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  1. Further to my earlier caterpillar pics.. I now have 4 of these happy feeders munching through a willow.
  2. Cheers @daltontrees Mrs has just found that on Google. Not nice. Going to keep an eye out for the adult now. Bonkers. Cheers Bob
  3. Hi, first time in this section. Found this in the garden today and I can't find anything on the web that looks like this Caterpillar. About 40mm long. Any clues?
  4. This has been doing the rounds for weeks for Android users...
  5. I did get the same answer from LS as you. I just haven't chased it. As usual...when I started to try and fix it the saw has been running like a swiss watch... Dag-nabbitt. I'll order the parts and have them in the "bin" when I need them. Thanks Bob
  6. Hi Rob, I'm looking at your PM48 kit and before I purchase I had a couple of questions. What grinding stone will I need for the lo-pro chain? In case I already have it... I've got a 660 and i'm assuming it'll have the grunt to push this rig, Y? Last, I also see there is now an intermediate post for shorter bars on longer mills... is this a big faff to change between the two setups? I wanted to change as I have one of your Eco mills but am spending a lot of time getting the depth accurate and the Panthers seem to have this down pat. + the extra width offered seems a good call. Thanks Bob
  7. I'm going to ruin it by saying I just took a mm or so off the top of the rakers with the granberg at 0 deg. The change was immense. I've got a couple of 24" chains to do and I'll be a bit more precise with them.
  8. I should also say thanks to @Rough Hewn for pointing me to the rakers. Its transformed it. Lesson learnt.
  9. Exactly what I did. Now I'm doing a board in half a tank. And making plenty of dust ( oatmeal?)
  10. Thanks for all of this. I wondered initially if there might be a difference between milling hardwood and softwood. This is the first bit of softwood to have a play with. Hopefully when it gets a bit cooler after 16.00. Thanks Bob
  11. Cheers @Rough Hewn I'll give them another check, I did suspect but wasn't sure.. It def isn't a new chain I hope not...I've cleaned and checked everything during my lockdown/furlough. Thanks @jfc I will give t another blast. @Stubby Cheers...my observations with the ripping chain are that it does produce fine chip like a dust or powder. Not like the lovely fat chips off the fresh crosscutting chains. If that makes sense. many thanks for the help and re-assurance. Bob
  12. Hi All, To explain. Up until now I've milled green Oak and some dead(ish)ash. No problemo. I've got a Stihl 10deg ripping chain and a granberg and I try to be very careful to get it set right. To the point.. Today i was trying to mill a bit of fresh-ish Pine. About 10ft by 20 inches or so. My first cut took nearly 3 tanks of fuel in the 660 whereas last year a similar chunk of Oak would take one tank per pass. the saw isn't struggling but I'm producing nowhere the amount of dust I'd expect. So...Do I need to use a different angle? Have I done something else wrong? Suggestions please. I've got several lumps to do and I can't be doing 3 tanks a board. Cheers Bob
  13. I don't know how much help it'll be. A quick google has these people listing a cylinder and piston plus many other parts... No idea if they are any good. https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mitox/machine/4116-chainsaw/ UK based...and I suspect you aren't? Bob
  14. Hi, This probably isn't the right section but I couldn't figure if woodworking or firewood was best and so opted for the general. I have a neighbour that builds musical instruments from scratch (as a hobby). He was after some lumps of Spruce or Maple...spruce would be preferred. 75cm long and between 20- 30 cm wide. There isn't a budget as such, exchange for a few beers? Very happy with green as he has the time/energy/skill to store/season etc. Happy to collect within reasonable distance I'm in the Dorking/Horsham area. Thanks Bob
  15. Is this it?? LT15CLASSIC WIDE Sawmill | Wide version of classic construction for bigger log capacity WOODMIZER.CO.UK <p>The widest sawmill in LT15 range. Designed to be an affordable entrance to cutting large logs up to 90 cm...


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