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  1. I was told never to chip palm types as it'd ruin the rubber, bearing covers. The one time we did, it took me hours to cut it all away although no actual damage caused.
  2. Hot & humid in Kent today, far better since yesterday:lol:...when we realised the Transit had a heated seat which has probably always been on! Daft little button by driver's left heel.
  3. Me too, from a combination of unprotected shooting SLR, motorcycling & then drumming finished them off. However...I found it best to ignore if possible as others have said, once you're aware/reminded of it, it becomes far worse.
  4. Took me 25 yrs as a cop in London to realise there was no satisfaction. After the first of 3 sons qualifed I thought hmmm....looks good. Did some tickets, spent a load on gear for less pay & much harder work. Satisfaction, enjoyment & feeling of 'worth'? Oh yes.
  5. Saw an Allegro yesterday going along quite nicely, front lift...behind a tow truck.
  6. Yup, Whitby & the Goths are great too, always try to get there when nearby.
  7. leswold

    My new dog.

    Not even a Gauloise on the go?
  8. Fancied getting some sea air so spent the day at Brighton today as its got atmosphere & is usually a laugh. There was a tattoo convention so some stranger than normal sights were to behold. Anywhere near you that attracts...bohemians?
  9. leswold

    stihl 362

    We've had a couple of 362s for 2years which we had from new. Apart from usual maintenance & a re-tune on one at Jones...no problem at all. Mind you, I've not had a 361 to compare it to.
  10. Are these the same types that post pictures of their dinner, like...'look what I'm about to eat, lucky me'. Tossers
  11. Interesting but no, never used one or even seen one before. Looks useful.
  12. Very nice but as you say...sod emptying that each night.
  13. I too have had several vehicles remapped over the years & all have been improved upon, smoothed out, vastly improving 'driveability' (fun). I understood that manufacturers set the map for a particular market (climate, emissions, fuel quality etc). Haven't looked back but took some getting used to short shifting as the torque develops earlier.
  14. Wow, enjoy. Well Jel. Pics later?


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