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  1. You are bang on. Main reason I follow what @Rough Hewn posts. Also reading what some other Millers that post regularly put on here. Trigger , Les etc
  2. I always though the ones from Chainsawbars are pretty on point.
  3. In case someone has a use.... I would if closer. If only to fab up something. Saw Mill Jack Legs X8 Norwood Mx34 WWW.EBAY.CO.UK <p>Saw Mill Jack Legs X8</p><p>Off a Norwood MX 34 sawmill</p><p>Good used condition complete with mounting brackets</p>
  4. Hi Rough. Looks smashing. One question...Logosol website isn't clear. Is it 2m between log lifters? 4m overall without extras.
  5. Lancers? Grandfather was 17/21st Died after they crossed the Arno. 2 Uncles both 17/21st too. Both now gone. Nice pic. Cheers
  6. Please do. I saw some working at Bentley Wood Fair years ago. Mrs has horses and to see someone working horses while being looked after makes me as happy as anything.
  7. Hi Sam, Can you be a bit more specific with the location please?
  8. Just a thought.... Surprised nobody has suggested we could have a Whip round to set about replacing it!
  9. True...too late. You compost that any more!
  10. Was going to say exact same. My ankle was was a pylon fracture. Multiple breaks. Treehogs are comfy to walk/work in all day. Maybe a heel insert.... I'd considered it, but my heel isn't bad, my under foot is. Tendon inflamed and sore when I've tried insoles. Heel Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis | Health and Care WWW.HEALTHANDCARE.CO.UK Choose from hundreds of sports supports, mobility products and healthcare items on our site. We have everything to help...
  11. Dag-nabbit....I must be doing it wrong then. I always change drive sprockets between 3/8LP and 3/8 as I thought they were slightly different. Re: difference... I would imagine wider kerf on 3/8 will mean greater load on saw an so you'll get a slower cut, more fuel. Hopefully @Rough Hewn or @Rob D will be along to give the fully qualified and correct answer.
  12. Defo looks "used". Not Ex-Demo is it?
  13. I get you. I need 3 kidneys...sold one to afford the 881. I'll need another for the super big panther. Food for thought. Thanks for your insight. As always, greatly appreciated. Bob


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