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  1. I dont like him either ,never really watched anything with him on it over the years, and now i watch nothing with him on it, he is a total tosser as far as i am concerned, and he knows FA about countryside management ,
  2. These Reliants are in a Probate case i am dealing with and will be for sale in the near future, and what you say did cross my mind several wks ago, as if one of them was put back on the rd and painted up yellow with the correct sign writing on it, it would be one hell of a way to addvertise your company and people do notice things like that,
  3. There is a Robin on the net with a Cummings 6bt in it, he calls it Throbbing Robin 😂😂
  4. Was going to put a roof rack on as well but you put me off now 😂😂
  5. I been thinking about a second car/van/pickup recently and i was looking at one the other day and i think this is very practical for what i do, i can put the rear seats down and get 3 labs in during the winter, will be ok for a few saws cheap to tax cheap to insure good on fuel cheap on tyres as it only has 3 to replace what do you all reckon, would it be ok ???? estate version or would the van be a better bet ?
  6. Interesting point, now you mention it we have a lot of Pheasants left and not seen any young this year so far and we all so have about 800 ducks left which i have seen some sitting on eggs in various places but i have not seen any young ducks either even tho most have hatched, i am sure there will be some about somewhere, but last night i was watching a field that has just been covered in slurry and Rooks, Crows and Jack daws there was several hundred of them and they wont help matters at all,
  7. If your buying a truck for work purpose,s does it really matter about the fuel if the said truck does the job its all tax deductable there will be plenty of people on here including myself who have made bad decisions when buying a truck/van to be used for work, and it all boiled down to a few MPG, worst one i ever did was buy a Leyland DAF 200 petrol it was so expensive to run i only had it 6 wk then bought what i originally wanted a Peugeot 305 1,9 diesel van and they where worlds apart, kept that for 9 year,
  8. What is there to discuss ? its Ash, its dead, and it tends to be quite dry, or is there some thing technical about it ??? Dead dry Ash just burn it,,,
  9. I had a 54 plate l200 and that was pathetic on fuel best i ever got out of it was 29 mpg and that was on a 300 mile + round trip and mostly A roads and motorway, put a trailer behind it and it was down in to the teens, Now run a 3.2 05 plate shogun and its noticably better than the l200 even just knocking about round home, i would say average is in the region of late 20s, the big thing i found the l200 sat at 65mph was reving its nuts of at 3000rpm shogun at same speed is about 1400rpm, and the performance diffrence is miles apart l200 0-60 you need a calender and shogun gets there on a stop watch, shogun id very good to drive with plenty of toys if you like that sort of thing only thing i use is heater and radio + heated seats when its cold,,
  10. Yes but i can put loads of other attchments on the 3 point linkage ae well, takes about 5 mins to drop trailer off and fit a 4.2 tonne winch, the tractor has many uses as apposed to just one job like the log bullet, i was working along side a log bullet ealier in the year and i was moving more timber out but it was over a mile extraction to stacking point, and tractor much faster once on the tarmac drive,
  11. And if i remember right the ladder framed one that was for sale just after i built mine was supplied by Rytec at Malton in North yorkshire
  12. A ladder designed chassis would be far more stronger and would have a lot less flex in it due to design, but bear in mind the one i have was originally built for behind a quad but due to the terrain we was working on the trailer spent more time on its side than right end up due to width only being 1.2mtr wide, we devised a way of having the width adjustable from 1,2mtr out to 1.5mtr so it could work behind both quad and tractor, if i was going to make another it would definatly be a ladder frame tho, and the small wheels seem to travel fine over most stuff but sometimes it pays to just pay that extra bit of attension to where your going and pick your rout in and out,
  13. I would not be that bothered about the size of the wheels as they are quite tough and capable, we have had a trailer that we built and the only thing wrong was it should of been a ladder frame and not a single spine as in your photo, and you know what life is like, it can be very cruel at times as about a month after we built ours a ladder framed one croped up for sale for a bit less than what ours cost to build, We have had ours about ten years now and it has had some abuse in that time, the crane on ours is not fantastic by a long way but it does the job, and from some later reserch and viewing and use of other smaller cranes the country cranes supplied by Riko and the Farma cranes seem to be miles ahead of the other manufactures of small cranes but you get what you pay for and that goes for the timber grab as well, If you could find some one who owns one of the trailers in your photo or better still if they have a demo one you could have for a few days do it ,
  14. And the council who you pay your council tax and business rates to still sent you a letter !! arse and elbow come to mind here, mind you i think most people in these organisations cant be arsed to do much and if it dont jump up and hit them in the face they cant find it,,
  15. I will get you a doggie bag if you want !!


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