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  1. Treerover

    Glove Love

    I’ve tried the Skytecs Ratters, nowhere near as grippy as these bad boys !! You can actually scale vertical glass buildings wearing these (well perhaps not 🤥)
  2. Treerover

    Glove Love

    I’m a bit of a soft handed freak that needs gloves to climb but haven’t found a good grippy pair since they stopped importing Wonder Gloves/Ugly Gloves and the Eko Grip by UCI was ceased in its production. I’ve tried so many gloves, it’s become a quest. Pfanners , latex palmed variants, nitrile coated this and that’s , Towas, scaffolders gloves , literally dozens and dozens of different pairs . Unfortunately I found that they weren’t as grippy as I’d have liked , they peeled, or they were dreadful in the wet. HOWEVER, these bad boys are pretty good.Thin, great dexterity , surprisingly hard wearing (I get a weeks climbing from each pair, don’t peel and get stuck in knots , grip in the wet and £2 a pair !!!! My only criticism would be they could be a little tighter knit around the cuff to hold them tighter around the wrist in all situations . I’m on possibly my 30th pair approx. I like ‘em . Hantex NF1 I get mine in packs of 20 from Blue Ace Trading ( on 020 89652400) which brings the price down even more .
  3. Treerover


    You could always purchase these bizarrely modelled little numbest currently being offered on E bay for your delectation !!!!!! [emoji15] WTF ??!! 🤣[emoji23][emoji23]🤣
  4. Treerover

    occupational health of arb

    Yes I see this, there are those who moan about wasps buzzing around their head and make an immense song and dance about them, and there are those whose wasps are inside their head who don't have the option of escape . Luckily these days my own dark waspish clouds are now gone, but there's always the occasional random hornet that still reminds you that you're still not invulnerable .
  5. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage

  6. Treerover

    occupational health of arb

    I'm not sure that they are contradictory, one paragraph depicts the impossibility of being unable to run away from ones inner issues that wage war within the mind, the other is a physical action that does not defer to the issues of mental state but that takes flight against physical harm which is choice based ultimately.
  7. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    I'm attacking from all angles Spudders aren't I !!!!! Borrowed my mates carb and all good, saw runs lovely with his genuine Stihl carb. So burning question........where to get a reasonably priced carb?? Are Walbro an option for the MS200/020 ? I think I shall not be bothering with any pattern chinese parts I don't think from now on . I have had too many cheap far Eastern tools/parts let me down just recently.
  8. Treerover

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Sex sex and more sex. I love the 150's. Nearly bought a V8 150 chassis but couldn't stretch to the tipper body AND the gas conversation so went with the 130. I did though hear that they were prone to scrubbing tyres but not sure how true this is?
  9. Treerover

    Stihl MS361 Woes

    I spoke too soon.......[emoji17]
  10. Treerover

    Stihl MS361 Woes

    I wouldn't know how to do one without specialist equipment unfortunately
  11. Treerover

    Stihl MS361 Woes

    Do you ever feel like your saws are just trying to piss you off and lull you into a false sense of security??? Coil replaced (with chinese one as mentioned), saw ran like a beaut for 20 mins and then won't fire. Next day after warm milk and exiting the fetal position I camed down and repeated the process only for the same thing to happen. Not vacuuming, I re-spaced the coil a little further (like 3 folds of thickish paper) but nowt. This will teach me to triumphantly post mechanical victory gloats of accomplishment without trying the little funker........I'm off for a rose petal bath and some Andean pipe music before I cut off my ear and start painting irises
  12. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    Thing is its the same with 2 x different carbs, 1 x new chinese one and the old one. Yes i've replaced all the bits in the carb kit apart from those impossibly difficult silver blanking plate fingies . I weep salty tears
  13. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    I see your point but I pressure tested it with a syringe and forcep clamped the end (you wouldn't think my better half was a nurse would you!!!) and so I'm pretty confident any further leaks would have shown but yes I think a new pipe would rule out another component in the conundrum.
  14. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    Right then, I've taken the intake rubber dooby manifold off and closely inspected it (its only about a year old) and its ok, I did find a tiny hole on the impulse line only visible when pressured with air under water !! and it was slightly kinked through the exit hole in the body. Ive cut out leak at the end and enlarged slightly the hole in the body to give it a smoother run. It STILL won't idle though. I've swapped carbs, swapped diaphrams, swapped plugs, mixed new fuel but no, she won't have it. Fires up lovely, runs at full tilt beautiful but as soon as the throttle is let go it dies. Will fire up straight away again on choke and then run whilst throttling but then dies as before. The idle screw is wound right in I'm officially at the 'garden tossing' stage and I don't mean in the liberated naked neighbourly offensive way [emoji35] [emoji17] Any more thoughts anyone ??
  15. Treerover

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    Yes swapped plug, does it without filter and fuel/breather hose is less than 12 months old


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