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  1. I so one about 11,15 ish and TBH it was one of the best i have every seen, The moon was a fantastic sight last night as it looked very close and very detailed,,
  2. I have never bought any less than 100ltrs of chain oil or 5ltrs of 2 stroke oil for many years now, just find it so much easier to by in bulk and try to get a better deal on it even if i have to buy more than i want to get the deal, cant be doing with running about for small amounts of chain oil /2 stroke oil, when we get to last 25ltr drum of chain oil i just order more,
  3. We are correctly covered for what we do and where we do it, as if we where not we would not be sub contracting to who we do to, we work on approx 20 sites in Lancs ,West Yorks, North Yorks and the lake district, only one site has a power line running through it, one has a public footpath running through it and another one with a public foot path running along a boundry which i have never seen any one use yet, these sites are very remote and phone signal is either very poor or none at all, all this was stipulated when i took the PL out and after several questions later they came back with the price based on the information i had supplied,,,,
  4. My PL used to be with a company of here and when i first took it out the price was OK, so to give you some idea of what we do in the forestry sector is small clear fell jobs like up to about 200 tonne, windblown clearance on boundry lines, stock fence repairs and dry stone wall repairs along with a few other things, i have no size or height limit on the trees we work on, now given every where we work is in the middle of no where and the risk is very very low my PL kept going up by £70 £80 quid a year untill it got to where they was asking for over £700, i just thought enough is enough and spent a wet and windy day ringing round other insurance firms, Ok there was a lot of No,s but came across a very helpful young lady who did what she said she was going to do, like i will ring you back in about 30 mins and yes true to her word she did, after a couple of calls quearing a few things she came back with a price of £186 for the same cover as from previous firm, so i went with her the year after it went up by £8 to £194 and £8 again this year to £202 this sort of increase i find acceptable unlike the £70,£80 a year increases i was getting before, i have been self employed since the mid 80s and only ever had one small claim in 88, i have all ways been a very loyal sort of person but in the last few years i have started to think a bit different as i dont think loyalty goes any where now a days, so top and bottom of it is it does pay to shop around now n then as i did and saved myself over £500 on one years PL insurance,,
  5. I used 4 of them a few year back when i had filled all my IBC,s fastened all 4 corners of panels with clamps and zip tied 3x2 uprights about every 2ft on the inside, put pallets on floor and when it was half full put another layer of pallets in and it worked fine, bulged a bit but not much,,
  6. if its fit to mow for either Hay or silo let some take the grass off it for a bit off money and get the hedge cutting in on the deal, then find some one with some sheep and again rent it off for winter grazing, so let some one else do the work and make a few quid out of it as well,
  7. One of them lines women was very smart as well,,
  8. Well Bugger me backwards we have actually won a game of football with out it going down to penalty,s, Well done to all and very enjoyable to watch, i think the blokes have something to prove now ???
  9. It's not going any where and I have a ongoing project for it to go in,
  10. Sorry but we have to come to terms,, that the country can't manage with out them sort of people ?? There is a lot of people out there in all fields of work that get paid good money to do a job they can't Do ,,,
  11. i have my eye on a v2003 thats sat in the corner of a warehouse and has been for 12/15 yrs now, all shrink wrapped down to pallet as it was delivered from Kubota and its £1800, cheep yes,
  12. Sounds about right that one, some lads i work with now n then you would think they had been cutting stone flags with there saws,
  13. Well thats a bit more like it, had dealings with SEPA in the past and TBH they where not that bad to deal with unlike our EA south of the boarder who seem to be a waste of time and thats if you can get hold of any one who knows what there doing ?
  14. If i got a offer of £200 for 3 logs like them, i would rip there hand off and have them loaded and delivered, before they had a chance to change there mind, they are not good or nice logs at all, if they was on a job of ours they would be stacked in the firewood stack, £200 is very very good money for them !!
  15. Has it done a lot of hrs ? and the guy i know is just north of Edinburgh, a rebuild kit dont cost much but the labour sometimes makes it a expensive way of doing compared to buying a new engine, Last time i enquired about a new V1505 none turbo the engine was about £2300 + vat,,
  16. Andy as most of us know, everything has a sale value !!
  17. TBH i think the word ,FREE in cases like this is a little bit cheeky, The offer of a brew and a few chocolate biscuits goes a long way and to drop the lads 20 or 30 quid will go even further and a few added beers even further, Given the present times and as some lads in the industry now start to feel the pinch and the demand for firewood gets greater, it simply gets dropped off at the place where the exchange is fair for both sides,,
  18. Cadburys picknik, but the chocolate has melted off it 😂
  19. Hi first thing did you apply the linseed neat ?, i have all ways under stood with linseed it needs to be thinned down 50/50 with white spirit for it to really get in to the timber, i did 2 walking stick stands before Christmas one i did with linseed oil and the other with Danish oil both oils applied at same rate but the Danish oil made for a better finish,,
  20. Did they fall down ? or where they knocked down ? to make way for more modern crap to be built on the same footprint ? I worked with a guy one winter stripping 12 old mill houses out up east lancs all these houses had a front and rear garden and then another chunk of land as a veg plot beyond a rear access rd, as these houses came up for sale he bought them one by one with the idea in mind that he could demolish them all and build more houses on the same site, today 28 3 bed semis now stand there, I think you will find money and greed plays a big part,
  21. Most of the big timber harvesting company's these days won't put hand cutters in to large windblown blocks due to the very high risk involved, they nearly all state machine harvesting of windblown these days ,and there is only so many machines so yes there will be a back log, when I so it on the news back in October I thought by the time they get that all sorted out most of it would be only chip wood, Hand cutting in windblown is graft and it's one of them if something goes wrong, it can go wrong badly with serious results, we used to do a fair bit fir Tilhill but nit that much after storm Arwen and they have 100s if acers to sort out but they just wait fir machines now, Not a lot if lads today with windblown tickets and the experience to do it either so that increases the risk factor dramatically in my book as cutting windblown is not for the faint hearted,
  22. It looks like Butch and Sundance did that job, as its a right cowboy job, you could not write it could you,,
  23. At times, we do need to improvise, and nowt wrong with it all, still got same plastic fork in truck and been using it 5yrs plus,
  24. Had a another pair of hands today helping out on a replacement forestry boundary fence, he was asked to bring a cup as we would have a stove and kettle on site he turned up with what he said was his best work cup a cut off Ribeana bottle,
  25. Well said that man, your 100% right with what you say knowledge and the right kit in this situation speaks volumes, its knowing which or what cut to place where and where you put a strap/chain and how you set that up for a roll out, this is the sort of job we deal with quite often and it can be dangerous at the best of times, and as some one else has said get some one who knows what they are doing,


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