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  1. I cheap out. Old petrol and 2 mix in a pot with an old paint brush to apply. Wipe down after a few mins with paper towel then a blow down with the air line. Generally clears everything.
  2. Hi Saul, How do you dispense out of the 55's. Is there some pump or tap you use to fill a combi? Cheers Bob
  3. apparently no. From Wiki.... The two giant sequoia drive-through trees have both fallen: Wawona Tree fell in 1969 in Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park Pioneer Cabin Tree fell in 2017 in Calaveras Big Trees State Park[
  4. That's well priced. Is it all metal construction and good with Milling chains? Yes. Cast....something. The motor is quiet and housed in aluminium. Yes, I would say so. Have a look....here is the manual. Ultra Mk4.pdf Available on their web.
  5. I had a cheap grinder it's ok on everything except the ripping chains for milling. I recently bought a Portek and the ability to set the angles correctly has transformed my sharpening. The Granberg still goes into the woods with me but the bench s master. Portek Ultra ChainMaster MK4 chain sharpener – FR Jones & Son WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK
  6. Similar from last night.... we've had 3 nests in the stables...2 clutches from each. Reckon this'll be mst of them getting set to go home.
  7. I was looking at adding roller wheels to my panther mill. I was going t use cheap skateboard wheels on an extra long M8( I think) slotted in the rail. Might need to bush out the bolt... to be seen as I've not done it yet.
  8. Cheers @Stubby Makes me feel a great deal more at ease. Did you have to re-tune your saws a some others have said? p.s. I've just read more on the Stihl site. Their Moto Mix uses Ultra HP so I might go that route when pushed.
  9. Sorry to hijack: Looking at Aspen @Rough Hewn but like to use a fully synth 2 stroke oil. Do you (or anyone) use the 4 stroke mixes and add your own oil? Or are you happy that the oil they use is good enough? I know milling is hard on machines and want to be super sure before I change. Quite happy to go on the search for super unleaded until they phase that out.
  10. Hi @harveyWhite I used a 25mm square 16 gauge box steel length. Seems to be ok. An offcut from my scrap pile.
  11. Bob_z_l

    new ms661

    2 months. Ordered end of April delivered June/July from a reputable dealer. They get weekly updates on delivery times and should be able to keep you in line.
  12. Sent you a private message
  13. Bob_z_l


    They shouldn't weigh that much if it's nice and dry. Can flip them over on the deck. Lad round here drives with them barely strapped. Often see them on the verge waiting for him to return. How he hasn't done anyone in is beyond me.


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