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  1. I do all aspects of groundworks construction demolition landscaping and property maintenance as well as general garden maintenance Jack
  2. The customer wanted it done now apparantley it was done 5 years ago same time of year so I made a gap to fit him in and get it rattled off Jack
  3. I've got to go back in a month or so anyway as once I was nearly finished I found a nest with chicks in so cut around it and said I'll come back when there gone so ill tidy it up then tbf I thought it looked fair tidy compared to what it was it was a quick job for a good wage started a 8: 30 was gone by 11:50 and only 1/2 load of waste it was all to the customers request he didn't want any more taken off that was perfect in his own words so I left it as he wanted it he pays at the end of the day so I can only do what they request Jack
  4. That's was the customers Responce when I checked up with him later on Jack
  5. What about a Clarke from machine mart or a titan from screwfix? Jack
  6. That was this mornings job constructive criticism welcome and it looks hard cut back it was the customers request Jack
  7. If you mean the new ones like on the hl94 there absolutely briliant light weight good at cutting fairly big stuff and just perfect Jack
  8. I think I'll just keep it with the tilty would much rather have it and not need it than the opposite plus its interest free as its been said if I can't hire it out 2 days a month there's something definately wrong I hire them in more than that 🤔 Jack
  9. Cheers for that I'm the same as you cumbrian weather is unreal one minute it's full sun the next it's snowing 😂😂 full cab is the only way Jack
  10. Cheers for that 😊 so it's a decent price then I might leave the tilt hitch and just buy a tilting grading bucket once I start earning with the machine I've drove jcb volvo takeuchi and Hyundai along with bobcat and bobcat have been the most comfortable and smooth to operate I really like the key code security system instead of keys as I'm really bad at putting keys down and forgetting where I put them 😂 I'm going to go and see them on Monday and see what I can sort out with him about different accessories ect Cheers Jack
  11. Any other brands the kobelco is the same dealer as this one my other locals within 50 mile is jcb doosan takeuchi Jack
  12. Just to be nosey pm if you want how much was your tak 216? Jack
  13. That's the email with the price I'm sure he said the e27 was only £27499 so I don't know if its the list price or what? 🤔 Jack
  14. Ideally I'd like rather a encon or steelwrist but there right out of my price league plus a waste on a 2 ton machine and yeah 0% and the vat deposit is spread through the monthly installments over 60 months Jack


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