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  1. Hey again, I also have LANTRA Traffic management till March 22, Winch training , IPAF MEWP Feb 22 and PA 1/6.
  2. Hey all, I’m looking to get back into Arb part time initially, I’m based in North East Worcs, I’ve 18 years plus experience in the industry, I am a vet at 53 but still fit and longing to get back. I’ll be upfront about P/T hrs, in 2018 I was suffering with anxiety and pain in the wrists and shoulder and told by Occ Health to switch careers, took some time out then totally switched. All good now and really miss Arb/Urban Forestry. I started out as a groundie and then a competent climber using drt, srt and MEWPs, Cert Arb, saw and climb/rescue certs, trailer rights, tree ID, fungi and P+D pretty good, self taught, ObservaTree volunteer and Tree Life day course, also always kept up-to scratch with knowledge via AA membership and of course a member of ArbTalk for many years. Back then, I was hoping to progress into TI , Vet tree or Eco work but now looking for p/t groundie work with an enthusiastic progressive team not too far from the Redditch area to get back into Arb life, willing to travel though for the right company. I can supply top references. PM me or message 07817996926, calls afternoon/evening ( working from 6 am). Thank you for reading. Stay safe and all the best Al
  3. Hey, I’m looking at getting back into Arb part time, 1 or 2 days, 18 yrs experience as a climber and ground work, chainsaw and aerial tickets, mewp experienced, Cert Arb, I live local-ish, 30 mins drive, any use?
  4. Yes, it’s so good and so easy to follow [emoji38] I have to watch a second time in the week to try and get my head around what’s going on!! [emoji106]
  5. Al Duffill


    I’m sure this thread started out about SawPods, I’ll tell you an honest and on thread reply. As said, £20 is worth it, they last a few years, you instinctively know where your saw is, quick draw and return, the “Pod” certainly helped me become more efficient and organised as a climber, love them [emoji106]
  6. Give some of the local Arborists a call, not everyone is on Arbtalk. I’m in Redditch but not in the game anymore. [emoji106]
  7. Question is, where did Kyle go? [emoji848]
  8. Cheers for the link, I’ve read it, it makes sense and have ordered some Borax to trial. I have stopped climbing and groundwork because of arthritis in my wrists and shoulder pains, not to mention two knee ops and tennis elbow. I’ve since totally changed careers but will give borax a go and see what happens. Thanks
  9. I’d take the dead out now and start pruning out live in the centre of the tree, apples need good air flow, cut back 1/3 of outer branches, unless already laden with fruit, and reduce again next year if required. Check the variety though, eating/cooking. [emoji1303]
  10. [emoji172] It is tough you’re best friend going, remember all the fun times, the love and experiences you had and realise what joy (and sometime frustration ) your mate gave you, smile and bless them. All the best [emoji172]
  11. Hey, I’d start double rope until you are confident at climbing and then move to SRT, it’s quite/very different to two lines of rope. Buy individual not just a “kit”, I personally used Petzl Sequoia but didn’t really hang around in the tree, Tachyon rope is good and DMM karabiners and hitch climber. [emoji111]️
  12. I’d be interested but have no CSCS and live in Worcestershire, I’ll look into getting my card if that’s any good?
  13. Hi, I’m not offering employment but advice on your CV. It doesn’t matter if you can fell small trees around groups of people, it’s a given that you can fell safely. I’d also remove the “mental handicap” remark, it’s not term that’s used these days. Just a heads up. All the best in finding new employment [emoji106]


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