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  1. I remember Jack Kenyon talking about this years ago, can’t remember the exact ins and outs but it went along the lines of pulling your aorta out.
  2. Did you work for Warren or the other Redwoods?
  3. I don’t seem to be able to copy a link from my phone but look up Redwoods passing off if your interested.
  4. I think for passing off you would have to be working in the same area. There were two firms local to me that went to court over this a while back, cost them both a heap of money and the looser had to state that he didn’t work in certain areas. Im not sure how things would change now with the net making the world smaller and there are impacts on to the OPs business.
  5. You may think I’ve been a bit harsh, that’s your opinion and my opinion is mine but I’ve been taught by TreeLife and the Training Tree lecturers and I’d pay the extra for TreeLife any time.
  6. Audi A1 va Ford Ka, you pay for what you get. For me there’s only one option and that would be TreeLife.
  7. Arborist

    Water proofs

    Fortis Not cheep but extremely good and has a 4 year repair guarantee.
  8. Trees- Their use, management, cultivation and Biology by Bob Watson would be a good read to start off with.
  9. Have a look at Fortis, they can make in Hi-Vis orange and have a 4yr garentee.
  10. Mr. Barrel is very good, If not I know Simon Holmes is expert witness for injury cases.
  11. Is there anything in particular that you wanted in there as I can scan some of mine for you
  12. Same price as the Arb association, if your a member you will get a discount.
  13. Speedy lifting did mine, I can’t remember how much but it wasn’t extortionate.
  14. She’s a Dutch Herder mum Extremus indi and dad serious black. She’s a full on high drive pup and I have high hopes for her, 3 of her litter have gone into the police and 2 will go to Africa as anti poaching dogs.


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