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  1. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Making the news today....

    Someone has set the digger driver a go fund me page and folk have donated just over £6,100 so far apparently he hasn't been paid and his boss has skipped country because of costs he now owes
  2. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    Just been looking online after reading this thread and seen a Alke ATX 340e 2m long 1.4m wide tipper body 1630kg carry capacity on road with 2000kg towing capacity on the road and 4500kg off road and a 150km milage per charge and looking at reviews they seem really handy and a good selling point towards customers tree surgeons look after trees health and all the carbon monoxide of vehicles and saws the alternative is go electric or run saws on aspen and leave a lighter global footprint behind when finishing jobs surely a lot of people would rather use a professional who has less of a impact on the environment now that its available to?
  3. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Starting out in forestry

    That is a good going rate then and I'm in Maryport Cumbria so the minimum tickets would be cs30/31/32/34/35 then? The views are free would be a good job for head clearing as well
  4. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Starting out in forestry

    Sounds like the life for me just out of interest what is the going day rate for a hand cutter around Yorkshire / Cumbria area?
  5. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Starting out in forestry

    Now that's my ideal place to be might be hard graft but the view themselves are rewarding enough Where's that at?
  6. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    First saw purchase??

    Give @shavey a message and see what prices he can sort you for a Makita / Dolmar?
  7. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Prices for qualifications

    Thank you for your reply so is it NPTC training centres I need or is it called something else now?
  8. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Prices for qualifications

    Any idea on the cs number for the windblow please?
  9. Jwoodgardenmaintenance

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Some of these comments 😂 😂 🤣
  10. Jwoodgardenmaintenance


    I'm wanting to retire about 55 I'm sure it's about 68-70 when state pention kicks in though I'm not 100%
  11. Jwoodgardenmaintenance


    Cheers for the info appreciate it
  12. Jwoodgardenmaintenance


    Cheers spud that's a lot less complicated than what I was reading yesterday just want to invest my money wisely and be able to gain with the money I dont see or use 30% sounds good to me I think a few phonecalls are on the list to be done
  13. Jwoodgardenmaintenance


    So all in all is a pention worth while or should I save say £200 a month and just put it into a savings account and just let the interest ect take its toll and when I come to the age of retiring just withdraw so much each week been looking at equity isa and they seem really complicated unless someone can explain them simply?
  14. Jwoodgardenmaintenance


    I live in a council house at the minute and I wouldn't even consider spending any money on the house that I can't take with me when I moved in they gave me £200 worth of decorating vouchers and the walls are fairly smooth so painted the lot and carpets can be fetched with me the best thing is when I move out if I don't take carpets ect I'll get fined. For me renting is just a short term thing till u build the funds for my own house
  15. Jwoodgardenmaintenance


    Ive been told that by a few folk the only thing is I dont want / need a mortgage or any credit I've have always made do with what I have and if I need something and I can't afford to buy it out right I'll improvise or just do without I dont like the thought of other people having the right to pull the plug on something I have partially invested in and losing out on it


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