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  1. Matthew Storrs

    You are God for a Day

    IMO most of the worlds problems relating to destruction of our environment stem down to over population. That said we are living lives now that just don’t sit harmoniously alongside a healthy balanced environment either. I mean the whole thing is quite ridiculous when you think about it. The way tribes live/used to live is probably the last time humans weren’t making a mess of it all. I personally think if we were all only allowed to replace ourselves with 1 child per person. The population would slowly come down, ie if you are married and have two kids you have used your quota- if you divorce and go on to marry again, your quota is up and no more kids. Idealistic for sure, it’s never gonna happen. But short of plague,some kind of cataclysmic natural disaster- we are heading on a path of self destruction as I see it.
  2. Matthew Storrs

    Stock Fencing

    UC4 is quite a lot more expensive but im not convinced it would last as long as the telegraph poles!
  3. Matthew Storrs

    Stock Fencing

    I get ex- telegraph poles which have been cut, pointed and re-treated. Think there about £12+vat and they come in sizes varying from 6”dia up to 12” dia which I use for gateposts. Intermediate I use Split Chestnut which is about £2.20 plus vat for a 6ft stake.
  4. Matthew Storrs

    Stock Fencing

    This!!!! The ground will make or break a job. We’ve done 400-500 meters a day in good ground and straight runs. Generally though with 2 of us and a digger and postknocker we tend to average about 200-250 meters a day In average agricultural ground, 100 meters if I’m on my own. Up here on Dartmoor it’s generally either soft peat ground (which has problems of its own) or its just granite everywhere!!
  5. Matthew Storrs

    Stock Fencing

    £6 a meter for good quality stock netting on either uc4 posts or Chestnut would be about right, plus 2x stands of barb. That would be done with quality strainer assemblies not bodge stuff. Roughly it works out at about half and half materials and labour. Adapt as you see fit. Big long lines with minimal turns of direction could be cheaper but awkward stuff needs to be more IMO.
  6. Matthew Storrs

    Domestic hedge removal

    Stumps and all? Otherwise your just coppicing!
  7. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Yes and no, the smaller the machine- generally I find the more they hold their value relatively speaking. You’ll get more ton for your money if you went for the 13 tonner. But then when it comes to selling it the same logic applies. 6 ton is a fantastic size IMO. Very capable, good reach, not too thirsty. Nice to have a blade too- most 13 tonners don’t.
  8. Matthew Storrs

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    I used to hire a ride on machine called an Efco Touareg. It had a low center of gravity and could handle grass and weeds so high you couldn’t see where you were heading, fanstastic machine.
  9. Matthew Storrs

    Mini tracked hydraulic tip dumper

    Thousand tons?? Long whistle. That’ll take some time in a muck truck!
  10. Matthew Storrs

    Mini tracked hydraulic tip dumper

    Yep can, the little 1 ton wheeled dumpers are fantastic. I find them much better in soft ground than the 3 ton ones as the wheels are similar size yet far less capacity and weight. 3 ton and above sink quickly in bad ground. just be a bit cautious of the 1 tonners on undulating ground- they’re pretty narrow and speed can soon throw them.
  11. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Very nice- well done! Out of interest what made you go for the Doosan in the end?
  12. Matthew Storrs

    Isuzu dmax towing capacity

    Yeah you’ll be over the limit for sure. I have the same digger as you, I put it on a stripped down ifor 10x6 flatbed with buckets in pickup. ‘‘Twas borderline if I had mud in the tracks. Don’t forget quick hitch and all the other bits and pieces. Generally put it all on tractor and trailer now to save undue wear and tear on truck and I like just being able to chuck everything on the trailer and not worry about weight.
  13. Matthew Storrs

    Isuzu dmax towing capacity

    Yeah, this has always been the case with these 3.5t rated pickups- it is a con really as you say and in any case I think a truck is safer towing 3.5t if it actually has a good but if weight in the pickupbed. this is why I stick with my old Landrover 110 pickup because GTW is 6550kg, Landy is about 2200kg so, if towing 3.5t I can still have about 850kg worth of stuff in the pickup bed at the same time.
  14. Matthew Storrs

    Which mini tractor?

    What about the classic 2wd tractors, grey fergie, MF135, international b275, ford 4000 and that kind of ilk? Can get plenty of decent ones for well under £5k and they are a bit of character too, also good turning circle and generally quite a bit of horsepower 35+. Downside is they don’t generally have much in the way of aux hydraulics but fine for PTO work...
  15. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    As well as adding to stability I think having more counterweight may actually be better for the slew gear if your generally on heavy attachments- less asymmetrically loaded. I really like the idea of a big thick slice of metal underneath the machine as Eddies photo showed on that Komatsu- just another level of protection underneath- on one machine I had the panel covering the sump pan got slightly pushed in- no big deal but over a few years it rubbed right through the pan and resulted in oil emptying out whilst I was having lunch one day. Oh yes, I know it’s obvious but don’t forget to have a hole cut to access the sump plug!


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