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  1. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    I think we could go round in circles with methodologies as to which is the best sized machine to own- I guess the biggest one possible in the space provided . I have a 1.8 and 2.8t and to be honest the amount of jobs where I can’t get the bigger one in over the 1.8 can be counted on one hand in a year, generally the smaller the digger the less I enjoy operating it... there will be an immaculate Takeuchi TB216 for sale on Arbtrader soon!
  2. Matthew Storrs

    Euro Vision

    I’m trying to watch it- wife is Swedish- seems to love this kind of thing! Maybe after a few more beverages I will get in the mood...
  3. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    Ah right, fair enough haven’t tried the Bota micro. Incidentally the Takeuchi micro is a little gutless- I wouldn’t buy one myself and I’ve had 4 Takeuchis or varying sizes so usually quite a fan
  4. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    Do they? Got to say the Kubota kx18-4 i trialled wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience. I think it’s a geographical thing most hire co’s down here are Takeuchi.
  5. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    Yeah- I noted the images were wrong, I think that’s mad money when last year Dealer offered me a brand new Hitachi zx19u for £14000 plus VAT no cab 3 buckets etc.
  6. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    Not doubting you- but that seems a lot for a 1.2 when most 1.8tonners aren’t costing that. Was that total cost buying on finance? As likely you may pay a few grand on interest.
  7. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    https://phoenix-hire-sales.co.uk/product/vio10-2a/ this is one is slightly smaller but even so, shows you idea of prices they’re charging at the mo.
  8. Matthew Storrs

    Which Micro

    19k??? Think they’re taking the piss mate- yanmar dealer near me was asking nearer 12.5k plus vat. 19 will buy you a fully cabbed 1.8tonner... Yanmar are great machines though.
  9. Matthew Storrs

    M1 and m25

    I wouldn’t have a problem with that- too many cars on the road so must as well ban the ones who can’t adhere to the basic Highway Code, should be the same for anyone caught using mobile phone whilst driving IMO.
  10. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    £39k, a bit of undercover investigations uncovered that piece of info!
  11. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Chap near me runs a TB145. I mean honestly I’ve never seen a machine in such a state- no windows- the steel on the blade has been ripped off. Gets thrashed- amazingly it has something like 12000 hrs on it- it’s like a cockroach!
  12. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Steel grip better in slime- rubber on a greasy bank isn’t so great. However finding a sub 5 tonner on steels will limit your option as not many around. TBH I have rubber tracks- always on granite/peat and very little I have a problem with. Probably kinder to roots too!
  13. Matthew Storrs

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    5 ton would do all that comfortably whilst still not being too big. Don’t think I’d want to go any bigger really. Even a 3 ton would be fine but may struggle a bit with larger timber (2ft plus dia). Somewhere in between the 2 if you can find one.
  14. Matthew Storrs

    Engineering solution for wall, being pushed over by tree.

    I was going to suggest rebuilding wall on RSJ built in just above the root plate- of course if tree ever went then it’d pull up the wall with it.
  15. Matthew Storrs

    how do you get stumps out?

    A little digger won’t touch that! It might be able to dig a trench around it with combo of axes and old blunt chains to sever roots but prising it out and lifting the thing will be another matter!


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