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  1. spuddog0507

    MS241C solenoid issues

    No not a problem at all with them i have had one since 2013 and the fuel solenoid went about 3 months ago, when i took it in i was given a printed diagnostic report saying fuel solenoid but the thing that supprised me was 389 working hours on it which i thought was quite a lot for a small saw, got the fix done and now back in action on a regular basis, use it for snedding out as its light and a ballsy little saw, proberbly been the best saw i have owned and i have owned quite a few over the years,
  2. spuddog0507

    Ebay Felling Levers

    £42 aint that much to have the right piece of kit for the job is it ? and i wont use it that often, i said that and how wrong i was, now have 2 800mm ones and a 1200mm one all get used thou,
  3. spuddog0507

    Prices for qualifications

    CS34/35 singulare and multiple windblown,
  4. spuddog0507

    Prices for qualifications

    you do right by getting the correct certificates (not licence,s as quoted in the email) i have CS 30,31,32,34,35 ATV , EFAW+F and several FMOC tickets and i dont regret doing any of them as if i did not have them i would not be doing the job i do which i love doing and really enjoy,
  5. spuddog0507

    Prices for qualifications

    just had a look on there website and it dont give you much info about what there chainsaw courses consist of, i personally would not bother with that and just go down the NPTC route at least if you do that your certificate will be reconised by most major UK companies and as you said your money wont be wasted,
  6. spuddog0507

    Prices for qualifications

    hi never heard of that qualification number, its not NPTC or lantera so what organisation is doing all that training and ascessing for £700 ? be carefull
  7. spuddog0507

    Increasing unseasoned timber sales discussion

    got about 20 tonne of sycamore to sort out, just outside your backdoor at Grindleton,
  8. spuddog0507

    Advice on machinery for moving timber

    best answer to this problem is tractor with loader and forklift on 3 point linkage,a tractor is a very versaitile tool as there is so many options as what you can do with it, if you have a small holding you would find many other uses for a tractor as appossed to a tele handler, with a tractor you could spread shit,saw till,mow grass, bale grass,run a firewood processor, run log splitter etc etc the list is endless, could you do all them tasks and more besides with a tele handler ?????, i have a old 1970 david brown 780 with loader and a sanderson 3 point linkage forklift at the rear manages to do every thing i ask of it and it aint sat there loosing money as its more likely gaining value,
  9. spuddog0507

    Increasing unseasoned timber sales discussion

    Happy new year to you all, at last something of interest to me that i can comment on, been selling firewood for over 30 years now, some years only small volumes and other years much larger amounts, there is one thing i have found is that you will never educate joe public in to buying either green/part seasoned timber in lengths for them to self process in to logs or in logs all ready processed outside the log buying season, the summer just gone i have adds out since April selling dead dry softwood in 8ft lengths for self processing, on average i have sold one load per month from April - October and then after the first cold snap about one every 2 week and then when the second cold snap came 2 or 3 load per week after that we come to silly season the 3 week run up to christmas when i am here there and every where delivering seasoned split logs every day up to christmas eve, i have tried my best over the years to sell part seasoned split logs to no great success as of yet whether that will change i dont know ? it may do as timber demand is rising, tried discounting it to tempt sales but it still dont work, i will try and push it much harder this year as i have a lot of hardwood to process this year and have not got the room to store the amount i have, the way i see it is the average log buyer will hang on to there cash until they really need the logs and just pay the going rate for split logs,
  10. spuddog0507

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    Its only ten years old ,not lasted long then need another ten years to get your money,s worth,
  11. spuddog0507

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    yes and same to you, i have been for a dozen bottles of Pendel whitch and going for some more in the morning i think a head ache will be on the cards for boxing day. ???.
  12. spuddog0507

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    experience you cant buy,,, nice quote that Eddie,, i tell these young lads that come with me from a collage, read all the books and sit in as many classes as you want , but you will never learn it like you will do when your out on site doing the job, what it says in a book is not quite the same as what goes on out on site,
  13. spuddog0507

    My mate was arrested to day .

    just read that and i for one would be 100% behind the farmer on that one,
  14. spuddog0507

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    AA contractors sending unqualified staff out with a PTO winch, now someone said to join the AA contractors list has it would bring me up to speed on risk ? to take a tractor and PTO winch on a site with no proper training is putting all on site at risk, because if your stood in the wrong place using a PTO winch is deadly, FMOC tickets are not the easiest to aquire as there aint that many guys doing the assessments, but as you say matty stood in the wrong place, pulling masses, pulling angles and where to pull from, you learn the basics in FMOC training but you will learn a shit load more when your out there doing it day in day out.
  15. spuddog0507

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    Shit happens, i said that several posts back, and it always will do,


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