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  1. There is a lot to be said about this subject, there is lads who i have worked with over the years that have claimed they are fully qualified but to be honest they know jack shit, some of these lads have strung jobs out that could of been done in a quarter of the time, Now thats down to expierance, they go get there NPTC tickets and that makes them qualified but its only very basic ? its like passing your driving test, once you have past your driving test you then start to learn how to drive, what i have found over the years is most lads go to either collage for a year or two or just do the chainsaw and climbing tickets and thats it, they then think they are a fully qualified tree surgeon/arborist ? I know quite a lot of tree surgeons and most just seem to have minimal certification, ground saw up to 380mm climbing and use of saw from a rope and harness, there is very few that will have trees over 380mm and a windblown ticket but they still take these tasks on, One very sound lad i work with now and then asked me to go with him and his other 2 lads to sort some storm damage trees out, not massive trees but big enough at 30" diameter, his answer to me when i asked him what do you want a old fart like me there for was because if your there we will get em done in the day, if we do it we will F--k up and will there about 3 days, well we went, set a hand winch up cut one tree pulled it back and down on the deck, next was a uprooted beech that was still stood on its own so just dropped that one and the last one a syc that was snapped off and hung up in another beech, put pully up on another tree and winched back and down, one of his lads went up and sorted a few hangers out and trimmed some broken ends off, we where done for just gone 3 all log left on site and chip just spread on the ground, this lad employed me and paid me very well for what i would of said was a steady days work, but its like he said i have 30 yrs more experianc than him and it shows as he addmited he was a bit out of his depth, another lad with who has a big scar across his forehead which he recieved while doing a windbown scotts pine in a back garden, now if he had known how to deal with that tree he would not have the said scar across his fore head, so what does actually make us qualified ???? its a 65 millon doller question that one and i dont think any one can say they are fully qualified ?? as it dont mater how old you are or how much expierance we have we will all ways, either learn something new or find a slightly better /faster way to some thing, so in m view i dont think any one can say they are fully qualified, i may be wrong on that but i think that is a very fair way to put it,
  2. You dont have to read it ? i only read what i want to read on here and if it is not of interest to me i simply dont bother with it, there is lads every day getting there gear nicked but we dont hear about it, a guy i know had a new Quad delivered on 5th Jan but some scum bag decided to help there self to it last thursday night 21st jan, cut lock on building door and a chain that was round quad and the front axel on a tractor, all this happened in about 45 seconds and his new bike was gone, If it happens to you will you be defending them then, i very much dought it !! you will be calling them as well, i have had stuff nicked over the years, ok nothing of real value but when you go to a site and and what you need for the day is not there it hurts, it costs and is very frustrating,
  3. I think you will find the answer is in your question !!!
  4. when you say all up to rigging would that include cs32 34 35 ?
  5. Oh thats not good, hope your ok, they where the better tractors as well, very reliable and pretty much bomb proof, it that would of been a newer tractor, it would of been in a much worse state than yours, as Matty said buy it back for a yard tractor and try and get it for as little as you can, i would be ringing Wilsons on monday and asking them what they would give you for it then you will have some leverage with the insurance co, wheel rims i would think will go back to near the shape they should be and will be fine for in the yard, i hope it all works out in your favour for you,,,,
  6. Worth its weight in gold in a situation like that, and you will get a lot done in a day even tho its only a small machine,
  7. Still raining, so we have had 36hrs of it so far with one let up at about 5ish last night for half an hour or so, local river peaked last night at 4,14 mtrs, it has been running over the top of the banks and spilling out on to farm land most of the night and still is, just spoke to a lad on the edge of this flooded area and he has just said there was about 5-6000 pinkfooted geese on his and farm next door yesterday, geese have come back this morning and where looking a bit lost as where they where yesterday is now under 3-4ft of water,
  8. that logosol debarker is not good as being chain drive, compared to this Swedish built bely drive one a bit more user friendly but yet still being very agressive and getting the job done,
  9. Been raining here since about 4pm yesterday being monday and it looks like it is set to continue till thursday morning the EA have put us on a amber warning and last time that happened was storm desmond and we had some severe flooding, we had 3 days of rain last week that resulted in about 4" of rain and now we have another 6" forcast, going in building today got a raft to build ,,,,
  10. Experianc and knollage are two big players in a lot of industries and more so in arb and forestry OK we all have to learn and as the saying go,s every day is a school day no matter how old you are, i lernt a lot of a old guy i worked with back in the late 70s80s and i still do some things he taught me as i havent come across a better way of doing that particular task yet, i now enjoy passing my knollage on to the younger lads and when some one who is at Myerscough collage doing a 3 yr course and they come working with us and at the end they say i have lernt more here on 6 months than i have at collage in 3 yrs it makes me think what are they teaching them in the 3 years at collage ? Machines and attachments have come a long way in the last 30-40 yrs some have been vastly improved and a some are basically the same as they where years ago as they cant really be improved, i have just bought and sold on a Kreman 122 mini loader, machine would be some where late 80s early 90s OK a bit rough n ready but function,l it wont be a lot different from your Avant but your avant will be more of a machine than that one was, so some thing are the same concept but improved over time,
  11. Not for a week or two like 35yr since i last had any thing to do with one and at the time it just seemed to be a waste of time/diesel/machine hrs for us, watched a lad on a Avant moving timber about 12 month ago with a free rotating grab and he made it look a very difficult but there again its like a lot of other things , operator expieriance , what he moved in a afternoon i could of moved in a 1-2hrs tops with our forwarder, But we are in to production and tonnage not just moving a lone tree from a domestic job, I was all ways told to buy the best bit of kit/machienery you could to do the job and that seems to work for us, i have had cheap kit that are supposed to be up to and do the job but it never seems to have worked for me,
  12. I would say that one that would be up there and classed as common has to be Sycamore grows any where and on some sites we work on they crop up every where, we did thin on a re-gen site that had been birch and 1 row of sycamore on the western side of the woodland but there was far more re-gen sycamore than birch we cut 1000s of 3-4ft syc off,
  13. I was there with that last year on a small hardwood clear fell, we went one morning with one edge tree left to tip in, put gob in then started back cut and hit metal trashed 7 chains on one tree and 4 of then i had sharpened night before, when we could see what it was it was a old wrought iron victorian tree guard the ones with the half inch round bar, the tree had just grown round it,
  14. just out of interest whats the difference in cost between the 2 ? i was pricing grabs and rotators early last year for a project that got put on hold and i found there was a fair difference between different makes but you get what you pay for in this world,


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