sun, neem oil would have burnt it. Also, a plant that small.. easy to over fertilise, especially when it's getting burnt, it'll lockout nutrients and cells will go into embolism. Over fertilization will affect the ph so you wont really know if it's soil ph problems or nutrient build up problems. I would not change soil unless soil is showing to be way too alkaline or acidic. Just adds another stress. It's not growing now. It's surviving. Water only. Indirect sunlight. Time.
  13. The neem oil in the sunshine has burnt it. If you're feeding it, reduce feed. Just give water for the next week or 2. Wash off the neem oil with detergent. Use horticultural soap, (not fairly liquid) with water from now on to keep on top of mites but don't put out in sunlight until it has dried out. When soil needs water, do it in the evening. It'll be fine. No where near dead... yet.
  14. Kept being tempted to ask about her but didn't know how. Fantastic result 🙂 Sorry Eggs, for your loss.


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