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  1. We are looking for people to join our small team based near Shap in Cumbria. Our business combines arboriculture, woodland management and sawmilling. We have a busy and mixed work load and are flexible about the basis of employment including self-employed, part-time or apprenticeship. Chainsaw tickets are essential, climbing and machine operation are desirable. The most important thing is practical common sense and a willingness to work hard and to get on with the rest of the crew. Please get in touch if this is of any interest. Cheers. Tom.
  2. I'm unsure about this pale bracket on sycamore, photo taken back in January. Advice would be gratefully received. Best wishes. Tom.
  3. Do you actually mean board foot or linear foot based on your cross sectional profile? Why are you using the American board foot system? I generally think and price in cubic inches and feet and then convert to cubic meters if I have to. I price for cladding on the basis of board face area. In fact, I'm just working out a quote now but my phone keeps pinging! Cheers, Tom.
  4. That's exactly what I'm currently pricing at.
  5. If I'm correct in thinking that £3 per board foot equates to £36 per cubic foot then that seems a very high price for larch. Perhaps I'm too cheap and not up to date with recent price increases.
  6. Hello. We've recently upgraded our sawmill with the purchase of a secondhand Pezzolato Mini Profi 900. I'm now looking for an edger or multirip saw that I can use to convert waney edged boards to square edged boards. Mainly for cladding but I'd like to have capacity for thicker (say 5") timber. Also, the wider the better. If anyone has advice, recommendations or a machine for sale then I'd be glad to hear. Cheers. Tom.
  7. I have opportunity to bid on some quite decent western hemlock in Lancashire. Standing at present. Straight stems and not too fluted, 300mm to 500mm range at a guess, could be cut to any length. I'm sort of interested but it's away from our regular milling of larch and Douglas fir. If anyone is looking for logs or has any suggestions on markets and marketing then I would be glad to hear. Cheers, Tom.
  8. Thanks, that's useful know. I got the figure of 340mm from the manufacturer's specifications. Can I ask why you no longer have yours? Cheers. Tom.
  9. We produce slabwood from our own sawmill and pile it up loose. Cheers. Tom.
  10. I did have one of these, the biggest one from the range, but the slabwood that I need to process is too big for that machine. Cheers. Tom.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I'm looking for a machine that will cross-cut. Kindling machines need the logs cut to very accurate lengths. I'm looking to produce logs not kindling. Cheers anyway. Tom.
  12. I'm looking for a more efficient way of turning our slabwood from the sawmill into logs for our boiler and for selling for wood burning stoves. I'm wondering how good the Bilke S3 might be for the job. I see that it take up to 340mm wide pieces which would suit our needs. I'd be glad to hear of any experiences. Cheers. Tom.
  13. I'm still looking at options for a sawmill upgrade and seeing what's about secondhand. Is anyone thinking of selling a Forester, Pezellato, Serra, Mebor, Stenner, Trakmet, bigger Woodmizer etc. I've got three phase and plenty of space. I need hydraulic handling, long bed and wide cut ideally. Please PM with any possibilities. Cheers. Tom.
  14. Hello. We run a small farm based sawmill near Shap in Cumbria. We are currently looking for alder suitable for milling. Ideally clean straight stems with, say, 250mm and above top diameter but flexible on this. We are also continually looking for oak, Douglas fir, European larch, western red cedar and anything interesting. Local to us is better but open to possibilities. We can collect ourselves if very local or arrange haulage. Cheers. Tom.


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