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  1. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    This is why I have cabs on my machines! But get your points.
  2. Matthew Storrs

    Battery powered chainsaws vs petrol powered chainsaws

    Much as above really- if I think the battery saw can handle it I would take that all day long over the petrol. I love the cleaness of it- no mucking around with petrol and two stoke, no fumes, can have the saw in the passenger seat and it doesn’t stink the truck out. Will handle most brash and timber up to 8” pretty well. Anything bigger I’d begrudgingly get the petrol saw out!
  3. Matthew Storrs

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    Fairly sure that’s exactly the same tractor that Woodworks posted above.
  4. Matthew Storrs

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    Hurlimann is also part of the SDF line- along with the 3 you mention. There’s Hurlimann models exactly the same as my Same in every way except the paint job. DiffLock- well worth considering- good well engineered tractors in my opinion...
  5. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Given how cheap it is to rent larger machines and throw in the transport hassles on top, it’s a wonder anyone bothers owning anything bigger than 2.8t! Unless of course its specialist. I think if I go down the route of getting a 5-8 tonner I might find it best just to use a local beaver tail guy to move it around, generally not too bad if it’s on a job for a while.
  6. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Yeah that’s fair enough- I wasn’t really thinking about lawns and more manicured environments though. Just saying that for those considering a machine with expanding tracks generally sub 2 to they have their downsides in a woodland/countryside setting. This picture is a pretty standard ground condition for me- soft and deep peat and I know a digger with expanding tracks and the low undercarriage is a pain in the arse here.
  7. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    It’s a shame you can’t get the Case cx23 new anymore. That was a 2.3t digger which basically had the undercarriage and counterweight of a 3 tonner. My Dad has one and I always think Case missed a trick by not keeping that going with a few modernisations. https://www.ironandearth.co.uk/product/case-cx23/ would make someone a great towable machine for not much money- getting a bit long in the tooth now though.
  8. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I think 3 tonners (or 2.8t ) are a fantastic size. The difference between a 2.8t and a sub 2ton is night and day. I always feel my 1.8t is a bit of a toy really- useful for the odd jobs and narrow access stuff whereas 3tonner is far more capable of ‘proper’ work. For me the 3t size is a real money earner- it uses minimal diesel, can be towed behind truck to jobs, can get in through a 5ft gate (just!) and I’ve yet to find terrain I haven’t been able to take it on. The expanding undercarriage of the smaller 2 ton machines are ok- but if your on soft bogey ground- there isn’t much sinking to be had before it’s sitting on its belly- best way is to lift the machine at the front as you travel to keep on top of the soft stuff rather than just trying to push through it- makes far less mess, there’s also the hoses that go to the expanding tracks that you have to be mindful of when travelling on brash- the 3t undercarriage is far more robust in that sense.
  9. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I’d agree for the most part, I always said to myself if Tak brought out a model weighing 2.3t I’d get it. Reasons being mainly for transportation ease with attachments etc and less stress on tow vehicle. Personally I think the expanding tracks on the TB225 is going to be too much of a Niche. When I think about all the jobs where access is an issue for my 3 tonner it’s generally a garden gate or an alleyway, usually both would be under 1 meter meaning an TB016 would get in there but not the tb225. Even a 4ft gate would be unlikely for it as usually the posts are a bit closer than 4ft in reality. So then I start thinking that the expanding undercarriage only really is going to get to very few places that the 2.8tonners won’t get to? Also it only has an extra 1ft of reach over the TB216/016 which hardly seems worth it for the extra £7k it costs... Time will tell I suppose.
  10. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Not sure how keen you are to get one- I may possibly be selling my Takeuchi tb125 in early spring. It sounds like it would suit you fine. Almost immaculate condition and only 1800hrs 2007 model. I’ve put 800hrs on it in the last year and it was sat in a barn for the first 10 years of its life only doing 100hrs a year- I’m hesitant to get rid as I know I’d never find a used machine in that condition again but could really use a bigger machine (5ton) to run alongside my 1.8tonner. here she is (the nearer one) when I first got it last year. original paint work- not bad for 10 years.
  11. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    The Takeuchi tb225 looks good but a few things put me off it. The ground clearance is pretty poor to accommodate the expanding tracks. Lack of proper track pedals too. Personally I live with my feet on the pedals and find work so much more productive and flowing- when I get in my smaller machine which has no pedals i feel a bit disabled. lastly- price. I was quoted £24k+vat. You can buy a Yanmar sv26 for this which is still towable has great ground clearance and ultra stable being 1550mm wide with proportional rollers for attachments. Guess it depends how much you’d benefit from the expanding tracks of the tb225?
  12. Matthew Storrs

    Asthma, coughing and breathing

    Also avoid bonfires if you can. Sometimes find I get sore throats after a session of burn ups. Can’t really be doing the respiratory system much good.
  13. Matthew Storrs

    Valtra N92

    Lovely tidy setup, 👍 is that your winch too?
  14. Matthew Storrs

    Battery saws makita vs Stihl and Husky

    Hi Doobin, my dad has a 135, I haven’t used it for a long time but I think the Makita has a lower chain speed. Although being electric and not being able to hear the revs like a petrol saw it’s quite hard to know for sure. If you have Makita batteries and charger anyway (the expensive bit) then you can get the mak for £135 or so. It’s absolutely brilliant for fencing and landscaping work (railways sleepers would be its upper comfortable limit) but it’d do them anyway. Like any saw but perhaps more so with electric a tip top chain is the key. I love the fact that I can have all my drills/grinders and chainsaw all running off the same batteries.
  15. Matthew Storrs

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Nearest I can find near me in elevation is Holne and that’s saying 466mm in a month- surely that’s not right???


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