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  1. Treerover

    Madrone take down

    Nice and slippy bark on a wet day [emoji31] What height was the Madrone ? Lovely video but very haunting music [emoji33]
  2. Treerover

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Anyone got a Plummer terrier on here ? I think they're also such a grand dog and from good breeding, but you hardly see them ? (Photo courtesy of Saxon Plummer Terriers )
  3. Treerover

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Lovely looking Fell . Great terriers .
  4. Treerover

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Whoooa what a dog
  5. Anyone tried this lil fudger yet ?? https://www.skylandequipment.com/petzl-knee-ascent-clip.html
  6. Treerover

    Best kit bags? Courant?

    I’ve just bought one of these as I wanted a bag that’d fit in my equipment locker on the Landy. Sturdy material, fits in harness , spikes, throw bag cube , 2 pruning saws and flip line. (With a bit of jiggling) For the money it’s pin on .
  7. Treerover

    Zigzag woes

    “It looks like I’m disengaging all the top links and the bottom link before the pulley is holding all the weight.” Do you mean when you’re tending slack or descending ? I’ve found them infinitely smoother laterally branch walking than when on full on nuts to the air descending , but I guess this is a bit of a cert given the loading differences . i did notice mine got better and smoother the more I used it though , and I found just grabbing the rope above it and nudging it with my monkey mitt was way more controlled than a direct Trumpesque fanny grab type technique. That said, I love it but there’s definitely room for a fair bit of improvement 😳
  8. Treerover

    Stihl MS361 Woes

    Chinky coil in the bin and credit received. I've put a Stihl coil on from an old saw. Started out fine, but now fires straight away but as soon as you whack it onto half throttle it fires and then immediately dies and then won't fire unless you return to choke. If i do this choke to half throttle process several time it eventually runs and works fine...........untill i rest it for 20 mins or so and then the whole tedious temple vein pumping process has to be repeated . I'm so close but still yet so far.[emoji30]
  9. Treerover

    Glove Love

    Wash which ? The Skytecs or the Hantecs ?
  10. Treerover

    Glove Love

    I’ve tried the Skytecs Ratters, nowhere near as grippy as these bad boys !! You can actually scale vertical glass buildings wearing these (well perhaps not 🤥)
  11. Treerover

    Glove Love

    I’m a bit of a soft handed freak that needs gloves to climb but haven’t found a good grippy pair since they stopped importing Wonder Gloves/Ugly Gloves and the Eko Grip by UCI was ceased in its production. I’ve tried so many gloves, it’s become a quest. Pfanners , latex palmed variants, nitrile coated this and that’s , Towas, scaffolders gloves , literally dozens and dozens of different pairs . Unfortunately I found that they weren’t as grippy as I’d have liked , they peeled, or they were dreadful in the wet. HOWEVER, these bad boys are pretty good.Thin, great dexterity , surprisingly hard wearing (I get a weeks climbing from each pair, don’t peel and get stuck in knots , grip in the wet and £2 a pair !!!! My only criticism would be they could be a little tighter knit around the cuff to hold them tighter around the wrist in all situations . I’m on possibly my 30th pair approx. I like ‘em . Hantex NF1 I get mine in packs of 20 from Blue Ace Trading ( on 020 89652400) which brings the price down even more .
  12. Treerover


    You could always purchase these bizarrely modelled little numbest currently being offered on E bay for your delectation !!!!!! [emoji15] WTF ??!! 🤣[emoji23][emoji23]🤣
  13. Treerover

    occupational health of arb

    Yes I see this, there are those who moan about wasps buzzing around their head and make an immense song and dance about them, and there are those whose wasps are inside their head who don't have the option of escape . Luckily these days my own dark waspish clouds are now gone, but there's always the occasional random hornet that still reminds you that you're still not invulnerable .
  14. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage


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