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  1. i get your point, but if machinery is maintained correctly and not neglected it will give service for many years, there are far to many of these people in this day and age who just say F - -k it i cant be arsed i will grease it, check oil and water tomorrow and they say it again the day after and the day after that and thats when things start to go wrong OK not on that day but at some point, all my machinery is checked daily for oil and water and greased every other, and my view on that is that oil & filters along with a few tubes of grease are very cheap compared to down time replacing metal parts, the guy who originally posted this thread dont sound to expieranced to me and the best addvise i could give is to go and do a NPTC training course and ascessment on winch use and i am sure he will learn plenty, like does it need a loler cert ???? no it dosent HSE state it dont and on the HSE website has been there for many years for every one to read, several years ago i asked a training organisation to do some training and ascessments for a couple of guys and i was told that the forwarding trailer would need a loler cert, when i said no it dont, he argued with me that he did and it wasent very happy when i asked him if he actually knew what he was doing with in his job, the price for training and ascessment per person was £1160 + VAT per person for 5 days and we supplied the eqipment ,,
  2. All forestry lifting cranes are loler exempt so i cant see a winch needing a loler cert, As loler regulate lifting and loading a winch is pulling so why would it need one, worked in forestry for a fair time now and never heard of this one before
  3. I think for a transit its not that bad, i was paying near £600 for a transit 10 years ago, then bought my cabstar and was paying about £165 for that and when renewed early this year it just broke the £200 mark at £208, i think transits are dear to insure because they are easy to nick, and when broke up the parts are easy to sell,with the amount of transits that nicked someone has to pay, and it wont be the insurance company,it will be you ,postcode has a big part to play as well, i use a company called willsons in manchester been very good but never had a claim,
  4. Same here tryed to buy a winch of them about 4 years ago i asked i tech question and never got a answer, gave em 4 wks rang again asked same question,oh i will find out and ring you back in about 10 mins, well i am still waiting!, rang wilsons morning after asked same question got answer straight away, ordered, paid for it and was here morning after at 10am and dragging spruce and larch out with it by 12 noon, so that was my expeirance with them,,,
  5. yep some of them italian 50s where fast one guy who knocked about with us had a malaguti not the best looking machine but for 50cc it was quick 70 + and if memory serves me right i think the exhaust split in to 2 and had one either side and i think it was 6 speed as well, a bit more refined than a fizzer but it kept breaking down,
  6. No bullshit hill near us but if you knew what you was doing with them, yes they would do 60mph + with ease, a lot of people rant about ported saws being so much better than stock saws, so why cant a FS1E be made to greater speeds ? straight out the box a FS!E would do 56mph, several of us round here had them doing well in to the 60s, and one machine in particular would pull 72mph on the flat with a reasonable bit more down hill,
  7. Yes around the £200 mark back then and it was a lot of money, a mate of mine Phil has recently bought one of a lad he knocked about with in the late 70s, the bike has about 350 miles on it from new and is as it was when put in a shed in 78 reason for the low miles is it was bought and ridden for just over a month then the owner at the time came off it on a corner with cow shit all over the road, original log book, hand book and the bill of sale and HP agreement, bill said £212 to pay,, Phil gave £300 for it BARGAIN,
  8. back in the late 70s worked in a saw mill cutting rails.posts and pointing posts etc ,and dare i say it we did over 8000 6x3 posts for the M55, one of the partners there was a right character, very broad lancs accent, very striaght forward with things but yet honest, when he asked me one day what i was going to do with all my money i said i was buying a moped Yamaha FS1E, he just looked at me and said oh, well if its got tyres or tits it will give you trouble, then another day he asked me if i had started wanking and how far i could shoot, all i can say that at that moment you could of lit a fag on my cheaks, then one monday morning he was asking me what i had done over the weekend and did i manage to get any bras or knickers off, then asked me about getting to 1st or 2nd base,the conversation at times was not a bit but very crude, but i now find myself doing things like this,its not long since i told 1 young lad we had a puncture on the digger, he replied will any thing go right today then at dinner he was shouting across the site, found it its got a nail stuck in the track, i just left it, day after i was telling him about tartan and comouflage paint and how it was just one colour when you put it on then it all seperated in to its tartan and camo colours, his dad rang me that eve and how is son had been telling him about this clever paint that was tartan or camo and how it worked, his dad just said, i was struggling to keep a straight face but i did and i showed interest,he just asked me to keep it up,
  9. whitehouse products @ port Glasgow on the clyde got about every motor and pump thats ever been made, and the service is fantastic order before 3 pm be in your hand morning after at 9 am.
  10. they could get a job re-stocking for euroforest and Tilhill !!!!!
  11. its not that hard just answer the questions of what you want to do, tree spiecies location etc and send to exeter to FC we generally apply on clients behalf,
  12. dave meradith he is in penrith
  13. that looks tidy and yes its a lot of kit for the money very cheap, but that would be a bit big for my job 101 is about as big as i can go due to weight of crane and outriggers,
  14. Hi all i need to sort a dielema out, i need a crane piped for a grab and rotateor to go on the rear of a 12 tonne truck, the jobs in hand are secondery extraction, tidying up timber on harvesting sites (i.e all the odds and sods that are left over like 4 tonne 4.9, 3 tonne 3.7, 5 tonne 2.5 O/S, chip wood etc) not enough of each product to send a wagon and drag, all so need to be able to move big lumps of hardwood but that wont be to often, so taking in to consideration that a 4.9 X 400mm dia stitka log will weigh over a tonne and a 3.1 x 700 beech log will weigh approx 3 tonne. so to take every thing out of the picture and be self reliant i think a tlmber crane like a Botex or FMV is out of the question so that leaves me with the cranes manufactured by atlas, hiab HMF and palfinger, most of these cranes will lift around 3 tonne but will be slower than a purpose built timber crane, looking for addvise on cranes like atlas etc, what i need is something that when all extensions are closed is around the 4 mtr mark and when in use with either 1 or 2 extensions needs to be from 5.5 mtr - 6.5 mtr has any one got any expierance and knowlage they could share on this type of crane, pros and cons, which ones are a bit faster than others and any info would be greatly welcomed, ,
  15. not sure if i did as good as you or a bit better 461 not 12 months old 25" bar & chain + spare new chain in box and saw not had 5 ltrs of fuel through it ? but i thought it was cheap at £400 with original invoice ?


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