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  1. That’s impressive. What did you do with the arrisings? The site looks very clean afterwards...
  2. Oh no 😞. I met felix in 2013 when he bought a digger off me . Very sad to hear this.
  3. Nettex Myti-Fencer Strainer from Chelford Farm Supplies WWW.CHELFORDFARMSUPPLIES.CO.UK The Nettex Myti-Fencer Strainer will strain any type or gauge of wire, including... i find the Myti bar pretty good.
  4. Was that the draper one!? If so utter junk!
  5. Without proper tools/techniques, it’s hard to beat the just using a pull lever against the strainer post bar and staple off, Leave it just the staple holding the tension until your happy that the wires are all equal tension, and then tye the wire off around the strainer, so that if the staple slips it won’t go slack. Personally I like to pull my wires in the middle with monkey strainers and then tye together with a knot or gripple.
  6. Yeah, good way really, although on long strains pulling netting with quite a few turners pulling together in the middle seems to get a nice even pull at either end as your only pulling half the netting at one go essentially.
  7. My Tak is 2790kg. I run an ifor GH1054. On paper it’s all legal- in reality, bollocks is it!40kg Quick hitch, , buckets, fuel, 70 litres worth of hydraulic oil in its tank, mud in its tracks, tool box full of spanner’s, stuff in the cab etc etc. I do what I can to mitigate the situation- ie I will take all buckets and attachments along to the job first in a seperate trailer which is fine as most jobs are for a week or two anyway. If it’s a little job I take my 1.8tonner as it’s far more convenient for towing around with all the other bits and less stress on the tow vehicle etc.
  8. I’ll wear a Buff if I have to go into a shop, is this applying to pubs too? Might make pint consumption a little awkward! 😂
  9. ... and often wider track base so actually more restrictive getting through tight spots. I can’t understand them myself, all 3 of my diggers are full fat and never really felt the need for zero, I tried my poatknocker on a same weight zero and it couldn’t even lift it at full reach without the track lifting- hopeless!
  10. Yes! But only way out. The defender had got though it earlier but then broke up the top vegetative surface in the process - and once your down to peat it’s game over! Your from Ireland(?) I don’t need to tell you about Peat! 😂
  11. ..... and then got bogged!
  12. I’ve just got a new set of general AT3s on my old disco. Very surprised what they are capable of, my defender span it’s way up this muddy slope on half worn mud terrains, the disco followed up with certainly no more spinning....
  13. My little Same Dorado 86Hp (3.5t tractor) had up to 11 tons behind it at times, but mainly around 6-8t, it always surprised me how well it managed it but yeah hills would be 7mph jobs sometimes on long uphill drags. But then used a farmers 130hp new Holland to pull the same trailer and in all honestly didn’t find it that much quicker or better on the hills!
  14. I think that’s about it in a nutshell actually- certainly the way I think about it, but looking at the state of the beaches this last week I can see that I’m not of the same mindset as a large percentage of the population! I think they will be very busy- I’m glad for them as buisnesses, but will be interesting to see what happens from them on...
  15. New and Used Plant Machinery and Parts Specialist - PES WWW.PESPLANT.CO.UK Parts available for this is my local Volvo dealer- I’m sure they’d post one to you...


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