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  1. The ones i so are in a woodland and will be just self seeded, so not down to planting but they do look as they are on the way out, then some more in another woodland 3 fields over and they look in perfect health ? , i think 2018 has a lot to do with what is going on around us as mentioned in last post a lot of sick looking Beech and Sycamore about,,,,
  2. Never paid any more than about £400 for PL insurance, changed supplier last year as when i got a renewal it had gone up about £95 so got rid of them and found a new Co got the same cover as before but for less money and renewed about 2 month ago and it was cheaper than last year, Forestry is very low risk compared to Arb,
  3. £1200 is still a lot for PL in forestry , i am paying about £280 a year and that incudes using machinery i.e tractors, diggers forwarding trailers and winches,
  4. I think your talking Bullshit here !! you havent got a Yacht 😂😂
  5. Has this been going on since day one with the trailer ? or is it something that has only started happening of late or have you only just noticed it of late ? is it something that has happened since its been serviced ? As Ratman says load distribution could possibly be causing hitch problem with weight on ( to much weight forward causing friction in hitch plunger ? ) you say you have greased the hitch and what grease you pumping in there ? as its been warm of late and some cheaper greases will just go to piss in little time ? i noticed on my log splitter last week a pool of what was grease but now thick oil on the splitting table that has come from above, them tripple axel Ifors are very good trailers to tow and usually behave there selfs well there is 3 or 4 in the yard next to mine that get used day in day out for moving the 15ft concreate panels used in agri buildings and there will be 4 or 5 panels on a trailer and there is never any problems with the trailers and they are worked, personally i would give Graham Barlow a ring at Barlow trailers at Leyland as if there has ever been a issue with an Ifor he will know about it i think he has about 40 yrs in the Ifor trade,
  6. Half day closing on a Saturday ? and especially on sale day as well !!
  7. Yep i have noticed it as well and about a month ago i asked a expert from this site and he informed me that Rowan can not get Ash die back, i tend to differ in that one, the ones have seen are well on there way out and it does look like Ash die back to me, there is a lot of trees around us in north Lancs that are looking sick mainly Beech and Sycamore but noticed several Birch this morning that have either shed most of there leafs or have all turned yellow and starting to drop,
  8. Could be a series of books on the way then, 😂😂
  9. We all earn money as we have to make a living, but for many many years now i have said we only have it to play with for a very short time as our government and the powers that be only let us have the full value for very little time,, How long does a £1 actually last ? before the government has got it all back, we are taxed to the hilt in this country with hidden taxes on nearly all every day items/activaties !! So we are all tax collectors in a way but it just all ends up in the same pot and it aint ours, How many transactions does it take before the government has the whole £1 back in there safe keeping, as i am sure some one some where back in history decided joe public was not fit to have money !!! and that T - - T who decided income tax was a good idea should of been hanged,,,,,
  10. Keep you eye on Trigger, there could be something in the water up there 😂😂😂
  11. Quite aware of that, but your only quoting the obvious ?? and half of what i said,
  12. Could be worth a look that one,
  13. Is that new ? i think there could of been something a long those lines back in the 80s called The Rig ? may be ran for one series, could be a remake of that ?
  14. Really,,, i would like to know how that works ? A good accountant and a business addvisor are worth there weight in gold. some people just need steering in the right direction but wont pay for the right addvise from the right person !!
  15. I feel a remake of Dallas coming here !! 😂😂


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