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  1. distel geckos aluminium spikes buy

    Out of stock too I'm afraid. On order but with delays
  2. New website!

    Yeah theres a few little bits and pieces need populating, that being one of them!
  3. New website!

    After several months and lots and lots of man hours our new website is now live! Please take a look, we'd love any feedback both positive and negative. We have found one of two gremlins in the system so please bear with us if you come across any! www.gustharts.com
  4. Trouble with interlink deliveries

    From a retailer viewpoint couriers are a right pain in the Arse! You try to offer the best service you can but the parcel leaves the shop and you're at the mercy of them, they cock up and reflects badly on us. The joys of mailorder
  5. New ART rope guide - twin line.

    June hopefully along with Spiderjack 3:thumbup1:
  6. Akimbo

    We've spoken to Rock Exotica on this. As rightly stated a deal has been done with them, in the short term they are helping out making a few parts to satisfy outstanding orders. After that they reckon it is about 80% done but has a ways to go before they would sign it off in their testing department. In their own words "we are going to do everything we can to make sure that we get it CE marked before it is officially released" Sounds promising so we'll be keeping everything crossed!!
  7. Rope Runner

    I believe they've been upgraded slightly, once the new version comes into stock ours will rise aswell I'm afraid. Out of the previous version now anyway
  8. Rope Runner

    Little bit extra cash than a sling but I've been playing around with this from 4SRT and they're quality, work really well:001_cool: 4SRT Chester
  9. Gustharts Rob - Fame at last!

    He's charging for autographs now Mark, the fame has gone to his head I'm afraid!
  10. stein rope grab ?

    It's just the ISC RP203 branded differently. No difference other than colour
  11. Rope Wrench feedback

    Colours available early March:001_cool:
  12. can you get chainsaw trousers legs taken up

    Short leg trousers available by request if it's any good to you mate. Arbortec Breatheflex 29" Leg Pfanner 30" Leg
  13. Gustharts

    Thanks Jamie, pleased to be of service!


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