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  1. We met a scientist once looking at brain tumours, he had no proven evidence (yet but was working towards it) that aspartame was causing brain tumours but could confirm it accelerated there growth massively!
  2. For bigger quantities try Rye oil but for 5l your local dealer, get a good working relationship with them and in most cases you will receive good service and prices in return for loyalty
  3. I think @Stubby meant go back to boarder saws being the ops local dealer
  4. Who do you use now?
  5. Look up “winding up petition” if it’s a significant amount. from my (limited & Luddite) knowledge if you ask the court for one the company has all assets and bank accounts frozen until a receiver pays the debt and gives them any remaining assets back. I can’t remember the minimum figure but it used to be a powerful tool against a ltd company.
  6. Post box? from the first pic I was going to say a soot hatch for the chimney till I saw the second picture
  7. We used to have an inverter in the truck with a mains charger. Was great on whilst traveling but would flatten the battery if you charged any more than 1 ap300 battery without the truck running. (Eggs split charge and second battery would solve this)
  8. Well bugger me sideways! If you have a problem with a suppler ring them, if it can be sorted great if not ask to cancel the order. In the mean time climb down off your high horse it might make it easier to find the phone. P.s they may be able to hear you better over the phone if you take your keyboard hero mask off!
  9. The textile outer also provides a percentage of the over all strength, it is higher than you would first think.
  10. These are good masks 👍
  11. Brake fluid on a cotton bud was the method of choice I believe, I knew of one car that had the same ticket for 3 years (was a mates obviously I couldn’t comment or condone such things) the marvels of modern technology has spoilt the simple hustles of time gone by!
  12. Only privet it may be but you will still use more plugs than you expect if you go by the instructions. But yes eco plugs are the easiest route to go down.
  13. Load of tosh and completely pointless in that application, that tree would of come over with a deeper gob, straight back cut and a quick smack of a wedge or felling bar if you really wanted to make sure in under half the time. the time he spend pissing about could of seen the majority of the tree sned out and chipped (prob all looking at the boxer and big chipper) I have seen similar done once on high value timber, but the cutter even admitted the letterbox would be just as good and probably quicker to prevent a barbers chair/ripped fibres.
  14. Possibly drought stress. when did you last have a significant rain?
  15. If starmer gets a sniff of possible power he will be all over it like a tramp on a sandwich, he won’t care who he has to get in bed with to do so.
  16. Speedy recovery to you all. This has just reaffirmed my opinion that peddle power is bad for your health!
  17. It would be the best value firewood your likely to get. Connifer doesn’t ruin flues wet wood does regardless of type. soft wood that is dryed well will give good heat, it’s only down side is it burns a bit quicker but with near instant heat.
  18. Will be a shame to see him go, prob replaced with a idiot. Bring back mark n lard I say!
  19. Stihl, husky or echo are all about equal value for money, pick the best/favourite dealer and go with the brand they sell
  20. Spend your budget on a contractor with a decent grinder. Any more than half a dozen stumps with a 13hp grinder will leave you wanting to sit in the corner rocking and crying 🤣 It is possible but it will probably break you, unless your a Jedi knight or a complete nut case.
  21. Check the white plastic bushes in the tube each side of the join, the drive shaft rattles around at the joint when there worn.
  22. Will C


    A friend of mine got hurt playing peek-a-bo with his kids last night, he is now in ICU
  23. Will C


    @TIMON I’ve not seen you around these parts for a while. How’s life treating you?


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