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  1. Yup exactly the point@allseasons it's a DIY mess of wires and a system not designed to the ware and tear it gets in our industry
  2. Sena is in my opinion the go to for quick install of coms for upto 4 people to communicate whilst using ear defenders and PPE. The Install and upkeep of the wiring and integration into the helmet is questionable. I work within a team as a groundie and since are custom sena helmets are no functional Ive noticed a down on productivity. I'm interested to think of alternative . Think send do clip on purpose built bluetooth headset for a helmet. I think also husqvarna tough talk could be paired with the sena SR10. on a wearable webbing and a two way radio for 4 plus people and greater range. Obvious large groups have expensive industrial coms mega bucks.
  3. Blocked filter? Air or fuel? Poor spark, fueling possibly gone out of adjustment bit unlikely, or crappy fuel. Breather pipe trapped squashed or broken pipe/fuel hose? Just ideas as without fault finding and without it infront of me difficult to tell.
  4. Is this the right area for this post? I've neglected proper care over my hedge cutter the grease cap came out which meant the shaft was free to slide out it had slipped out and is now bent. Could have a go at banging it flat or get a replacement, recommendations for a decent price not rip off! I like these kombies, it been a good unit. Using pole saw and extension, the strimmer and small blower attachments. for hedge cutting think I really need a fixed for purpose machine. Possibly going to try echo and not a fourmix? Want faster running.
  5. Ide want shoulder and waist straps on my harness, nice n adjustable, to allow to have the unit well balanced and weight evenly placed on your body therefore less back strain and more comfortable. Wouldnt pay anymore than £50. Yes there cheap ones.(£15-£20).pay a bit more for comfort if ya brush cutting, it's likely to be few hours. Stihl Advance forestry harness (Standard) – FR Jones and Son Ltd | Warehouse Operating As Normal WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK Freely suspended leg protection provides excellent freedom of movement. Extremely ergonomic and comfortable for forestry use with circular saw blades. Very light... M biased and would select Stihl but other companies could offer similar products. Alot depends on the machine and it's weight. The whole process off brush cutting which you'll probably know is different than strimming can be back braking uncomfortable an inproductive, should not be done without proper harness and off course I would strongly recommend good PPE. (Decent trousers gloves boots and helmet.) These brush cutter heads are good. Mulching brambles.. better than flat blades. https://www.amazon.co.uk/295505-0-Universal-Mulching-Brushcutter-Husqvarna/dp/B00L46JVYK/ref=mp_s_a_1_14?dchild=1&keywords=brush+cutter+head&qid=1599023251&sprefix=brush+cutter&sr=8-14
  6. Thanks Peeps for all the replys, weve got some helpful comments and were crakin on. Good thread for others who are searching for advice.
  7. Felt I wasn't putting the wire in between the cam correctly to trap it. Neither could I get it to strain around the post the way I required. On the off chance it would work the way I wanted. Got ours from Mole country store.
  8. Simple leaver type straining bar. To be honest I found it annoying..perhaps wernt using it properly. Did get used to leaning on it whilst putting staple in that worked kinda okay.
  9. Are there particular job specifics for cricket bat willow?I'm thinking in a stand there grown in close proximity for tall straight timber..no idea. College seams like years ago.
  10. Thanks, will look to getting that. Also Ive found this one. Digital Kindle or soft or hard covered book. A Guide to Stock Fencing by Andy Radford A Guide to Stock Fencing: Amazon.co.uk: Radford, Andy: 9781847976130: Books WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Buy A Guide to Stock Fencing New edition by Radford, Andy (ISBN: 9781847976130) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. For anyone else looking this thread up in the future wanting more info.
  11. Wow, and that is rustic.
  12. To be honest its a bit of a joke taking it out with us. We hadn't used it all day. Then out of curiosity we had a look and the two posts were perfectly plumb.
  13. 3 Strand high tensile cable for horses. 40" 30" 20" I'm only a novice. Was tought ages ago how to do it properly. Once the strainer is in we bang a strut in at 45⁰. Notch cut the face of the strainer or simply nail into it. Or another method put horizontal post to brace between strainer and intermediate. We tension up and staple in to touch the wire on intermediate posts. Using a machine tractor or what ever. past the straining post we tension up. But question is whats best practice for securing all that tension. So far its wacking a staple fully home to secure. Couple wraps round the post and back round its self to make a neet twisted termination. Sparsholt had some good sheets on this at one stage.


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