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  1. Plus 3500kg tow. Not many pickups can do that. Plus no frigging the insurance with a "modified" truck. Plus spares and no unusual bespoke parts....
  2. I've had one for a while. It's light. It's light unlike the regular billhook but with that extra length of handle cleaves branches right off. Don't need to put a lot of effort in to get good results, but enough to get through the big stuff....as it's quite light. It sits happily in the collection of Fiskars axes. All fantastic tools.
  3. I was surprised nobody said Fox already. I would have said fox first as most likely (round here anyways)
  4. Plus if you get any other interesting metals in there....namely Copper. It'll burn with a different coloured flame. For a while.
  5. Has anyone said: Small glug of White Wine Vinegar and boiling water left in overnight cleans most things and gets rid of any residual taste/flavours. Always works for me. Rinse out in the morning and refill with whatever.
  6. Hard work if I'm doing a load. It doesn't tae long to remind you how heavy in comparison to my 261. Trade off, carry two saws or just one and extra bar. Depends on job. I mainly wanted the smaller bar so that when milling I only needed one saw.
  7. Got a Sugi 24" on my 881 for small milling and occasional crosscuts. Rob at Chainsaw bars as posted above is the font of all knowledge.
  8. It was there @Steve Bullman now it's gone! Do like the "New Look" you've applied.
  9. Ours have been back for a few weeks. They've already claimed 2 of last years nests and are picking up insects galore with this lovely weather at the moment. Surrey/West Sussex border
  10. Bob_z_l


    The expensive option......?? Egan Straight Shot Performance Chainsaw Muffler 880/881 EGANPERFORMANCESAWS.COM Bolt on more power with an Egan Performance “straight shot” muffler to your Stihl 880/881 chainsaw for an immediate...
  11. I was much the same after buying my first set of "stubby" wrenches and then got all giddy and bought a crow foot set and then a set of ratchet combination spanners. They don't get as much use as they used to but when they do.... they save time/knuckles/blood-sweat-tears Love-em almost as much as my saws!
  12. Blimey. I might try that on an old chain.
  13. Nice one. First one for me. Just grateful the grain is a real giver.
  14. Hi @gobbypunk I thought the pale was normal. I have seen some of Roghhewns dark stained stuff, but I picked up this last summer. I put it down to the fact that the stick was standing dead and only about 45cm wide. All cut to 25mm for tablets/trays/platters Board on left has had a sanding and first coat of PolyX
  15. I hope you sort it. If your house insurance has a legal helpline, maybe a call to them. Or citizens advice? It's not just the install, but the ongoing maintenance (and access) in fault situations. Needs to be agreed. Good luck.


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