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    Man trucks

    If they are the same as crafters I drove a friends one, was really nice to drive and pulled really well. Just carried weight really really badly. No matter how little weight you had in it it always looked overloaded.
  2. tim361

    Man trucks

    Are the man 3.5t tippers not just rebranded crafters?
  3. From experience I wouldn’t have the petrol engine, if you can get it ordered fairly soon you’ll still be able to get one with the 35hp Kubota diesel. Failing that it will be the 24hp Kubota Diesel engine.
  4. Timberwolf are doing very good subsidised finance on new machines. And you can get a 5 year warranty on the new machines. And places like spectrum plant have some very good used ones which have been through the workshop.
  5. I’ll live with my decision. I don’t do a huge amount of tree work, probably 50-60 hours of chipping a year so the additional cost wasn’t warranted to me. With things the way they are at the moment I didn’t want to load myself up with finance when everything is so up in the air at the moment.
  6. Also another guy I spoke to who has 9 chippers in his current fleet still has three 150’s which he said as long as you look after them they keep working. The 230’s he had all go traded in after three years
  7. I just had to make this decision for myself. Buy a new or nearly new 230 or a 150 in the best condition possible. Ended up buying a very low hours 150. Means I saved around £10k in the cost difference, my mechanic/fitter use to mend 150’s so knows them inside out and tree work isn’t my main source of income so I don’t need the most modern up to date machine. Just needed something that will work when I need it.
  8. tim361


    I’ve spoke to both dealers and you can’t get the 35hp anymore on the 24hp units
  9. tim361


    Does anyone have experience with these chippers? And good or bad words to say about them?
  10. Mine hasn’t hit 100hrs and I’ve had 4 bad break downs.
  11. tim361

    Transit Mk6

    Don’t suppose your anywhere near Hayward’s Heath, West Sussex? Got a filter sat on my tool box.
  12. We had 40 of these take up roost at our place. We’re surrounded on three sides by a shoot and seems a lot have decided they prefer of barn roofs to the shoot ground.
  13. Does anyone have a good/bad words to say about a Jensen 530 l? My current chipper has been an unreliable POS so looking to replace it at some point. Also does anyone have a ball park figure for a 530. cheers.
  14. tim361


    There’s not history of subsidence that I know of and the house was built early part of the last century.
  15. tim361


    Evening all. This is something I’ve never had to to deal with hence the questions. I’ve just been to look at a job which I’ve been asked to remove a small silver birch and a large cypress. The trees owner took me round to meet the neighbour who is concerned about heave it the trees are removed. The soil round here is a very small amount of top soil 150-200mm and then clay. The silver birch is about a 300mm in diameter, 8m tall, and about 3m from a block paved drive. The cypress is 600mm in diameter, 18m tall, and 500mm from the wall of the neighbours house. They would like both trees down but the neighbour is concerned about the potential heave removing the trees could cause. Can anyone point me in the right direction or suggest a plan of action? Cheers
  16. Could you not just buy the panther bar and then run standard ms150 chains?
  17. Don’t have any pics as I’ve since sold my cs100. From memory I used double sided take and stick it just below the fuel tank. There was a space where it fit perfectly. its very simple to fit, just wrap the black wire around one of the HT leads a couple of times and your done.
  18. I fitted one like this from ebay or amazon to my cs100. Cheap, easy to fit, and did everything it was meant to.
  19. Vantuner.com | A more professional van tuning service VANTUNER.CO.UK vantuner.com are van tuning specialists that can tune your van to it’s safe maximum. With ECU flash remapping...
  20. If you do buy a transit there’s a guy near Heathrow airport who remaps them. He did my 2003 90 and it puts the power at around the 125 mark. I bought mine 3 and a bit years ago with 52k miles from new, just rolled over to 71k. Chassis is mint still, engine pulls well when fully loaded with chip and in the three years it’s cost me around £500 to keep it on the road. That includes tyres, breaks etc....... Just trying to decide if I keep it and get the cab blown over to neaten it up or if I buy a much newer van to help with tax bills.
  21. As mentioned above. I have a sports massage every 2-3 weeks which helps a lot. I also bought a simba mattress about 6 months. Before I would not manage to sleep all night without waking, would go to bed and wake up stiff and achy, and would still feel exhausted in the morning. Now I’m getting a good nights sleep, sleeping all night, wake up feeling a lot better. Don’t know if all the internet mattress companies are the same but would recommend simba. You get an amount of time to try it and return if you don’t like it. And even better for me someone buggered the paperwork up and I got it for free.
  22. I’ve got a Greenmech with the same engine. Mine was becoming really hard to start until one day it wouldn’t do anything. One of the coil packs had cracked open and stopped working. All sorted by GM under warranty but took a lifetime to get parts from Briggs and Stratton
  23. It’s probably had 6-8 tanks through it. I always pick the 2511 up and only grab the 360 when it’s needed for bigger timber. I’ll give it a bit more use and see if that helps all.
  24. When all my kit was stolen I replaced all my saws with echo kit. My 200 was replaced by echos 360t. Biggest problem with the saw is it seems lazy while cutting. Mine has a 14” bar on it and when we were chogging down a chestnut cutting the full length of the bar the saw almost seems to give up in the cut. It’s still running the standard echo chain and bar. I’m sure I read somewhere that people have replaced the echo/Oregon chain with a stihl one which is meant to make some difference, but it just doesn’t seem to have the power to pull a 14. Anyone have any advice, apart from buying another 200? cheers all


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