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  1. Try muncaster, they have a Woodmizer and a kiln now , they may have a stock of boards
  2. Similar to Steve's crack , thinning branches and trees between a road and a layby , thought it would be a good idea to strim the undergrowth first , caught several bags that smelt like toxic waste , found out later that week that one of the local builders would shit in a bag in a bucket in his van and wang it in there quite often ,minging
  3. Great cheers guys , I'll give them a buzz
  4. Hi , looking to hire in a large crane fed chipper, such as a heizohack or similar, location is South west cumbria, anyone have a contact as close as possible ?
  5. I think that shot to the temple rattled him big time and never recovered properly , didn't look very motivated either , might come better now though in the next fight , wait and see !
  6. Badgers lower jaw usually stays attached to the skull , unless it's been twatted with summat !
  7. Looking for advice on which winch to put on a tracked chipper and are they really worth the hassle ? thanks
  8. Righto , prophet of doom
  9. Move fence , fell , done
  10. Joe d

    Timber prices

    Does anyone have Info on up to date prices for green and red logs , jap larch and Scots pine , cheers View full article
  11. We recently did some good straight ash on a steep ish site which we bought for £ 16 per tonne and did ok when sold on
  12. Use spikes more often , legs are stronger than arms !
  13. Joe d

    customer wont pay

    Take the money , move on to the next customer , there is always tightwads in any business , you probably find if you keep working to a decent standard you'll get a tip off a different customer making up the short fall , you need some bad customers to appreciate the good ones worth working for !


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