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  1. I used this stuff recently on a chopping board. It did the job very well, and reasonably priced. Brandon Bespoke 100% Pure Mineral Oil - Food Safe - Chopping Board Oil WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Pure Mineral Oil – Food Safe. The high quality Pure Mineral Oil penetrates into the wood, providing protection and revitalizes the wood’s natural colour and character. It will also prolong the life of the wood.
  2. Coronavirus: Inside test-and-trace - how the 'world beater' went wrong WWW.BBC.CO.UK BBC News spoke to key government figures, scientists and health officials involved from the start.
  3. Good use of our money that was wasn't it? Like the billions wasted on outsourcing testing and track and trace, that is also not really fit for purpose. I too would feel happier if Doris and his cabinet of chums take the vaccine first.
  4. I'd argue that it is the largely quiet and reasonable Majority that are in favour of some kind of pandemic mitigation action, as apposed to the largely noisy, bellicose Minority that are against it. As is often the case it is he who shouts loudest that is heard. The volume of angry noise eminating from the Minority gives them the mis-guided impression that they are the Majority. Simple case of mistaken identity.
  5. Minority? It is not the scientists, the medical professionals, the "Experts", (that name was probably not even self proclaimed, more likely a label applied by the media and government), who are out of their depth; it is the completely inept Politicians who are out of their depth. Since the beginning of this whole sorry episode they have failed in their response, in instances too numerous to list here. At best it's been a case of woeful incompetence, at worst corruption and cronyism. I don't believe that there has ever been a comprehensive strategy or even week-by-week plan for dealing with this crisis. It's just been one prolonged fire-fight, the government lurching from one disaster to the next, all the while issueing ever changing, confusing and often even contradictory public health messaging/guidance/restrictions. By contrast the so called Experts have been fairly consistent in their findings and resultant guidance. So it is no great surprise to me that we've seen no evidence of a Post-Vaccine outlook, there probably isn't one. In response to the question raised a couple of pages back.
  6. Rather harsh I must say. I've only read the end of this thread but still.
  7. You're right though. I'd not considered the unintended consequences. Bugger! What's the answer in your opinion?
  8. I can't say with any authority as I've not been going out much, and have avoided busy places if I've had to, but from what I've seen yes, people look to be fairly spaced out.
  9. Yet another long post, sorry kids. Sober at least though!
  10. My use of the term "the strong" was a reference, and quote from other member's numerous previous posts on the subject, in which the stance has been very much Anti virus control measures of any type. Not my choice of word believe me, I would say fortunate rather than strong. I take your point about previous generations, they were and are certainly much tougher than those that followed. I'm not advocating protecting people simply because they fit into a category that warrants it. Only those who desire it because they are particularly vulnerable or have life circumstances that require it. I think everyone should be allowed to live as they want if they are happy to do so, at their own risk. However, the big caveat is that they shouldn't be acting in such a way that potentially endangers others, i.e. by facilitating spread of the virus. Back to masks, social distancing, etc. etc The healthy but over 70 cohort is a very tricky one certainly. My mother is in that bracket and has always been very active on many fronts. She continues to go out most days, (cycling, walking, canoeing and so forth), but is very careful. She's obviously taken quite a hit with social contact, but she still meets people, albeit outside and at a distance. I agree with your final point; there has been far too much media hysteria, (when isn't there?). And the woefully inadequate guidance and messaging from the government has been diabolical, but let's not get into that again.
  11. Sad but true. Too many individuals and not enough society.
  12. Nope, sadly not. Well, not enough voters anyway. Given our current unfair electoral system. If we had something more closely approaching proportional representation then the likes of the Green Party could start to make a difference.
  13. Uh oh, I messed that up! Regarding the environmental issue; You're right in this of course but to me we're stuck in the age old paradox here. The problem is that not everyone makes an effort to change their behaviour. In fact I'd go so far as to say that an awful lot don't bother at all. I guess that's a mix of ignorance and disbelief of the causes of the issues, and worst of all an uncaring individualistic attitude. This is where the role of "the state" could play a part; in greater education on the subject and also in leading by example. Another weapon that we have at our disposal is greater regulation of big business that is in the main driven solely by profit. Only the state can do this. As you rightly say, we as consumers also have a large influence, but I don't believe that it is enough, especially as we do not act as a whole unfortunately. I think we need a two pronged attack.
  14. Great post, you speak much sense. In a calm, reasoned, neutral tone. We need more like this on here. I fear I may be guilty of being confrontational in a couple of my previous posts, [emoji137]. I apologise. (Though in my defense I think it's the only approach that works in challenging the behaviour of certain individuals on here. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire). For the record; I too have grave concerns over the safety of the vaccine. Due in particular to the speed with which it has been developed. Unfortunately though I see no other alternative at this juncture. I would much rather take another course of action, to buy us more time in testing and development work to maximize its safety. If another solution was presented to the issue I would jump at it. As yet though I've heard of no serious alternative other than the Herd Immunity strategy. To my mind that is just not practically viable or ethical at this stage. I really wish someone could come up with a third option right now.
  15. I completely agree with your sentiments here. If I speak of getting back to normal it is implicit that it is some kind of drastically different "new" normal. One that doesn't see us devoting so much of our time and energy as a species to fxcking up our planet in such a comprehensive way. Massive changes need to be made to our behaviour, diets, economic systems etc etc. This is obviously a huge challenge so as you say, we should really be starting to implement these changes in tandem with fighting this current pandemic. Sadly I don't see this happening right now in this country, if anything we are going backwards on tackling environmental issues. In my opinion we need a top down approach to this rather than bottom up. It is too much to put the onus on us as individuals to sort this mess out.
  16. I'm looking to protect these people from being infected with Corona Virus, and hence a potential traumatic, lonely death. Or a potential life changing chronic condition of as yet unknown severity and duration. But, that's beside the point. The idea was to counter the augument that says that the strong should be allowed to carry on their lives as normal, (without any curtailments such as masks, lockdowns, vacines etc), whilst the vulnerable, the old and the frail have to be locked away for their own protection. I don't believe that it's fair and it wouldn't actually work in practice. We should all shoulder this burden together and deploy all means possible to bring the virus under control. I'm not saying we can eradicate it, maybe we can't, but I'm sure we can get to a position where it is not so catastrophically disruptive. I take your point about everyday risks. I agree, I'm not particularly risk averse normally. This thing is on an entirely different scale though. It's not natural, in the sense that it's been brought about entirely by human activity. We are all in part responsible for that. We have sought over the years to control all other infectious diseases. Why shouldn't we do the same with this one?
  17. What's this, a spooked Troll? Oh dear. Wonders will never cease. So there's hope still for the rest of us normal Arbtalkers. Turns out we don't even need to deploy the Mute button; all we have to do is write a reasonable if longish post that asks a few awkward questions. That way we can avoid the otherwise inevitable torrent of abuse, dogma and general bad natured argumentativeness that would normally ensure if one dared to express a different opinion on something. Sweet, you learn something every day.
  18. My guess is that you've already read my post and realised that you can't easily take your normal approach of shouting down and bullying your way past any opposing argument to your own. Hence the refusal to reply.
  19. Are you sure about that? You might want to consider carefully. By refusing to reply you're not painting yourself in a good light. It looks as though you can't answer the perfectly valid questions, IMHO, or find the answers so unpalatable that you can't even admit to them.


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