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  1. Can seeking advice from government bodies create more problems above the precivebale Assistance. While we are trying to add to and manage are existing pond and wildlife area we are are considering talking to our local councils and environment agencies, plus also the New forest park. Can involving too many bodies create problems with conflicting ideas and legality?
  2. Yeah the ciders out, Stowford press. I must of been pocket texting you guys some pond ideas [emoji3][emoji3060][emoji847]
  3. Byypktn vklllokplllylpkg guy is Not punllylumklkymm But I amnylkimm O the Lilly's the pool p Play ill make ihuk
  4. The thought about using it for both Reservoir for irrigating and fish pond was that we'd section it off..again will need some though and research. Either the pond or the Reservoir or both may not be a worthy investment so we want to talk around the pros and cons. Largely money has a bit part of whether we go ahead. We should also be looking to the future for environment and also how we use the land, what the usage is and how and what services we could provide to the public. These changes WILL we've been told by financial advisor, get the inheritance tax down.
  5. Hey thanks, just the info we need to start researching.
  6. We have 30 acres horse livery paddocks. The last 4 years have been spent maintaining fences and getting them to a better state or repair, replacing some. Nothing has been done with the boggy field situation yet so.. We're looking to improving drainage with the knock on effect to be encouraging better grazing. We got a project on! Before being able to dredge and clear our ditches we have to face up the Willow and to some extent fell large sections so we can have access to the ditch. The ditches run across the forest and road into our property across are hedge/fence lines then off the property at the far side. They haven't been touched for many years and that's probably one reason why we have multiple lakes on our fields in the wet season. We also have an average 50-60ft pond that we may want to use as a Reservoir for irrigating fields in the sumer months. None of those two we have experience in doing. This pond "could" be used as a fishing/spawning pond also although not sure how feasible that really is? We would be digging it out much deeper and lapping? Back the sides, with a large excavator and someone who is experienced in ponds. Just thought we could use the pond as source of income? And also try to use it for our dry season and put the water back on the fields. Anyone have an thoughts??
  7. Search the forum it ya can theres a few threads about roller mowers..other than this one...not being nasty...just saying [emoji3]
  8. Check out weibang...very good collection and nice heavy roller.
  9. Operating temperature, yup that doesn't Always get considered
  10. Yup exactly the [email protected] it's a DIY mess of wires and a system not designed to the ware and tear it gets in our industry
  11. Sena is in my opinion the go to for quick install of coms for upto 4 people to communicate whilst using ear defenders and PPE. The Install and upkeep of the wiring and integration into the helmet is questionable. I work within a team as a groundie and since are custom sena helmets are no functional Ive noticed a down on productivity. I'm interested to think of alternative . Think send do clip on purpose built bluetooth headset for a helmet. I think also husqvarna tough talk could be paired with the sena SR10. on a wearable webbing and a two way radio for 4 plus people and greater range. Obvious large groups have expensive industrial coms mega bucks.
  12. Blocked filter? Air or fuel? Poor spark, fueling possibly gone out of adjustment bit unlikely, or crappy fuel. Breather pipe trapped squashed or broken pipe/fuel hose? Just ideas as without fault finding and without it infront of me difficult to tell.
  13. Is this the right area for this post? I've neglected proper care over my hedge cutter the grease cap came out which meant the shaft was free to slide out it had slipped out and is now bent. Could have a go at banging it flat or get a replacement, recommendations for a decent price not rip off! I like these kombies, it been a good unit. Using pole saw and extension, the strimmer and small blower attachments. for hedge cutting think I really need a fixed for purpose machine. Possibly going to try echo and not a fourmix? Want faster running.


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