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    Wow, first it was a post about repositioning of cutting tools, which then descended into cutting remarks about folk who like to reposition their tools into different positions only enjoyed by a certain ‘few’ . This is brilliant stuff [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]……[emoji1345]‍♂️[emoji1403][emoji1458]‍♂️([emoji1315]I couldn’t find a Native American Indian emoji )
  2. I think I’m following you Tommy. What fid do you use (I’m guessing not the coat hanger 🤣?) I’d quite like to nail this myself but if I fail I might take you up on your kind offer . Very generous of you my friend [emoji1307]
  3. You can substitute the duck for a Prussic. It’s a pretty simple method really . I’ve only used it a few times though but it retrieves well and is retrievable mid climb instead of a usual extra cambium saver which you can only retrieve at the end .
  4. To be honest despite the size I really don’t notice any negatives. I would say though that the new one slack tends a bit better due to the wider pulley . I can’t remember if they’ve flared the sheaves more though in the new one. As for the extra hole, never really found a use for it as of yet but I’m sure there are those that do .
  5. Years ago at the ISA conference in Birmingham, an American chap who was helping Arbormasters Rip and Ken, sat with a few of us in the bar and showed us how to splice 16 strand lanyards by taking out all of the core and re-inserting the outer back into the entire length (so basically a 4m piece of rope becomes your 2 m lanyard ) He used a wire coat hanger and it worked very well. I tried to do it some 20 odd years on yesterday but I’ll be buggered if I could get it to work!! Has anyone got any advice/links to videos etc on how to perform this splice please? Also fids that may work for this application instead of the coat hanger !! I’m not confident enough to do just an end splice so this method suits my monkey mitted lack of skill 🥸
  6. Ah I tried the Black Widow for a couple of months . It was ok but I was glad to get the Atrax back. So much slicker and quicker on the zz
  7. Yes Joe mines already slipping in under a year. I think the diameter is right on the lower rating for the ZZ isn’t it.
  8. You’re not having to “justify” but merely explain why your chosen Avenue of ‘upgrade’ might be seen as unwise from the ‘experts’ who’s advice you seek.
  9. Not really half price hombre? Eg Cousin Atrax 35m spliced £112 delivered from Buxtons for example
  10. Try this matey. It’s pretty technical and I’ve not tried it, but put it on your ‘reading list’ .
  11. Ahhh now I’ve got a shed load of hornbeam for next year split and seasoning Spudders , does it burn easily or need mixing ? I’m guessing from the density it should burn HOT hot Hot
  12. The Cousin Trestec Atrax absolutely hurtles through the Zig Zag. Better than the terrible Drenaline and anything else I’ve used by a country mile. The yellow orange is beautifully visible too. Bit slippy to start with as they coat the rope but once that wears off you’ll love it. Buxtons do a good price on it
  13. Start with both units off . Press and hold the flat button on the left for approx 8 secs on each unit until they flash blue and red . Once they find each other they will flash just blue and will have beeped . When this happens press the same flat l/h button once....wait a few seconds and they’ll make a rising succession of beeps and you’re in . If you lose contact after that ie go out of range then they usually will find each other, although you can press the flat l/h button twice followed by the chunky round volume button once and they should again connect .
  14. Great saw, absolutely shit clogging air filter


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