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  1. Tiny echo!

    cool, just wondering does the stihl 150 bar fit the echo?
  2. Tiny echo!

    cheers ill prob get that one how do you find it in the cut ?
  3. Tiny echo!

    i'll have a look at those cheers
  4. Tiny echo!

    great to here all the good reviews this saws is getting. i've just ordered one from skyland and need to sort out a bar and chain, i like the look of the multi mount bar Rob D has but the one i found on his website seems to have a different serial number to the one in the video. does anyone know if this bar will fit BN6M-4I25-A Sugihara 10" Pro Lam 1/4 .043 56 drive links + chain - Sugihara Guide Bars thanks justin
  5. so i'm buying myself a new saw for christmas and i've been looking at the new echo. i cant seem to find it sold with the right bar and chain. it seems i can get it from skyland with a carving bar? for some reason or i can get it .050 gauge. i understand chainsawbars.uk have the right bars from threads i've been reading but can't seem to find them on there web site. so any info on how i can get one of these saws setup with a .043 bar would be much appreciated. thanks
  6. Milling sycamore.

    i milled a large syc about a year ago and found standing it did indeed stop the green staining as the ones i stacked flat all came out stained badly. the only problem with this i found is how to keep pressure on the boards so they don't warp, maybe ratchet strap them together.
  7. own climbing kit 2 years climbing 8 years tree work experience available tuesday, wednesday, friday cheap £100 a day as i need the work if you have anything send me a message or give me a call on 07470266126 Justin
  8. i know it's a bank holiday, but needs must so if anyone needs a climber or help on the ground let me know. own climbing kit phone justin 07470266126
  9. beech tree not healing

    ok thanks again for the info. its in a school so i'll prob fell it for safety
  10. beech tree not healing

    this is a beech tree that was damaged some time ago, the wound has started to healed over a couple of times but after that the cambium dies back further. any ideas on why this is happening, could it be beech bark disease, what action should be taken? thanks [/img]
  11. stihl in the rainforest

    can't see any chain break on that saw
  12. stihl in the rainforest

  13. stihl in the rainforest

    ok thanks for the info
  14. stihl in the rainforest

    sorry bit of a derail, if stihl are still making the 090 are they still good saws or cheap chinese rubbish? what country would you be able to buy one?
  15. What's this on cedar?

    very interested, look forward to finding out more about this


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