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  1. Doesn't feel right to click the "like" link. Beautiful work and a fitting tribute to a good friend.
  2. I am beginning to think this is the way to go. I've had a couple of very generous offers from other senior members along the same line.
  3. Cheers. I do and don't want to move it on. I can't leave it where it is without the worry I might lose it. I realise once it goes I might never get the chance to have another .....and it is a magnificent bit of kit. Jury is still out and I might end up keeping/ dismantling it until I can locate it securely.
  4. Thanks @trigger_andy Regretfully you'll notice the similarity with the one on Arbtrader. Not entirely happy about it....but it seems to be my only option. Have I over done it? Is that the point? Never sure.
  5. I'm a plain old 42. Sizing seems accurate.
  6. @Khriss They are 345 S3 as well.... LUL compliant. Not that I'd want to walk the miles I used to have to 😁
  7. I'm a hobby user and these are my choice. Not too heavy and comfortable enough to walk around in all day. The first version I had a couple of years ago (4?) were made out of what could have been rhino hide. These are better and take dubbin well. Treehog Extreme chainsaw boots (class 2) (39) – FR Jones and Son Ltd | Warehouse Operating As Normal WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK The Treehog Extreme chainsaw boot combines excellent chainsaw protective properties Class 2 (24m/s) at an... Good luck as there will be loads of opinions I'm sure.
  8. Hi @Stihl123 I'm using a bog standard MS660 on a 42" lo-pro setup in a Panther mill ...all from @Rob D I wouldn't say it struggles at all. I would say that it glides through most of the stuff I've cut easily. Oak, Pine and Leb Cedar. Some were full bar (36" of cut available) and with the winch to steady things it was no trouble. I couldn't find an 880 and so have made do. I'm on my own and as has been said much more bar would lead me to cut bigger slabs which I couldn't move. So far 9ft x 2.5 ft 2" Oak nearly killed me....bigger would be the beginning of Flat Bob! Good luck whichever way you go.
  9. Great idea...un-enforceable. Amongst many things around here in the "countryside". The area is seen as an unpopulated play area and anything goes. As seen by the many cyclists (oh, not again...sorry) behaving like loons on-road and off. Leaving gel sachets and discarded inner tubes everywhere. Don't even start me on urinating and defecating in hedgerows. Walkers having impromptu picnics leaving more trace... Police aren't able to enforce these violations let alone stop and check countryside competency. Sorry... Rant Over. I'll go back to my cave.
  10. Not this one by any chance? https://www.daltonswadkin.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Wadkin-T5-6-Planer-Thicknesser-Manual.pdf
  11. Hi @Stere **Correction** I ordered a 500ml bottle. I've used 300ml i.e. 10 litres on milling -MS660- and 5 litres on general logging up firewood --MS261- . No noticeable difference. Smell/smoke same as HP Ultra. Inclined to buy more based on no appreciable difference. Also experimenting with RYE Oil's chain oil. Sticky as the Gator ET30 that I've used and not as expensive as Stihl's.
  12. Get one you won't regret it. Ease of adjustment....and accuracy seem to be key to your rack setup. You'll save hours I'd reckon. :-)


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