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  1. Oh i dont think that is good practice at all ! i would,nt even do that with a saw thats 1 , 2 ,3 year old, and these young lads that come working with us one thing i do tell them is start saw blip throttle let it tick over 15-20 secs then build it up to full revs, if you want to rev the bollox out of it when its stone cold go and buy your own saw there is no need for it, its a look at me with this big saw and all this noise i can make, if the bloke in the shop did that in front of me i would of taken a photo of sticker with numbers on and asked him to get me another unit and asked him why he did what he did ? i dont think it would say to do what he did in the owners manual ? if he has done that with your 151 that may be your problem ?,
  2. Not negative at all its just alot of money for a small old machine! OK it will have its use and in the right place on the right timber it would be worth its weight in gold, but how often would you have the right job for it ? i looked at some small tracked skidders called oxtrack looked the dogs and what i was finding was 5 year old machines with 120/ 180/ 200 hrs on them so max of 40 hrs a year thats only a weeks work so something told me it was either useless at what it was supposed to do or tere just was not the work for em, there is one sat in a wood in south lakes awaiting repair and has been there several years now , why has the owner not repaired it ? i do know why and i did try to buy it but he said no it wants to be 2 or 300 miles away from here.
  3. Thats a massive bargain ! bars and chains would be worth the asking price, if i was near by i would be asking to collect this evening, and pay cash, BUT i am sure it wont exsist or its a smackhead thats nicked it out of someones garage and just selling for some quick cash to fund there habbit, wont give a contact number ? pay your money via bank transfare, no come back on that ask about paypal and i bet they aint got a got a paypal account ? there will be a address but it wont be the one where the saw is, ask a few tech questions and i bet you dont get a answer, i would say total bullshit and just a scam stay clear unless your stood there with saw in your hand and can get out the door with it once paid ? There has been several of these adds about of late that i have seen mainly adds for small diggers and tractors as thats what i have been looking at one add of late read something like Kubota 3 tonne digger 2009, 1836 working hrs, starts on the button, recent new tracks, very clean and tidy £4250.00 payment via bank transfare only, no paypal or cash on collection as we dont do cash there days as bank transfare is much easier,, asked a question no reply asked about collecting it no answer, be carefull,!!!!
  4. Got told it was quite firm other night !
  5. Hi first 3 are on some jobs we have been doing over a few years on Crummock water for UU different place when its lashing it down or snowing its tits off thou,
  6. we get one or two decent views now and then !!
  7. hi if you know of any one else who wants some proper pitch pine which are nail free, i have several lengths of 6x6 pitch pine which where reclaimed several years ago from the old wooden structure of the big dipper on blackpool plesure beach, and a hand held metal detector for about 20 quid of flea bay would not be a bad investment,
  8. had that one this morning and i am pretty sure the one i had yesterday about my BT internet conection that i hav,ent got was the same guy from the far east ? just be careful he was,ent on phone long after i told him he was a paracite,
  9. Hi we did some infected ash last week up in the yorkshire dales weight was very noticeable, went to move a log and it was very lite compared to non infected ash and one good thing about it when they hit the deck nearly all the brash shattered off em thus making the site easy to move about on, i am not sure if you got your numbers right J but i would say what we had was more like 20-25% down on weight,
  10. Bloody hell rough have you got yourself a proper job ? instead of dossing about every day !
  11. Thats why we have started dealing in scrap metal !!!
  12. Sorry but as i see it it has been going on for 10s of millions of years its just that some one with HSBC & a TSB degree who gets paid a good salery noticed it and raised the point, we have all this technollagey today but does any one really know how it works ? or does it actually work for its designed purpose ? back in the winters of 2009/10 and 2010/11 we had some quite harsh weather all the so called experts with in the met office decided we were entering another iceage, ! then from mid june 2012 it did nowt but rain till christmas then they where banging on about global warming ! the met office cant forcast the weather accuratlly for any more than 3 days, so what ever is predicted about global warming, i am sorry but the way i see it is, is that its just something for the highly paid so called experts to talk about. Now can someone please explain this to me if you can ? because i do not understand this at all, now with in our wounderfull house,s of parliment there is one MP handing out RHI (renewable heat insentive) payments to people who are willing to fit a boiler and burn either wood chip or log to create heat either for heating or drying floors, i know of several around us and the heat they create is quite intense, then sat opposite this guy handing out money every where is another MP and his job is fighting globle warming, can some one explain how this works please ? or is it just a load of shit and a jobs for the boy,s situation,
  13. simon archer from Formby he is woodwise on here top man and his work says it all,


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