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  1. @Steve Bullman is a website designer
  2. I normally use 50x50x600mm pegs to hold the bottom course into the ground then to fix the sleepers together i use 250mm hex head timber screws counter sunk into the sleeper 10mm flat bit usually works for the countersinking as you stack them up on top of each other 3x2 fixed to the inside does or a 3x3 post Jack
  3. I’d maybe try not go into the tree sounds like a headache waiting is there no access for a MEWP to get close to them? Be a lot less hassle for you and the tree surgeon Jack
  4. There 250 x 125 made out of shite timber and are as bent as a 10 bob bit and the best bit is there £45 each the fixings are £25 for a box of 50 everything about them is expensive and horrible but I’m in it to provide a profitable service so that’s how it goes in for a penny in for a pound 😂😂 Jack
  5. Prime example of my workload consists of paving / installing artificial grass and sleeper work same shit different day 😂😂 Jack
  6. It’ll never happen because if it goes mossy or as you say starts to go scruffy the customer will blame the installer or they’ll go to the manufacturer and the manufacturer will pass the blame down to the installer the most common people who we install for now are pensioners who can’t maintain there own gardens but don’t want a concrete jungle they always complain about their local gardener not turning up and what was once a lovely manicured lawn is full of moss and big grass piles where it has been left to grow out of control so they like the greenery there is that many different choices with colours pile heights and feels it’s convenient for a lot of people I don’t like the smell of it when it’s warm and joining it is a absolute pita Jack
  7. So does this clear me of man slaughter? I know the plastic shit is good for nothing and the more that gets laid the less potential work I’ll have in the future regarding garden maintenance but it’s in demand and it pays well and if I’m not laying it someone else will do the way i see it is it is what it is it’s no good for the environment but what is? Every thing you do has some sort of repercussion In some form also you can never please everyone Jack
  8. I didn’t know about that 😂😂 you must really not like this grass ehh? What’s your thoughts on carrier bags? Jack
  9. It’s laziness that’s all it is it’s a nice looking garden all year round with minimal maintenance and as for paving eventually it’ll need pressure washed / cracked pointing replaced ect all costs money because physical labour is frowned upon now and DIY isn’t fashion if you want something done you have to pay someone to do it and yeah they know we lay it in schools / nursery’s most people want it now Jack
  10. Nearly every job I do now involves sleepers / artificial grass & kandala Grey Indian sandstone it’s a new thing and job after job it’s the same thing Jack
  11. That’s daft ehh I’m on a few different new build sites and most of the machine ops are heavy on sniff and skunk you should smell the work vans yous think there was a grow in the back 😂 the labourers love getting on the peeve then end up seshing and don’t turn up until Tuesday maybes Wednesday Jack
  12. Its long gone now the hardest part was it was more a case of guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around me and Lowesstoft had to do a 100 different things eventually he got his money back but what a bad experience it was and thanks spud Jack
  13. That was the saw it had hardly been used it was mint condition original bar and chain from new you’d be lucky if it had 2 full tanks of fuel through it was a good saw but a big num heavy thing that I didn’t need anymore so Lowesstoft bought it but never received @spudulike Jack
  14. Me and @Lowestoft Firewood used ups and the chainsaw vanished a few months later the exact saw with matching serial numbers was sold on ebay so I’d highly recommended avoiding ups at all costs Jack


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