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    Selling my transit tipper due to upgrading. 2003 Mk6 T350 90hp 77k miles Started life as a BT vehicle then converted to a tipper when it got sold off Ive owned it for the last 5 years Body was made by Solent body builders 6 recent new tyres, remapped to 125, rear axle rebuilt last year, had the coolant pipes replaced last year due to perishing, reversing camera, chassis has never had any welding. Will come with 12 months MOT Any questions please feel free to ask, located outside Haywards Heath West Sussex


    Haywards Heath

  2. How are you getting on with the 520iht4?
  3. Another vote for Zarges. I’ve got the same as above and good for most things
  4. I bought a 150p new a few years ago and when it was working it was a fantastic machine. Didn’t have any problems chipping. But in the just over 2 years I had it it had to go back to the dealer 4 times and was down for 4-5 months in total repair times. Ended up fixing it, selling it and taking the financial hit and going to Timberwolf. **Just wanted to add the down time wasn’t entirely down to Greenmech, B&S had a large part to play in it.**
  5. I’ve got a zillion. Bought as when I started climbing got a zigzag so the zillion made sense. Would highly recommend it. Only thing I’ve done is fitted a petzl swivel as I found it bound up on my harness. I’ve also got an Art positioner 2 on my steel core but just don’t get on with it as well.
  6. Looking into getting a bigger grinder to run along side or replace my FSI B22. Was wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about the SG40 and particularly the B28? cheers all
  7. Only time i notice the machine has less power is if your grinding fairly deep and end up with a lot of grinding around the wheel if slows the wheel. Just means you stop for 30 seconds and move the grindings and carry on. Would highly recommend the FSI.
  8. I had a predator 450 and now have an FSI B22. The difference is night and day, and your body will thank you for it.
  9. Still use mine when needed. I couldn’t get on with a big shot hence why I built this
  10. https://www.forestershop.com/forester-denim-jean-chain-saw-protective-pants-csjean.html#store-message
  11. Thank you, will watch this space
  12. I’ve currently got the new dcs 2500t which I really like and since buying it my 2511t hasn’t come out of the locker. Does anyone know if the are planning on doing a larger top handle comparable to the husky 540i xp?
  13. I switched over to aspen a couple of months ago. I noticed this year that after a day on the saw I had a horrible head ache and would cough for a couple of hours after work. Yes it’s about 3 times the price but my headache and cough have gone. I’ve also gone over to using the Echo battery top handle which I do as much as possible with and it’s amazed me how little fuel I actually use during the day. I’m sure if your using bigger saws all day you’ll notice the financial differences but for me it hasn’t really been noticeable.
  14. I’m sure Covid isn’t helping, seems to be causing delays with a lot of things. When I had all my kit stolen (2019) on a Friday night/Saturday morning phoned Aviva on the Monday, paperwork work was emailed to me that day. I filled in all the forms with receipts, serial no. etc... and emailed back on Wednesday, assessor phoned on Friday and we agreed a figure, received the cheque middle of the following week. Less than two weeks start to finish.
  15. I’d be charging somewhere in the region of £14-1500 depending on what the dig is like etc.....


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