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  1. Laughed out loud at this [emoji23]🤣
  2. That’s what they want you to think …,
  3. If it’s any consolation , this is my TRAPPED rat count from last year as owing to our estate ‘manager’ clearing a neighbours shit tip without first poisoning the rats . As expected all they did was migrate . We normally get a few in the Fenn traps but this last year was bonkers. This was as well as occasional poisoning which I personally don’t like due to proximity of dogs and hedgehogs etc (In case you’re wondering what the (iiii) are in brackets……one of them gave birth in one of the live catch traps !!!! I would suggest that unless you are especially canny at trapping rats, they will become ‘trap shy’ , especially the older ones who’ve had a close call or ran over their trapped mate ! Good luck
  4. Bloody small neck at 4” !! [emoji15][emoji23] Good get a bit awkward
  5. Yes but it’s that heart sink moment when you think you’re over half way but then your groundie shouts up you’ve only done a third [emoji30] Soul destroying
  6. Same age as me [emoji23]……..[emoji30]………[emoji1353]
  7. What exactly drives you on this noble quest Luke ……? Sorry….Pete ? Have you considered a small wooden spinning round of Oak floating around your head and trying to hit it with a full revs Husky 550 ? Might be just your thing ….[emoji85] You could learn a lot so you could
  8. Tramadol for 8 years !!!!!!!! Shit the bed mate. You’re swimming against the tide . Seriously . My better half is a nurse . In no way do I mean this in any way condescendingly …….we all like to think we’ll be the last Sargent on the beech with a vickers gun, heading off the nazi pain invasion ……but sometimes you just have to look at what cards you can afford to play. You’re not out of the loop by any stretch my friend……just recalculate your position and your options . It’s totally possible…..and who knows…..you might even be glad of the restructure in your life and how you go about things ? Stay positive but LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. 8 years on heavy pain relief is wayyy too much in my very very humble but daily daily achey opinion [emoji1307] How old are you if you don’t mind me asking Gary ?
  9. Ouch jeez yours sounds pretty shitty. I’m currently under the consultant for both shoulders (scan on each, cortisone in one so far, with offer of keyhole surgery to worn socket etc.) The first thing I did do though …..and you’ll not possibly find this very useful …..I stopped hedge trimming !! Any trimming jobs I now delegate and just do the raking and clearing , at least this way I can still manage to work around the intense pain that hedge trimming aggravated it with and carry on climbing, which seems to aggravate it less . Like I said though , yours sounds a lot worse . I can’t see how you’re going to get repaired quickly unless you take some step back action and give the injury a rest , even if it means taking a financial hit and bringing in a more competent subby to help than you may currently have at your disposal ? Obviously I don’t know your set up. All I experienced and continue to experience is when shoulders go wrong, Christ do they take a bloody long time to mend [emoji30] I wish you luck Gary, but I think you’re going to have to look after number 1 here mate if you’re to stand any chance of recovery [emoji173]️‍🩹
  10. Well that’s pretty nice by my eyes Sir [emoji1307]
  11. I’m confused as to how the spec can be discretionary when it will have gone through planning , which surely would have necessitated a specific and accurate level of works ?
  12. Jees ‘they’ couldn’t even design and operate a ‘track and trace’ app effectively !!!
  13. Another vote for Treesense. Great bloke and incredibly up to the minute with current best practice .
  14. I think the points being made are that if, by your own admission, you have scant experience or knowledge, which certainly comes across in your replies , then it is most likely best to leave GIVING advice to those who have done more than educate themselves watching You Tube and existing on forums .


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