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  1. I bought one like yours Steve from Somerfield and they charged the same as a new, but if there's only one on the net for sale you should get more. Are you keeping or selling yours? ive collected all of the RAT series.
  2. I bought one like yours Steve from Somerfield and they charged the same as a new, but if there's only one on the net for sale you should get more. Are you keeping or selling yours?
  3. Here's a second hand original one for £120 https://www.abebooks.co.uk/Principles-Tree-Hazard-Assessment-Management-Lonsdale/16132672375/bd
  4. CA measurements - perecentages still valid????

    The original BS3998 was out in 1966, then 1989 and the current one 2010.
  5. Over thinking sling SWL

    It's the same if your winching, if you return the wire cable you have twice the pull as a straight pull.
  6. Principle 1 (Site grading) Distinguish between (a) individual woods of high conservation value, (b) woodland areas of high conservation value and (c) other wood-lands. Principle 2 (Management priorities) Afford special treatment to special sites and special areas. Principle 3 (Clearance) Minimise clearance. Necessary clearance should avoid sites and areas of high conservation value. Principle 4 (Afforestation) Accept afforestation, except on sites of high nature conservation value, but not so much that non-woodland habitats are reduced to small islands. Principle 5 (Woodland patterns) Develop (or retain) large blocks of connected woodland, whilst maintaining a scatter of small woods between large blocks. Principle 6 (Change) Minimise rates of change within woods. Principle 7 (Stand maturity) Encourage maturity by maintaining long rotations. If this is not possible, retain a scatter of old trees after restocking. Principle 8 (Native species) Encourage native tree species and use non-native species only where necessary. Principle 9 (Diversity) Encourage diversity of (a) structure, (b) tree and shrub species and (c) habitat in so far as this is compatible with other principles. Principle 10 (Regeneration) Encourage restocking by natural regeneration or coppice growth. Principe 11 (Rare species) Take special measures where they are necessary to maintain populations of rare and local species. Principle 12 (Records) Retain records of management. Principle 13 (Natural woodland) Manage a proportion of woods on non-intervention lines in order to restore natural woodland in so far as this is possible. Principle 14 (Traditional management) Maintain traditional management where this is possible and appropriate. Principles 15 ('modern' management) Where traditional management is not possible or appropriate, introduce alternative systems of management which retain or enhance the conservation value of special sites and areas.
  7. Tree surveying in the modern age

    Tom, I haven't looked at the tree smart but what were your reasons for going with that instead of Pear?
  8. Aluminium surver tags on TPO trees

    Staple them on, they won't go completely through the bark so no damage caused
  9. walking hiking boot

    Altburgs are good
  10. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Where abouts is the private message function, I can't find it any where!
  11. Bs3936

    I think it was kirklees council that had them up, try adding to to your google search
  12. Inconsiderate Parking

    Pam Ayres is from Berkshire, and that's an old Berkshire accent that she has.
  13. Military surplus waterproofs

    Just google on line there's a few that come up, I've had a couple but can't remember who from. I thought you bought a really expensive coat not so long ado?
  14. need a rough quote please.

    Ah, that's a shame but in the long run having a workshop will probably work out better for you. I thought of you today as I was driving down a lane and saw a garage sale sign which said exotic wood! Are you able to get the train into Reading?
  15. need a rough quote please.

    Blimy Steve, how are you going to move all your timber? What a pain! Has the new house got a big drive for you? Lol


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