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  1. Stihl MS361, bomb proof saw and runs an 18” bar with ease
  2. Does anyone on here have either an Overland Environmental converted hilux or a CPL converted Isuzu? Want to buy one next year just after any good or bad words to say about either company. Price wise both vehicles are working out about the same cost with so just comes down to which is the better vehicle. Cheers all
  3. I’ve got 2. I’ve got the echo 2500 for small pruning and the 540i for everything else. The echo is a very good saw when run with the stihl 1/4” chain is even better. I really like the husky as well but it is a lot bigger and heavier. If I had to get one of the two you had picked I’d got husky but not the 535/536 I’d get the 540. Virtually not weight or size difference and to me it’s a much better saw. Only thing I might do with mine is swap it over to the 1/4” stihl chain.
  4. Another vote for LED lenser. Really good torches
  5. Does anyone know which companies are making 4 wheel drive vans I could potentially have a tipping body fitted to. I think there is a Ford transit and Man (VW & Mercedes) who do them but don’t know if anyone else does one. Also is there anyone on here that has one with good or bad words to say about them. My transit gets stuck in some of the most stupid places and it drives me mad.
  6. Get an ms361 off Robin on here. Job done.
  7. Echo 501, good ground saw
  8. My brother in law and his partner have two. He uses it more as a car than a pickup, she uses it for all the jobs at the stables plus towing the horse trailer. Neither of them look after their cars and with exception to routine maintenance and wear and tear items haven’t had any problems.
  9. Has anyone on here had a go with the ropes being offered by Gleistein. Never heard of them before and a new 35m 12mm rope is around £90 which is almost half the price of all the other ropes on the market.
  10. I had this done recently. Bought a 35k mile Mk7 transit and had the body built. Tool locker is raised off the bed by 300mm as I do a lot of fencing so means I can fit a 10ft post underneath the tool locker.
  11. I’m after a new ground helmet. Currently have a husky technical helmet and I just don’t get on with it. Have a Protos helmet when climbing which fits like a glove but don’t know what the ear muffs are like for chipping? Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about the current ground helmets for sale? cheers all
  12. Had 2+1 on my Mk6 transit, when it was full of chip would sit 3-4” lower. Didnt seem to raise the rear body height to much and ride was pretty good still. Have got 3+1 on my Mk7, doesn’t seem to sit any lower with weight in it. Rear body height is quite a bit higher than the 2’s and it is a lot bumpier while driving.
  13. Service Metals | Leading suppliers of aluminium & commercial body fittings WWW.SERVICEMETALS.CO.UK Recognised as the leader in its field as major suppliers of aluminium, steel, GRP panels, flooring, commercial body... They sell everything you’ll need
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    Selling my transit tipper due to upgrading. 2003 Mk6 T350 90hp 77k miles Started life as a BT vehicle then converted to a tipper when it got sold off Ive owned it for the last 5 years Body was made by Solent body builders 6 recent new tyres, remapped to 125, rear axle rebuilt last year, had the coolant pipes replaced last year due to perishing, reversing camera, chassis has never had any welding. Will come with 12 months MOT Any questions please feel free to ask, located outside Haywards Heath West Sussex


    Haywards Heath


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