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  1. Tw 280

    Top tip never thought about using a vacuum cleaner to hold the oil in the tank. It does seem that some manufacturers have no foresight for future maintenance.
  2. Tw 280

    That can be right no one in there right mind would route a hydraulic pipe that way, if they are we are all doomed to fucking idiots.
  3. Comfy backpack sprayer

    Contamination of harnesses guaranteed,harness or strap same thing,when spraying you should be suited and booted in your ppe.
  4. Horsefly

    Been wet and warm ,there favourite habitat,it's only the females what bite to get enough protein to lay eggs,the poor males don't have the mouth parts to draw blood.
  5. Comfy backpack sprayer

    Berthoud vamorel 2000.
  6. STOLEN- landrover Defender - FL08CRV

    No pros there on garden sheds and out buildings at the moment.
  7. STOLEN- landrover Defender - FL08CRV

    Gutted lost my td5 a few years ago,heads up there has been a spate of stuff going missing in and around old buckenham in Norfolk at the moment.
  8. the 'todays job' thread

    Steve if you ever need any help or advice on trees in watercourses I would be happy to help or advise,
  9. Defender woes

    Change the thermostat,sounds like a restriction.
  10. Whats the weather like near you?

    Just had 30mm of rain in two hours.
  11. Battery + Stop light flickering

    Yep that will do it.
  12. Looking for a hard top for a navara

    Sorry Steve not good on tech,browsing cheffins website the other day for unsold lots there was a 2016 truckman hard top in silver with side windows,didn't make the reserve of 500 pounds.
  13. Looking for a hard top for a navara

    Lot 189 unsold lots cheffins.
  14. Battery + Stop light flickering

    Excessive injector leak off leading to low fuel rail pressure?
  15. Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    Nothing to do with farming practices,this bit of land has never seen a plough for over thirty years if not more it was planted as a woodland as it was a small meadow among large fields.so no blame on the farmers plough for this one.


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