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  1. Some one above said that stainless dont take a edge, i tend to differ on that one, i have a stainless fileting knife and that does take a edge very well and if i use a stone on it after a steal it is razor sharp, but it dont hold it for very long as its all ways in contact with bone but 5 or 6 stokes with a steal and its back, i would not like to catch my self with it,
  2. Should you be carrying a stool in your condition 😂 😂
  3. I know how you feel its shit, the days drag by so slowly, when i had mine done a few years back i striped and rebuilt a few fishing rods, cleaned all my guns and even stiped a old hammer gun back to its bare bones and refurbed it from all metal work to the wood work, i tried to keep myself as occupied as possible to combat the bordam, But look on the bright side there is no Jeremy Kyle to watch today, you just have Lorrain, Homes under the hammer, Cash in the attic, Antiques road trip and Flog it, Enjoy, but on a serious note be very careful and do what your told to do All the best to you,,
  4. All timbers will mill at different speeds weather fresh felled or been stacked a while, but any timber that is fresh felled will mill fare quick than any that has been sacked for several months, If we do a wind blown clearance job and we send the timber in to a mill we have to be careful what we send, if we was to send timber in that has been over for several months that was quite dry we would be getting a phone call from the mill saying we cant mill all the timber due to a low moisture content, then we get a reduction in payment, Ok the mill is getting a greater volume of timber per truck load if dry but it causes several problems with in the mill that costs far more in lost time than the difference between fresh felled at 40% moisture compared some wind blown at 20-25%,, i will admit i have had very little to do with DF over the years, some timbers will hold there moisture better than others and you have put a good example of that up with saying the Oak was far quicker to mill than the DF, i have some rough lengths of beech about 28" diameter in the yard that we have been cutting for firewood and that has gone rock hard, wont even cut straight cross cutting it and is a nightmare to split,
  5. Yep just over 50 is to young to be on owt pain relief related, I know how you feel as i have something going on in the top of my left arm, tendon/muscle related some how but i dont know how it has come about, i had a fall last feb when i got my foot wedged under a big rock and i kept going, hence hit the deck hard and broke 3 toes in my left foot, or it could be possibly from drop starting saws for 40 yrs ? Now under the MSK team ( Muscler and Skelatal team ) went for a MRI scan last sat 8th (worst 25mins of my life) not a nice sensation but at least things are moving forward now at last after many many months of waiting, but once out of the hands of my GP things have flown and progress is now being made, i think we have got to that age now where we have to be a bit more careful than we was when we was younger, we have all done some stupid things in the past and now we are past the half century things dont heal the same as they did 20/30 years ago,,,
  6. Quite aware of that Sherlock. Have you got all the MOT certificates for it from its first one in 2004 ? 2004 showed 18k 2005 showed 24k 2006 showed 26k 2007 showed 63k 2008 showed 46k 2009 showed 29k So what went wrong ? well i will tell you the original speedo went knackered so a replacment was fitted from a older truck, that didnt work proper as it was slow i,e doing 30 on the clock but nearer 40 hence 3pts and £60 at the time for previous owner, so another clock the same as original was borrowed out of a truck that was awaiting insurance clearance after being in a RTA, the original clock was repaired and refitted to the truck with its original mileage on it, but if you really want to be picky add 4700 miles to mileage it is now showing that is 78103, i Hope this helps you out with your investigation ,,
  7. Personally i think finding a pick up that does the job today trouble free is near on a impossible task, all cars, vans, pick ups and trucks just seem to be full of electric this n that which all adds to problems, a lad i work with has a Ford Ranger that is approx 2yr old now and that has been back in god knows how many times now with several problems and all bar one have been electricail and the other is add blue related, I think the best pick ups where mid 90s - mid 2000s, they had sorted body n power issues out from the 80s and they where very limited with electrics back then, out of several vans and pick ups over the years by far the best one i have ever owned is a Cabstar bought it 12 yr ago and still have it and been very little trouble over the years till now as it has developed a elecrical short some where but it will get sorted, its 3ltr and pulls like a train and it has been used heavily but then its been looked after as well,
  8. I think the outside diameter of ram is 70/80 mm and rod will be 30mm, i looked at one some one had bought from a proper manufacturer with bigger ram and longer stoke with auto return so you allways had to wait for it, and it was either piped to a tractor or a bobcat,i thought both there power supplies where a bit on the expensive side, compared to £80 for my engine and £65 for pump and coupling,
  9. I have a log splitter that is powered by a single cylinder petter diesel engine about 5hp, it runs for 7/8hrs and it wont use a gallon of diesel, OK its not supper powerful but does 98% of what i ask of it and is quicker than most, 12" stroke and 5 seconds from rest back to rest, when i built it about 12yr ago it was designed with production in mind,
  10. Country file Calendar 😂 Thank God John Craven has only got a few left and once they are gone we wont hear anything about it for about 8 month then it will be every week again till the next newyear,😂😂
  11. As mentioned above the FC did run 4x4 berlingos and they where pretty good, i know a few cutters in the Lakes who purchased them off the FC, all so know a stalker with one and he swears by it, I know 2 lads with Jimneys and they are happy with them, I managed for many years with a 2,0 ltr Peugeot 406 estate and i cant say owt bad about that either, reliable, good mpg at 44mpg, and got us to where we needed to get, then got the chance of a very cheap L200, ran it for 4 yrs and first thing i noticed was there was a big difference in the weekly fuel bill as compared to the peugeot, L200s are ok but lack speed and seem to be reving there arse off at 70mph and thats where the fuel goes, got shut of L200 and now run a LWB Shogun, 3,2ltr good off road and its much better on fuel than the L200 and when you put your right foot down the Shogun picks its feet up well as compared to the L200 where 0-60 you need a calendar, towing a 10ft ifor tipper with a couple of tonne on the l200 was doing 17-19 mpg the Shogun is doing 25-26mpg so a bit of a difference there, I think most of the small 4x4s are all about the same my Dad has a Toyota Rav 4 on a 04 plate he has had it just over 12 years now and its hardly had a penny spent on it and its been a very good car in my eyes, i think its a 1,8 petrol quite nippy and he gets about 36mpg, my mother had a Jimny from new on a Y plate up untill about 12 mth ago and that was pretty good as well, one thing with any off road 4x4 is tyres, decent off road tyres are worth there money if its something you are going to use to your advantage on a regular basis,,
  12. A few years ago my helmet fell out of the back of the tractor and then i reversed over it and the helmet was not damaged as much as what yours is, Ok it had a dent in it that just knocked out but no cracks or chunks missing, New helmet bought morning after regards of cost, The dessision is yours but it depends on how much you value your head ? For what they do they are not expensive and as for the helmet i mentioned above it sure made me think how tough they are, Just bin it and get another one ,
  13. Dont know what sort of quantity your after ? but you will find that most trees from a garden will carry a quantity of metal !! it would pay in the long run to buy forest grown timber for your job, there is plenty of estates out you way that will be taking timber out on a regular basis,,
  14. Personally i think we will see a big increase in road side checks, i think the trap is all ready set and it will be a very easy income for Borris to pay some of the money back that he paid out to all his mates in the covid epidemic, !!,,


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