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  1. Where you based? Go on the red rhino website and there's a hire locator on there but they are a fortune to hire but watch dick searle on YouTube and you'll see what I mean absolutely amazing design and depending on the machine operator feeding the screener there is a really good tonnage a hour Jack
  2. I've got a small viking for domestic the 248 T and it is the best mower I have ever used collects and cuts grass overgrown without even stalling it eats and eats and eats so stihl / viking recommended from me Jack
  3. Red rhino 3 way screener absolutely brilliant but there about £250-£300 a day but a good output depending on soil type Jack
  4. There is quite a few threads on here based on compact loaders just flick through the machinery forums and speak to @Blake@waveney about multi one then there's a few peeple wit avant giant ect 👍 Jack
  5. I have been onto the TO today and there isn't any TPO's anywhere in the area and yes it is the old Sunday school checked about it being a conservation area aswell and it's all clear so basically have gave me the go ahead to get it done. Jack
  6. Don't really advertise for stuff like this but done a bit of drainage work for the customer and priced a driveway so he gave me a ring so I can't complain Jack
  7. I've also been on my local council TPO map and it isn't registered on there but going to phone them in the morning and it's also in a signed contract to say the customer has clarified there isn't a tpo and if any backlash does occur all responsibility rests solely on the customer and I take no liability whatsoever Jack
  8. All the dead wood goes to a compost yard I pay £30 a tonne tipping fees and the logs get sold to a local fire wood man access is a huge driveway with gates about 10 feet wide and then just a straight run down the garden and got a climber for a day there is a little bit of rigging over a graveyard but then there is a huge drop zone on the other side in the garden I've priced it at £1600 & got the job to do on Tuesday so my pricing was about right then Jack
  9. Got called to go look at this job today part of the crown had snapped out last year and just missed the neighbours stables and this year the tree hasn't established at all. It is in a 18th century vicorage next door to a church and is approximately 42" - 48" at the stump. The customer has asked for the whole canopy / crown to be removed and the trunk left standing @ approximately 15 foot tall I have asked the customer if there are any TPO's in place and he has confirmed verbally that there isn't. What is the job worth I have priced it but looking to see what others would charge? Jack
  10. Yeah really common with my traveller marra just basically a lil drink back on what they've paid out keeps the deal sweet and happy to deal again Jack
  11. Is there any other word to describe a chav? Ive always known them as chavs and nothing else? If you know a different word for them then tell me and I'll use the correct word Jack
  12. Looks like we've all got different views on travellers and as to gangs organised crime, rapist and intimidating there is that around here but it's all these little chavs and fucking grime warriors ect there's good and bad in every race religion and culture so everyone is entitled to their own opinions and we'll never agree on them Jack


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