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  1. Hmmmm yes comfort is a luxury banished from ones mind when driving Landrovers and yes they are unreliable, but they’re reliably unreliable which almost makes them nearly reliable ....ish. Personally, I would weep long and hard if mine were to cease service or get pinched. I guess you either love the whole simplicity and classic nature of the design or you go the more conventional and slightly easier route of other alternative slightly blander marques ? No right answer, we’re all different aye [emoji1303]
  2. Or spray it with Buzz Weld CIO and spray the inside with Buzzweld cavity wax. If you’ve not checked out their paint already do so. It seems good shiz although I’m only 6 months in on a chassis coated in CIO (chassis in one ) It seems pretty tough thus far but verrrrrrry early days aye ??! 🤞🏻
  3. Ah I get it now. Does it not mean a lot of long tail length tying those half hitched whereas the spider sling you’re just whipping the krab end around one end of your limb and choking it and the doing a quick knot of choice around t’other with the spider leg sling already prussiked on your rigging rope? You’ve got 1 x no knot (krab end) and 1 times short tail quick knot (spider leg) , and you’re not having to re-tie your Prussik each time (spider leg already prussiked) ? Seems quicker by some margin unless I’ve misinterpreted your method for which I apologise if I have done [emoji1303][emoji2]
  4. I’ve got to admit Gaz, I’m a tad disappointed that we’re not being treated to more ‘action shots’ of your worldly arboricultural high security adventures instead of a line of Wellies with no evidence of recent work undertaken !! Don’t be shy Gazbot, show us your shiz babes Kind regards Lord Lucan
  5. That sounds very exciting. I guess we'd all love to see your work on those exotic species when you get a mo (if you're a smidge too busy, get the admin staff to pop on a thread.....good promo for your international business like) . Perhaps start a new thread to garner some credulilty with the nay sayers ? Come on Gaz, get clicking, you must have tonnes of EX spert footage of your adventures . Educate the scurrilous charlatans, silence your critics, show boat your talents and pave the way for bringing into tomorropw the next new dawn...... Our-boriculture. Personally I think you're full of shit and a total phoney but I thought I'd give you an intro into proving otherwise before I truly made my mind up . Love you big guy x
  6. well my Mrs's armpit looks nothing like that
  7. Now I know this post is old and that I really should take more time to religiously read through EVERY post on Arbtalk..........but please Gaz....PLEASE tell me you're being ironic with this quote ??
  8. Are you running the rigging line through the 2 x slingsand krabs on the limb and then back onto the rigging rope ?
  9. By your own admission you now find yourself largely cutting grass for your career, amongst bolstering your own indolent life blustering on web forums that you largely know little about, desperate for any attention, positive or not. For those reasons alone you must forgive those on this forum who don’t pay countenance nor heed to your appraisals of any equipment that isn’t utilised for the sole purpose of reducing fescues by a matter of inches thrice monthly . It’s understandable that chain saw protection nor more high performance work wear may not be needed for your dutiful daily tasks to Mrs Miggins and her cats at number 42c . It’s ok , we understand you want to be in a club that you’re unqualified for membership of . Send me a ten spot Vesp.....I’ll send you the t shirt . It’s the closest you’re going to get my friend
  10. In a bid to dry off a bit more on hotter days I’ve ditched my long suffering cotton t’s for these. You hardly know you’re wearing them !!! ......and at just under £7 a pop I have to admit though I have yet to undertake a 100 mile hike in one so I may be premature in my appraisal
  11. How do you mean? I can’t picture it ? [emoji848]


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