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  1. Hi Rob, Brass coal bucket with kindling on oneside -kindling upright like pencils? Wicker basket the other with a few logs - Barrow full outside back door in porch. Basket does ok at keeping debris off carpet but not 100%..looks better than gorilla tub. Bob
  2. Hi Heavy Oil. Never had any bother with my 261 M-tronic in the 5 years I've had it. I read about the bearing problems after I'd got it but have always followed the user manual advice (as recommended on here I think) to slacken the chain off after extended periods of work...attached... Plus I take the opportunity every year 18 months to replace the bearing. They aren't that expensive compared to new drums etc. Bob
  3. +1 for low level.. Re: replacement...maybe this? FLOWFIT 12 V DC SINGLE ACTING HYDRAULIC TRAILER / TIPPER POWER PACKS C/W HYDRAULIC HANDPUMP BACKUP WWW.FLOWFITONLINE.COM "Flowfit 12 V DC single acting hydraulic tipper power pack, 4.5 / 8 litre reservoir c/w 2 button pendent. 5 l/min @ 160 bar... much cheaper than the full bore Ifor Part though. https://www.barlowtrailers.co.uk/Ifor-Williams-Hydraulic-Power-Pack-FG515-12v--P11974
  4. On a similar vein....I had a mate convert his Aircon Pump into an Air compressor. For offroading when tyres needed letting down/pumping up. Bob
  5. I haven't done it but remembered it had been discussed here before.... I think these people did something.... Attached link is for a transit but does have the electric clutch you'll need.....whether it has the flow/pressure ?? Flowfit probably have a tech dept you can ask...? Transit 330/350 2.4 TDDI PTO and pump kit 12V 60Nm 02FO217 | Ford PTO and Pump Kits | Vehicle PTO & Pump Kits WWW.FLOWFITONLINE.COM Transit 330/350 2.4 TDDI PTO and pump kit 12V 60Nm 02FO217 from our range of Ford PTO and Pump Kits, part of...
  6. I saw this and wondered. Is there an optimum chain speed? When I use my 660 on the Chinese Granberg copy I'm revving far harder than the 4 stroke industrial engine in the clip. It's just that this design is not that complicated and moderately attainable for a DIY cheapskate ....like me. Cheers..
  7. IDP is easy enough....pop to the post office with £ and a passport pic and you are off-ski. Everything else is a sensible enough thing to be carrying anyway.
  8. Bob_z_l


    Got sent this..... I think it qualifies.. VID-20191024-WA0000.mp4
  9. Hi Al, Very interested to mill ....rather than carve. Will send a PM. Bob
  10. Cheers @trigger_andy What I was meaning was if I upgraded to a Logosol / panther, how do you get the logs up so high. All the YouTube stuff shows them on trestles. Maybe I'm not being clear. I'll do a bit more reading and rephrase my question. Thanks again.
  11. Hi I might be able to pass you on a couple of numbers. Expect a PM. Bob
  12. Hi Millers., Silly question time again, sorry. I have a cheap (i.e.non-Granberg) chainsaw mill that I bought from Rob a couple of years ago. I have really enjoyed using it and have surprised myself with some of the results. My question (s) is that I'm assuming that you use some sort of handling equipment to get the job onto the trestles that I see in the Logosol and Panther mills. What do you use? I ask as the chainsaw milling I can roll or lever the job onto bearers using scaffold pole levers etc. I work on a tight budget as this is still very much a hobby and the investment in a newer mill is significant I was trying to work out what else I need to consider and start saving for..... or am dreaming too much and settle with what I have? Many thanks Bob
  13. If I am online shopping .....not necessarily Stoves. I look at Product price, however I prefer to use a search where the combined product price and shipping are totalled and so you get the cheapest "package" price. Saying all of this...I also apply a distance defined search criteria as I'd rather collect where possible to avoid any damage by transportation and the opportunity to meet face to face the distributor in the hope of future dealings. Bob
  14. Woodlands.co.uk sponsor Small Woodlands Owners Group...! 🙂 Small Woodland Owners' Group SWOG.ORG.UK The Small Woodlands Owners' Group is a community for woodlands owners and family foresters throughout the UK.
  15. Have you tried these lot... Small Woodland Owners' Group SWOG.ORG.UK The Small Woodlands Owners' Group is a community for woodlands owners and family foresters throughout the UK. Might be more of the work for wood deal, but you never know. Good luck with your venture. Bob


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