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  1. Good point, I forgot that vital detail. It's 4 inch diameter. I also found a cherry stone and an acorn by the nest so that suggests a blackbird.
  2. It'll be that or insects in the not too distant future I reckon.
  3. Anyone have any idea who this belonged to? I found it on top of one of our wood piles, just under the corrugated plastic roof. It's beautifully constructed. I guess robin or blackbird.
  4. Interesting little job yesterday; a small tree but severely restricted access. Not just one but two greenhouses right up against the trunk! On two sides. The closest was less than four inches away so couldn't even fit the bar in there for the back cut. I've been trimming/maintaining the tree for the guy for years so I'm glad to finally put it out of its misery and get shot of it.
  5. I'll second the request for an idiot's guide please! Fractals are pretty fascinating in themselves so I'd be interested to hear about them in the context of tree biology and structure. I was thinking only yesterday that the patterns on cyclamen leaves are reminiscent of the Mandelbrot Set.
  6. Cheers Steve. I'll have to make sure I'm wearing my reading glasses when I have a go!
  7. Must have been a bad year for it this year, brown rot. We had it in apples, pears, damsons and even medlars.
  8. Or maybe a little piece of paper carefully folded up with some white powder inside.
  9. This has been my motto for the last few years as well; dependable, high yield, low effort fruit and veg. Plus a couple of "cash crops" like strawberries, blueberries and garlic, (though garlic is very low effort anyway). I normally can't resist one or two novelty fruit or veg as well. I grew these little pumpkins for the first time this year, "Sweet Dumpling". Small but perfectly formed! Really good to eat. We had one last night. Firmer and more creamy than a butternut squash.
  10. Good work there. What a behemoth of a hedge! How were your shoulders feeling after that? Long reach work like that always used to bugger mine after a few days.
  11. How do you sharpen your drill bits?
  12. Glad to see Erbauer getting a mention. Well worth considering in my opinion. I've had various of their tools over the years, cordless and corded. They've all been great, very hardworking and long lasting. Can't fault them for the price, real value for money. The last couple of years I've decided to upgrade to Makita tools, got a couple of drill and impact drivers now. Not at all sure that I'm getting the same value for money as Erbauer though.
  13. Those first couple on the left must have been a bit whippy, like climbing a noodle.
  14. Ok. I think I see the point you're making, and I agree. Most of our most pressing problems stem from seeking to be the master of nature. The lion poo was from a zoo a few miles up the road, and it's not natural to keep six cats in a terrace house!
  15. Nope, you didn't dream it. It was a thing a few years back. Didn't work in my experience though. I've got a friend who is a zoo keeper. She used to work with the lions so brought me a bag of it once. It stank, (as you'd expect), but didn't seem to put off their nasty little cousins from destroying my garden.
  16. Nah, doesn't work, tried that. And chilli flakes. Carpet gripper along the top of the fence does work though.
  17. You're a little unfair to Ash, if you don't mind me saying so. It is great firewood, no doubt about that, but it also has other uses. It's very good for making tool handles, due to its strength and slight flex, second only to hickory I think. As it's relatively light for its strength, and takes to steam bending well, it was extensively used in coach building and similar applications in the past.
  18. I used to make Birch Sap wine. Following fond memories of going out into the woods with my Grandad armed with a brace and bit and a demijohn. It's nice but I feel that most of the flavour comes from the oranges and lemons that are part of the recipe. Birch sap itself has virtually no taste in my experience, just a subtle sweetness.
  19. Astounding idea. You ought to phone old Priti right now to suggest it.
  20. How are you going to find all the illegal immigrants? It'd be easier and make more sense to deport all the Muppets currently in government and all the lifestyle benefit leeches.
  21. Brexit paves the way for gene-edited crops WWW.BBC.CO.UK Ministers will relax regulation of gene-edited crops to allow their commercial growing in England.
  22. sime42


    You're right;- I've just got lots of projects in WIP status.
  23. sime42


    No unfinished projects is truly something to be proud of. Similarly, I'll have a good go at most anything myself around the house and garden. I don't like to pay someone else to do anything I might be able to do. However, my list of unfinished projects is long and varied!
  24. Expensive way to run a car though. [emoji50]


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