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  1. I went through this and ended up buying a new chipper 2 years ago to avoid break downs and down time. Unfortunately the chipper I purchased has broken down 3 times in two years, twice It’s been backed to the dealers for 5-6 weeks while they wait for parts and I’d not been offered a loan machine to while mine was being repaired. I’m now in the position where I’m half way through the finance and the machine has lost half its value so if I walk away I’ll come out with nothing. If I could rewind the clock I’d buy an older machine and get it refurbed so it’s as good as new and doesn’t have all the electronics on it.
  2. Go and try on the trousers rather than buying them in the hope they fit you well. I’ve got a pair of Pfanner arborist trousers, the gladiators are a funny cut for me and don’t fit me well at all. Really nice trousers, but the ones that fit me the best and are the most comfortable for me are the breathflex so I have a pair of those as well
  3. Does anyone have one of these and have any good/bad words to say about them? My current echo long reach hedge cutter is 3+ years old now, it’s getting noisier, vibes are getting worse, and like me it takes a while to get going in the morning. What battery and how many of them do you have to get through a day? Looking at making the jump to an electric long reach and keeping the petrol on hand to deal with the rough horrible stuff.
  4. There’s this one in Sussex
  5. Can you just get the same diameter rope but longer and run it through the zillion?
  6. By chance does the 361 have a 3/4 wrap handle on it?
  7. What bar sizes do people recommend to run on the above saws?
  8. If you want it your more than welcome to it. No one else seems to want it.
  9. Spoke to the company that assess you claim. They send you a from and you have to list every single item you are claiming for, date purchased, price paid and if you have a receipt to prove the purchase. Took about two hours to fill in looking through all my previous tax returns. On the indemnity policy’s the the reduce the values by 10% for 1-2 years, 20% for 2-3, 30% for 3-4 and its capped at a 40% reduction for machines 4+ years older. Don't know if any of this info is any use to anyone but seeing as there seems to be a constant stream of thefts it might help someone.
  10. I’ve already discovered that despite asking for old for new replacements the broker actually did it with value adjustments so I’m not going to get back the cost of what I paid for the tools. As already said I should have actually checked my insurance. So far all seems to be going well. Aviva passed me onto a company which work out the value of my equipment stolen. I’ve got to fill in a form with what I paid for each item and a age for each item. They will then work out a depreciation on them and that is what the payment will be. Hopefully a lot of my tools not being that old I shouldn’t get burnt to badly.
  11. Just enough to cover the postage and maybe a pint. Don’t suppose I’ll ever see my 361 again so would rather someone got some use from it.
  12. I don’t know it it’s any use to anyone but I’ve got the main loop handle and element for the rear handle that came off my 361.
  13. Thanks, I’ve got a lot of friends in the industry who’ve offered me use of their stuff until I can get sorted. Thankfully I’ve got a lot of fencing to get done over the next few weeks and not much tree work to be done.


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