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  1. Treerover

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Stubbers, do you use this mix for performance gains or just to preserve the saws ?
  2. Treerover


    No, that IS the actor in make up
  3. Quality advice . Nice one Roughers [emoji1307][emoji1303]
  4. Hello, I’m trying to find someone who could plank an Oak butt for a customer of mine. It’s an open grown English Oak dia approx 3’ . I’ll be honest I can’t remember how long/ tall the utilisable milling length might be but will know more once I’ve felled it next week. I think she’d like a rough idea of costs involved but also what lengths we’d need to cut it into for the mill . I’m sorry if this is in any way an irritating question or benign but my specialism lays in the climbing side not the end use bit ! [emoji51][emoji847]
  5. Treerover


    Ok I’ve got cranial constipation . Can you help , I’ve either forgotten or never have knowingly learned what this is ....!!!! ??‍♂️
  6. Unfortunately not, I’m not sure how I know [emoji56]
  7. In all my years I’ve never seen this on a standing tree. This is on a 250 year old (approx) C Lime . The seam of fruiting bodies stretch from the ground to 20’ !! Any ideas what they are as I’ve only come across this type of fungus on the ground ..
  8. I treated myself to the Fenix 65 dual beam. Waterproof , rechargeable , 3 light level settings for the spot or the flood beam and simple battery indicator . Better than my previous Petzls I have to say. Fenix HM65R 1400 Lumens Tri-proof Magnesium Headlamp for Long-time & High-intensity Outdoor Activities Worldwide Fast Free Shipping WWW.GOOGLEADSERVICES.COM <h3>Description</h3><ul><li>Fenix HM65R is a headlamp with IP68 rated protection that suits for close-in and long-distance illumination. Uses white and neutral white LED's, delivering a max output of 1400 lumens, a max beam distance of 163 meters, and
  9. How long does the battery last ? It’s a good price isn’t it though
  10. Leyland Cypress. There is just ZERO about them that I can draw any inspiration or interest from apart from being cash cows. So BORING ?
  11. As an aside, should I find the head un salvageable (as I do personally most Monday mornings!) , have you any experience of the Chinese offerings or are they a mixed bag of pot luck like so many Chinese parts seem to be ?
  12. Yes I’ve noticed that even early on in their infection the limbs go incredibly brittle despite still looking ‘almost’ healthy . Very difficult to get direction on the hinge as a result . Behaves like Sycamore rather than Ash sometimes . I think winch where you are able to and don’t be too hopeful of getting your biased hinges etc to work like they used to on these infected trees. I can see us having to dismantle some grim ones in the ensuing years .


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