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  1. All good suggestions, I have first aid kits I've thrown together already as well as a knife I can use. Slings are something I'd forgotten though! Cheers
  2. Neither, this kit is to get me back into the swing (😁) of tree climbing and add pruning, crown lifting etc to the services my business offers. I intend to progress to removals eventually but won't be doing so for some time.
  3. Hi mate, my intention was to use the marlow 5m split tale in conjuction with the dmm pinto and a eye2eye hitch to imitate the CElanyard by teufelberger as my lanyard. Don't think I'll be doing any removals any time soon so no need for flip line either. Cheers for the feedback.
  4. Hi everyone, looking at putting together my first personal climbing kit. Fairly new to climbing as I passed my CS 38/39 in 2019 while at college and did some work on other peoples equipment but due to health issues I had to stop early on in 2020. I've put together what I think is a fairly basic climbing kit excluding spikes and a flip line, would appreciate any feedback on any of the gear I've listed below or if anybody feels I've missed anything important. 1x Petzl Sequoia Harness (2019) Size 1 1x Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet Combination - Chipper Spec - Black, Personal 1x Silky Zubat Arborist Professional Saw 1x Silky Zubat Saw Scabbard - 300/330mm 1x Marlow 13mm Split Tail - 5.0m 1x Yale XTC-Fire Rope Spliced - 30m 1x Yale XTC-Plus Rope Spliced - 30m 2x Marlow Boa Prusik Loop - 50cm 3x Teufelberger 10mm Ocean Polyester Eye2Eye Hitch 1x DMM Pinto Pulley 2x DMM Hitch Climber Pulley 1x DMM Boa 30kN Locksafe Carabiner - Multipack (3) 1x Dmm Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner - Triple Multipack (3) 1x HBROS x DMM Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner


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