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  1. spuddog0507

    Teaching urself about Hydraulics, books or websites

    stuart best place for pumps pipe fittings etc is whitehouse products at port glasgow on the clyde so not that far for you, they will send you a catalouge thats like a phone book with pictures of components (in colour) and they offer a fantastic delivery service order before 3pm here for 9am next day hope this helps,
  2. spuddog0507

    decent arb waste wanted can collect will pay

    decent hardwood arb waste whats decent and whats not ? will pay dependant on quality and what would you pay.?, as got some ash beech and alder on a job your way in about 10 days or so.
  3. spuddog0507

    It blew a big hole in the road

    came back other day from chatburn but went west bradford waddington bashall eaves slightly over loaded so stuck to back roads,
  4. spuddog0507

    It blew a big hole in the road

    its not close enough to where they where tapping in to the mains water, sewer and elec on chatburn road outside old hospital about 3-4 weeks ago, just that they had a lot of problems with water main,
  5. spuddog0507

    Current timber prices for Ash

    some beech ash and oak mixed and its some big (600-900mm) rough stuff just got sold near us at £60 tonne road side,
  6. spuddog0507

    It blew a big hole in the road

    Hi was this today ? and where abouts in the town was it ? just that my sisters fella has just finished services and ground works on the old hospital site,, if its round there its just some thing i can take the piss out of him with,
  7. sorry should of been on end of last post i think your bed mounted branch logger is a far better idea with bagging system on it and may be a second trailer behind forwarder for bags ?.
  8. J, brainstorming its no good, it just ties you up in knots, if your planing on selling the chip on as payment forget it as its a lot of work for very little return, we tried this earlier on this year as a trial same thought as you bed mounted chipper and crane feed it borrowed the chipper that i was going to mount on forwarder a kwickchip 8" and it was a night mare feeding it with crane and it was much faster with 2 of us feeding chipper by hand and to do it with a profit at the end if any is just not worth it ,was chipping in the wood into ifor 10x5.6 tipping trailer with 10x5 ply sides and nissan cabstar pick up again with ply sides in the so getting about 12 cube of chip on @ approx 3 cube per tonne = approx 4 tonne at £52 a tonne, i think weigh bridge ticket was 3960 kgs then i had to deliver it 12 mile it just about paid wages, one pick up and trailer and a pick up load in a 8 hr day, the high lift grain trailer wont lift high enough to tip in to a wagon looked at that and now the weather is on the turn it just makes it harder and forwarding brash out with our size of machines is not a viable venture either ,large forwarder clearing brash off a eurotrash site earlier this year £6 a tonne for brash to road side then chipper chipping in to walking floor arctics 30 mins a load,so for me its back to that good old fashioned way of burning the brash much eaiser and quicker, drawings for bed mounted chipper are here some where,
  9. Hi been watching this with great interest, J are you planing on selling the chip on ? or just chipping to waste on this issue, as some good points bring made here but i cant see any thing about what your doing with the chip,
  10. i agree with J on this all cutters are different, different speeds different technquies make for different out putts a good cutter on say 350 DBH spruce 15+ tonne per day and some one new to the job less than 10 tonne a day, the job i am doing at present is a old windblown spruce site and i am only getting about 20 trees a day out but dead dry stuff so only about 6-8 tonne a day, but bear in mind trees are blown in every direction there is, so its like a massive game of pick up sticks, if trees where all standing it would be a different ball game and i would of been done long ago, next job some 600-850 DBH straight tall beech trees and i will put in the riegon of 18-20 tonne a day on the deck.
  11. spuddog0507

    Red Cedar - Worth Felling?

    3.7m =3.7 meter product lengh, 18cm TDUB = top diameter of sawlog under bark
  12. spuddog0507

    quoting larger area

    Hi how big area are you talking about ? the blue book is your bibble when it comes to forestry work, what you cutting ? whats the ground like ? is access good or poor ? it all plays a part in the pricing of jobs,
  13. spuddog0507

    Which mini tractor?

    just get a proper one dont bother with the chinese stuff kubota first choice yanmar second this works 8-12 hr days 4 or 5 days a week been stood out in woodlands for last 6 years and never ailes any thing only from abuse ,
  14. spuddog0507

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    hi i was working in the north of the lake district recently and while driving on A66 from penrith to keswick there is a big section of willow planted along there and there is a large section of willow just north of penrith J40 on M6 dont know if its a viable venture but somthing has to change as we wont have any timber left if things keep going the way they are.
  15. spuddog0507

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    Well got some interesting news today, while having a conversation with one of the forest managers from one of the UK,s major forestry companys he said that them and a few other big forestry companys are going to drive the price of timber up for biomass as every load of chip is spoken for before felling liecence is applied for he all so said this will all so applie to saw logs and fencing matierals its not here yet but 18 months 2 years it will be and they will be taking smaller trees to suit the biomass market like 15 - 20 year old = smaller machines and lower costs for harvesting , and this applies to both hardwood and softwood and they are all so doing some growth trials with euquliptess and some strains of popular, so if you have a bit of room and can stock pile a bit of timber it may pay dividends,


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