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  1. Dont know what your trying to tell me here ? 10 times more efficient and easier ? i tend to differ on that one and i find what you say very hard to believe but as i stated in above post, the fixed grab does every thing we need to do with it, so it ticks all the boxes for us in what we do and it does get some abuse, but let me just point something out, it is OK having all the toys to make the job easier but no one has mentioned operator skill !! this is a massive part of owning machinery as if you cant operate it why have it, we have had lads working with us and they think they can drive a machine but can they ? One we have now n then lad put him on tractor and forwarding trailer and he will make the biggest mess possible and that dont impress me at all as its all to tidy up,
  2. Yes but was,nt the original poster not saying he was not happy about doing it him self ?? anyway he did the right thing as he got someone else to do it and its now down,
  3. You got to keep that kettle warm and the tea flowing 😂
  4. WHAT 30 seconds to do a bore cut or a day and expense replacing fence ? that tree has the potential to go wrong in more ways than one, there looks to be enough lean on it and enough weight up there for it to barber chair, so why not play it safe and do the correct cut for the situation ? then when it hits the deck given the amount of branches on it they have the potential to load up and force the whole tree back a couple of foot ? i have seen this happen many many times over the the years i have been doing it, I would say if Mr Witterings is unsure just play it safe and pay some one to just drop the tree as it could be money wisely spent, then deal with it at your own pace, Threads like this allways cause more confusion than there was originally, as every one has there own ideas about things, Perfect example of this was about 4 weeks ago when i went to help a arb team out, Sycamore in a back garden, climbed and dissmantled down to a 8/9 ft stem about 24" diameter, it took 3 of them 25 mins and a lot of effort and bad language to get that stem down, but Mr smartarse i know every thing who dissmantled the tree would not take the addvise of the guy whos been doing it 40 years, so i just stood and held the rope and laughed to myself,
  5. Well i was waiting for him to say something like that, but we will never know now, it could of been very amusing this as next he would of had truck, chipper, 20 members of staff, then more trucks n vans, then putting Stobbarts and Jenkinsons out of buisness with chip sales, and heres me sat back picking all these buisness expansion tips up !! Well i started with F - - K all and seem to have most of it left, and now i suppose i will just have to carry on with what i have, Now my buisness mentor has gone,😂😂😂😂
  6. Yes be careful, he would of been slapping a Government health warning on you 😂
  7. Probably !!! Sawdust is much sought after at present and someone said recently Jenkinsons where nearly £150 a tonne on sawdust,,,
  8. The load he got Friday was £2040 and the straw about 7 days before was £2700 and a bit but i cant remember the exact figure,, i am sure you would get a couple of quid a bag for it at road side as there will be some one looking for it and it worst comes to the worst and it gets nicked and its gone happy days, a mate of mine works for a bus company and in the yard they have some tanks that where once used for diesel but thats all under ground now, the old tanks are used for putting used transmission oil, contamanated diesel and it was all so used for heating oil for the work shop but not now, they have had some of the traveling folk coming in to the yard with a van with 2 ibc.s in the back and they have been filling them up, this has been going on for about 10 month now, and last time they came they emptied the big tank, so the bus co filled it about half full with water and put a dye in it so it looked like diesel, next time they came the Police attended and they caught them and all the CCTV footage was shown to them, hence there is now a court hearing coming up, but the bus co got all there waste taken away for nothing and are now looking at claiming the cost back for something like 16000 ltrs of diesel, so to say the manager is buzzing is a understatement as it usally costs about 4.5k to get the tank emptied legally ,,,
  9. The load that got tipped in the building on friday is quite rough with chunks of bark in it and some big splinters like 4" long, the dust side of it i would say is about half way between chainsaw and bandsaw dust so quit rough really,
  10. With the price of straw at £137 a tonne for cattle bedding they will take it believe me, mind you sawdust is approaching the £100 a tonne mark now, the guy i rent my yard/shed off is using a arctic load of sawdust every 12-14 days,
  11. Just go and see the nearest farmer and say it will be a regular thing they will take it of your hands with out thinking about it,
  12. Yes we been there as well and that is no fun at all, a few years ago we where sorting some infected larch and there was a section of windblown in it and the lad working with me severed a root plate and when it fell back down it just set off down the hill and took 3 trees out on its way down fortunatly it got caught up in some windblown, 45 60 degree muddy wet banks covered in moss slimy brash is no fun at all,
  13. Been reading the above replies and one thing i will say is that you are very unlikely to be ever in the same situation again, may be simulare but never the same, i have worked in all types of windblown over the years and as Drinksloe says you learn with doing it and thats where the experience comes from, i must admit when i first started dealing with windblown timber about 30 odd years ago i was a bit confused with tension and compression espeicaily when faced with a tangled up mess of 100+ trees and that was a where the F - - K do i start situation back then but now it just comes naturally, there is no text book that explains how to sort a particular mess out, as again its all very very different, your tree that you have done may of took longer than you though, but no one got hurt or worse, a Tirfor style winch a few slings and a snatch block is a good bit of kit to have and it wont cost you a fortune but it will enable you to do the job with a higher degree of safety, I dont know what it is about windblown trees for me, but i was only having a conversation last wk with a guy and i said if i had to pick trees to cut for the rest of my days it would be windblown by a country mile, you could keep your clear fells and thinnings as well as working in some ones back garden doing conifers, there is just something about sorting windblown that floats my boat and i cant put my finger on what it is but i go like a challenge, just be careful and stay safe,
  14. Never used one of them so cant and would not comment on something i have never used, i have looked at them and for use who are mainly in forestry the fixed grab works well for us we did consider one like yours but we felt it would not stand up to the abuse we would give it, the one,s we have came from a company on the Wirrell and i have only ever broke one tine off it, eh ripping limestone out, and before you say it yes i know its not made for doing that but sure beats other methods, lad in the yard next to me has just fitted fixed grabs to 2 8 tonne machines and i am yet to have a play on one, the OP just said timber grab and most just go and buy a chinese chocolate one, and some of us have been there and done that,


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