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  1. I'm Interested in ibc or any suitable cage for storing logs in, we are in Hertfordshire and would be lookingto get a large number of them. Cheers
  2. Just got back from apf today, saw some good machines there, was contemplating getting a new splitter and processor but just a thought ATM, any of you guys go?
  3. Hows everyone been getting on, I haven't been doing much lately but Did abit of work/logs with me gf the other day! Starting to get back into it. Had issues with my processor aswell
  4. We've had a bit of snow where we are near London, sales have been consistently very high all season so far and we had alot of customers come in over the weekend panic buying logs most of them new as everywhere else sold out, quite a few of them came some distance to get to us!
  5. Ah right Ok, do you not dry all year round and store the dry stock undercover???
  6. What is your force drying? Also i always believe it' worth trying to keep customers suppied than letting work go as they may find another supplier and not use you again
  7. What is force drying? I always believe it'
  8. Not been doing much processing lately, but did a few dumped loads of softwood this the other day, half of which was done using an axe!
  9. We are in Hertfordshire, this morning was a harsh frost, the country roads leading to the farm were a little slippery with the ice aswell
  10. Been chainsawing up a load of softwood to put through my processors splitter. Been getting some hard frosts each morning and I'm down South, so winter is certainly upon us, I personally can't wait!!
  11. Been processing alot allot of oak over the weekend
  12. How's everyone been getting on, nearly October, and we are pretty busy atm. Seems we are fast approaching the full firewood season!


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