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  1. leswold

    Just me?

    We only found out a few weeks ago that butter/marg is the best to rid resin & sap from skin. Can't have been any good using nail varnish remover, white spirit etc for years but never knew.
  2. Hi Spooner. Not sure if this is still needed but Steve Sexton who works at Basingstoke, has built a couple of excellent alloy arb bodies onto our Transits. 07818 556921. He'd be able to give you an idea of price. Les
  3. Not if you want to make shoes out of them.
  4. I've read this thread which has been interesting to see all your opinions & circumstances. We're a family only business doing mostly domestic, local work, with a good reputation. We called a halt to work on 27th Mar, when this first broke after getting some minor abuse from a passing jogger (little man syndrome) & being told via media stay indoors. Since then I've been reading the latest Govt website advice which seems to tell us to continue to work if the conditions (distancing, non contact with known carriers etc) can be complied with. However, it seems that theres conflict between the Govt advice & the police who I called yesterday to ask their view. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I was stopped while travelling re work, whether to quote or carry out normal (non essential) work, we be issued a fine. For now we can remain off work but the money is dwindling fast.
  5. Hi all. Being a family firm & showing no signs of being affected we called todays customers who were happy for us to carry out the jobs as we wouldn't need face to face contact & are working at the ends of their gardens.. Obviously there is little traffic about & the saws/chipper sound has attracted attention & a few people have taken pics on their phones so rather than have bad publicity I think we'll shut shop & hope the guidelines come soon for the self employed to access the govt's contribution during this outbreak.
  6. I was told never to chip palm types as it'd ruin the rubber, bearing covers. The one time we did, it took me hours to cut it all away although no actual damage caused.
  7. Hot & humid in Kent today, far better since yesterday:lol:...when we realised the Transit had a heated seat which has probably always been on! Daft little button by driver's left heel.
  8. Me too, from a combination of unprotected shooting SLR, motorcycling & then drumming finished them off. However...I found it best to ignore if possible as others have said, once you're aware/reminded of it, it becomes far worse.
  9. Took me 25 yrs as a cop in London to realise there was no satisfaction. After the first of 3 sons qualifed I thought hmmm....looks good. Did some tickets, spent a load on gear for less pay & much harder work. Satisfaction, enjoyment & feeling of 'worth'? Oh yes.
  10. Saw an Allegro yesterday going along quite nicely, front lift...behind a tow truck.
  11. Yup, Whitby & the Goths are great too, always try to get there when nearby.
  12. leswold

    My new dog.

    Not even a Gauloise on the go?
  13. Fancied getting some sea air so spent the day at Brighton today as its got atmosphere & is usually a laugh. There was a tattoo convention so some stranger than normal sights were to behold. Anywhere near you that attracts...bohemians?
  14. leswold

    stihl 362

    We've had a couple of 362s for 2years which we had from new. Apart from usual maintenance & a re-tune on one at Jones...no problem at all. Mind you, I've not had a 361 to compare it to.


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