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  1. Nice guys ! I actually used a company to film & edit this footage , we incorporated the use of my go pro in with it !
  2. Just thought id upload our short promotional video... what promo videos do you guys have?! [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MenGUvOqCiw[/ame] Regards Alex Hall Firewood & Chip Tree Surgery in Coventry for Tree Surgeons
  3. Hi guys, just signed up to this page. Just thought id share my recent tree surgery promotional video to see what you guys think, would also be keen to see other companies videos etc and wether they feel there video promotion works for them! Link is here for our video: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MenGUvOqCiw[/ame] Best regards, Alex Hall Firewood & Chip Tree Surgery in Coventry for Tree Surgeons
  4. Still happening Giants entertainment have taken the concept as was to £££ to try alone. Giants made farming simulator so it will be like that buy forestry with domestic/commercial scenarios.
  5. call trust insurance mate theyll sort you out youll get the best price trust aviva are not good as they back out of any potential claim
  6. 7-8m High 320cm Circumference at BH rough measure 101cm Diameter at BH rough measure
  7. Got this Oak coming down anytime. You interested? Bracknell, berkshire. Good access for vehicles and can be felled in one or dropped in sections.
  8. I know I want to find a home for it to be used rather then on the fire. But am happy to ring it up for logs if no one wants it Access for hiabs,grabs, trailers etc can be cut to size as well I will measure the tree tomorrow
  9. Hi, We are taking this Oak stem down soon and are keen to see if someone has a use to mill into beams etc. Our plan is to turn it to firewood but would rather see it be put to better use. If so please pm, tree is located near Bracknell, Berkshire.
  10. So it becomes more of a civil matter rather than any lawful matter unless witnessed? I guess it all comes down to the trees location and the purpose of the tree for the cost? £40,000 for the trees and rectifying the damage is almost the same as a TPO. Thanks for your view on this, i have heard many stories of people felling neighbour trees and have always wondered what the law has to say.
  11. Just out of curiosity, something I have not come across and cant seem to find any answer to online. What would happen if you felled a tree without landowners/tree owners permission? (No tpo and no restrictions) Would that hold similar offences to a tpo'd tree or would it be simply a case of re-planting? I would guess from basic laws it would be criminal damage and theft. (Criminal damage felling the tree and theft taking waste away)
  12. We had 30,000+ bees migrate to this oak. Working together with a beekeeper we managed to relocate them successfully to a hive box pictured and he took em away to make honey our first time seeing bees nesting like this so far
  13. Cheers for the tips, i wish there was a small cheap tracking device that would survive the intense extremes the chainsaws create i shall be out painting and marking
  14. Was thinking about that but want to know if there are any other ideas before going pink


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