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  1. hi i will go along with J on this and would all so be interested in the figures as i think i am way off on a price i put in on one job, but on the other hand another price i put in was for a hardwood clear fell with some big straight beech in it (500=800 dbh) should get 50 tonne plus of the beech out of it and got a buyer at £3.60 hoppus foot, all so some nice straight oak poles about 12 and buyer will collect, and the rest approx 120 tonne firewood, ground is fairly flat and very dry (even last winter job could of been done with ease) longest extraction is approx 100 mtrs, the above i paid £12 per tonne for and i should make money on that on the other hand been asked about a first thinnings job in some spruce 12=15cm dbh 2nd crop so a lot of stumps and crap about on the ground , there has no figuars dissgussed yet but the more i think about it, its do the job and retain timber with no payments either way , timber would be either chip or fencing, less work in chip but less money , fencing needs to be more accurate on cutting to length all thoughts welcome.
  2. spuddog0507

    customer wont pay

    your talking 2 different jobs in 2 different locations for 2 different customers yes you should charge travel from base , i would, but not if i am all ready there and if it was additional work on the day it would be £45 per hour as more than likely every thing we would need to do the additional work would be on site and set up ready to go. last time i was asked to do additional work on a job we was taking a ash down and customer asked about 2 fruit trees both past there best but only 10"-12" dia so not big quoted her £30 a tree job done in about 50 mins and a happy customer, from this been back to hers got another job of her brother and just got a 2k job of her daughter, so with not being greedy has lead to about 7 days additional work.
  3. spuddog0507

    customer wont pay

    got to agree with above, if you are all ready there thats a traveling cost you didnt need to charge i think the 70 80 quid would of been fair for the extra work( thats 88p per min i would take that all day long) just take what you can get if its 30 40 quid take it and DONT give him any abuse and say thank you and remember bad news travells faster than good news, and if he his a domestic elec you never know he may put your name forward to some of his customers for a job or 2 in the future, and thats how it works ,
  4. spuddog0507

    Best anti horse fly spray?

    i started using it about 30 years ago when we where fishing in the lake district and getting eaten alive by midges , i first aquired it from trevor moss who ran the tackle shop in gainsbourogh , as far as i know it was developed by the MOD for the SAS and marine cor who where stationed in borneo hence the name jungle formula.
  5. spuddog0507

    Best anti horse fly spray?

    hi got same problem but the little bas====s did,nt appear till about 10 days ago and seem to be more each day we have been using jungle formula with outstanding success been on it about 5 years now comes in pump spay or roll on but find pump spray best and dont just do your exposed skin spray your t shirt as well even got bit by one through the finger on my glove at wk end.
  6. spuddog0507

    Trailer weight

    seems to be alot of different opinions on this subject, how ever i think i will just carry on as i am untill i am told other wise, but the original question was does any one know the permisible weight of a trailer before it needs testing/ plating,
  7. dont matter what is best size for your machine but it does matter when if comes to go on a wagon and go down the road if your haulier can only get 1 bay on wagon @ 3.5 and 1 on trailer you wont get full weight on but haulage cost would be the same , ask a few hauliers around where the job is and most will say 2.5 or 3 mtr lenghs.
  8. bloody hell J whys it madness ? to me that would mean that you make more coin out of it and i cant see owt wrong with that. can i ask why 3.5 mtr ? you wont get 2 bays of 3.5 s on a wagon and i think you will struggle with 2 bays on trailer 3 mtr would be better. saw logs very good at the moment and most mills will take down to 18cm tops or larch of that size makes good strainers either 2.2 or 2.5 mts and better money than chip.
  9. spuddog0507

    diet who needs one

    on sat about 6 fri 8 thurs 8 all brash and logs moved with little digger and loaded on to trailer, most logs stacked at roadside now.
  10. spuddog0507

    Timber/tractor winch

    i will do my best as its very simple, basically its down to gearing like the pic above small sprocket on drive end the a much bigger sprocket on the receiving end , most pto winches 540 rpm in and about 50 rpm out , our igland 4201 retrieves the line at 0.9 mtrs a second and will still do that when there is a couple of tonne on the end and it takes some effort to keep up with it across a woodland thats got brash every where, if you are going to buy one buy new if you have the work for it or pm him about the one above that he is taking to burnley auction.
  11. spuddog0507

    diet who needs one

    in reply to all above the main object of the day was for the guy who was working with me to see and learn about getting heavily weighted back leaners over with out destroying fences, tractor and winch is on site and yes thats the the way, but thats not always the case and defeating the task in hand on the day , friday aft we had a stiff blustery west wind blowing and it took about 20% 0f the effort to get them over as it did on the sat with no wind what so ever but that tree was left for sat as it was one of the worse ones and i thought it was a good example to learn on. done a few of these personally over the last 25 years and that tree in the video was about the farest i have had a tree wedged over with out it actually going and yes it was hard work to get it from where it was when starting to where it was before it finally went over.
  12. spuddog0507

    diet who needs one

    hi steve 5 plastic spaced round base get them in then 3 high lift get them all way in then plastics out and a slice of timber in and start again with plastics get then in to release high lifts and slice of timber in under high lifts and so on till you get it over .
  13. 8 tonne is a good size trailer, slewing draw bar yes and tyres as wide as you can.
  14. spuddog0507

    diet who needs one

    had a day yesterday felling edge trees on a job ,all back weighted and took some getting over probably spent 4 hrs swinging hammer banging wedges in, but when trees need tipping over that point called centre of gravity and all that weight is on the opposite side it takes a bit of effort to get them where you want them, HENCE had to take my belt up a notch about 3pm then when i got home and got saw pants off my jeans where half way down my arse , so i have decided i dont need to go on a diet as what i do seems to work for me lost 11lb in a day. VID_34650309_104200_949[277].mp4
  15. spuddog0507

    Good tipper to start off with?

    hi had both transits and cabstars , present tipper is a 3ltr cabstar 2004 its been the longest i have had a truck for bought it in 2010 and been fantastic , plus points very manoverble in tight spaces , pulls like a train, not bad on fuel and its pulling a 10x5 ifor tipper, mechanics have been so reliable bad points not a truck to be driving for hours in gears a bit clunky but there on cables and its just starting to get a bit of rust on the cab but its not new .


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