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  1. spuddog0507

    The bit coin revolution scam

    i always understood that the world worked in US dollars and pounds stirlling, anything eles not worth a toss, i lad up the road has a bit coin account and reckons he makes about £300 a week so i asked him what he went to work for ? sats he cant get any thing out for 2 years, i said you will be a million air by then wont you ,Rodney, i dont think so , anothere lad just been to Egypt and on way home in airport bought some cigs and tabacco but airport wanted paying in sterling, that says a lot to me,
  2. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    that,s very true that got 2 labs the young one wants to retrive every thing that drops out the sky but wont pick a woodcock and only picked its first snipe a wk last saturday the older dog has picked woodcock and snipe since it was about 10 mths old, and about 5 yrs ago we where fencing in a block of spruce and larch and one evening we where loading truck up and my dog came to me with a woodcock then dissapeared again and retunrned with another came with 4 in total but this place was full of woodcock at the time.
  3. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    i know where your at on this one, we have a lot of pink footed geese up here and years ago i was out on a regular basis and the freezer was full of goose breasts and legs, now a days i only have a couple of outings over the christmas holidays or late january and just get myself a few for the freezer but no big numbers now,
  4. and heres me struggling to get rid of some larch of your work premmisses about 6 wk ago and your burning pallets,,,,,,,
  5. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    skinning then is a doddle, just rip the skin on the breast and pull it off then just use a sharp knife to take the flesh off and then cut leg and thigh off, if you can when you take the feet off try and get the tendons out while bird is still whole,then enjoy ,
  6. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    had a phase of cooking pheasant in fruit juice once over, and some turned out very good i think best one was equal parts of apple orange and cranberry then make a sause out of juice,
  7. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    thats pretty good deal that ,
  8. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    yes proberbly but there are people out there that cant afford much meat and lets face it pheasant is not that much different than chicken depending on how you cook it, and you cant give them birds to these people that would really appriecate them, dont know what othere people do with them but i just get a pheasant breast open it up lancashire or chedder cheese inside along with some cranberry wrapp in bacon place on tray in oven for 20-25 mins ,fantastic to eat,,
  9. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    i am sorry its nation wide no one wants pheasants in numbers this year, one shoot paying 20p a brace to get them taken away, another giving them to a smoke house and we have looked in to dressing birds and giving them to a food bank but HSE legistalation says no because of possible lead content so me and my dogs will be sick of pheasant by christmas and i will be looking forward to that turkey for once,
  10. spuddog0507

    Woodcock .

    yes same here i wont shoot another one again unless they get back up in to decent numbers, didnt shoot any last year just let em all go past, some shoots up here have impossed some heafty finds for shooting woodcock one shoot has set it at a grand donated to charity for shooting woodcock and this shoot used to have a couple of just woodcock days 20/25 years ago with 100 bird bags regular but not now.
  11. spuddog0507

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    heard of grant ingham other 2 no , you will know tom dixon from rimmington, chris ball clitheroe, sam airey, gaz haslam, andy howarth arran grundy, stephen hodgson steve roberts ben scot dave coopland and many otheres,
  12. spuddog0507

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    and a wood at top side of bridge is another steven wood who used to do a bit of work for the FC with a couple of countys and now does a lot of walling and fencing ,he is my dads cousine so my half cousine
  13. spuddog0507

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    steven wood next to cafe on the green ? david known him for near on 50 years now , the other night i put a post on about being jimmy mcrae in my opel manta well one of them offs i had was on waddy fell just befor 2nd cattle grid going over to newton, used to time it from moorcock to cowark or moorcock to dunsop i think best time i did was about 7 mins 25 i think it would scare the shit out of me today but i would give it a go used to be able to get that manta flat out at about 115mph going over barny to cowark, F - - - - -g loved it and it some times amazes me that i am still here to tell the story,
  14. spuddog0507

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    there all ok for mid forties but sorry Kylie takes some beating fo 50,
  15. spuddog0507

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    Nolan is my uncles step son slaidburn is woods norma steven bill dennis and then cowkings hodgsons , bernard he does a bit of tinkering refurbing old stuff,


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