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  1. Check your units, 3mm will survive if you hang 950kg from it not 97 tonne I'd love to see one of those eyes tested to destruction
  2. We'll have to wait for the report because there are a number of confusing things being said or shown, the standing engine is the back one and it looks like the front one is in the gully and burned out with one carriage and then two carriages of four inverted on top. The train seems to be on the down line but there is a report that it changed lines to avoid an earlier flooded section When I was liaison on a goods train during a possession with engine front and back both engines were idling all the time and we swapped driving positions each time we changed direction in order never to have to reverse.
  3. So should @Jase hutch get his bonus from the advertising budget or just the double time for working his days off?🙂
  4. There was a team reducing a conifer hedge in one for the houses behind mine right up to midday, well over 34 in the shade and they had no shade. Hats off to them. By 16:00 it was raining quite heavily with thunder and 4 miles away a mini tornado ripped across the canal downing trees either side of my mate in his mooring right across the navigation.
  5. 10 mile SE, 4 miles from the chobham fire where all the roads through the fire zone are still close and 800m not 300 from the small 1ha fire Sunday on the heath/ secondary woodland opposite my house. 30C in this room now
  6. I would wait till I was sure the tree was established
  7. Good point as they have changed it for electric vehicles to 4 tonnes IIRC
  8. Probably not even that much, when I was weeding through plantations I would just snap one leader and leave the tree to get on with it. It depends what you want from the tree, at the moment it's feathered with full furnish to the ground, in a forest the side branches would become suppressed and die off but an open grown tree is happy to grow coarse and knotty because it's not competing for light. In forestry we would aim to thin such that the remaining trees always had 40% of their length with live wood but below that ideally there should be no branch remains outside of a 4" core, with clear timber laid after that. In a garden it's different but if left fully furnished as it becomes mature sure as eggs eventually someone will come along with a chainsaw and lop lower branches off (because they get in the way of the mower etc.) leaving wounds so large they nearly ringbark the tree. I like to see them pruned to 20ft if they are to be pruned and done before any branches are over 1" so the wounds occlude quickly
  9. You actually don't have to cut the lesser stem off, just shortening it will mean the desirable one will out perform and suppress it. As @Mick Dempsey has said allowing grass around the base means the grass benefits more from the watering than the tree, don't strim the grass as not only does cut grass become more competitive for water but plastic line frapping young tree bark is a very major cause of their early demise. You said "in the fall" I suspect you are not in UK?
  10. It looks like it was potted with a decent root ball, no reason it won't keep growing if you maintain the watering regime though the top may be wilting. You will need to choose a leader and reduce the other but wait till end of summer and see how it looks
  11. I very occasionally help out chipping and brash dragging for a chap with a Canter, full arb sides and a tool box. He never lets me do a tip run in case I go to the weighbridge. I'm convinced it is so close to 3.5 tonnes just with 2 men and tools to make no difference empty. In 11 years he has never been pulled.
  12. Floorboards up, thin battens stapled to bottom of joists, 75mm celotex (seconds) cut and squeezed down to sit on battens, joints taped with aluminium tape, pipes and trays laid: floorboards back down. Make sure airbricks are clear as bottom of joists now sealed from house and must breathe. I've never done it as I laid pipe in screed on top of celotex with a new solid floor.
  13. The word "reckless" is used for schedule one species rather than negligent. The problem is you don't know if a nest is there until you check and if you find one no matter what the species it shows intent if you harm it. I agree there is little chance of being caught and don't know of prosecutions other than poisoning/shooting raptors or stealing eggs. My main take on it is the legislation is a reaction to loss of bird species, it's shutting the door after the horse has bolted because the losses are related to inadvertant effects of our development rather than general domestic activities


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