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  1. tim361

    What saws you got ?

    Ms150t ms200t 346xp ms361 ms461 ms660
  2. tim361

    Which Forestry Safety helmet ?

    Husky technical helmet and meindal woodwalkers
  3. tim361

    Hour meter for CS100 chipper

    I put on on mine when I bought it. I got a cheap on off eBay that just needed a power and earth wire then you wrapped the signal wire around the HT lead. Took 10 minutes to fit. Did RPM and hours.
  4. tim361

    Post and Rail

    We’ve got post and rail at home, looked very good when we first put it in. Now after the horses have rubbed on it it’s all over the place. We’ve got 20 horses and the only thing we’ve found that keeps them where they are meant to be is a mains electric fencing and tape or rope on wooden posts. I’d save your money, horses don’t respect p&r
  5. This is something I’ve never had to heal with before. I’ve been asked by a land owner in Lindfield West Sussex to clear a load of alder. The fields are currently agricultural grazing and there are no TPO or conservation issues. There’s about 40 trees and around a third are ear marked to come out. All the trees are 18” to 24” in diameter and about 30-40ft tall. There’s is in addition a load of oaks that need crown lifting to get the tractors under and 20 chestnuts that need felling all 9”-12” in diameter and 15-20ft tall. I don’t know if we will need to apply for a license to fell this much timber and will the nesting birds issues get in the way? Cheers Tim
  6. tim361

    occupational health of arb

    Mental health is something is something I really struggle to understand. My father struggled with alcohol, depression, and severe anxiety for the last 20 years. He had a life a lot of people would envy, his partner had a job that paid more than enough so he didn’t have to work. His week consisted of playing golf, doing some work on the house, and then he sold a few loads of logs each week to give him some spending money. He had bad days but on the whole seemed pretty cheery about things. In May last year he took his own life and It turned my world upside down. I ended up burying my head in work as it was the only way I could deal with it. The biggest problem with mental health is there are no physical injuries for people to see so everyone just assumes deep down your fine.
  7. Thanks for the heads up on this. Bought the MS660 they had for sale, mint saw doesn’t ever look like it’s been used. Was planning on buying a 395xp until you pasted the link.
  8. tim361

    Starting out

    If your planning on going out on your own I’d start by doing a year or two working for a company. You’ll be able to get a better idea on the day to day workings, bits you’ll like about the job, and bits you’ll hate. I’d save as much money as you can afford to, will mean you’ll be able to buy the basic bits of kit you need without the overheads of borrowing money. Also bear in mind that being self employed is not the easiest, it’s not a Monday to Friday 9-5. You’ll find your self working long days and a lot of weekends.
  9. tim361

    Work for wood

    I’ve had quite a few like this, it normally goes ”Will you do it for the wood” or “How much do I get off if you keep the timber” For me, I don’t mill timber and I gave up selling logs a few years ago so keeping the wood is a bonus. A lot of the time I’ll do my best to talk people into keeping the timber as it’s less work for me.
  10. tim361

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    The guys obviously worked out he can make more money on them. Either that or he’s down to his last couple and getting as much as possible for them. If the drop down in price I’d highly recommend the seller. Saw turned up in 3 Days from Germany, faultless purchase.
  11. tim361

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    If you search on eBay for a 346xp but widen the search area to European Union its a German seller on there. You can pay with PayPal so risk to your money. He’s the only guy selling new ones so won’t be hard to find.
  12. tim361

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    You can still buy a 346xp new. I picked one up a couple of months ago, they still have limited stock in Germany. Worked out about £600 delivered.
  13. tim361

    Stump grinder dealer

    There’s a dealer in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells that sells FSI stuff. Spoke to him at APF and seemed very happy to come out and do a demo for us.
  14. tim361

    First saw purchase??

    You can buy a 346xp new still in your them from Germany. Worked out about £600 for the saw including shipping.
  15. tim361

    Personal accident insurance

    I’ve got cover with NFU, think it’s around £10 a month. Pays out £500 a week if I’m unable to work, and £250 a week if I can still work but have broken a finger or two. Only pays out due to injury, not if you go in for an operation and are unable to work while your recovering.


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