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  1. Did they ask for proof that your under the threshold? And before they called have you contacted them or not made any contact at all?
  2. Hi guys we purchased out first ever load of cube a couple of weeks back and just wondering how much it costs you hlguys to produce logs per cube? Price includes cost of timber, labour, fuel, so effectively to turn the lengths into split logs!. From some guesstimate mathematics it's looking like it is costing me around £60 to £70 per cube crate to produce. What do you guys think on that, I'm not sure what to expect and i have only got a processor, no log table so was loading corn onto forks of telehandler and manually loading the machine, same machine was then having to move and stack crates so it did eat up time, and there was myself and a lavourer who was helping with the heavy lifting as I've cracked my ribs!! Feedback as always is really appreciated
  3. Hi everyone looking for a supplier(s) of processor grade cord to be delivered to Hertfordshire please I've never bought cird before but now lookibg at getting a few loads and also possibly stockpiling alotvto stack and season. Anyone know of anyone that can supply me? Also what would you say if the current going rate per ton for green or seasoned hardwood cord delivered at the moment? Your help as always us much appreciated Thank you
  4. Where abouts are you located? We are in Hertfordshire
  5. Hi everyone I've been all over the show and admittedly havnt taken much notice of the woodsure scheme. I believe it comes into force in england at the start of may? Is it compulsory? Has anyone applied to it? If your like me producing seasoned logs in cages mostly outside and covered how can you reliably keep below 20% in winter even though you know and I know logs are dry in the centre If you import kiln dried logs or buy in from another woodsure supplier to sell on do you need to be woodsure accredited? It just seems like a money making scheme, I'm going through a tough period with losing barn space etc Also it's not a main business more sideline for money over the winter. Does anyone who sells logs need to be woodsure compliant? I.e farmers son types and tree surgeons aswell? Any help is most appreciated, just been reading the woodsure website and all it foes is waffle on about how you should burn dry wood as were wood gives out particles, Clearly there to scare customers/the public than actually help people like myself, the supplier.
  6. Havnt been on arb talk much lately and havnt been doing much firewood lately but been back on it today! Processing arb waste with our dalen 2054
  7. Has anyone imported since brexit and are you a non v.a.t registered company/sole trader like myself? I've looked into getting a container load as ran out of wood but they're apprehensive about supplying me and that I may need an EORI Number. I will call hmrc in the morning. Any help or advice would be really appreciated
  8. Hi everyone I have found myself in need of split seasoned/ dry/kiln dried firewood as ran out of stock. Need a.s.a.p and can take large amounts! Anyone around Hertfordshire supply firewood wholesale or can deliver to Hertfordshire? Failing that interested in seasoned/dry ish cord wood that I can process into crates and stack in barn and hope it will be dry enough to sell in a few weeks Any help would be most appreciated Best wishes William
  9. Do you or would you be willing to supply firewood in bulk wholesale? I'm also in Hertfordshire
  10. Hi everyone I remember following few posts on this topic back when I first joined this chat. I'm hoping to speak to people who actively plant up new Woodlands on their land. I'd be wanting it for a future crop for our firewood business. So can someone help me shed light on the practicality if doing this. I.e, what tree crop to plant? Thinking of birch? Cost of saplings? Recommended nurseries to look at fir getting the saplings? Realistic time of growth for your chosen trees, time how long till harvest? How much land do you think would need to be planted (minimum)to make it viable? Finally I truly believe we should all be actively pushing for replanting of trees. Any help would be most appreciated
  11. We are based in broxbourne area and have a processor if you still need this? I can also do days chainsawing logs into rings ready for splitting. 07759-245-611 Cheers


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