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  1. This still available? was posted a while ago I appreciate that
  2. These seems spot on to what I’d work with/for and have done.
  3. Tried the shoulder straps that can be added to it? I was having that issue with TM. Thought a good set of compatible shoulder straps may help support the harness when loaded with a large saw etc
  4. Hello chaps I'm in the position to purchase finally a mini chipper. I read this thread a lot and as a consequence a few more options have been thrown into the mix. As it stands I'm thinking Skarper t120, JoBeau M400/500 or this italian tracked thing. Would welcome your thoughts. It's important I can get it in the back of my Renault trafic SWB. The skarper i have Beene told by FRJones is smaller (in height) when the spout is off but that's it is a pig to do. Does this sound right. I know the jo beau is smaller in height which is good. In discussion with Global Recycling about one currently. How much roughly is the m500 vs 400? Finally this Italian job looks great with the tracks but I'm sceptical about the talk re limited parts holders and people to go to in the event of an issue. ..... cheers all
  5. Hello


    Im interested in the peruzzo tracked mini chipper. Can you do a demo? Where are you based? 



  6. Get stuck into the following authors: Oliver Rackham, George Peterken, Charles Watkins, Keith Kirby, Ben Law..... they should all between them offer some varying guidance and plenty of good quality wider reading.
  7. One of the most caring people I’ve known, albeit for a short while. Al would go out of his way to help others. A true gentleman who always made ya smile.
  8. Appreciate that mate a lot of helpful info there. Something to go on looking at winches. So yea it’s a swb Renault trafic 2007. Surprisingly roomy length wise so that should fit in fine it’s just height which may be too little. I’m assuming it’s the chute but would be helpful to see one in person. CS100 ain’t a bad shout I had looked at them for a while until i saw skarper. 230 odd kg.... how much is green mech roughly?
  9. Looking for woodland/forestry work... happy to offer advice also I’m based in Truro but willing to travel local or further for long projects. Experienced in woodland management (coppice restoration, thinning, enhancements for biodiversity) and been climbing a few years. CS30,31,38 & 39 FAW +forestry BSc (Hons) Wildife & Countryside Management [email protected] 07882262456
  10. Nice one Steve - do any of you in this wonderful group have or have used the Skarper chippers? I’m considering C120 pro and have been looking at mini chippers for some time - again thanks to all those who use this thread as it’s been invaluable. Id like to know how easy it is to remove chute. Height in the spec is something like 1390 and my van rear doors are around 1300. I appreciate it can go in a trailer but in van would be ideal. I saw someone mention a mini winch in van to haul chipper inside. Any shouts on brands/makes? All the best
  11. Hello - hardly use arbtalk so apologies for no idea how to use it. I have come to this group to ask a question about mini choppers but am I asking it in an already existing thread? Can I go ahead and put my Q out there? Cheers


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