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A Climbing Arborist Valentin From Slovenia Introduction

Valentin Rozman



Greetings to all here :)

For the last 11 years, I have been living in Maribor, which is the 2nd largest city in Slovenia country in Europe. Despite currently being 50 years old I decided to develop myself as an arborist. In my younger years, our family loved to mountaineer. After my father started our family business my job was computer-related related and I kept my balance by regular visits to the woods. In the year 2000, I decided to become a freelancer, focused on creative graphic & web design, and professional photography. However since it was early spring and my new home was surrounded with houses that had unpruned fruit trees and vines, I saw a business opportunity. I acquired knowledge about pruning, purchased necessary tools, went door to door, and offered my neighbors to prune their trees and vines. Pruning trees was a great combination of being in the sun, connected with nature and physical activity. However, I was only pruning small trees using ladders.

During the years I focused more on photography, psychology, and spirituality and stopped offering pruning. Right before the plandemic I wanted to start a Life Coaching business however, the World War conflicted with my plan. I joined groups where we made an effort to stop the human genocide until we were successful. I am still active in groups that continue to remove the remains of evil from this world. However, I was tired of sitting in a room while listening to the problems of others. I needed a more physically active lifestyle outdoors. Taking walks along the bank with trees of the nearby Drava river was my favorite daily relaxation method. I noticed that regularly branches of trees started to sag or protrude towards the walking path and that the assigned public company did not prune plants frequently enough.

So I started to take hand pruners on my walks and made some pruning on my own for free. Eventually, I realized that I enjoy pruning very much and I wondered how would it be if someone would pay me for such services. I contacted the company that maintained city trees and landscaping companies asking if they would want to employ me. However since no one offered me a job, I decided to develop myself as an arborist. In the year 2022, I started to experiment with pruning larger trees and learned how to climb using ropes and how to fall trees. In June of that year, I created an additional YouTube channel titled Arborist Valentin where I began to post short documentary videos that show the progress of my development. There are now about 50 videos there and all are welcome to watch them, like, and subscribe:


This year I got so busy that I did not have sufficient time and energy to produce new videos. So I only document every project with photos that I then publish on my Facebook page that you are also welcome to visit and like:


In the past 2 years, I attended many courses and joined national and international professional organizations. I have them listed on my website and you are welcome to take a look:


With 2 years of experience, I am now a pretty skilled tree climber and am additionally learning with goals to become an ISA Certified Tree Climber, ISA Certified Arborist, EAC Tree Worker, and EAC Tree Technician. My next steps are learning tree bracing and cabling, heavy rigging, tree planting, and tree diagnostics.



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