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  1. Does anyone have or has anyone driven on of the new shape iveco tippers (not the 4x4 one)? Just wondering about positives or negatives with them.
  2. Normally pump it up to between 80-100psi. I think it’s a 16oz throw bag but I’ll have to check
  3. Could you not use the manual tip until you get a new remote sorted?
  4. When I enquired a could of months ago Jas P Wilson had a TP175 with a 35hp engine for sale. May still have it
  5. tim361

    Man trucks

    If they are the same as crafters I drove a friends one, was really nice to drive and pulled really well. Just carried weight really really badly. No matter how little weight you had in it it always looked overloaded.
  6. tim361

    Man trucks

    Are the man 3.5t tippers not just rebranded crafters?
  7. From experience I wouldn’t have the petrol engine, if you can get it ordered fairly soon you’ll still be able to get one with the 35hp Kubota diesel. Failing that it will be the 24hp Kubota Diesel engine.
  8. Timberwolf are doing very good subsidised finance on new machines. And you can get a 5 year warranty on the new machines. And places like spectrum plant have some very good used ones which have been through the workshop.
  9. I’ll live with my decision. I don’t do a huge amount of tree work, probably 50-60 hours of chipping a year so the additional cost wasn’t warranted to me. With things the way they are at the moment I didn’t want to load myself up with finance when everything is so up in the air at the moment.
  10. Also another guy I spoke to who has 9 chippers in his current fleet still has three 150’s which he said as long as you look after them they keep working. The 230’s he had all go traded in after three years
  11. I just had to make this decision for myself. Buy a new or nearly new 230 or a 150 in the best condition possible. Ended up buying a very low hours 150. Means I saved around £10k in the cost difference, my mechanic/fitter use to mend 150’s so knows them inside out and tree work isn’t my main source of income so I don’t need the most modern up to date machine. Just needed something that will work when I need it.
  12. tim361


    I’ve spoke to both dealers and you can’t get the 35hp anymore on the 24hp units
  13. tim361


    Does anyone have experience with these chippers? And good or bad words to say about them?
  14. Mine hasn’t hit 100hrs and I’ve had 4 bad break downs.


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