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  1. There’s this one in Sussex
  2. Can you just get the same diameter rope but longer and run it through the zillion?
  3. By chance does the 361 have a 3/4 wrap handle on it?
  4. What bar sizes do people recommend to run on the above saws?
  5. If you want it your more than welcome to it. No one else seems to want it.
  6. Spoke to the company that assess you claim. They send you a from and you have to list every single item you are claiming for, date purchased, price paid and if you have a receipt to prove the purchase. Took about two hours to fill in looking through all my previous tax returns. On the indemnity policy’s the the reduce the values by 10% for 1-2 years, 20% for 2-3, 30% for 3-4 and its capped at a 40% reduction for machines 4+ years older. Don't know if any of this info is any use to anyone but seeing as there seems to be a constant stream of thefts it might help someone.
  7. I’ve already discovered that despite asking for old for new replacements the broker actually did it with value adjustments so I’m not going to get back the cost of what I paid for the tools. As already said I should have actually checked my insurance. So far all seems to be going well. Aviva passed me onto a company which work out the value of my equipment stolen. I’ve got to fill in a form with what I paid for each item and a age for each item. They will then work out a depreciation on them and that is what the payment will be. Hopefully a lot of my tools not being that old I shouldn’t get burnt to badly.
  8. Just enough to cover the postage and maybe a pint. Don’t suppose I’ll ever see my 361 again so would rather someone got some use from it.
  9. I don’t know it it’s any use to anyone but I’ve got the main loop handle and element for the rear handle that came off my 361.
  10. Thanks, I’ve got a lot of friends in the industry who’ve offered me use of their stuff until I can get sorted. Thankfully I’ve got a lot of fencing to get done over the next few weeks and not much tree work to be done.
  11. Hi All. After getting cleared out the other night I need to start the process of claiming on my insurance to get my kit replaced. I got my insurance through a broker locally to me, insurance is underwritten by aviva who I think underwrite most insurances. Has anyone ever had any experience of claiming from them, how hard was it to claim, and what were like at paying out? cheers tim
  12. I’m about 10 minutes from Hayward’s Heath in West Sussex. From what I can gather a lot of people got done on the same night in a 15 mile radius. Some blokes have pretty much lost everything.
  13. The 200t has been ported by spud so has his sticker on top and a 14” bar with orange lanyard and a ct karabiner. The 346xp was virtually new very little wear and tear and has a 15” Sugi hara bar on it. The 361 has a brand new 3/4 wrap handle and side case with large felling spikes. Had an orange 18” bar on it (can’t remember the make) The 660 was also in virtually brand new condition. Like the 346 I had just spent a small fortune buy NOS saws.
  14. This morning I made the unfortunate discovery that I was broken into last night. Cleared out all my saws, two blowers, and my climbing kit. I’m going to have to replace all my saws, previously I had MS150 MS200 MS260 346XP MS361 MS461 MS600 I had spent quite a while getting saws that didn’t have the electronic wizardry that I’ve not got on with. All the saws I’ve had previously with electrics have had gremlins that would mean the wouldn’t start/run right a lot of the time. So I may look at replacing the whole lot with Echo or Dolmar stuff. Any one have good or bad experiences with the stuff and can recommend certain saws I can replace the above list with? cheers all
  15. I’ve got a youngman on I use. It’s the ally poles with locking clips at either end. Expensive but well worth the money.


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