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  1. Lovely weekend. Freddie (Star) is 1/4 Dorking and 3/4 Sebright. 5 toes and a proper Bantam (ish) character.
  2. My Domestic insurer (as a Hobby Miller) flat out refused to insure it. Being "portable" made it removable and they would not cover it unless it was enclosed within a structure and made more permanent. Things that I could not do. My own risk. Mediocre experience ...sorry.
  3. Bob_z_l

    Ray Mears

    Thank You @sime42 A good article. A chap I must admit I didn't have a lot of time for when he first arrived, but he does seem to be a chap that I think would be an interesting conversation at a BBQ/dinner/whatever.
  4. Trying to get a decent photo.....but the local Lapwings are back. Missed them for a year or two due to activities in the field. But the whooping was definitely out there... 2 pair by the looks. Pics as soon as I can. Then hopes are high for the swallows. Light at the end of a very gloomy (winter) tunnel.
  5. Goggle image is good but I sometimes find this is better... TinEye Reverse Image Search TINEYE.COM
  6. Try Toby Toby Trees.... he is in the Dorking Area...I know he travels. Tree Surgery in Reigate, Tree Surgeon in Reigate, Tree Work in Reigate WWW.TOBYS-TREES.CO.UK If you need a professional to carry out tree surgery duties at your Reigate or Surrey venue, find out how tree surgery services can maintain the health of your grounds.
  7. Bob_z_l


    Second that. IBC full of mush.
  8. Doesn't this qualify on the "overloaded " thread? 😉
  9. Had one of these. Ex Sulatn of Brunei.s motorcycle display team. Bought from a dealer in Stoke who had a dozen of them. All white. No side stand. No ignition key. Fun. Used to ride into town and leave it leaning against walls while I popped into shops. Always asked...aren't you worried someone will nick it? I used to say...if you can start it you can have it! A knack for sure with left hand starter and de-compressor. Happy days green laning
  10. I agree. Especially when I hear that Honda are introducing some Gyro tech to make it easier for people to ride. There has to be a degree of skill/practice / whatever. Else anyone could jump onboard and ride like Rossi....can you imagine the carnage? People not used to the speed, or anticipating the consequences of their manoeuvres.... turns the whole operation into a computer game. Sticking with my pre 2000 and 1980's machines. I know my and their limits.
  11. Sorry to butt in. I've had trouble with weather blowing in and found scaffold debris netting stopped a lot but still let air flow...not as much I grant you, but some.
  12. Monkey gone to heaven Africa


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