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  1. Aye I was quickly told how much that lamp shade is worth after others saw the vid haha
  2. as the title says, got sidetracked tonight. May amuse a few of you [ame] [/ame]
  3. I use warm water with fairy liquid, let it dry the graphite powder in the swivel and a tiny bit of wd40 in the links and wipe off. Works really well for me, leave it to soak for 10 min if its coated in sap
  4. Hi All, I'm after some advice regarding a new truck. I've been looking at a few but as of budget and as the title suggests narrowed it down to a Ford Ranger. I know it will be mixed reviews but after an overall rating and any major problems any of you have encountered with them. The one I'm looking at specifically is 2009, ex Scottish power who have had it since new. 102 000 miles. Tons of add on's and full service history, serviced twice a year etc. Been poking around it and its in amazing condition and extremely little rust would be easy to get rid of if I delt with it asap if I get the truck. Pictures should be attached. They are asking £4995 + VAT so just under £6000 total. Feed back/ thought on it very much appreciated
  5. Fantastic here, best set I've owned I reckon and a free pair of socks
  6. Hi Joe, How do you find these have been holding up for you? or anyone else for that matter? Also what height/ waist are you roughly? and how do they fit? think I may be a small but not to sure with the sizing reviews of these. Cheers
  7. Hi Everyone, Another thread on the self employed stuff. Reason being I'm struggling to find some of the other threads that have passed so any links to those would be great. Main questions are: how do I register? what insurances do I need as I will be subbing myself to other companies etc? is it worth getting an acountant? or are books fairly easy to keep yourself? can I claim back VAT on things purchased for work i.e. fuel, travel expences, new chains/ gear etc? any useful hints & tips? Thanks alot for help that comes in guys
  8. Just had a look at its specs and your right. Shame as it feeds through like a dream and always catches as normal when you sit into it, I know a few others who use the zz and velocity too. Got me thinking now, cheers for the heads up
  9. ZigZag all the way dude if your using it with the ART rope guide it will be great. The less friction with the ZZ the better and as edwood says self tending is great, I use a samson velocity 11mm and I barely have to tend the rope once I set off which rope are you on at the minute? The spiderjack is also good on a pulley for accent however when it comes time to rappel and do your thing swinging about it can be very jumpy and the clutch can burn out with all the friction being on that. The SJ takes more practice than the ZZ to get used to also. If your used to a traditional prussic have you considered a hitch climber or anything? Hope this helps a bit dude
  10. Just about to put in an order tonight and started thinking, What eye2eye cords are you guys using? My rope is a kernmaster I'm just wondering what length/ make of cord works best that you have found? which shop sells the best one? etc links would be great to be used with the rope wrench. Thanks
  11. If not for the charges that would have followed it would be in haha. Don't even think she would have cared thinking back, still got about 15 ton of timer to shift from there so will recommend her to become a member on here
  12. Cheers Paul, It was great fun though probably not for the client. Got a few more videos to come in a month or so, Think were back there tomorrow to remove a very large oak leaning that was as well. Do you ever find yourself up in Scotland?
  13. Cheers Spence, how are you guys getting on up there? seen alot of pictures from Jim. I am starting to miss working in that part of the country but will hopefully be up there at some point in spring for the job in Ballindalloch Thanks for the right link graygit
  14. Cheers guys atree, it was a first for me too! the lady of the house came in in a very small towel asking if she could go for a shower, I was almost stuck for words until she said I could just continue while she showered. Then I was stuck for words! Fredward, its a bugger of an extraction and we tend to find 8" is a optimum for firewood for burners in this area. Cheers guys
  15. Can't seem to get a link straight up but as the title says its the storm clearance one: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCorqba7E6jt8ur6WfqTrwdQ/videos shot over the last 2 days and dedicated it to my granddad who unfortunately only has a month left in him but I owe him one hell of alot in almost everything I know, He's not a climber but originally started with his horse and cart and a band saw when he was a boy Enjoy :001_smile:


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