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  1. Pinkfoot

    Log Drying Kiln

    A few years ago I made my own kiln in a refrigerated lorry body. It was fibreglass and I stuck a 28 kw workshop stove in there. Burned sawdust or wood. It wasn't the best installation but it did work. I cut the roof lights out so it could vent and small house fans blowing under the bulk bins . I bought a diesel space heater later on with a thermostat so it cut in at 50 °c. This worked well but I will change it around next time , mainly for logistics. Feeding the stove was a pain so was loading , had no forklift but the idea worked. Ideally two stoves outside in their own insulated room blowing hot air into the kiln.
  2. Pinkfoot

    Any big splitters for sale ?

    Pretty much. I know the work related injuries/pains that I have and I know that you have worse! And you're an old fart
  3. Pinkfoot

    Any big splitters for sale ?

    Pretty good thanks mate. I trust that you are as well as can be expected?
  4. Pinkfoot

    Any big splitters for sale ?

    Looking at upgrading to a large pto driven horizontal splitter. Has anyone got one ? 30 to 45 tonne Regards
  5. Cheers. I may splash out on a bigger tractor and a 30/40 tonne machine.
  6. Looks like 30 tonne max on my current tractor then.
  7. Thank you for that
  8. My tractor is only 38 HP at the shaft . Do I need more power to run a big splitter ? 200 litres a min I think the Balfor is.
  9. My tractor is only 38 HP at the shaft . Do I need more power to run a big splitter ? 200 litres a min I think the Balfor is.
  10. Pinkfoot

    Espalier & Fan-trained fruit trees

    I have resurfaced . Had problems with getting on here , I only have a mobile and it played up for a while.
  11. Pinkfoot

    Anyone deliver to Wroxham , Norwich?

    Thank you lads.
  12. There are an old couple in Wroxham who need an honest fire wood supplier. Their daughter lives near me and is worried about them. She thinks they are being ripped off and their open fire is their means of heating. I will go if no one else can ,but it's a long way for me.
  13. Pinkfoot

    560xp problem

    It may be what Matt says to Spud...
  14. Pinkfoot

    Oxdale se 400 log splitter

    I have a Thor Mignon 11 tonne and there isn't much that stops it. I would think you will be fine.


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