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  1. Thanks fellas, I’ll check out that book. I’ve just sent a message off to Myerscough collage inquiring about the online version of their Level 4 Certificate in Arboriculture. Hoping I might be able to get my current employer to fund it.
  2. Hi Spooner Sounds like things are going well for you. I've been taking things slowly, but going well so far. Done a few big jobs at work that have boosted my confidence as well as my climbing ability and am continuing to read up on the industry etc. Have done about 6/7 of my own jobs or as a subbie climber since I put the post up and it's still definitely the way I want to go. I haven't really started pushing for work yet as I still don't have a tipper so have just taken jobs that have came my way where I can leave the arisings on site. Once I have a tipper I plan to get things set up as a proper business, start advertising, get a logo made up etc. and will then get a chipper when I can. In the meantime, like you, I'll hire one as and when I need. As far as arisings go I've seen people putting up adverts on the Facebook buy and sell groups to get rid of logs and wood chip and I guess you could also ask local farmers if you have any of them around by you. I'm sure other people on here will have a better idea then me though. All the best with things in the future!
  3. Thanks for the reply’s Timon & Scott. All good info that will help me get up and running. Cheers!
  4. Thanks Treeation. I’m currently making my way through the Field guide for Visual Tree assessment by Mattheck (is the dog on the back photoshopped?). We have a copy of Diagnosis of ill-health in trees - Forestry Comission at work so I’ll take a look at that soon. I’ll try and get my hands on the others you mentioned. Thanks Mick. It’s nice to know I’m on the right track.
  5. Thanks for the advice Simon. I’ll checkout the posts you mentioned. I have the option to buy up to 2 weeks extra annual leave through my current job giving me a yearly entitlement of 45 days. This together with working weekends should mean I don’t have to drop any days at my current job for a while. And the Mrs is the sort of girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty so I’m sure she’ll come in useful along the way. Cheers for the reassurance Steve.
  6. Thanks for the reply Andy. In my current job we have a 250 acre estate. So I spend about 2 days a week grounding. I’ve got my cs 38/39 and hoping to build my climbing skills throughout the year with the more experienced climber at work. I’ve also been offered some weekend work with a local tree surgery company so will definitely take them up on that. I’m keen to get the cs41 done. Is there any other tickets that you would recommend? Cheers.
  7. Good morning. My first post on the forum, although I have spent a lot of time over past months reading info from knowledgeable people on here. The long & short of it is I’m looking at setting up my own business this year and any advice/guidance from people who have been there and done it would be greatly appreciated. Currently working at a garden in the in the South West. It’s a nice job but but only paying 17k a year and can’t see that going up a great deal in the near future. I’m 30 next week and with kids likely to appear in the not too distant future I think now is the time to pull my finger out and get something of my own set up. I’ve been in estate management for the past 4 years and before that I spent about 6 years in horticulture. Tree/chainsaw work probably makes up 50% of my current job role. Over the past 2/3 years I’ve found that it’s tree work were my true interest and passion lies. I have a varied skill set and am not shy of hard work. I’ve held my cs 30/31 for about 3 years and have just recently got my 38/39. I have lost of chainsaw/chipper/groundwork experience and am looking to improve as a climber throughout this year. So basically (if you’re still listening after all that waffle) towards the end of this year I’m looking at getting a 3.5T tipper and chipper and starting up my own thing. Hoping to do a mix of climbing for myself/other people as well as subbing my self as someone with a chipper and tipper. I’ve got vehicle storage and also room to store logs/chip. Im going to reduce myself down to 3 days a week at my current job and just start with this 2/3 days a week and then hopefully transition fully over a 12/24 month period. I have lads at work who can be grounds men until it’s worth taking someone on and also the more experienced climber I work with is keen to give me a hand when needed. Im hoping to get set up with about 12k (could push this a bit more if needed) and going to slowly buy equipment over the year when things come up at the right price. I’m going to increase my arb knowledge as much as possible by working alongside the more experienced climber at work as well as reading up on principles/practices in my own time. So, am I being realistic here? I know Arboriculture isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it’s hard work. But I enjoy the work and from my research so far I’m confident that once established I should be able to bring home more than my current salary at the end of the month. If anyone has any input that would be great. Is any time of year better/worse to start ab arb business? And if anyone could tell me their 3/4 most valued books on Arboriculture that would be great (esp to do with rigging and tree pruning/reduction). Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I hope over the coming years I can become a valued member of the community. Cheers, Rob


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