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  1. Bob_z_l

    Chewed its way in

  2. Hi, I might be able to help. I'll send you a PM. Bob
  3. Bob_z_l

    5G and is it harmful?

    This is a worry. From memory...as old and confused as I am....The high frequency (microwave) signals are very much line of sight and don't travel as far or as well as lower frequency. I remember this is why the modern cell-phone aerials are closer together. The signal does not propagate as far. 5G being higher again, I understood to mean even more (closely grouped lower powered ) aerials. Any thought of satellites would mean a very much higher output. I await to be corrected as I know there are some ex service signals chaps around I'm sure. Bob
  4. Bob_z_l

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    My two favourite "Orange things"...
  5. Bob_z_l

    Chestnut post and rail.

    Sent message.
  6. Bob_z_l


    Ditto all above.
  7. Bob_z_l

    Painting Aluminium panels before signwriting

    As Khriss says..... It's the same as Landrover Panels...etch primer chemically bonds to the aluminium so that paint can then bond to the primer. If you don't regular paint just peels off.
  8. Bob_z_l

    Monkey puzzle

    Ringing a few pieces won't be a complete loss....have you seen some of the bowls that can be turned out of it. Saying that, what you have there looks bloody splendid. Best of luck.
  9. Bob_z_l

    Toyota Rav 4?

    Funny nobody has mentioned anything Suzuki... Jimny is a very nimble car. Vitaras are very car like in their interiors and fittings. No need to rough it in a defender. (Had loads of LR's) Great for proper off-road but from Road to Farm track? maybe not necessary...probably not. Suzuki.....Good ones are out there. Selectable 4wd so no need to scrub up your tyres when normally driving on the road. Plus....you'll only need the 4wd when the weather gets bad...even on a bumpy track (I live on one too!) Depends what you want? All the best in your choice.
  10. Bob_z_l

    How heavy?

    Pi x radius squared multiplied by length of trunk...volume of cylinder. 5ft = 150cm 12ft = 360cm Pi x (0.75)2 x 3.6 You are right....I've redone it. 6.3 Metres cubed at 1021 kg a M = 6tonnes plus. Sorry
  11. Bob_z_l

    How heavy?

    It's approximately 2 M3 of wood @ 1021kg per m3 for v green wood = 2040kg. https://extension.psu.edu/calculating-the-green-weight-of-wood-species
  12. Bob_z_l

    Hour meter for CS100 chipper

    On other petrol engined site equipment I have used cheap ebay electronic tachometers. Sorry can't post a link... When you do a search you'll find a few marine rated ones. It worked alright on my petrol splitter as you can change from revs to hours. It just needs the wire wound round the plug lead / ignition circuit. No electrical connection as such, all done by induction. Used mine to gauge oil change cycle. Bob
  13. Bob_z_l

    DBS Check

    Hi, I've had various security checks SC and BTP's own version, also set up checks for team menbers. In my experience of pushing through checks for others. the only ones that ever had difficulties and were refused were because of undisclosed issues. If you have ever been cautioned and fail to mention it , that'll do it. Own up and all is ok. Supposedly PNC has the info already so it won't be a surprise. Good luck
  14. Bob_z_l

    What's on your bench today?

    I've had a similar situation...I used to heat up a 2mm drill bit with a gas torch melt it into plastic ant use that to pull the whole lot out. Faster than superglue? Good luck regardless.
  15. Bob_z_l

    Work for wood

    I have in different situation. I clear fallen wood for local farmer. He gets work done I get plenty of wood. It doesn't happen often and it isn't my source of income...I'm not a tree surgeon just a wood burner.


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