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  1. We have a Patterdale now- and have to say we’re pretty religious cleaning up any crap every morning. Cats though are vile in this aspect, often find shit amongst my vegetable and they’re not even my cats!
  2. Sure the Stihl 220 says it’s ok to use in the rain. @Woodworks
  3. I’m talking absolute crap actually. It is 3500kg you allowed to tow now. So I defer to my original post 😅
  4. Actually, must read more carefully! It’s does say only up to the unladen weight of tow vehicle so basically around 2 ton. If you want to tow the full 3.5t I guess you still need the E entitlement
  5. It would normally be good news- but can’t help feeling pissed of that a lot of us had to pay quite a bit of money and time to take the E entitlement. And now every bugger gets it for free. Spiteful yes, but justly so I feel.
  6. My wife was a healthcare assistant for 6 years- very much more on the frontline back then compared to now as a Occupational therapist. Healthcare assistants are well under valued for what they have to do.
  7. I guess there might be an argument that square posts last longer- being cut out of the heartwood- rather than cundys which are basically the shit sappy top of the tree. I’ve seen a lowland contractor try and twist square 5x3s for post and rail up here on Dartmoor- didn’t end well for the posts. They’d snap rather than twist and it ended up looking like a dogs dinner.
  8. I think square would look shit unless your in boys ground. They’ll twist all over the shop- at least octopost has more tolerance to twisting and more faces to staple against if they did twist.
  9. The things you do when your 19! Still, it’s character building, and something to show for your efforts. Don’t think you’d get many 19 year olds opting to do that now. Looks a nice area by the way, is that Northumberland national park?
  10. That’s the theory! I think if your a waller dealing with courses and sedimentary rock you should be able to use what you pick up- Dartmoor walling is a bit different as much of it has to be manipulated into place with a digger so you ‘eye’ it from the digger cab- there’s room for error 🤦
  11. Agree. That’s pretty damn good! It’s not easy getting the coping stone lined up nicely. What I love about walling is every area has a pretty different style. Where I work it’s mainly big lumps of granite- it’s not coursed and you really have to try and fit it together like a jigsaw.
  12. I’m a dry stone waller mainly. Been doing it 12 years professionally- but since I was about 5 as grew up on a hill farm spent my childhood messing about with granite. It takes about a day to learn and a lifetime to master. Seriously- get yourself a good book about it and go from there. 90% of it is getting your eye in and the only thing can teach you that is practise and experience. Some of my early walls weren’t the best- but they’re still standing. or look at conservation charities- snowdonia national park etc- often they run short courses for a nominal fee. I agree though £80 isn’t a lot- that’s not much more than a meters worth of walling!
  13. Might be ok for some attachments. But for example when I’m using a post knocker it needs to be in proper single acting mode so that when I press side B of the pedal it dumps the fluid back to the tank as the hammer falls. My old TB016 and subsequent 216 had a lever next to the offset ram to easily change between the two…
  14. There’s a tap/handle on the outside front of the machine next to the king post, think on the right of the king post as you look at it from the cab. Just needs turning from double to single- couldn’t be easier


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