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  1. spuddog0507

    Peeling and pointing on site

    Hi the idea seems right but how long will it take ? and how much will it cost ? would the customers your aiming at pay more for a good quality product ? we used to cut 1.5 & 1.8 posts but dont bother with them now just strainers and the timber we used to cut for posts now goes in to chip stack as time taken with the posts is just to much for the extra few quid you get for them, i think is far cheaper to buy posts but there id some shite about i know that, bought some 5,6" 3-4" in feb and there was some crap amongst them,
  2. spuddog0507

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    wound,ed in service !!!
  3. spuddog0507

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    I will say same as Khriss if you can get a new saw out of him do it , your saw 10 yr old and not worth fixing at that age, in my case it was a bit different as saw would only may be had 20 ltrs of fuel through it and it was just cosmetic damage, first thing i did when i stopped crying was take bar n chain off and started it up, it ran fine so that eased the pain a little, so your case either new saw or keep looking for a good replacement and keep other for the odd spare,,,,,,
  4. spuddog0507

    Cleaning sticky sap

    Oh I have 25ltrs of a aceitone it came with a job lot of paint, cool will try that, DONT put it on plastic thou, some plastics will be destroyed by acetone as aceton,s main use is for cleaning brushes and rollers in the fibber glass trade,
  5. spuddog0507

    squashed chainsaw,husqy 357xpg.

    Trashed a 461 last july on a windblown clearance saw ended up ramed in to woodland floor and the result was about £190 for back handle/tank, exhaust, front handle, chain brake/front hand gaurd and sproket/side cover, then another £85 for bar and chain, saw at the time was just 12 mths old and had done very little work untill this job came along, i was sick as f--k when i picked the saw up out of the ground and so the state of it, but better the saw than me,
  6. Some photos of the site and said trees would help your case, 15 trees 20-30 tonne ?
  7. its not just me then ? i thought to my self this morning, god i can strip a engine down, inspect, replace what needs replacing, rebuild and get running again, but i cant even put a ink cartridge in a printer, !!!!!!!!!
  8. this will do your sleep problems the world of good ? i am sure! its like owt else if you do it every day its easy, i have just put a new ink cartridge in my printer and just felt like throwing it out the window after several attempts at fitting it, its working but the low ink indicator light wont go out and did,nt want to try it till it did, so tried it now there is paper all over office floor, F-----G great,
  9. spuddog0507

    Trailer advice

    trailer bed high,t on 10 ft tipper on 12" wheels is 26" and wont be any higher on a 12 ft trailer,
  10. spuddog0507

    Trailer advice

    best addvise i can give you is just get a 12ft ifor tipping trailer and you will not be disapointed at all, i got to a stage where i was sick of handballing/ shoveling so i just thought bite the bullet spend the money and i bought a 10ft ifor tipper and i think its one of the best money/labour saving items i have purchased, came home from a job last night at 7.30pm truck and trailer loaded with chip just backed up to a chip pile tipped trailer, un hitched trailer backed truck up to pile tipped that off hitched trailer back up and away, it proberbly took me 1 man 15 mins to tip 4 1/2 - 5 tonne of chip, shoveling/raking it out would take how long ??,
  11. spuddog0507

    the 'todays job' thread

    i know now,t ???? according to some,,,,
  12. spuddog0507

    the 'todays job' thread

    Nearly sugested that i come and give you a lift for a day or two, but if you going to be like that i will go and fell some 100ft rhodeys in stead,,,,
  13. spuddog0507

    the 'todays job' thread

    you will never get that roof on before christmas,,,, when did you start it 2000 & what ???
  14. spuddog0507

    Older tippers that can tow 3.5ton/7 ton train weight?

    Hi i have a 3.0ltr cabstar but it is only a single rear wheel, i think the gross weight is 3200kgs and the towing capacity on the vin plate is about 5800kgs ,crap really, had the truck 13 years now and i cant fault it been ultra reliable and the best thing about it is with the 3200kg gross weight i would not need a tacho in it, truck will pull like a train and the weight i put on the truck and trailer is a bit OTT at times but it dont look over loaded and pulls fine,
  15. spuddog0507

    the 'todays job' thread

    get then corners up 4 or 5 courses one day, then just run it in day after, much faster 200 blocks a day,


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