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  1. spuddog0507

    Margaret Thatcher.

    Hi i remember it well, some good points there you raised, i remember having a bath by candle light on a regular basis, my Dad being put on 4 day wk then 3, then 2 and then being laid off for 6 wk as there was restrictions put on the amount of power a company could use, i remember we burnt most of our daily bin rubbish as there was no bin collections for wks, back then my dad had a very good firwood round we had a deal with a sawmill that we took his slab wood that was all cut on site with a fergi bench on the back of a David Brown 25D we had a shed at this sawmill and storage space, we where selling logs in the old 50kg yellow or blue ICI fretilizer bags 5 bags for a £1 and as coal was in very short supply to the public for heating we where selling logs nearly every day as he was not at work, but this didn,t last long as there was no power for the mill, so the miners strike had a massive knock on effect and if she had not done what she did the miners would of basically shut the UK down, i could,nt even play the records i had bought, and at this time i was listening to the likes of The Clash, Pistols, Sham 69, Gen X, Blondie, Members etc and i still do they where good times, but there was some shite chucked in to the mix as well, watch something on TV a few week ago about the late 70s and there was some footage i had not seen before which brings me to the point of the riots and looting that all so took place around this time, and the footage was of John Craven (with dark hair but same style as today ) reporting for his own news round with what i would of said was a flack or bullet proof vest on with bricks and bottles being thrown behind him not good but the country had been driven to this point by its own people, the life we have today i think stems back to the Thatcher era as there is some things she put in place that are going to benifit some of us now in our 50s, i was looking in to my pensions not long ago and basically when i make my mind up of when i am going to take 1 out i wont know what to do with it ? sat having a brew with my dad in the summer (about 3 wk ago at end of feb) having a chat and he said to me that he has never touched his state pension yet, but then moaning about having to fork out to put a exhaust on his car,,
  2. spuddog0507

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    hi noticed some out round here about 10 days ago, its a good point you made and sumit i will take notice of was in a woodland on sat morn and some sycamore buds just starting to open up in to leaf, hawthorn in sheltered areas are in leaf now,
  3. spuddog0507

    Rippled Beech any body

    any one else for this tree ? its for sale,
  4. spuddog0507

    What saws you got ?

    Just to put it bluntly to bloody many,,,, ms 181 fart box ( for sale ) ms241 ms260 x 2 one with a de-barking attatchment ms 261 ms 341 ms 460 ms 461 X 2 ms 660 08s 038 054 and a shity ryobi i had given by a elderly log customer
  5. spuddog0507

    Lime timber for milling

    dont even make good firewood,,,,, timbers i try to keep clear of are Lime, willow, popular and Horse chestnut all very time consuming and boring,
  6. spuddog0507

    CUMBRIA-looking for work

    hi where abouts in cumbria you based ?
  7. spuddog0507

    Rippled Beech any body

    Good point there, as there is 180 trees in this stand and approx 50% are beech with some trees being around 5ft dbh so not Micky mouse trees at all, this is the only one in this stand but there is another one with some rippling but its high up the trunk and no where near as pronounced as the ripple in this one,
  8. spuddog0507

    Rippled Beech any body

    you beat me to it as i have been asked the same question now several times and i cant answer it, so may be someone can ?? i think its some sort of stress related issue ? but proberbly wrong,
  9. spuddog0507

    Rippled Beech any body

    You know what you can do with yourself,,,,, i dont mind one or two small wrinkles but there,s just a few to many for me there and they would take some face paint to level out,
  10. spuddog0507

    Rippled Beech any body

    Hi we have a hardwood clear fell to start on Monday and while i was there this week i noticed this tree in the middle of the stand so will NOT be full of nails and washing lines, it looks a interesting piece of timber and rough diameter i would say 500-550 it may be bigger but will get a better spec when this monsoon has eased off, it must be worth something to some one for milling, if interested please PM me,tree is still stood and could be left for a few week yet the said tree is located near J3 M65,
  11. Hi i dont know if any one on here is interested of knows of anyone who would be interested in these items, there is a unpha wood shredder, a magnetic belt for metal removal, storage hopper,pelleting machine, elevator, cleaning trummell, dust extractors controll panels ,etc they where removed from a workshop under a bankruptcy / court order and are now released for sale, they are not old and have not done a lot of work purchased in 2016/17 and not used in last 14 months so done very little, we are open to offers on these items as all we are doing is trying to recoup some of the lost rent on the building,many thanks for looking and if interested please pm me thanks again,
  12. spuddog0507

    Margaret Thatcher.

    Maggie had the balls to stand up and speak her mind on several issues 1) the miners it was,nt maggie that closed the mines it was the miners and there great leader scargill, no coal to run power stations, electric going off at 8pm after corrie, if the mines had been working she would of not had to inport coal from germany and find out that it was cheeper than mining our own, since privatisation of power co,s we have not had power cuts like we did in the 70s, british leyland shut but never at work all ways on strike, when i first took a mortgauge out interest was 18% it then started to fall, she encouraged people to save isa,s pep,s and take private pensions out and we did, my dad was not a fan of her but now he is retired he has a different view as he took a isa and a pension on and now says if was,nt for her both him and my mum would of had next to fuck all, 2 decent cars on the drive a garage full of classic bikes and money in the bank, and i for one followed suit with isa,s pensions etc and at some point i will take a isa or may be draw a pension but i wont know what to do with it, the only gripe i have is the poll tax as our rates at the time went from £145 per ann to about £1300 that really pissed me off but we get used to it, and last issue the falklands she had that sorted out in little time abd this gained her massive respect world wide, if any of you guys have not seen the film The iron lady watch it it is a education,
  13. spuddog0507

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    one of the hardest working labs i have come across,
  14. spuddog0507

    Climate change anyone?

    We as the human race have mined coal,salt, dimonds ,gold, iron, lead and many other minerals we have drilled for oil and gas we have dug massive holes in the earths crust called quarry,s and then filled them full of our waste, all these things we have done, which at the time we thought was a good idea called progress have caused even bigger problems later down the line, sink holes subsidence and mass pollution, one of the latest big isues is plastic pollution we have filled the oceans with it, and if any of you so the program on tv called drowning in plastic and if you did,nt see it watch it as it was one massive eye opener in to what we are doing to our planet, as the human race we will destroy our self,s along with the planet as well, so may be moving to another planet dosent seem such a mad idea at times,,,,,
  15. spuddog0507

    Climate change anyone?

    Global warming, climate change, sciencetists, and Dr of science and a professor what are they ????? global warming has all ways been here and all ways will ? its just that some bright spark who gets paid a lot of money for doing not a lot once noticed it and mentioned it in parliment, so that gave them all some thing to talk about for weeks months and now years, i once had a phone call from Greenpeace and they asked me if i would like to contribute to saving the Polar ice cap, i asked how are we going to do that, are we going to go to Currys and buy a shed load of freezers and take them up there and plug em in and leave the doors open? i all so pointed out that about 2 million years ago 60% of europe was covered in ice, but it ain,t now so when did global warming start ? Climate change again all ways been here and all ways will, but we as human beings are contributing to it every day and one thing that i cant really understand is RHI payments ? there is one bloke in the goverment handing out money generally to people who have plenty of money to start with, if you put these boilers in and burn wood we will pay well you to do it and we will call it the renewable heat incentive, because i have some forms and i need to tick some boxes, then sat across from him in parliment is another bloke and he is banging on about global warming, both are being paid to do a job but one is creating something for the other to sort out,?, do they really no what they are doing ?, scientists and Dr,s, in my view a scientist is some one who has read a few books and learnt a bit (generally a load of shite) then do a exam or 2 and get a degree ( measurment of heat or incline) the ony thing they know is what has been found all ready, proberbly the most famouse sieentist of all was Izak newton who invented gravity but that was and had all ways been there,? Dr is some one you go and see when your ill and a sterling job they do, but we have these other Dr,s like a Dr of science or a Dr of engineering now in my book these are what i call a Dr of fuck all because they arnt much good if your ill, top and bottom of it is not a lot of them know much and do even less in there working day, abck in the early 70s the osmonds had a hit with crazy horses, at the time it was thought to be about people taking LSD and pot heads smoking crack etc BUT it was,nt it was about american cars all being v6 & v8s and little mpg and the emmissions they created but no one took any notice and again in the 70s it was mentioned in a episode of Rising damp about deoderant spays making a hole in te ozone layer and the same issue was later mentioned in a episode of Poridge with the late great Ronnie Barker. So where does that leave us ? to some it up, up shit creak with out a paddle big time, as soon as the Goverment of not only the UK but all countrys start learning to comunicate with each other in there respected places and start to work together things may happen, and the perfect example of how things are run and organised is whats going on with Brexit how long does it take, i would say NOT long if your know what your doing, as many other people say are goverment are about as much use as a windsreen wiper on a submarine, and Brexit is that not what happens when a big fat lass from Barnsley sits in a plasstic patio chair,


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