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  1. One of my long standing customers has moved to Fressingfield, IP21 5Q. She is looking for 2.5m3 of seasoned hardwood logs, 10" long stacked. Anyone be able to help? Thanks, Jim
  2. Thanks, will continue to badger them.
  3. Hey up! I’ve got a Jappa 700 that I need to change the seals on as there is loss of power to the splitting ram. Can anyone give me any clues how to remove the ram? Thanks in advance Jim
  4. Next month or so, 2.4m long max 16", 100 ton mostly Ash
  5. Am after someone to give us a hand to process cord into logs in North Essex. They would need to supply machine and operator. Anyone help?
  6. Am after 200 ton hardwood cord ideally max 14" delivered to CO4 on 8 wheeler. No chestnut and ideally no Oak. Anyone help? Thanks, Jim
  7. From our Agronomist; Woolly Aphid is starting to become more obvious on trees. These are the breeding colonies, mainly on burrs and pruning cuts, and they will start to migrate onto branches over the next few weeks. Aphox (at high water volume and good temperatures) Gazelle or Mainmain are the main control options. Calypso is not particularly effective.
  8. <p>hi fwiend</p>

  9. As the title says required for couple of potentially long days for work around Colchester this Wednesday and Thursday. You are to supply PPE only. We will supply saws, climbing kit etc. Must be self employed and be able to get to Colchester for pick up. Pay negotiable.
  10. Always looking for hardwood delivered to site in North Colchester. Arb cuttings, rings etc. Good access can deliver any time.
  11. Not sure what brand it is. If I just measure the shaft or post the original to someone would they be able to match?
  12. Anybody know where I can get a new nose cone for my splitter. Thanks in advance.
  13. I would be interested in all of it. Located in Colchester. Nick can you haul for me?


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