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  1. 100 pounds is a decent rate to run ropes and use a saw
  2. Sub contract climber with 11 years experience available for all and any work in Birmingham and the West Midlands area, have own car full climbing kit and top handle. Reliable hard working and trust worthy, with a great attitude. 07891929854 - phil
  3. wood cutter


    07969546417 Mitchell Hicken. He local to you
  4. wood cutter


    I can sort his number out if you need it
  5. wood cutter


    For all your training use Mitchell Hicken. He is not far from you.
  6. Sub contract climber with 11 years climbing experience as well as utility experience, also unit 5 utility surveyor looking for work in and around the birmingham/ West Midlands area. All climbing kit ppe and climbing saw provided to be contractually compliment. For rates and further information please get intouch. Kind regards
  7. Ocs are looking or try glendale
  8. Lucky bugger! Get out there and smash it!
  9. Yeah ok mate thanks for the pointer
  10. Too far mate can only use my private jet during the week any way so no
  11. Glad you liked it cup cake [emoji6]
  12. Lol this thread has gone far enough now
  13. Ah I see well i have been in the game for around 15 years now and over time have acquired a lot of training, certs, and experience. It's just a shame that all those chicken shits didnt have the balls to openly say what you have and found it amusing amogst themselves. Thanks for putting me in the picture.
  14. Go and spin your yarn else where 不不
  15. Thank you for your kind words, this post was merely to see what local self employed work was available, as I am employed full time as a crew leader and wanted to dip my toes into sub contracting. Was funny to see so many irrelevant comments. It's just a shame that my spelling is holding me back lol不不不不不不不不不不不


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