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  1. Looks like it’s being out through its paces there! I know that feeling of ‘abusing’ a mini all too well unfortunately- always think this is the last harsh job I do this to my machine- until the next job comes along!!
  2. What’s the purpose of the poles? I love your Takeuchi!
  3. A 1.5t mini digger won’t be lifting 400kg at far reach- which is what it will require to get enough height. So really they’re not comparable machines at all for this job.
  4. Seeing all these pictures does make me wish I had a dog again. Rusty used to come everywhere with me whether I liked it or not! Totally neurotic but still miss him terribly.
  5. Are you self hiring it to him- or just what you want on top of your normal rate to have the machine there? dont go any lower then £70 either way. He’s hiring a tracked loader not the digger so that’s up to him to figure which machine is right for the job. dont try and compete too much with digger hire- it’s a race to the bottom as it is..
  6. Largely it depends on motor output- if your ringing up 8” plus logs then you’ll drain the batteries pretty quick- perhaps 10 mins... but yesterday I cleared enough rhodie 2-4 inch cuts for 50 meters of fence and that was one set of batteries. I’d imagine the top end Husqy/Stihl would be that much better. oh and I forgot my helmet.. it’s that much quieter it was just bearable to use without muffs- although it’s noisy enough that it’s best to.
  7. Yeah- I agree with this entirely, I’m sure all this battery stuff is ever going to be green whilst it relies on lithium. 6 of one half a dozen of another. But for the operator In my experience the battery stuff trumps petrol any day on a convenience and health basis.
  8. It’s all in the preparation and comes with experience of the battery stuff though. I bought a cheap £130 Makita battery saw 18 months ago as I had batteries already etc. I really didn’t think I’d use it anywhere near as much as I do. I don’t do tree work anymore but I do a fair bit of chainsaw work involved with fencing/landscaping timbers/cutting back brash for access fence line clearance etc. I honestly haven’t touched my husky 550xp or 357xp in 18 months, I have 2 sets of batteries and have just bought a 3rd set. I just can’t rate it high enough- I live 7 miles from the nearest petrol station, and not having to go and get petrol anymore is just pure bliss and the savings have easily paid for the saw itself..
  9. Just looking for an easy way to undertake my risk assessments and method statements. Currently do it on word but it’s a bit of a faff. Just want something I can do on my phone and email off to customers when they ask. thanks
  10. I was just going to say- I would be doing a lot of towing- usually max capacity- but only 10 miles at a time- sometimes less. Would a shorter but heavy burst of engine work such as towing have the same effect as say a motorway trip?
  11. Used to use waxoyl religiously every year. But rather let things slide the last few years.
  12. Haha! Fortunately I prefer my wallet to be inflated rather than my pride- so pride took a hit! Nah- I’ll probably regret it but I would use a backhoe or 6 tonner far more so needs must.
  13. 4 months ago in went into have brakes completely overhauled, it was there for some time as no need for it- it came home for a week and then clutch went. So it’s had that done too- whilst it was in dealers yard it got a fair bit of interest and they made me a fair offer on it- so figured that as I hadn’t needed it in 4 months I could probably do without it altogether. Will make a good tractor for someone.
  14. Do you mean Grand Cherokee? Not sure if the previous model could to 3.5t. but yeah. Mate has a grand Cherokee with the 3.0l merc engine in it- it towed my digger effortlessly but being a bit of an unknown quantity puts me off as with all these luxury type vehicles they have a lot of electric this’s and that’s that like to go wrong make vehicle go into limp mode- just can’t be doing with that kind of thing.


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