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  1. Croc of ??? it will be the best thing since sliced bread for a day, then you will need parts and where do you get them from, it will be just like i was when i was 16/17 a 2 minuet wounder !!!!
  2. Its not quite all the way away from Covid-19, but who would you like to end up with on a tropical island for the rest of your day,s, it can be male or female and it dont matter if your on the other bus as i think we can all accept that in 2020, 3 choices on this with your most desired being at the number one spot, could be interesting with the different age groups on here and a bit of light hearted banter to cushion the blow some of us are expierancing,!!! 1, Sheryl Crow 2, Kylie Minouge 3, Amanda Holden
  3. Hi i have had several flyers through my letterbox of late, not many last week but week before 4 or 5 a day all from local small firms and i have just picked em up with a litter picker and put straight in the wheelie bin, and if and when we get through Covid-19 and we get the go ahead we will all be knee deep in flyers through the letter box every day,
  4. Your well on your way there its even the right colour, chevrons on back doors and its even got a flashing light on the top, you will be changing your name to Ravon next and doing mobile discos,,,, Shabba,,,,
  5. You want to get on to doing council contracts you ! but you might have to go VAT registered ?
  6. Hi Sitka spruce and it should not be a problem at all at the moment, they seem to stand well on there own like that and as J said should be ok for next decade at least and dont all trees sway in the wind !, Then as Matty says that Ash is a much bigger issue, in my eyes the Ash has die back and when they get this the timber becomes very very brittle, its your neighbours tree that is more of a issue, ask them to get a report on there Ash and split the cost between you,
  7. You asking for a friend ???????
  8. the Stoke on trent ref came out of a episode of Only fools and horses, where Del ended up i hospital and he thought he had contracted HIV (aides) and he was telling Rodders about his trip to the barbers and this mush called Jason had cut his hair and Dell reckoned thats where he had caught it as them types are all a bit Stoke on Trent, in short Cockney for being bent, Watch em either on uk gold or you tube best comedy thats ever been on British TV,
  9. We will have to wait,to see what happens but its not going to be a fairytale ending thats for sure,
  10. Covid-19 aint finished yet NOT one person on this planet can say what is to happen and i think as a island we may have a better success rate of beating this crisis than mainland continents !, this is just my thoughts, the only thing i can be sure about is it will all have to be paid for by us as tax payers and as Kriss said in a post above, taxation changes, but one thing the Government will need to do is raise funds fast and i will bet a substantial amount of money that there will be a speed camera around every other corner when we are through this lot,
  11. Not going to disagree with any of that, as thats my thoughts as well, and i think if we all pull together as a nation when all this shit is over i for one hope and i do live in hope on this is that the UK can bounce back from this and we can be a stronger nation than before and we can jump back up the worlds top performance list from No5 to may be 2 or 3 but No1 would be even better, after all we led the world for decades in production and design, may be again, BUT Covid-19 is not over yet and no one can say when, who knows this may be the end and we will be back at the begining with Adam & Eave ? and if Adam turns out to be from Stoke on Trent thats the END
  12. we all need a plan that works, but its just sorting it all out so it does work and it cant be done in an hour or so,,
  13. Not really spring like but this was the 1st may 2016, we where sorting some windblown sycamore out, t shirts at 10am then wind swung round to the north and got up temps plumbeted then it started snowing it got about 3" down so we left while we could still get out, never got back untill 5 days later,


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