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  1. I recently went from a single cab transit tipper to a hilux tipper. The work we do changed to more estate based work where we need to be off road. Yes I miss the capacity and bed size of the transit, mostly for fencing. Has made the vehicle much more useful having a 4x4 with a winch. I only really work as a team of 2-3 and we generally have two trucks on site most days anyway so can fill both trucks with chip if needed.
  2. Has any one got or used one of these, any good or bad words to say about it? Ones come up for sale not to far from me and I’ve been looking for something bigger than my 150. cheers all
  3. Where can you get a 500i from? Been on the waiting list for one for months.
  4. Depends if you value your safety at more or less than the cost of replacement bits.
  5. https://www.chrisforestry.co.uk/store/First-Aid-c115918026 Chrias Forestry does these kits
  6. In my experience they’re one of the worst. I had a claim with them and they fought me every step of the way. I had a defender stolen and ended up loosing a lot of money as they wouldn’t honour the value of the vehicle. Also lots of hidden charges when you have to claim. Never again.
  7. If you after a 60cc saw you could always buy a ms361 from Robin on here. Great saw and none of the electric stuff
  8. Euro greens aren’t far from there and I’ve never had any problems with them.
  9. Any good or bad reviews on the Stihl X light trousers? I’ve been fortunate enough to get a pair of clogger zero’s at a good price but getting a second pair isn’t easy. After another decent light weight pair of chainsaw trousers.
  10. Yes it’s the updated one. Chip box holds 4.3m3 and you can pretty much fill it. Legal payload I can’t honestly remember, sure I was told around 8-900.
  11. Picked this up a month ago. Very happy with it.
  12. Those of you that are VAT registered are you flat rate or not? I’m going to have to register for VAT very soon, have had 3 years trying to stay under the threshold but I’m getting fed up with trying to stay under. My time is split 50/50ish between fencing and tree work and I also do a fair bit of subbing to other people so I’m thinking flat rate would be best for me. Also those who are flat rate, what did your business come under on the list from HMRC? Cheers
  13. Stihl MS361, bomb proof saw and runs an 18” bar with ease
  14. Does anyone on here have either an Overland Environmental converted hilux or a CPL converted Isuzu? Want to buy one next year just after any good or bad words to say about either company. Price wise both vehicles are working out about the same cost with so just comes down to which is the better vehicle. Cheers all
  15. I’ve got 2. I’ve got the echo 2500 for small pruning and the 540i for everything else. The echo is a very good saw when run with the stihl 1/4” chain is even better. I really like the husky as well but it is a lot bigger and heavier. If I had to get one of the two you had picked I’d got husky but not the 535/536 I’d get the 540. Virtually not weight or size difference and to me it’s a much better saw. Only thing I might do with mine is swap it over to the 1/4” stihl chain.


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