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  1. etsy.com WWW.ETSY.COM I’ve got this bag in 70l. Has the loops on the side for clipping carabiners on. I’ve got a 16mm 60 metre rope, a portwrap, rigging rings, and a couple of racket straps in there. Pretty heavy but holds it all fine.
  2. I’ve got one of these bags to carry my rigging kit. Really good bag for the money and takes a beating.
  3. Are you after the stihl/panther chain or is it to fit the standard echo 1/4 carving bar? If it’s for the standard echo bar it’s .050 or 1.3mm rather than .043 or 1.1mm which is the stihl chain
  4. QRMS do blades for forsts. Think they’re about half the price of genuine (rotatech) blades. Not used them but I’ve never had any problems with the green teeth copies I get from them.
  5. Try this guy. He lives near Ipswich but travels all over the country. He’s been to me a few times for services and bearing changes.
  6. Got one about a month ago. Replaced my sequoia, Just wasn’t comfortable in it. MB harness is really comfortable but quite a big harness, really like it. Even with my sister bringing it back for me worked out quite expensive.

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Selling my Worky quad due to getting a larger skid steer Ssq 15d with 30ish hours on the clock, comes with turf tyres, full working order and pretty much new condition with exception for the odd small mark. Comes with pallet forks, bucket, tow bar plate, and the grapple bucket in the picture. Any questions please let me know, located near Haywards Heath, West Sussex. £13500+ VAT = £16200


    Haywards Heath, West Sussex - GB

  8. Just to throw my 2 pence worth in. Rather tan doing all the tickets in one go, get your maintenance, felling, and possibly your chipper ticket done. Should take you just over a week to do those bits maybe two. Find a good firm locally to you and either do some weekend work or take a day or two off a week and work for them then. You’ll soon decide if it’s a job you want to move forward with or not and providing the company is half decent you’ll learn a lot while you’re there. I’m 10 minutes from plumpton, probably the other side to you. I did my climbing tickets with Scott frazer. Would highly recommend him.
  9. I’ve got both. Both have 25” bars on them, but the 461 has been ported. Can’t really say I have a favourite. Just alternate between the two. Major difference is the 500i seems to really drink.
  10. You’ll also have to make sure the saw has a 1/4” sprocket rather than the 3/8” one
  11. You can get a stihl bar to fit, just have to re drill the tensioner hole. I wouldn’t get a panther bar until they’ve sorted the manufacturing out.
  12. I use bits of gravel board off cuts fixed in an L shape with some braces in the corner. Take maybe 10 minutes to make from the off cuts pile. Lasts me a few months before I have to make a new one. Protects the wooden floor and stops the teeth chewing into the head board.
  13. I really like these, Solidur Waterproof Jacket WWW.CHRISFORESTRY.CO.UK Lightweight waterproof Jacket PU on polyamide 2 Chest pockets with flaps Extended back Underarm ventilation Large... Cheap and seem to get a few years out of a pair. My jacket needs replacing but is 3 years old now. There’s a matching pair of trousers to go with the jacket. Chris is also a really good guy to deal with.
  14. Get your teeth from QRMS. They sell green teeth copies for a lot less
  15. I have the same with my hilux. The rear bar is removable but it’s quicker just to tip the body up a little.


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