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  1. Good afternoon folks, I'm a service leaver relocating to the Newquay area with the wife and kids in early August. Ive gained a few tickets through using my resettlement grant and am hoping to use these to gain some employment and ultimately more experience within the biz. Any help will be massively appreciated. if there's any questions don't hesitate to ask. Cheers, Ad.
  2. <p>Hi how did it go did you get in touch with Steve?</p>

  3. Good morning good folks of arbtalk! My name is Adam, I currently live in Wakefield and am going through the process of leaving the RAF and hoping to gain a career in arboriculture. I am booked in to gain my qualifications (CS30, 31, 38, 39, 40, 41, 50) in June from TKF Training in Holmfirth as part of resettlement through the armed forces. To that end I am unqualified as an arborist but would however like to offer my services ground working or labouring for somebody in order to gain some experience within the industry. I am willing to travel, within reason, and look forward to getting stuck in. If anyone has any questions or advice feel free to give me a shout. Thank you, Ad.
  4. Thanks a lot! I'll have a good look through. The wife and I fell in love with the place a few years ago and just keep being drawn back, the place is beautiful and the folk are friendly, win - win!
  5. Sounds like I'll get along then! 😂
  6. Fantastic! Much appreciated!
  7. Thanks lynher training, I'll keep that in mind, although I have a young family and the wife is currently studying a degree in midwifery, meaning that a residential package is not ideal and I will have to keep it relatively local. however the endgame is to hopefully relocate to Cornwall once we are both qualified! *fingers crossed*.
  8. Thanks for the posts! I've done a bit of trawling through the forum and come up with a bit of a list to try and get a hold of over time and gain a depth of knowledge; The secret life of trees - Colin tudge Visual tree assessment - Claus mathek Modern arboriculture - Alex shigo Fundamentals of general tree work - Jerry baranek Trees: their natural history - Peter Thomas Meetings with remarkable trees Woodland management - Chris starr A fair amount of toilet time reading to be had! I'll have to sell my body and get an Amazon wish list on the go at this rate! Thanks again for everyone's help, I hope one day I can repay it in kind!
  9. Thanks for the well wishes! I look forward to getting amongst it! But in the meantime is there any essential literature I should get my head in?
  10. Thanks Larry, I wasn't expecting a response so quickly, i will definitely keep your offer in my mind! There's a course that runs in my neck of the woods in West Yorkshire that I've heard a lot of good things about, i just need to finalise all the aspects of resettlement before I'm able to enrol.
  11. hey there, I'm a currently serving member of the forces and looking to get involved in the industry with my resettlement. Can anyone share any words of wisdom or general advice for the transition to becoming an arborist? What books should i get my head in? What equipment will be essential for me to get a hold of? etc. Think of it as a chance to mould a future colleague Ad.


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