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  1. What are peoples thoughts on re planting in similar position to a tree removed due to meripilus? it has a large host range of tree's it effects so I would presume the list of suitable replacements will be small? Stump was ground out and hole filled back with grindings. Meripilus seems to be showing still on some surface roots and seems to be attacking a now close proximity tree. This tree is within approx 5-6' from the one that was removed and ground out. Is it possible that grinding out the stump on the first tree removed approx 12-18 month ago disturbed/damaged some of the roots of the second tree allowing merip a hold on this tree? Be interesting to think if this was the case... if the stump was left and not ground out it may not have spread to the healthy tree?... Does merip need actual physical damage to a tree to get in? Does it remain in the soil for years? I've heard and seen re fruiting for consecutive years. Many thanks for any info.
  2. I wouldnt buy new again either. Warrenty is a pain in the arse with having to take machine in and leave it to be fixed then go collect again. Missed a good few days myself due to a new machine that was in warrenty.... If it was out of warrenty it would have been parts ordered and fixed pronto. Will be looking at changing my current chipper in the next year or so but not really happy with what's out there. Sometimes old is the new new and sometimes better the devil you know then the one you don't if you look to upgrade
  3. F me! What a rip off. If it's like the 530 which I suspect it is they are pillow block bearing a so maybe -50.00 each... Then the roller bearing be one in a cast triangle casing so maybe 35-40.00 and not sure on the other side.. If it cost more than 200.00 in parts I'd be miffed Can you pm me the dealer who you've been in touch with please. I've been looking at moving from timberwolf back to Jensen on my road tow depends if their dealers are still in lala land lol Cheers
  4. Been quoted a grand for parts and fitting or just parts?
  5. 242 quid for the blades? Jeez that sucks. Sod that... Near enough same as old Jensen a530 blades and they were 160 plus vat a pair from recollection. Would have thought they be near same price. I have a few gen sets for the Jensen and a set from Saturn knives and they've been fine. Just put a set of Saturn knives in the tw230 aswell...
  6. I can't add to this thread but all I can say is I enjoy reading your threads Big J. You always look at all sorts of angles to do works and look like you get interesting opertunities. Keep at it
  7. I grease mine before a hard day's trimming... 6-7 pumps of grease in the main body. You can still hear it getting clackety later in the day
  8. Could do with finding a cheap micro or mini digger in the next couple of months. Main job is to help us on a planting job we have coming up to dig trenches etc. Other uses would be use at home for renovation and landscaping and maybe go out with the stump grinder also to help clear or level the arrisings. Looking to spend 4-6k what can anyone recommend? Or any help thanks. Not a high budget and won't get used a lot at all to be fair
  9. I bought some Oregon chain for the 201t got a few 12" chains. Hate them. Grabby bastards at first. One of the chains has ripped a cutter top off from hitting something. On a job earlier this week I hit a nail embedded in tree in it near enough ripped 3/4 of the top of the cutter off every tooth down one side. Bit of bad luck there but with the grabbyness etc and other bits I'll be glad when they're done and it'll be back to Stihl chain.
  10. swinny


    Do you not bother backing over them with the mulcher Bob? Or to much time and fuel and effort?
  11. Have a look at this to give you a brief look at what's in front of you. Foreign video and crappy music but I'm sure some will be relevant
  12. One thing aswell is condition of clutch.... If you do change you have to have surface of flywheel machined and the same removed off the mounting part. Like you say could be a simple job. It's just time and if you can afford it to be down in bits / only machine. I usually fall into the last category of only machine and can't afford it down long. One thing I have learnt though is that sometimes it's just easier to do things yourself as the workman ship of some out there is shocking! No good agri mechanics about here
  13. Cant comment on complexity but Im sure whilst your in there its best to do the handbrake band at the same time! cab off job if that goes so might be best stick a fresh one in if worn. Whats gearbox done or not doing? hope no shite gone to hyd pump etc
  14. Did you take that stump grinding pic directly at the height of Jennys bum lol Shitty block paving for you ey? wont take much weight. How do you go on with pricing this then Ian? X amount for crane then more expensive for rigging and re quote? Crane would have made your day! I take it the cranes pretty well distribute their weight and put matts down etc but just the sheer weight and shallow drains and crappy drive so neighbours said no?
  15. How easy / what's involved in changing the roller box side flywheel bearing? Hopper and roller box off then bearing cap. What then? How to get old bearing out? Then fitting the new one? I'm sick of these crappy greaseable bearings failing... Fine on rotation but float back and forwards.... I'm putting a sealed bearing back in. They lasted for hundreds of hours.... Any help appreciated
  16. Yes and lower centre of gravity for your load
  17. I bought a.new gx106 earlier this year. Upgraded from a gd105. That thing floated around when loaded with a lot of weight but fine with just machines.... The gx106 is spot on for me I can put stump grinder and tracked chipper on side by side no problem. Better wheels tyres and suspension also! Love it. I have quite a bit of planting to do soon and removing soil etc... Going to have to go buy a dropside aswell.... Thi g is with trailers, they are relatively cheap! And you never can find one that suits everything! Horses for courses. Buy whatever suits your work
  18. All the above is correct and I am co operating with them. One point of conflict is... I don't need to enter their property.... Can you really define air space as property? Also what is there really to damage? It's over still water. Passing boats are only the same as passing cars or pedestrians to work around.
  19. The sawdust could be classed as building materials for any beavers that come for a vacation. Help it stick it all together you know and 100% organic. I bet this could catch on
  20. Lol far end of a fart lol Not a clue to be fair. I told the sawdust to go back on the customers land... I was totally out numbered and out gunned and it all.ran off.officer
  21. Yup... I said well it's up to you, I wouldn't and it could be a double ended sword...
  22. My thoughts exactly... Tree's span to 1/3 into canal but no where near the toe path etc. Balls to a bit of sawdust drifting... They can have that for free lol All lads be on customers side at all times Everything rigged and pulled back to customers side. Using bio oil and even been and bought eco plugs which is probably a lot more than some would do


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