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  1. Hi everyone. We are looking at restocking the Sand 'O' Flex again as it was in high demand as well as some of the grit replacements and brushes. Would you be able to let me know your level of interest in this as we would need to buy in bulk and knowing how many to buy would help us make a more informed decision. Because supply is difficult now and import duties are higher along with shipping costs these are likley to be more expensive too so would you be happy to pay more than in the past? Also while were on the subject what do you find it difficult to get within the carving market? Thanks
  2. Paul, there is a company in Newcastle that does it Boot Repairs & Adaptions - Bolton Bros BOLTON-BROS.CO.UK Bespoke orthopaedic, prescription and medical footwear, including Klaveness styles in the UK. Large range of Home Care products and bespoke made footwear and orthotics
  3. hahaha dont worry, this was just a test to see how something displayed as a variant option. I had to leave early yesterday and didnt get it removed before I did. I thought "meh nobody will ever see it anyway"...... how wrong I was
  4. There's a disclaimer in our T&C's, we take no responsibility for broken teeth, please take this up with Stihl......... :p
  5. We carry Airstream in a size 5, nothing in the rest of our stocks though. Apart from Haix, Arbortec do 5 in some of their Scafell range (colour dependent by looks of it). They also produce the "lightening boot" which is about 160 but they don't appear to have 5's in stock. Can't think of any "cheap" ones though sadly!
  6. I'll have a look tomorrow see if we still have a manual for them. One of ours is bust now, other ones hanging on in there still. They're ancient now, been a great tool over the years!
  7. Elongation is quoted at 2.30% on their website
  8. X-Static is due end of September, drenaLINE end of October.
  9. Out of stock too I'm afraid. On order but with delays
  10. Yeah theres a few little bits and pieces need populating, that being one of them!
  11. gustharts

    New website!

    After several months and lots and lots of man hours our new website is now live! Please take a look, we'd love any feedback both positive and negative. We have found one of two gremlins in the system so please bear with us if you come across any! www.gustharts.com
  12. From a retailer viewpoint couriers are a right pain in the Arse! You try to offer the best service you can but the parcel leaves the shop and you're at the mercy of them, they cock up and reflects badly on us. The joys of mailorder
  13. June hopefully along with Spiderjack 3:thumbup1:
  14. We've spoken to Rock Exotica on this. As rightly stated a deal has been done with them, in the short term they are helping out making a few parts to satisfy outstanding orders. After that they reckon it is about 80% done but has a ways to go before they would sign it off in their testing department. In their own words "we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we get it CE marked before it is officially released" Sounds promising so we'll be keeping everything crossed!!


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