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  1. hi

    can you send me details and price list,

    Address is Logs N Coal, Newquay Cornwall TR84QD, Thanks quieshotel@btconnect.com

  2. hi could you send me a full price list delivery address 

    owen firewood direct






    thank you 

    wyn owen






    1. Woodbioma




      All info sent to your email.




  3. Hi Stu, Can supply you kiln dried firewood in crates and bags... Ash, birch, oak, alder, beech... Just send me your delivery postcode and I will send you the full price list with door-to-door delivery. sales@woodbioma.lt Regards, Aidas
  4. Hi John, I've sent you the full price list to your email with door-to-door delivery to NE17 7AU. Have a look or contact me at sales@woodbioma.lt Cheers!
  5. Glossop sorry for interrupting this thread and good luck with selling your stock, looks great The container of our ash was sold today, unfortunately, no one from this forum was interested much.
  6. Prices in Teesport : 21 crates of 1,05 x 1,15 x H0,80 @ 94€ 21 crates of 1,05 x 1,15 x H1,60 @ 177€ Let me know your ZIP codes, will check transportation price.
  7. Typing error.. Its in Teesport. contact by email donatas@woodbioma.lt
  8. Got one load of kiln dried ash in Teetsport, contact anyone if interested 1RM crates + 2RM crates (4rows of firewood)
  9. Woodbioma


    Tanat Valley Firewood, would you be able to measure the firelighter and upload a photo of the bag? I believe they are shorter and smaller than usual ones in the market.
  10. Woodbioma


    Let me know quantity of boxes that you are interested in, will check for transportation. Usually we export 800 boxes to UK on a pallet with DHL. Don
  11. Woodbioma


    Found this thread and would like to share our video about wood wool natural firelighters. [ame] [/ame] If anyone interested in them, let me know, we supply pallets in UK with your branded packaging.
  12. While visiting importers and producers of firewood in UK and Ireland as a native Lithuanian I was suprised how people calculate volume of firewood in bags, builder bags, barrow bags, carry bags or any other flexible packaging. As well bag is not neatly packed, but its just loose firewood in a bag. When UK importers are asking for the price of wood, they clearly calculate dimensions of the box, how many boxes in 40ft container and what is the weight of one box. So they clearly understand how business should calculate such a product, but they never tell that to the people. I even had requests to export firewood loose in big bags, but when I stated that is not efficient import, customers started to do numbers and imported crates since then. There are different companies in the market, different products and quality, so these who buy kiln dried firewood in crates they win in this situation, because they have ready to use product and they know what they pay for the volume.

    <p>Hi Simon,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>It was a pleasure to talk with you. Will send you a catalog to <a href="mailto:" rel="">Gardinerstree@yahoo.co.uk</a></p>



    <p>Hi </p>

    <p>Looking for a full shipping container size load delivered to stroud Gloucestershire gl10 2nz </p>

    <p>Would take repeat loads also. </p>

    <p>Contact details are 07825085286</p>

    <p>Or 01453 828446 </p>

    <p>Would be intrested in a order in the next few weeks</p>



  15. Hi, we are based in Lithuania, exporting 30 containers per month to UK. Production time - 2 weeks Delivery door-to-door takes from 7 to 14 days. Email me with ZIP codes if interested in pricelist.


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