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  1. Ace 1.6, brilliant bit of kit for the money 👍
  2. My Scag 48 flail is up for sale on eBay. eBay number 234001818833. It's a decent machine if anyone is interested. I have gone from running my own business to working for an arb firm and have some other small equipment left to sell: Echo 360 top handle, good condition 12" new spare chain Stihl FS 460c heavy brush cutter (needs work but lots of extras) Stihl FS 85 strimmer Hayterette (modern new shape) with new set of blades spare Stihl BT131 post hole borer with 200mm auger (spare blade) 40mm auger and extension. Please let me know if anything you're interested in. Located Chelmsford Essex.
  3. Cheers, think I'll hang on to them as well as buying a new set with short gaffs, at least then I'll hopefully have the best of both worlds ?
  4. Why? They are pretty uncomfortable, to change pads and spurs isn't cheap either
  5. That's bad luck! But glad it worked out positive. Yeah I've always climbed in long spurs but tried short and seem much easier on majority of trees. Buckinghams always seemed cumbersome and uncomfortable after a couple of hours or more
  6. If you want to sell your Buckinghams give me about please Will do, but I was probably going to keep them with longer spurs in case I had thick bark or a rotten stem etc but I'll let you know.
  7. Thanks, yeah I'd get them from honeys when I buy. Distels were the others I have been looking at so handy to know you wouldn't change ?
  8. Brilliant! Gerry is a legend, it still makes me sick how good he is with a throwline ?
  9. They look very comfortable in the photos, but what are the spikes like, easy to sharpen? They look totally different to the usual American style most use
  10. Another thumbs up for Beranek, have the book and both climbing DVDs bought for me by my wife over ten years ago. Good for beginners and even a seasoned pro would learn a trick or two ?
  11. I know this has been asked many times before but there seems to be so much more choice now. I don't climb every day and have always used the old Buckingham's with long spurs always tell myself after spending a day in them that I will replace. I'm getting older and have tried shorter spurs in the past which I prefer and id like lighter and more comfort. Which sort should I go for? Not too fussed on price as I know how important comfortable good spikes are. Thanks
  12. To be fair after the shit Essex weather this week I was tempted to get in the dryer after work ?
  13. I have the triple on order, have been waiting since before this post, typical for Jones ?. But thanks for the heads up ?
  14. Hahaha just looked at the pic....is that car window smashed ??


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