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  1. Why not look into clippex fencing system. Perhaps not the nicest to look at but Easy to install by hand and combined with the use of gripples a relative amateur should be able to get a decent enough fence up.
  2. If you can get a quad to it then you can get a digger and knocker or tracked machine. I’ve had my digger fencing on ground so steep the only machine they could use to flail it was one of those robotic tracked flails- I really don’t like fencing by hand!! As for price yeah £4000 labour for 400m is most likely them quoting for a job they don’t want to do! Unless it’s bedrock or something?
  3. Depending what you want to tow. I think it’s only the long wheel base and commercial that a rated for the full 3.5t.
  4. Yes I’ve heard that too- I say they’re growing but whether they actually develop into a decent cauliflower is another thing. I’ve just got a large aluminium Cloche tunnel with enviromesh/veggie mesh which I hope will deter caterpillars etc.
  5. Looks great! But makes my own effort look depressing in comparison! Nothings growing at all! Except cauliflowers and sweetcorn.
  6. That’s the 2.0liter. The v6 would be a different beast. Still I think they are overpriced for what they are.
  7. Anyone have problems with Sparrows? Just planted the french beans and peas out yesterday as had outgrown pots in the greenhouse- the sparrows have destroyed the lot in 24hrs!
  8. I have sweet corn, courgettes, peas, various squashes, cauliflower and onions all chomping at the bit to be planted out. Think I’m going to take a calculated risk and plant out this weekend. Tomatoes and cucumbers growing but depressingly slowly- just no real heat about despite being in a greenhouse.
  9. Not strictly children but Anyone who is 18-39 might be worth opening a Lifetime Isa (LISA) I opened one on the money box app and it’s pretty good as gov add another 20% up to £4K a year. You can access funds when you 60 or you can put towards first house...
  10. Mine does have the idiots tensioner. But it’s been fine really. Haven’t had problems with it going loose and on the odd occasion I have a chain derail it’s nice to be able to put it back and tension without having to walk to the truck to get tools etc.
  11. Yeah they’re superb. I bought my Makita 3 years ago. Never gone wrong. Saved me a fair whack in fuel- certainly more than the coat of the saw and batteries. Can’t complain. My Dad bought the 200 Stihl one which is supposed to be the top end but I’d say the Makita was just as good and quicker chain speed it felt like. 8-12” is probably comfortable limit. Although I knocked over 2ft beech with it once- think it’s safe to say that was a bit much for it.
  12. Sowed peas, courgettes, garlic, onions, cauliflower and spring onions so far in the greenhouse- no sign of life yet might be a bit early but thought I’d risk planting for a longer growing season- can always start again in April if non of it takes...
  13. Yeah mainly Chestnut, I think it looks nice- reasonably priced and last longer than tannalised. Particularly if you use nice chunky stakes- as more hearwood in them- the sapwood rots of quite quickly . yeah unfortunately Holsworthy is a bit far. There’s a contractor out nearer you Knight excavations and fencing, Peter knight- they do a lot of agri fencing and think pretty decent job of it.
  14. Christ. That’s cheap at £8 If doing it all by hand and that kind of access.
  15. Generally I’m around £6-7 quid all in- roughly half and half materials/labour that’s split Chestnut stakes. Creosote would be a bit more. So variable though. If it’s loads of short runs with turns and corners it goes up rapidly!


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