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  1. Shouldn't that be a de compression valve? Should prime itself when pulling should it not? Jack
  2. @jimupson give upson mowers a call and have a chat with Jim he stocks all stiga mowers annd uses them himself so will be able to have a crack with you and tell you what you need Jack
  3. I've no reason to buy them back insurance pays out and I get new I can always tell my gear when I first buy it I take the shrouds off the cylinder gets sprayed with blue line marker that's how I know there mine they get shoved on gumtree normally and sold for next to nothing and I've seen a few pro range gear on car boot sales with no stickers models or serial numbers ect unreal what gets sold at them markets
  4. I always keep models as tools go missing around my area quite a lot and occasionally get my own tools offered back for £40-£50 with the seller not knowing they were mine to start with 😂😂 Jack
  5. I used the new husky k770 oil guard absolutely terrible I prefer the old partner k750 brilliant saws and mechanically indestructible (unless you reverse over it🙄😂) the stihl ts410 is a really comftable saw to use loads of power and cuts perfects as with husky and makita they always seem to pull to the side which is a neusance the reason I like the ts420 is its 14" which is perfect for cutting 4" drainage pipes
  6. Dixie chicks travellin soldier and emmylou harris Red dirt girl brilliant songs Jack
  7. I'd pull the plug check the spark and if sparing OK put some fuel down plug hole if it fires and runs its fuel related if not somethi g more serious chuck on ebay spares or repair and just buy new the ts420 looks a good saw Jack
  8. I wouldn't buy new you loose too much on depreciation can pick 15 / 16 plates up with 40-50k on for £12000-£13000 & still a solid motor a vehicle is only as good as its service history just my opinion Jack
  9. Just cut and drop then chip the waste and tip in the play area? Price the job as normal add on labour for raking the stuff about if required set a rate for the extras or just add a few hundred to what you'd normally price? That's my suggestion Jack
  10. S.66940 Hydraulic Filter - Spin On - for Case IH, Ford New Holland, Donaldson Filters | UK Supplier WWW.MALPASONLINE.CO.UK Product Specification and Information for S.66940 Hydraulic... Is that the one?
  11. The 4x2 runners will want cut down the middle and a point cut on them so there easily rattled into the ground Jack
  12. 4x1 timber with some pegs? Jack
  13. Power tool world is really good prices for all top brands makita dewalt bosch Hitachi ect really fast shipping as well Jack


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