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  1. Seems there’s no one size fits all which is obvious. IF I opt for waterproof’s it’s nearly always to stay warmer and wet rather than cold and wet. I’m a warm person. The wind proof properties offer me warmth when wet. Dry clothes for driving home in. If you’re stood about it’s a totally different kettle of fish. However rain and heavy work always equals wet inside so I wear shell waterproofs to keep me warm. My Stein raincoat has been brilliant but I am keen on the Arbortec Smock but as I say I don’t expect anything to keep me dry. I’m looking for comfort, movability and wind proof with obviously some degree of breathability so I don’t cook!
  2. I’m trying to get away from hiring in light stations / towers for night work on trees. Does anyone have experience of light bars (mounted on the front of vehicles; Ford Transit Tipper in my case) capable of lighting up large trees for Arb work? It seems to me there are three types: spot, flood and combo. There’s massive variability in prices even for similar spec units. Can anyone give recommendations? The photo I’ve attached seems to be a good one but never had experience using them as never needed to.
  3. I see 4 terminals three on the circumference and one more central. Shall I opted for a centre of the three and another one side of that?
  4. Also is there a decent solution to prevent the terminals coming loose again?
  5. That makes perfect sense. I’m guessing just behind the switch? Is it normal for both terminals to come loose? Many thanks BTW. What’s the rumour?
  6. Hi Guys I can’t start my chipper. Closer inspection shows Ive a brown (+v) and a blue (0V) with red terminals that aren’t plugged into anything. They come from the RDS Junction plus Control Box (PL3) and belong to the “power switch “. I can’t for the life of me see where they plug into on the actual chipper! I’ve included 2 photos to assist. Any help greatly appreciated. https://greenmech.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/TechDocs/QuadTrak 160 MK2 Manual.pdf See page 42
  7. Does anyone have reviews / feedback on Echo battery pole pruners with chain and hedge trimmer attachment please? Buying the best batteries how long will they operate on a full charge.
  8. Does anyone know a source of Timberwolf TW 150 hydraulic seal kits for the top roller pump please? Can’t source one. It’s a Parker pump circa 2005-2010
  9. I’ve been sent these photos of 10 planted pines (so I’m told) in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The needles are failing and have been for last three months. Every other tree that’s not of this species is thriving. Any ideas people in this species specific infection/ disease?
  10. At the moment I’ve plenty and two positions advertised to make a 4-5 man Saturday team and some Sundays
  11. Weekend positions for 1 climber and 1 groundsman in Barnsley, South Yorkshire off M1 Junction 38 Darton. Sub contractors with relevant qualifications and experience. £200 daily climber and £120-£150 daily groundsman depending on experience and performance. Text full name and “CLIMBER” or “GROUNDSMAN “ to 07737796892 Richard Thewlis Tree Canopy Climb 🌳 www.tree-canopy-climb.co.uk
  12. Full time groundsman required ASAP for Tree Canopy Climb Wages £80-£110 daily and £120 weekends depending on experience and qualifications Please TEXT "Groundsman" and your full name to 07737796892 Many Thanks Richard N. Thewlis Tree Canopy Climb
  13. I’m between Amanita muscaria or Meripilus giganteus. Jury’s still out there David? Flesh bruised black after 15+ minutes so I’m tipping the latter? I’m hoping I’ve got the host species correct maybe Gary can shed light on that one 😂
  14. Please identify. I’m certain what it is but want confirmation please for insurance purposes.
  15. Also there is usually opportunity if good & willing to do a 9-week block apprenticeship with Askham Bryan if you qualify with the college criteria. I've put 2 grounds through the course already with both passed 😉 Hi Josh, I am based in Darton Barnsley 5-minutes off Junction 38 on the M1. I have a full-time position available as a groundsman (my advert was posted on here about 10 threads earlier). If you're keen send me a text clearly stating "GROUNDSMAN" on top of text (I get so many) and full name. I'll give you a call in the evening. The company is Tree Canopy Climb and I've been running for 14-years now. 07737796892 http://www.tree-canopy-climb.co.uk
  16. Tree Canopy Climb, a business of 13+ years in the Barnsley, South Yorkshire area, are looking for a full time grounds-person and a weekend sub-contracting climber. 90% of our work is based in the Barnsley area and I am based in Darton just off Junction 38 of the M1. Monday - Friday is all the 2 man jobs with me + grounds person. The weekends are reserved strictly for the larger tree jobs working Saturdays and Sundays (rarely). Grounds-person will be expected to get to the garage at 7AM Mon-Fri and same time Saturdays when working. Experienced is good but also someone very keen with some experience is OK with the opportunity to put through a full apprenticeship scheme with Askham Bryan on a 9-week block release basis. Please send texts only to 07737796892. State on the top line of the text "CLIMBER" or "GROUNDS-PERSON" and I will phone back at convenience. Worker(s) to commence September 2018 onwards. CV's with covering letter can be sent to r.thewlis@tree-canopy-climb.co.uk Kind Regards, Richard Thewlis Tree Canopy Climb www.tree-canopy-climb.co.uk
  17. Hi There, I’m requiring a full-time groundsman ASAP working in and around Barnsley area. I’m a small business of 13+ years. Must have all relevant qualifications and driver’s licence with vehicle to get to work (Darton). Please text full name and subject heading VACANCY to 07737796892. Richard Thewlis Tree Canopy Climb 🌳 www.tree-canopy-climb.co.uk
  18. Just used a Först TR8 hired for 7-days from Orangeplant. Make no mistake this machine sets the benchmark for me and my employees. 8” trees cut from bottom, hawthorn, Silver birch and alder mostly, not one bit of snedding required. Accesses most areas, one tank of diesel 25L ish does a full day flat out. Cannot recommend this machine highly enough. Obviously though I’ve not owned one for a longer period of time so I can’t comment other than hired it for 7-days. 10/10 from me
  19. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good example of a job description and specification for a groundsman and apprentice climber online? Much appreciated guys
  20. When you say spiders is that plural and is that how you've achieved excellent balance on the delimbed branches? Excellent work BTW.
  21. Anyone doubting the use of a spider's leg (or a similar set up) please look at Tom D forum reply on crane rigging


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