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  1. Joe d

    Stihl 660

    😂 my lad has outbid you at 25 quid, says he wants it to power his mountain bike
  2. Joe d

    Stihl 660

    Cheers mark , your probably right , just selling to get a 592 when they arrive , cant beat the ting ting ting and smell of a new saw 😂, just fancy a change really . Aye I've always used red sthil oil , never had any issues in 25 years
  3. Joe d

    Stihl 660

    Dont know what it's worth hence the post
  4. Joe d

    Stihl 660

    Cumbria , runs well , been a good reliable saw
  5. Joe d

    Stihl 660

    Looking at selling this 660 , approx 10 years old , anybody know a rough value, 30 inch bar also a 25 and 18 inch bars
  6. If it's not an optic cable they are easy enough to join if you cut them, just a bit fiddly , hardest bit is tensioning the cable back up so try and cut a bit not under tension, easier to join
  7. I was told by the engineer that the fibre cable dont like being clobbered , or if they are bent or creased you'll need a new line putting in
  8. Joe d

    Old husky

    Aye it's been looked after , my lad who's 12 is trying to claim it already ! That's crazy money for and ol saw
  9. Joe d

    Old husky

    Haha , came from holker garden fair , charcacature of the other half , hope she doesn't see this 😆
  10. Joe d

    Old husky

    Thanks Gary, in great nick , feels like it might be good for white finger too 😆
  11. Joe d

    Old husky

    Hi , I got given this husky at the weekend , it's a 480 CD, I'm presuming this is an 80 cc saw ? It runs and starts well , does anyone know the rough age of this saw ?
  12. Would have been decent I reckon , bottom 20 ft was rotten and hollow , plus I was sick of the sight of it by the time we finished, so on a trailer and as far away from me as possible ?
  13. Big nobbly beech from gosforth church a while back , just got the photos
  14. Joe d

    Apple trees

    Hi all , over the years I've only ever pruned Apple trees sympatheticly, recently I've been asked to reduce a whole orchard of 20 ft trees by approx 50 % this coming autumn , I'm presuming they'll come back fine ? Any thoughts ? This is a customer request by the way , many of the trees are intertwined and competing for light and have never been touched , also removing the odd one is not an option, thanks


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