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  1. Can bond the ply to some PU insulation like SIPS panels are made?
  2. We have a spring supply with a tank in what sounds like a similar condition. Will be interested in what you find out as we are still making do with patching it periodically My only plan was to cast a new one in situ but its a fair undertaking
  3. A naan bed and two pilau cases
  4. Get yourself one of these and you wont need to worry about running the battery down in the truck when charging. Comes with plug in points haha. Small generator would probably be easier though https://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/f150-lightning/
  5. Been using a pallet rotator with IBCs for a few years. Most of them handle it fine just make sure the wooden pallet based ones are in good condition and have slats on the bottom going both ways! Not mine but you can see one in use here. Ours doesn't have an arm over the top like this and just has a side arm but works fine
  6. Riots in the street I would imagine. Many will literally not be able to afford heating and electric. Seems almost unimaginable in one of the richest countries in the world but as the article Stere shared points out the wealth in western counties is incredibly unevenly distributed.
  7. In the workshop and at the processor I have until recently only used Mouldex FFP2s. Good fit (for me) and the downward firing vent avoids misted up safety specs. During Covid I did get some AURA FFP3s which I still use for bagging charcoal and are better at filtration but no use with glasses. Bottom line is the fit is crucial as you can have the best filtration but if air leaks in around the edge it's near useless. 3M Aura Respirator Mask FFP3 without Valve, Type IIR, 1863+ | Four Square Healthcare WWW.FOURSQUARE-HEALTHCARE.CO.UK Foursquare Healthcare are a trusted supplier of medical supplies and surgical equipment for healthcare professionals, home and business use. Moldex 2405 Classic ventex valve disposable respirator mask FFP2 NR D - online purchase | Euro Industry EURO-INDUSTRY.COM Moldex 2405 Classic ventex valve disposable respirator mask FFP2 NR D
  8. Found a picture but cant find the thread
  9. £240 for 2 and not doing 1 cube loads any more Looking here 1 cube in 2021 should have gone up to £106 Inflation calculator WWW.BANKOFENGLAND.CO.UK Use our inflation calculator to check how prices in the UK have changed over time, from 1209 to 2021
  10. This was for dry logs. Wet logs plus the crate will be up to 500kg
  11. Is it worth the hassle? I am sure you could sell you existing one for good money and just buy a WP36 with the engine already installed. Saw one for sale just yesterday
  12. I have an old Tanaka I never use having got a battery one. You interested?
  13. To fair it was mainly smoking related but then there are not many folk exposed to sawdust in comparison with the amount exposed to smoking. Sawdust especially hardwood dust is a known carcinogen regardless I think the problem for chippies is more the chipboard and MDF dust which are especially bad. Having done both milling and kitchen fitting I get far more dust on my mask from the later as you are making dust pretty much constantly were as working on kitchens you spend far less time making dust even though the dust is probably far more un-healthy. Chippies in a workshop environment should be using good quality dust extraction with fine grade filters in this day and age. The upside to milling is as I understand it, softwoods are less bad as is wet wood. But you could well be milling dry hardwood some of the time. We all choose our own levels of risk but as an asthmatic I take mask use seriously
  14. I always use a ffp2-3 dust mask when milling (bandsaw) and firewood processing. You only have one pair of lungs so look after them. My mrs worked on a respiratory ward for a bit and its an ugly way to go!
  15. Well there goes the record. We had our all time high yesterday of 33.3C and that was bad enough so lord knows what 40C feels like. And yes I know other parts of world experience far more extreme heat but this is extreme for the UK
  16. That looks great. Prefer the way the inner tube comes through the top and is then bent over. Looking at other deigns this seems to be the way to go. Not sure I would give the fire air at the base though. For disposing of wood quickly it makes sense but for a fire pit I want my wood to last an not be gone in a flash
  17. Been looking at them from while but couldn't face coughing up the kind of sums of money they go for considering how rarely we will use it Just picked up some new barrels for our charcoal retort for stuff all money so came up with an idea to make a smokeless fire pit from one. Took an hour or two and works better than I could have possibly hoped The lid makes a floor The outer is made from the base and cut out around 25mm in from the edge. Then drilled holes around the base to let the air in The inner is made from the top of the barrel and cut around 20mm lower than the outer. Split it down the side and riveted together at 50mm smaller diameter as the outer I didn't fix the rings and base all together and just rested the two rings on the lid evenly space and popped some ash in the bottom to stop air bypassing and getting in at the bottom of inner ring. Hope that makes sense
  18. "result in house prices going up as mortgages become more affordable " Presume that is the aim. They clearly have no interest in homes being cheaper More dept to keep us as slaves to the economy
  19. 4200kg of forklift for 10k sounds implausible
  20. Cut to widths that fit your Scheppach and then rejoin them. Thats how I always made up table tops
  21. We bought an old Izy off Facebook for £100. Works perfectly and our other mower is an old Stiga which was well used when we got it and thats still going strong 10 years later
  22. I find quality bars a bit hard for these files. Think I tried the Vallorbe but it tended to slide over rather than file the bar. Was OK on my original cheapy Oregon bar. Built a simple grinder set up at 90 degrees in the end
  23. Sounds like the bar needs dressing. The bar on my Farmi gets worn unevenly and needs dressing often to square it up. Also make sure you are keeping the teeth the same length on the chain
  24. Presume it the pre-runner to P25? You can download details of that here. Edit Just checked and mine crane is the 200 Forestry Cranes WWW.FUELWOOD.CO.UK Running a small Mowi crane myself but cant remember model but its at the bottom end. Cant fault it but never used anything else to compare it to
  25. It's not what the accountant says. I have no idea Just did a search on the phone number 03002003831 | WARNING – reports: 10 WWW.TELGUARDER.COM Info about 03002003831 – Lookups: 561 / reports: 10. Received a call? See who it is and read what other users say...


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