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  1. I'd get a fab shop to build a new one and get it galvanised you see them body's on 14 15 plate trucks and there rotten really bad metals used so get a decent steel one rather than folded tin and galvanise it and it should last a good 10 - 15 year if well looked after Jack
  2. Has it actually rotted through or is it just surface rust atm? Them one stop sub body's are tin thin and only last 3 - 4 year before they start going dodgy if its surface rust take it off get it shot / soda blasted then galvanised and it'll last a good few years Jack
  3. You never thought about toro? Supposed to be a good product and easy to get parts for apparently Jack
  4. I used to use a fs300 until it seized eventually ass it had been lacking in power for a while so then bought a fs360 and what a machine I put the autocut 46-2 strimmer head on it using stihl 2.7mm red round line and it cuts anything and everything been doing bits of overgrown orchards and bits of woodlands and it is incredible I reccomend it highly Jack
  5. If the job is close to the farm and theres a few loads it's easier to go there than to trail to the compost yard time is most important to me off I'm closer to the compost yard I'll use that just depends where I'm at at thee time for convenience Jack
  6. I've got a waste carriers license and what's wrong with having a bonfire? What about the 5th November is that illegal aswell? Next time I go ill take fireworks along with me and celebrate the full monty my pal is a farmer so it's his own land so there is no fly tipping at all I've also got a compost yard to use costs £20 a ton but it's a bit out of the way so sometimes easier to burn it? There's so many stupid laws about burning waste if it was general rubbish fair enough but it's wooden fence panels posts ect its burnable materials 🙄 Glad to clear it up Jack
  7. I've got a man who has a big burn pile charges £20 a load tipper + trailer so doesnt cost a lot pig mesh gets folded up and put to one side until there is enough for a weigh in Jack
  8. Buy a de cat pipe and do the fix and see if it works if it does keep hold of your cat and if it does fail it's test take the decat off and bolt the cat back in so it passes test then swap it over again then sell it 😂 my mate has spent a fortune on his now but it's a 5.5 tonne down rated to 3.5 and any problem it can have its had while he's owned it and he's only had it 6 month if it wasnt for the hiab and high sided alloy body it'd of been gone but worth it's weight in gold Jack
  9. His did just make sure before the test you take it for a good run outt and put your foot down hard on accelerator just to clear any carbon out and put some fuel cleaner through it and all should be OK Jack
  10. Don't know if it's any help but my pal has a merc sprinter pickup on a 07 plate kept doing that so he removed the cat and put a streight through exhaust pipe on it changed the airflow sensor and the turbo actuator plugged it in and it hasn't been into limp mode since and this was a month ago and in heavy daily use so seems fixed? Just a idea Jack
  11. Shouldn't that be a de compression valve? Should prime itself when pulling should it not? Jack
  12. @jimupson give upson mowers a call and have a chat with Jim he stocks all stiga mowers annd uses them himself so will be able to have a crack with you and tell you what you need Jack
  13. I've no reason to buy them back insurance pays out and I get new I can always tell my gear when I first buy it I take the shrouds off the cylinder gets sprayed with blue line marker that's how I know there mine they get shoved on gumtree normally and sold for next to nothing and I've seen a few pro range gear on car boot sales with no stickers models or serial numbers ect unreal what gets sold at them markets


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