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  1. There are probably better people to answer this...... but I replaced the whole engine in my 023 with a Farmertec pattern part 025 motor to get the uplift in power. I had heat siezed the 023 and ruined the little end bearing at the same time. Not that much of an improvement but for me, it was the cheapest way to save what was going to be a scrapper. And an occasional saw , not relied on to do loads of work.
  2. Every day a learning day...or re-learning. A Very Valid point, However I suspect this is an "over-charging" issue or a damaged cell. The newer intelligent chargers moderate charge rate as the voltage on the cells comes up. A quick google came up with.... http://support.rollsbattery.com/support/solutions/articles/816-hydrogen-off-gas-ventilation ************** Through calculations we can show that 1 AH of over charge will in fact produce 0.42L of hydrogen gas PER BATTERY CELL. Also for every volume of hydrogen a ½ volume of oxygen is produced (H2 O) ************** Nearly .5 litre per cell x 6 is no insignificant volume if not ventilated. The article does indicate gas production is because of overcharging... As the battery cell voltage reaches 2.35 VPC the majority of gassing begins. Probably with these older units a duff cell meant others were receiving more charge. Boom.
  3. Cheers @Rough Hewn So if I were looking at trying to chainsawmill more than my current 36" limit??? I've seen GB 48" Lo Pro narrow Kerf stuff.....is that my only option? Bob
  4. Any news on this???? I see @Jonesie has them as unavailable on the website.....
  5. Hi Rough, Just noticed ... you don't run a remote oiler on the big bar. I was wondering, is it not needed? or is there another reason? You still manage to produce some lovely pieces. Bob
  6. Vehicle Lighting Requirements: In-depth APP.CRONERI.CO.UK In order to reduce traffic accidents and deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents, road vehicles must meet... copied this... End-outline Marker Lamps Motor vehicles first used from 1 April 1991, exceeding 25mph maximum speed, and trailers manufactured from 1 October 1990 must be fitted with at least two white outline marker lamps at the front of the vehicle and two red ones at the rear in matched pairs and the lamps must be lit when the vehicle is used on the road between sunset and sunrise, or during daylight hours when visibility is seriously reduced. The white front lamp and red rear lamp on one side of the vehicle may be combined into a single lamp with a single light source. Exceptions End-outline marker lamps are not required to be fitted to: motor vehicles and trailers not exceeding 2100mm overall width incomplete vehicles and trailers going to a works for completion or to a place for storing or where they will be displayed for sale agricultural vehicles and works trailers (schedule 13). Side Retro Reflectors Side retro reflectors must be fitted to goods vehicles: first used before 1 April 1986 having an overall length exceeding 8m first used from 1 April 1986 having an overall length exceeding 6m, and trailers exceeding 5m in overall length (excluding any drawbar). Exceptions Side reflex reflectors are not required to be fitted on: incomplete vehicles (including trailers) going to a works for completion or to a place for storing or being displayed for sale vehicles having a maximum speed not exceeding 25mph vehicles (including trailers) primarily constructed for moving excavated material and being used under s.44 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 mobile cranes or engineering plant (schedule 17). Each reflector must be amber in colour (or if within 1m of the rear of the vehicle it may be red) and bear an approval mark. No triangular reflectors may be used. Looks like a yes...and yes
  7. It will be done remotely. as said you'll not know (as there is no visible indication) whether they have or haven't done it.
  8. Stihl Dynamic BT supposed to last 39 hours....I can't. Unfortunately wont fit a helmet, but handy enough when I run the log splitter.
  9. I know there's good and bad. My 261 has been faultless like most of the other saws. Arrogance aside I often wish Stihl made cars....If I had a car as reliable as that saw**. I'd be a happy chappy! **considering the environment it works in...the maintenance it requires etc.
  10. Hi Rob, Brass coal bucket with kindling on oneside -kindling upright like pencils? Wicker basket the other with a few logs - Barrow full outside back door in porch. Basket does ok at keeping debris off carpet but not 100%..looks better than gorilla tub. Bob
  11. Hi Heavy Oil. Never had any bother with my 261 M-tronic in the 5 years I've had it. I read about the bearing problems after I'd got it but have always followed the user manual advice (as recommended on here I think) to slacken the chain off after extended periods of work...attached... Plus I take the opportunity every year 18 months to replace the bearing. They aren't that expensive compared to new drums etc. Bob
  12. +1 for low level.. Re: replacement...maybe this? FLOWFIT 12 V DC SINGLE ACTING HYDRAULIC TRAILER / TIPPER POWER PACKS C/W HYDRAULIC HANDPUMP BACKUP WWW.FLOWFITONLINE.COM "Flowfit 12 V DC single acting hydraulic tipper power pack, 4.5 / 8 litre reservoir c/w 2 button pendent. 5 l/min @ 160 bar... much cheaper than the full bore Ifor Part though. https://www.barlowtrailers.co.uk/Ifor-Williams-Hydraulic-Power-Pack-FG515-12v--P11974
  13. On a similar vein....I had a mate convert his Aircon Pump into an Air compressor. For offroading when tyres needed letting down/pumping up. Bob
  14. I haven't done it but remembered it had been discussed here before.... I think these people did something.... Attached link is for a transit but does have the electric clutch you'll need.....whether it has the flow/pressure ?? Flowfit probably have a tech dept you can ask...? Transit 330/350 2.4 TDDI PTO and pump kit 12V 60Nm 02FO217 | Ford PTO and Pump Kits | Vehicle PTO & Pump Kits WWW.FLOWFITONLINE.COM Transit 330/350 2.4 TDDI PTO and pump kit 12V 60Nm 02FO217 from our range of Ford PTO and Pump Kits, part of...
  15. I saw this and wondered. Is there an optimum chain speed? When I use my 660 on the Chinese Granberg copy I'm revving far harder than the 4 stroke industrial engine in the clip. It's just that this design is not that complicated and moderately attainable for a DIY cheapskate ....like me. Cheers..


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