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  1. How do you mean? I can’t picture it ? [emoji848]
  2. Treerover

    Zig zag slipping

    Wow. How old is it and how long has it been slipping for ? Kind of fit for nowt now then aye [emoji849][emoji45]
  3. Treerover

    5ton Cedar stem... whats it worth ?

    About 10 years ago I got £1.50 a cubic foot picked up but as part of a bigger load in Warwickshire. Where are you ?
  4. Has anyone else ever come across one of these ? I’ve never seen or heard of one until yesterday !! Quite a thing .
  5. Treerover

    Lightweight work trousers recommendations please

    I can’t recommend these trousers enough. Had them for two years now and wear them for everything outdoors when not in Pfanners. They stretch, they block the wind (from the outside at least !), reinforced knees, good pockets and the cut is so comfy sometimes you have to double check you’ve actually remembered to put them on !!!
  6. Treerover


    No farmer round here worth his salt would have put wheat in two weeks ago that’s for sure and I’d be surprised if that were that much different anywhere else . Linseed maybe or peas. So in answer to your question, yes I do know. Anyhow, back to Wes D’s post we go for he is possibly in better grasp of things
  7. Treerover


    Hmmmm me too. The rest is normally ok until the wheat ripens isn’t it . Unless you’re on Spring rape perhaps
  8. Treerover


    36 acres lost to pigeons in 14 days ???? That’s 2.57 acres a day !!!!! You lot must rely on a hell of a lot of pigeon shooting to protect your crops round your way !!! And all the wheats pretty high so that’s baffling !!
  9. Treerover


    We have those in abundance, but it is the nesting or lack of it that’s being raised and is unusual . We are yet though to have a flue pecking Wagtail but I reckon you can keep that one
  10. Treerover


    But you can now control crows if you are a farmer with livestock likely to be affected under the first of the new re-released general licences . The forms to apply for a more in-depth licence to control all the other species are on line now and DEFRA are now in the middle of the consultation period before releasing the rest of the general licences. I have faith that everything will be close to how it was before Wild Justice flooked the court victory, which, by their own admission, surprised even them. Apparently this whole debacle could have been avoided if MAFF and Natural England hadn’t lost a vital set of documents when MAFF handed over to NE. Unbelievable 🙄
  11. Treerover


    Whilst I’m not disagreeing with the point you’re making, I live on an estate that has had corvid control for decades and I’ll even pop off the odd magpie in the garden if they come in, so as much as I’d like to agree with you, I’m afraid the TEMPORARY rescinding of the General licences late April will of course not have affected bird nesting numbers .
  12. Treerover


    Abso-bloody-lutely. I’ve got 10 nest boxes in my garden ranging from tit boxes to mostly natural hollow logs of various types and aperture sizes. i usually get a minimum of 75% uptake but thus far i’ve nothing nesting anywhere that I’ve noticed . I thought it was just me . Slightly worrying indeed .
  13. Treerover

    Tripod steps or extendable ladder for high hedges

    Which manufacturer is this? I've a groundie with a permanent nose cleft from shitty ladders not latching. Cheap A frames pre-load when you're at the top of the apex and then 'skip' forward in a pant filling inpredicatable wake up call kind of way which you never ever get used to, despite knowing it may happen at any minute !!!! Pay more worry less. Cheap ladders are cheap for good reason , ive bought them, I went back begrudgingly to the good makes. (and i bloody hate ladders generally!!!!)
  14. Treerover

    Tripod steps or extendable ladder for high hedges

    I use Zarges 12 rung A frames which yes, are taller than orchard ladders but bloody wobbly and I don’t exactly enjoy the experience . Ive also recently used my friends orchard ladders which don’t reach as far but boy are they stable and so much lighter. The only thing I’ve found though is when trimming large domes you can’t lean in to get the tops like you can on an A frame and of course you don’t have the flexibility of the triple ladder option. Also, the orchard ladders he has have incredibly ‘sharp’ right angled treads which kill the shins when constantly lent against them. In a perfect world, I’d have both, if I had to choose , I’d choose the A frames, but for the safest, without doubt the Orchards !!!!
  15. Treerover

    Some Tree Surgeons Suck.........

    Back to the topic in hand as tedious as it is. 2 points of consideration :- 1) Are you within a conservation area ? 2) Was the minor hedge reduction completed do you think with a hedge trimmer ?


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