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  1. There was one set very much like the set in your video up here just north of preston a few months ago on the A6, lights up and working and a section of road coned off but nothing going on work wise, later in the morning there was a accident on the M6 that closed all 3 south bound lanes and 2 of the north bound lanes, all traffic of the M6 was diverted down the A6 but the said tempory traffic lights caused a 37 mile tail back after 4 hrs, all roads around us where choked up till near on midnight, and the amount of these sets of lights that are used nowadays are beyond belief,
  2. Hi a mate here has a 2.2 ranger ltd only about 15 months old and wont of done a thousand miles a month, so its not quite like your issue but it has been back to the ford dealer with the same issue of the clock not resetting after filling with addblue, his truck was in about 5/6 months ago for a new sensor fitted to the addblue tank which on some rangers is a problem that repeats itself as the addblue affects the sensor, it is not a easy fix either as the tank is not the easy to get at and its the rear skip/body off, hope this is of help to you,
  3. Hi feel for you on that one Stubby, have 2 labs myself not big dogs at all but very solid for there size we where out on a shoot picking up the one in the photo was returning with a duck on some wet ground and it was in that much of a rush when she returned to me with the bird there was no chance of her stopping and she just took me clean of my feet, ouch and piss wet through and shit up.
  4. Here you are Rough, get your panther mill out, a fair few quid there !!
  5. So thats what happens up your street is it ?
  6. Bought it about end of January this year, do you know who married the track frame to the chipper ?
  7. i own the tracked one in the photo in this post,
  8. Is this the chipper in question Gary ? came from your neck of the woods !
  9. No i did,nt and i dont think many people would of thought it would take this long ! and you never know it may be another 3.5 years yet or more like not at all, they started some road works on the M6 just after the referendum and you will never guess, the road works are now finished !!!
  10. you could of had at least 3 years coining it in off them trailers ??? if only we had known that the people with in parliment where all going to act like a load of 5 yr old school kids and could,nt make a decision to save lives, parliment at the moment all ways reminds me of the haribo TV add,
  11. Tedious beyond belief,, your not wrong there, we had to do a FISA refresher in Feb of this year, 95% of our work is either windblown or big stuff, the amount of trees under 15" i have felled in the last couple of years i can count on my fingers, but on the refresher we where doing small trees not what we do every day, my thoughts on this refresher course is that its just a money making thing, how often do we go for a driving refresher course ? i aint been on one yet and been driving 38 yrs now, and i would say that a car,van,pick up or a truck would kill anyone who was stood in the wrong place at the wrong time,!!,
  12. Totally agree with the above and it has certainly got people talking about it, and when this happens there is generally a sales increase, and in the shit time of Brexit is it a ploy to boost overseas sales if so good on them, as you cant beat a bit of forward thinking and this to me is forward thinking at the top level, once over we where called Great Britain and lead the world in engineering but today i dont think so, may be this is the start of a great british engineering empire again and my hat is raised to all the staff behind this project, and i am sure John Cyril Bamford would of been very proud of this world record project,
  13. do you think it would make a differenc cherry or clear ?
  14. very good at biting my lip these days, mind you i have to be with some of the arseholes i have to work with, once over i would of just told him to F - - K off and left it but i so it as a very cheap load of timber and as some one has said, doing someone a favour, ?? every day is a school day no matter how old you are,,,
  15. Had a simular thing myself a few years ago, it was at a time when yard and building was full of wood, anyway we went and did a job 1 lime 1 cherry and 2 small birch, A few weeks before i had been asked by someone for some cheap wood so a couple of days before we was to do the job i rang this guy explained what it was and there would be a cabstar pickup and ifor tipping trailer full a price of £80 was agreed ,cash left in a bag under the bin, went tipped off collected cash and home, gets a phone call about 6pm with this guy going mad that i had tipped it in the wrong place he wanted it through the car port to the top of his drive and he could only get one car on the drive, i just said calmly ok i will come back and help him move it so we loaded it up and he said i want it here,so i asked him who was repairing car port after i had destroyed it as truck and trailer wont go under, i just looked at him gave him his cash back and said that i will go and turn the timber in to £600 jumped in truck and left, 18 month later i am delivering 2 bags of the said logs next door but 1 to where i tipped the timber off originally, and this guy was telling me that no one in the street bothered with him as he was one of them that was never happy and moaned about every one in the street, happy days,


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