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  1. I’ve got an ART positioner but preferred the Trango Cinch as I found it didn’t get hooked up and accidentally opened on your bridge or similar PLUS you could convert the cinch to a single line by choking the end around a limb onto the strop itself (onto a small sliding prussik) and you could still descend under full weight by using the optional flip out mini lever which I couldn’t do with the ART as smoothly . Unfortunately the Cinch has been replaced by the Vergo which whilst similar, doesn’t look quite as compact . Luckily I still have the Cinch........but this isn’t going to help you !!! Perhaps the latest ART positioner is betterer ? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Wow there truly seems to be a 50/50 deep love to true hatred of these helmets . I have just bought on some of your recommendations the 2019 Vertex this week but am finding it the worst Vertex yet personally ! Oh dear. Me and my fussy bonce . I am though NOT liking the sound (pardon the pun) of the Protos ear defenders either not working brilliantly nor occasionally ‘popping off’ so that for me spells further annoyance . I guess it’s like harnesses , you try them on briefly , they seem cool, but after a few days you soon get to know whether they’re going to work for you or not, by which time it’s too late and you’re facing a ‘like it or lump it’ situ or flogging it at a loss .
  3. Is that Papa Lazarou from The League of Gentlemen on the left ?
  4. Like I said, it’s something I’m looking into, but however many signatures it might attract , if they were representative of the higher percentage of the industry then not only does it make a bold statement but it has to count for something doesn’t it ? ....or we could just do nothing ? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. I think yes, the more under-pinning proof of unsuitability we have as an industry to petition or lobby government and get this over-turned the better......but I’m f*cked if I’m hauling round two ropes just to prove the point !! [emoji23] I’m looking into the correct direct approach to petition this direct to government and get it overturned. It’s a bloody farce and no mistake . But your plan is a good one Warren
  6. Thank you for your expansion and clarification Paul. I can though foresee that should an individual arborist find himself non compliant in the eyes of the HSE and standing before the judge...then a judge will look to what he would surely assume to be the vested interests of the arborists wish for self perseveration on the day of the ‘offence’ , the vagaries of Number 3 in the Hierarchy of Approach and how compelling or expert the prosecutions evidence is on the day that will need to absolutely contradict the trained professional (which is most likely going to be nigh on incredibly difficult/impossible to prove absolute negligence on the part of the arborist especially as mentioned, the judge would assume a vested interest in the individual concerned surviving until the end of his working day PLUS the fact he/she is posing little or more likely zero danger to third parties !!) I can see some large legal bills for the HSE and some compelling defendants fighting their corner very hard (and let us not forget this can be done as a litigant in person) with far from certain wins for the HSE. .......but what do I know, I climb trees for a living !!!! WITH ONE ROPE !! 🕺
  7. Could someone enlighten me how (if the mood took me) I am able/allowed to free climb up a mountain face, high dive off a cliff, kayak down a mountain river , wrestle an angry otter for bets, etc etc (....insert dangerous sport here) but I am not allowed as a self employed adult human being to climb a tree on a CE marked, tested, recognised system of MY choosing ? Surely the risk is mine solely to take and evaluate and that is a basic human right so long as you are not posing a risk to third parties or dictating others should assume your evaluated risks ? Yes I can that on larger controlled sites or for companies with employees the implications of this ridiculous legislation will be impactful, but on a small scale , for an individual privately owned tree I am struggling to see how I could risk facing prosecution/prevention in performing my given qualified competencies ?
  8. I apparently have a head the shape of a horse box !! I’m trying to work out whether that will work for or against me [emoji848][emoji23]
  9. This is interesting , what problems do the ear muffs suffer from ?
  10. I'm at my wits end with my CT helmet. Its dreadful. Always going out of adjustment and you constantly find it flopping around after a short while....its literally doing my head in. So for those of you who already own a Protos, do you think its the best helmet currently available that you've tried and has it been worthy of the considerable investment despite its questionable Power Ranger design influences ?
  11. Is there any truth that the butress/root area on a Walnut is the most valuable part? I was told this many moons ago when I first started out...gun stocks, Jaguar dash boards etc all made out of this mythical subterranean woody gold !!!! I've always struggled with the concept but I climb them and don't know anything about milling etc
  12. Bloody hell those are gorgeous. Where abouts are you?
  13. Bloody awful. Going to make for a beautiful patch of bare green once over. as well...and who picks up all the spent burnt metal afterwards at tax payers expense?
  14. If you can split it !!! Bloody stuff. I give it to my mates who think they're a bit hench ....!![emoji12]


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