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  1. tim361

    Stump grinder dealer

    There’s a dealer in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells that sells FSI stuff. Spoke to him at APF and seemed very happy to come out and do a demo for us.
  2. tim361

    First saw purchase??

    You can buy a 346xp new still in your them from Germany. Worked out about £600 for the saw including shipping.
  3. tim361

    Personal accident insurance

    I’ve got cover with NFU, think it’s around £10 a month. Pays out £500 a week if I’m unable to work, and £250 a week if I can still work but have broken a finger or two. Only pays out due to injury, not if you go in for an operation and are unable to work while your recovering.
  4. I bought a GM 150p last year. The diesel version didn’t make sense for me. The nearest garage selling red is a 15 minute drive away, and the machine was another £2-3000 more. That pays for a lot of petrol to get to the same point. Maybe they don’t make sense for the big guys but for me I probably average a gallon of petrol a day, So the extra £2-3 pounds I’m spending on petrol a day doesn’t effect me.
  5. tim361

    Petzl Zillon

    I’ve got both. Have the 5m zillion as my lanyard and the art positioned on my steel core flip line. I prefer the zillions action, for me it’s a lot smoother to use. Only thing I’ve done is added a swivel to the zillion just so it doesn’t get to twisted on my harness.
  6. tim361

    Major (brand) stump grinder

    After looking into it a little more it’s the 450 version, no turn table unfortunately. Couldn’t see the cutting head as it was in the back of his shipping container. What’s better cutter to have on the head?
  7. tim361

    Major (brand) stump grinder

    Take a bow. Just looked on Laski’s wedsite and looks like the 460 version they do. I’ve asked him to work out what he wants for it and go from there.
  8. I’ve been offered a stump grinder by a friends dad that he’s had from new. It’s branded as a Major (the company who male tractor equipment) Does anyone know much about them or what it would be worth. Looks virtually brand new. It’s a self propelled pedestrian grinder.
  9. tim361

    Anyone on here in France who could help me?

    Fail. Today my step dad went to Calais, picked up the wine, went to the local Husqvarna dealer and........ none in stock. If it’s not going to be a massive inconvenience for you Stuart would you be able to ship me two to the UK? If you can let me know how much the saw and shipping would be and also what you want for doing it and I’ll send the funds over. Cheers tim
  10. tim361

    Anyone on here in France who could help me?

    Thanks for the help. My step dad is booked to go to France next Tuesday so hopefully the Husky dealer in Calais has one in stock. I’m not entirely confident in his ability for this to work smoothly so I may have to take you up on the offer of shipping one to me. I’ll report back next week. Cheers all
  11. tim361

    Anyone on here in France who could help me?

    Thank you, really appreciate you doing this. I’ve emailed a few but heard nothing back yet, could be because it English or could be my google translated French. I’ll see how my step dad gets on this week and report back.
  12. tim361

    Anyone on here in France who could help me?

    Thanks for the help. I’ll see if my step dad can pick one up when he goes to France next week. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to Look at other options. Cheers all
  13. tim361

    Anyone on here in France who could help me?

    I have emailed a few dealers but not heard anything back from them. Turns out my step dad is going to France next week to pick up a load of wine so I’m hoping he can get to a dealer and pick up afterwards. Failing that I’ll probably look at heading over myself.
  14. While looking at saws the other day I noticed they are still selling 346xp’s new in France. Is there anyone on here who could either point me in the direction of a dealer who would be willing to ship to the uk or someone who would be happy to pick up a saw for me and send it onto me? cheers all
  15. tim361

    Weibang Legacy 56 VR Pro

    I’ve had mine for 2 years now. With the exception of a yearly service and sharpening the blade haven’t had to touch it. Really is a very good roller mower, cuts better in the dry or the wet than a hayter, will fill the box to the brim, even the customers say how much nicer the lawn comes up using the weibang. Only downside is the weight, if you can live with that then it’s perfect


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