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    husqvarna siezed

    hey, went in there this morning he had the engine taken apart, the barrel and piston is badly scored on the outlet side only. the flywheel and fins are very clean, the clutch is black. he says it was the wrong mix. i know the mix was right plus i was and still am using the same mix in my other two saws and their both still working fine. any thoughts?
  2. jplen

    husqvarna siezed

    Cheers lads, he still has the saw in the shop im going in to him in the morning, i don't think he ground out the bar nose, and i don't think there was much dirt in the fins but ill check that tomorrow, im near Dublin. Will try an get some pics tomorrow.
  3. Hey, new to the forum looking for some advice, i brought my 365 special into a hire shop/husqvarna dealer for a new chain, without asking me he ground out the oregon bar to suit a stihl chain, i wasn't to happy about it but he said its normal he dose it all the time and he has a special disc to do it. Has anyone heard of this? is it ok? Now the engine has sized after not much use since then, He says it over heated from being worked too hard, said the clutch was black and the barrel and piston seized, and wants me to pay for the repairs. It was defiantly not being worked hard and he checked the fuel himself and said the mix was perfect. What do you think?


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