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  1. This does seem like quite a laid back response at best…..bordering on indifferent and/or un professional . I’m with you Oliver, customer service and support is all part of ‘the brand ‘
  2. That’s a beauty, being a total clueless chump about milling but very much an envious fan of those that can…..would oxalic acid remove stains such as this ? Posts like yours make me want to learn how to mill Sir
  3. Is that for plant or climbing kit too Mark ? I have yet another pair of almost new boots I don’t get on with and have to sell [emoji849]
  4. Does anyone know of an arb specific group where you can buy or sell second hand items that isn’t e bay ?
  5. I clearly must be…….or you’re not explaining yourself adequately? You seem to display a certain recidivist attitude
  6. Could you expand on this ?
  7. I think it’s Hindu Kush …..tell me….do they play a lot of trance music ? Whatever you do, do not eat the ruby appendages on the leaf stem….those extrafloral nectaries could see your whole world expand/deteriorate in equal measure within an evening 🥸
  8. Why the “Strictly” no smoker ? Is it because they want to waste 10 minutes every hour smoking , or because it tempts you back to the dark side of temptation ? [emoji23] (Ps I’m not a smoker and I’m not knocking you for one second my friend, your company…your rules Sir )
  9. Warwickshire. Seeing dead Scots everywhere . Usually 20-50 year old specimens . I have them locally in a stand in the village and then 4 miles away have taken half a dozen out in a garden and now these older and larger ones 10 miles away . We’re losing trees left right and centre of all species aren’t we [emoji853]
  10. Thank you to everyone who recently helped and diagnosed my customers Scots Pine deaths. We are now tasked with removing the dead and dying blocks in the wood which we plan to burn, but we will need to chip the other shelterbelt that is adjacent to the road . My question is, what is the thinking about chipping to waste where you have a fungal pathogen present ? A total no no or a potential option ? Thank you in advance and well done Stubby for your lead and diagnosis
  11. I’m afraid alas I think it is. Felled one over in the wood and whilst the banding isn’t distinct , there’s definitely small discolouration that is mottled along the needles in the same pattern as Red Band Needle. Also, the way they are dying is identical to that described in the research papers . Thank you very much Stubbers [emoji1319][emoji1307]
  12. No signs of Beetle thankfully Mark
  13. Did you pass your CS33 ? 🧐
  14. I’d say not as there are plenty of trees unaffected nearby in fine vigour


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