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  1. you supprise me there, i have bought a few things there like a 660 and a blower plus bits n bats but i have never taken owt to be fixed, know a few lads who have tho and reports are very mixed, it dont seem the same place since the younger genaration took over, asked for a price on a pair of boots, got the phone call 3 wk later with price, by that time there was a new pair on my feet, its to far out for me as its near on 20 mile each way i just use Horns or Mowerpower as its now called only 2 mile down the road and i get a good service off them,
  2. are you on about the stihl/husky deeler here at barrow ?
  3. cheep skate ! and i bet you found it on the hardshoulder of the motorway,,,,,,
  4. you will buy shite thou ??????
  5. Same here i just dont see the point of HS2, and rail travel is something i have never used for the very same reason you will not use it in a hurry again, inconvenience i think they call it, last time i was on a train was back in the late 70s on a steam train on the Settle Carlisle line, and that i plan to do again either on the Flying Scotsman or the Jacobite (train used in the Harry Potter films as the Hogwarts Express) its not that long since a friend of mine went from Lancaster to Manchester on the train and had a total nightmare of a day 2 changes, then a late train, then had to wait about 2 hrs at wigan for some debris to be moved of the line, His words never again, next time i will drive and just drink coke,
  6. i havent bought owt yet as not been well, only been out the house about 10 times in the last month,had this cold/flu thing since early october and after several visits to my GP they decided to treat me pnemonia in early december so saws have been bottom of the list,
  7. buying cheapest does not always work, i tend to buy from my local dealer like 2 mile down the road, ok it may be 40-50 quid more but if saw fails and i take it in for repair it goes straight to the front of the cue that because i bought it there, a lad who works with us now and then bought a saw online and when it took to the same dealer as buy my saws from he had to wait nearly 3 wks for his saw to be repaired, so buying cheapest is not always best,
  8. Yeh but that person doing the costing has been to university and gained a TSB & a HSBC degree in mathamatics ! there is a website that accounts for these people its called Thickasfuck.com check it out,
  9. that is something like we get offered, just a massive tangled up big mess,
  10. If you want a proper game of pick up stix we cleared this in 2018 1.75 hectares of spruce windblown on some very wet ground and before any one says it, why didnt you get a harvester in, ground conditions just to wet ,
  11. Big trees are not to be messed with if your not sure on what your doing, a 5ft diameter tree can be cut down with a saw fitted with a 25" bar if you do the sequence of cuts in the right order, and if it is rotten it becomes a lot more dangerous and needs a different approach and different cuts and if it is all weight one side and different cuts again just be very careful and if your not sure employ some one who knows what they are doing, we did a job last year where we cleared 180 big beech ranging from 3ft 6" to just shy of 6ft diameter not trees to be messed with, photo below is of a tree approx 5ft cut in to 3mtr sections,
  12. Sad news that and thoughts with his family, thats the last 3 incidents i have heard about have all been north of the boarder,
  13. Yes is a kubota 40hp, dont get stuck any more than any thing else its just finding that balance of how much to load the trailer in different ground conditions, we worked a very wet site with it a couple of years ago and traveled on a brash matt on the very wet sections , we extracted just over 260 tonne in 4 wks so not that bad,
  14. been using it for 7 years now and it does very well, but dont take this the wrong way as the saying goes there is drivers and screw drivers ! one lad who works with us he could get it stuck on a wet towel but he hasent got a clue,every thing is flat out and that dont work with in forestry but many years of expierance does,
  15. used to use a quad and timber trailer but trailer spent more time on its side so not a good idea, but if your jobs were all on flat ground it would work to a extent, been there and done all that several years ago and it was a total nightmare on our sites so i took the plunge and bought this,


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