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  1. I’m really loving our wood chip boiler in the current energy price crisis.
  2. America are now laughing as they have there lend lease to Ukraine, another war what America profits out of.
  3. No you’re not soaking it just a thin film on the band so nothing sticks to it.
  4. And the best thing about these is the caps keep all the workshop dust and shite out.
  5. I use a felt pad with a oil dripper of a slurry tanker vacuum pump running on the inside of the band , it seams to put a light film on the band with no major transfer to the band wheels, I set the dripper at roughly one drip a second.
  6. I built my own mill after a lot of research on American mills focusing on the cooks brand, cherry picking the best ideas to incorporate on my build, there you tube channel is a gold mine of information. my mill has banded wheels the diesel doesn’t seem to effect them , the lube system like the cooks mill wipes the band so no excess dripping off after I fit the debarker I would like to fit a set of ground band wheels but as I don’t get any band vibration it’s probably not necessary "
  7. I’m running 5 meter 1”1/4 1.1 tpi Hakansson Silco bands at 5000 feet per minute using diesel as a band lube, this works well but I do find that on the wide cuts the band will wander a bit depending on the grain and internal stress of the wood that big lump of poplar I milled the other month was a nightmare, I think if I would probably go to wider bands if I was milling wide slabs all the time.
  8. If you are getting packed sawdust in the kerf this could be spillage out of the gullet of the band caused by to much set.
  9. 90 a ton I wish,got quoted 160 a ton roadside.
  10. Here we go again no diesel in our part of Norfolk.
  11. How much are the cbn band grinding wheels as they look the nuts.
  12. thanks, next addition in the making is a debarker
  13. I haven’t got a use for it yet it was free and too good to waste so I planked it. The milll is one I made myself.
  14. Lump of failed pop I hauled out of the water the other week.


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