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  1. The far left don't wear sandals, they're also thugs - Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Un etc.
  2. I don't think so! I think the mad dash to the nationalistic right accross the world is frightening. The call for 'strong leaders' in countries such as The US and Turkey begins to move towards an autocratic, dictatorial style of government. That is perilously close to Facism and we know how that ends.
  3. I understand you. In a western democracy there should be no restriction on religious or political belief. The individual should be free to make those choices. Nobody should attempt to force their views on anyone else.
  4. I don't think you i tend to be racist Matelot, I think you mean to say Islamic extremists don't believe in this stuff. If thats what you mean to say you'd be correct.
  5. Who are you referring to exactly when you say 'they'?
  6. Of course not. If you reread my previous post you'll see that I used the word 'justice'. Thats the rule of law.
  7. Liberty, equality, tolerance, respect, diversity and justice are not left-wing political views, rather they are key principles of western democracies.
  8. No, we can't. You need to understand that the ideology is based on 'Us and Them'. Thats the ideology that you're advocating. You are, therefore, thinking exactly as the islamic extremists would like you to think. Its important to understand that 'Them' is much wider than westerners, it includes, for example Shias. Macron provides hope because he offers an inclusive vision whereas Le Pen advocates her own version of 'Us and Them'. Islamic terrorism has to confronted by tolerance, respect and inclusivity. The approach you desire is the approach that the extremists want to adopt. Understand?
  9. The ideology is far more complex than you suppose
  10. matelot - you're thinking how the Islamic extremists want you to think.
  11. The answer to extremism is never extremism


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