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  1. I think polyesterene dissolved into petrol is more or less what Napalm is....
  2. I have Makita chainsaw and strimmer- they’re both pretty good especially if you have batteries already. The strimmer is particularly good- I just wanted one for my garden so got the LXT 18v with the single battery and it will cut overgrown grass for 40 mins or so on one matters- I imagine the 36v twin battery version will be twice as good!
  3. I use a fixed grab myself- as I mine is for more general use- rocks/scrub clearance etc. But for pure timber handling a rotating grab is far more efficient.
  4. That’s what I found too- got the same Makita as Monkeys, but the 1/2” drive was similar price and physical size so made sense to just have an adaptor on the 3/4”
  5. Yeah as Doobin says- they all seem to have different deals on at different times so it pays to look around regardless of their stereotypes. Are you suggesting Drills are also better for driving screws too doobin? I can see your sustained torque logic when the drill has a really positive connection like a hex head- but can never seem to get drills to stop slipping in a pozidrive head for example.
  6. Any JCB anoraks out there? Could you tell me whether this is project 12 or project 21? It’s a 4 speed power shift gear box and year 2002 which was the changeover from project 12-21...
  7. That’s my thinking too- can’t see how grease that has been expelled from the bushes would ever go back in so irrelevant if it gets dirt on it. You could argue that by having a thick rim of sacrifificial expelled grease around a bush prevents dirt ingress into the bush itself- particularly if they have started to get worn. Obviously I can see the perils of over greasing a bearing with seals for sure.
  8. Does that not depend whether it’s a bearing or bush? I was under the impression that pins and bushes like a digger arm can be greased all you like whereas a bearing can blow out the seal by overgreasing?
  9. This is exactly my thinking too. Have run all sorts but hitachi and Makita IMO feel the best quality and are value for money, with Makita lasting the longest of the two. Milwaukee used to be excellent but not sure it isn’t really just overpriced now and actually lesser quality than Makita. you can actually get parts for Makita so even though initial purchase price may be slightly more they do last and with DIY use the LXT range would probably last a lifetime
  10. Steady there- you don’t want to break out in to a sweat!
  11. Cold- and about half an inch of snow on the ground... aside from that it feels like we haven’t had a dry day since September- or at least not far off.
  12. Definitely a re-occurring theme. Usually the same culprits too I’ve noticed!


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