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  1. Post a photo of the buckle would you , we’ll see if anyone can source one independently. They won’t be exclusive to Sim-hard-do surely ?
  2. Is it just the buckle you need or the whole leg strap ? They must be available separately from somewhere. Have you spoken to Craig Johnson on here ? He’s the designer and a pretty decent chap, I’m sure he can point you in the right direction ? If it’s just the buckle/clip, would the one off the matching chest harness fit ?
  3. The Karrimor ones from Sports Direct are nothing short of amazing for under £20. I have a Mountain Equipment Goretex jacket and these trousers keep me just as waterproof!!!!
  4. Yes I’ve been using it for about 2 months now. I was using Cousin Atrax which was lovely and fast through the Zig Zag but I found it just a bit too thin to grip easily . The Black Widow is a very low stretch nice feeling rope but when fresh, still a bit shiny and slippy. Personally I find these small spliced eyes a pain in the arse as the amount of times I’ve had to re-thread the splice through when it’s unintentionally popped out for me has far out-weighed any benefits . It’s massively nicer than Drenaline which was boingy as zebedees botty .
  5. Can we see the finished oiled mantle ? Looks beautiful
  6. Thank you Mr Humphries. A more in -depth answer could not have been hoped for. I have come across Ganoderma resinaceum on occasion but this doesn’t look quite like the specimens I’ve seen previously . I’ll get my customer to e mail me a photograph of a cross section. Many thanks indeed [emoji1319]
  7. What is the consensus of opinion on this being Perenniporia fraxinea? It’s not a fungus I’ve come across much but does look marginally like a young fruiting body. Any other ideas ?
  8. Has anyone got a link to a schematic diagram of the Echo 2511 tes ? The throttle lock switch on top of the handle has lost its spring , despite the spring still being in residence . I’ve jiggled and jaggled but I’m buggered if I can work out how that little wound spring locates fully now I’ve taken it all apart 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
  9. I’ve been in and out of Pfanners over the years but sadly my last pair were the ‘vents’ and I was very disappointed with the quality of the outer. It pulled and puckered very early on and the whole cut of the trouser went pretty mis-shapen and baggy prematurely. I have been in a pair of Breathflex Pro since Feb and would say that they’re the best trouser (possibly) that I’ve owned (over 20+ pairs ) The normal Breathflex I thought were terrible but these Pros are brilliant . A slim cut though if you’re a big lad and if you wear braces there’s an issue with the cord brace attachments wearing prematurely but there’s always the button option . They truly are a well thought out design made with some quality materials .
  10. (And yes I am humping it )
  11. We still got sum big ‘uns this side of the water .....check out the burrs on this cheeky one at a private garden on a job in Warwickshire !!
  12. Hello all, has anyone got any recommendations for a good consultant that covers the Midlands , namely Warwickshire? I used to use Jerry Dicker who was excellent but he has now retired . I’ve had mixed experience with Wharton’s so keen to try someone else. Your suggestions from experience would be greatly appreciated. Cheers chaps and lasses
  13. Well I’ve taken your advice and spliced some ArbPro rings onto some 16mm trex. Thus far though I’ve found them a pain in the arse mostly as my 16mm double braid has a stainless thimble which necessitates setting up everything in reverse with the tail of the rope . Personally I’m not seeing much gain thus far but it’s early days, and perhaps my next rings I’ll buy bigger and lose the thimble . All seems a bit faffy compared to the ease of mid line block attachment to be honest
  14. Christ almighty that’s a high tip !! [emoji23] If you get any load bridging your front wheels will be in the air !! Makes for an easy oil change mind . Nice looking truck [emoji7]


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