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  1. Sounds exciting. How long is the position for and is it domestic or commercial work?
  2. It should be an easy Google search but I’m getting many conflicting answers. In England as a business what’s the legal times, from and to, that I can do chainsaw work, chipping & hedge trimming, on a) Sunday and b) all other days. I’m getting conflicting answers and can’t find a definitive answer. There must be legislation that encompasses all commercial tree & shrub work for England?
  3. What’s your thinking? I was thinking Rhododendron but I only have a photo to go on
  4. Can anyone ID this please? I’ve an idea but don’t wish to sway the answer with my educated guess. Many thanks in advance.
  5. My apologies it’s £7.5k books or £7k cash
  6. See my post on van for sale
  7. Nice Arb truck for sale just had a new reconditioned engine fitted 2-months ago with 12-months warranty. 113k mileage. TEXT 07737796892 if interested. Don’t phone please as too busy with working. Please note photos with sign writing on van; signs have all now been professionally removed. 10 months MOT left on. Barnsley, South Yorkshire Richard Thewlis Tree Canopy Climb
  8. I have the same machine 350 hours. The spring is 10 months old and fully tensioned but I have a similar problem. Especially on conifer I’m forever reversing and forwarding and pushing through conifer. With apparently full spring tension the rollers look about 2” too far apart. The spring feels ok but not taught. Could it be that someone before me has put the wrong spring inside?
  9. There’s been some confusion due to switching chain brake handles around and therefore mistakenly identified on year! Yes this is M-Tronic so no screws. When did M-Tronic come in for the MS201T?
  10. Is anyone aware of Sthil MS201t chainsaws having no high, low or idle speed screws despite the holes being there? My chainsaw was revving too high but there was no idle speed screw behind the dedicated hole on the filter cover. The holes are there but there’s nothing behind. My local dealer Fisco’s in Wakefield repaired with coil adjustments but reassured me that the H, L & LA screws were no longer used on newer MS201t saws. My saw is around 2019-20.
  11. Some great tips guys thank you. I did kerf cuts but seems the box cut and probably a larger was than a 14” top hander for more grunt. It was quite scary how such a large branch at 45 degrees + can tear and drop from a classic undercut! I’ve done that cut 1,00’s of times but only takes that once! Luckily only a bruised foot and no idea how the steel toecap held under such pressure. PS: a classic or humbolt hinge cut in that situation wouldn’t have worked even with kerf cuts.
  12. Has anyone any tips for step cutting larger willow branches? I pollarded a willow and all the branches were free fall as zero collateral. Branches had leans of 10-55 degrees and were 10cm-40cm diameter weighing up to 3/4 tonne. I’m 16 years a climber and 27 years qualified. Very few of the step cuts were playing ball with no clean breaks, many unprofessional tares and one very unpredictable rip from just an undercut on the largest branch that 99/100 times would have trapped the top handled saw with a 45 degree lean.
  13. The numbers on the display when cranking get between 130-170 max if that helps any. Also I’ve unplugged the two yellow wires into the starter motor and when I try to start I hear a click (not a flutter) noise which apparently is good news on that score.
  14. I’ve a GreenMech 160 Quad Chip Mk1 2010 with 520hrs. It will crank over but intermittently won’t fire up. When it does it works perfect. The mechanics at Balmers (Wakefield) have tried and still failed. “Alt” comes up on the display but it’s not an alternator problem. We’ve checked fuel filter and solenoid etc but still no joy. I’ve checked all “visible “ fuses and the female components and seems ok. PLEASE HELP [emoji1374][emoji1374]
  15. Seems there’s no one size fits all which is obvious. IF I opt for waterproof’s it’s nearly always to stay warmer and wet rather than cold and wet. I’m a warm person. The wind proof properties offer me warmth when wet. Dry clothes for driving home in. If you’re stood about it’s a totally different kettle of fish. However rain and heavy work always equals wet inside so I wear shell waterproofs to keep me warm. My Stein raincoat has been brilliant but I am keen on the Arbortec Smock but as I say I don’t expect anything to keep me dry. I’m looking for comfort, movability and wind proof with obviously some degree of breathability so I don’t cook!


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