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  1. Hi Chris, Sorry for the slow reply, I've only just seen this. As it is I'm mostly sorted for now but thanks for thinking of me.
  2. If anyone was interested in any of the tractors etc and had any questions - feel free to PM me - I have nothing to gain from it but have spent a lot of time using most of them so can hopefully give a little bit of background history on them if required. That hypro processor has done very, very little (probably not more than 100-150t) and other than half an hour one morning has only ever been used by me - I reckon that will be very cheap compared to a new one. It would be worth making sure they have the computer and winch remote for it though as they aren't in the pictures and were kept separate anyway, but probably expensive to replace.
  3. A quick update to say thanks to everyone who's been in touch and that it looks like I'm sorted for now.
  4. Gilbert-Baitsons in Hull. Looks like buyers fees are a good chunk on top though.
  5. Will find out and let you know. Here's a couple of fairly recent photos.
  6. It's probably too old for what your after but there's a guarded up Valmet 8000 going up for sale shortly, 1994 model, 10,500 ish hours. Stickers suggested it had been through wilsons at some point in its life (maybe for the guarding) Ideally wants tyres all round (or tubes as a minimum) and it has a bit ofa voltage drop between the key and the starter (but starts mint when it catches). Big ol' girl with minimal electrics and sounds awesome. Also there should be a 2013 Valtra N121, belly guarded (by sovereign) about 3000ish hours. Probably still has the bracket for the forwarder controls in the back of the cab too. Not a bad cab to spend the days in except the air con stopped working. Both have come straight from work and as far as I know will be in the liquidation auction of where I worked in about a week or so. No pics on tablet but can probably get some off my phone.
  7. Couple of bits to add to the original post: After chatting with one of my former colleagues this week, we might be available as a two man foresty team for a time if that might be of interest to anyone? We have worked alongside each other for most of the last three years on a wide variety of timber. He hasn't spent so much time on machines but is competant at winch work (especially edge trees) and recently was getting some time in the tractor and forwarding trailer and is keen to learn more. In answer to the reasoning for such a small working radius at the moment - it's mainly because my Wife is currently nearly 33 weeks pregnant so I could do to be not a million miles from home just for a bit in case bump decides it's coming early. I omitted that bit out before as I was only a three legged dog and a broken guitar string away from it sounding like a bad Country song.... Also, thanks for all the support from everyone behind the scenes - the PM's, texts and phone calls from both new and old have cheered me right up.
  8. Bits and bobs so far and some leads to follow up next week. Putting 2&2 together, I think you might be familiar with my former boss. No prob Don. Thanks for the opportunity and glad to have helped - you know where I am if you need a hand in the future.
  9. Between Malton and Scarborough. Cheers Pete. Hope all's well with you and yours.
  10. Due to unexpectedly and suddenly being made redundant on New Years' Day due to the company I worked for going into liquidation, I'm currently in the exciting position of working out how to keep busy again and the wolf from the door. I have worked with trees for just over 20 years now and at most stages of their lives, from planting, cleaning, thinning and clearfell, but also processing such as milling (various woodmizer type bandmills) and the usuals such as firewood. I have spent most of that time self employed (until this last role) and have worked as a 'saw for hire' through to buying/selling standing and owning/maintaining my own machines in the past. My most recent role (3 years) was as lead of a small team of between 2-3 cutting mostly firewood, sawlogs and softwood chip with me spending less time felling and more time spent either forwarding out (Valtra and Botex) or running the Hypro 455 processor or in the yard on the Woodmizer. Forestry has made up the biggest part of my time in trees, mostly motor manual felling (also including tractor mounted processor) and tractor with winch or trailer based extraction and have experience in both hard (including high value saw logs) and softwood, most terrains (including SSSI's) and have spent as much time using compact machinery as I have with the more usual sized ones. Whilst I don't consider myself to be an arborist (and I do not climb) I had a period of around 8 years where I was working with a tree surgeon quite regularly and as well as the usual conny bashing and garden trees, we would often get the trees the other local guys couldn't do (the 3120 got sent up the tree at least once) so am comfortable with lowering (albeit I haven't done any regularly for the last 3 years or so). I have CS30, CS31, CS36, 0021-03 (Assisted Felling), 0021-11 (felling over 380mm) and don't required a refresher until late 2024, as well as a +F first aid certificate (I'll have to check dates but is still valid at moment) and All Terrain Vehicle Handling (overdue a refresher though). I do not have any FMOC, likewise I do not have a Chipper qualification but so far this has never been a problem. Ido not have experience of driving purpose built, but have spent time workng modern Valtra and trailer based set up so would be keen to make the progression to purpose built. Full, clean, UK driving license and also have provisional entitlement for C1, C and CE I have my own saws, PPE etc and should have some more transport organised shortly.
  11. ^ exactly that. £225 a day for a man and any sort of machine and fuel is costing you money.
  12. Hi Andy, Not bad, ta, and you? Did spot you and daisy dropping some logs off at stones's a bit back - she's still looking well. Was it a flatbed you fitted or a tipper? I've not had a landy of any breed for a while now, slowly working through the rust on a 4x4 Sprinter now. Kinda reminiscent of Daisy in that its big and white and not the quietest in the cab
  13. All my experience of roof mount was with my old 1164 and for a lot of work I quite liked it but never really had to do a lot of big timber with it. Part of the thinking with a possible roof mount was more long term thinking with maybe a small felling head or energy shear. We've just upgraded to the next sized up Hypro which still means a lot of getting in and out of the cab.... Not sure on Corwen, though they do still have the Farmi trailers and cranes on the website. i'm just up the road from the KTS dealer, but it doesn't look like they do anything particularly big lifting. BMF isn't one I've heard of (or the far foa ones) but will go have a look.
  14. Hi John, Not bad thanks, still here just changed the scenery a bit. Hope all's good with you - saw the article in EA, looks like the toy collection is growing nicely . Just about finished an awful roadside job that would probably have liked your Merlo. I've heard good stuff about the Kronos, and possibly from a guy who drove the one you're talking about from time to time. Driven axles are something I've no actual experience of but guessing they are different league to the cage drive? The Kesla ProTraction setup looks like it works well with the Valtra shuttle but I'm not sure how anyone elses drive system plumbs in yet. I am quite taken with the Farma, but theplates over the cage drive look to me like they'd get in the way as much as protect the drive system. One thing with going to an electric lever system that does put me off a little is when/if anything goes wrong its getting further away from being able to fix it without getting a grown up involved - its probably a lot better than it was a few years ago but I can remember at least one tractor parked up for a few weeks all because of a tiny little solenoid that had gone on one set of levers. All being well we're off to go see a big Kesla early April


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