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  1. Think the company ive used is good they got good returns...yep should of checked
  2. Is the t540 xp (ii) filter same as the earlier model Will it fit. Need to know as ive just ordered one.
  3. If ya riding on a machine, wouldnt you want the comfort of being sat down. Similar to the "zero turn" mowers most councils use.
  4. Cheers yeah, its got a thick layer of well rotted manure on it but some ground elder has come up which i missed. Then weve sowed some grass seed for easy cover. Once its mowed the ground should get the hint.
  5. Will this take from the crown of the hedge. Should i be cutting it back now ive cut the hedge. Cut it back hard as told i could cut back to hard wood. Its its thick each year and about 30-40 years old probably. Can somone give me a summary of epicormic growth and cutting it back. Thanks
  6. Great project for some one..good job for a Stihl shredder blade on a brush cutter maybe. Post some photos of the progress.
  7. Bought mine April of last year, seams to be working fine heavy old machine. No complaints, thank God. Starts fine and probably due its first oil change, blade replacement. The collection is tons better than a hayter. I havent run a honda so i dont know what there like. Mines a Legacy Pro 56 roller. A blade brake would have been handy to run it along without blades spinning. Or up a scaffold plank to load it into my pickup.
  8. Yeah I was wanting to protect the saw body/engine cover more and gain more grip in what I was cutting limbing up. What about just the inner dog would that fit.? If not you say the Jon sered part does fit? Cheers
  9. Hi, does anyone know where I can get some bigger dogs for my Husky 550/ Husqvarna 550. Prefabley in the UK but would get them shipped if price is right. An old post on here suggested using some 562 ones and trying places called Baileys? I've done some research and the bay want £40-£50 from the states. Local businesses ive looked online in my area here in the UK have felling bars wedges ect but can't find custom saw parts. Maybe I will make some calls.
  10. Im following the thread out of interest, my work colleaugue uses a Boxer diesel machine like a mini bobcat skid steer..is this any use. https://www.boxerequipment.com/build-your-boxer/
  11. This tree is about 20+ years old in my garden.it has a blue look to it. Can you help identify it for me.
  12. This tree is about 20+ years old in my garden.it has a blue look to it. Can you help identify it for me. Ideas...Chamaecyparis pisifera?
  13. Apparently prolonged Wheeling of roller mowers on a hard surface Recks the gearbox. I wondered if anyone has made some sort of dolly or sled for the roller to sit on, temporarily until you reach the lawn. Maybe a wooden box with some Castor's or wheels on. Then it can be pushed up and down drives pavements etc


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