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  1. Hmm, I must admit if I had quoted several jobs for a customer and none had ever been accepted there would come a point when I’d say look I’ve quoted all your jobs- it seems that either A) you can’t afford me or B)have a preferred contractor and your just abusing my goodwill to provide free estimates. i couldn’t be arsed with it myself- plenty of work out there anyway if your good at what you do why waste time chasing time wasters!
  2. What a complete plonker- the bloke filming it more or less walked right under it- don’t reckon it’d take much more momentum for the kit to go on its side.
  3. Yeah- it’s a tricky dilemma I find- can’t stand working in heavy rain- particular if on groundwork’s based work. It trashes the site and is generally miserable- but sitting at home doesn’t pay the bills!
  4. Heavy rain yesterday, heavy today, and looking heavy on Thursday and Friday too- utterly demoralising really.
  5. Is topping up a charge not very good for batteries then? Guilty of this as always want to turn up to job with full charge.
  6. and for good reason- certainly the most consistently quality power tools I’ve owned. Good to hear the aftermarket batteries are good cos they’re much cheaper. Even if they don’t last quite as long it’s still worth it
  7. Has anyone who is self employed used the NEST pension that I think is set up by the government usually used by work place pensions? ive spent most of the last 10 years investing in machines, which in turn enables me a reasonable living and having assets is always good. But as Stephen says think keeping several options in the go is a good idea. Certainly the LISAs seem like free money and be mad not to take them up on it, espeacially if still youngish as they stop the 25% contribution after you get to 50 I think.
  8. I’ve got that set- only badged as Silverline. Didn’t think it would last long but 5 years later and many scaffold bars applied its still all functioning.
  9. I use an app called invoice simple. Let’s you do estimates, then once your done it converts it to an invoice for you. Tots up you income throughout the year and easy to use and edit. I think it’s £22 a year for the mobile version- well worth it sorry missed the bit where you said you wanted it free. But even so £22 isn’t much for a year and it saves sooo much time and faffing. you can set all your customers up in its database and just ping of invoices. Takes about a minute to send of an invoice from writing it out to the customer receiving it.
  10. I dunno- surely you just make what your happy with and more or less forget what everyone else is up to? Everyone’s costs are going to be different so it’s a pointless exercise comparing yourself. My business is mostly plant based ground works and rural services- I reckon a lot of you might wince at what I might earn for a day turning up on my own with £50k minimum worth of kit- sometimes nearer £100k. Yet nearly all my kit is paid for, I don’t have to work flat out to cover my costs, and don’t generally feel like I’m going without in life. I get plenty of work as as it comes in thick and fast I also have luxury of choosing jobs which suit me best. I could price higher but I’m happy with my lot and it pays the bills!
  11. Agree lock him up, Through away the key and let the bast**d rot. Wish punishments were 3rd world for these kind of crimes (and many more for that matter). Might go some way to putting folk off.
  12. Yeah I do see where your coming from. But at the same time at what point is it deemed acceptable for a council to step in to safeguard something which might hold value for others living in the area. Is it any different to say planning law? I know if I moved to a nice rural location, no neighbours, house backs onto fields. Suddenly the farmer has sold the fields to a developer and because there’s no restraint they decided they’re plonking 20 hideous characterless dwellings right slap bang up against your house de-valuing it in the process. I wouldn’t say I’m pro government intervention- I think compulsory purchase sucks but same time the line has to be drawn somewhere and that bloke crossed it. Then again £60k is probably little more then the Disco on his driveway so he’s probably feeling ok with the result!
  13. I agree, I don’t like being told what to do so I’m not going to pay any tax anymore- not a penny it’s my money I can do what I like with it!
  14. Yeah- I guess everyone’s situation is different. And if you have a tractor to do a variety of other works then clearly it’s going to be the most cost effective option. But running a tractor and low loader mainly to move diggers around- I’m not so sure. If your doing it yourself you get more lorry for your money then tractor, no trailer to buy and faff around with, they’re more economical on fuel too- but then if your running on red in a tractor then not much in it. i had a tractor and trailer for moving mini diggers around and dump trailer use- it was convenient being able to do myself, but economically for me it makes more sense to use 3rd party grab lorries to move aggregate and a beaver tail to move my digger around. At £ 45-55 per hr it’s far less hassle then running a tractor and trailer- potentially expensive repair bills/insurance plus my fuel and time and saves the risk of being pulled..
  15. I find the whole tractor thing a bit odd- is it really cheaper than going through proper channels? For example I have had to move 1000s of tons of aggregate to jobs from a local supply for resurfacing footpaths- I used to use tractor and dump trailer (my own). But then I started using lorry and grab- can self load- move twice the amount at twice the speed and no repair bills for my self let alone the cost of buying tractor and trailer. I made more money off jobs and far less time and hassle using the lorry then trying to do it all myself.


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