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  1. Back on the way up! Money is in guessing the turning point to make profit on the way up and down!
  2. I just executed my exit strategy. Sold half my kit to buy tools and became a Carpenter! So far so good!
  3. I was in a bad mood yesterday for some reason! Sorry! ?
  4. You should have been more specific. I thought you were living up to the climbing Arbtalker elitist sterotype that I try to quash at every turn!
  5. Do you think I'm an arsehole because I don't value the opinion on my ground team?
  6. £150 is the top end in West Wales, usually £100-120 - people don't care how good you are around here, they just care if you break stuff or not! I've gone back to chippying, £160 a day no questions asked and the work is easier and more rewarding. I still plan to do a bit of tree work because it's fun, wasn't quiet the lucrative business I thought it was though!
  7. I think I have an F1. I only do small stuff on it, but it's amazing.
  8. It's pretty crazy that you'll struggle to get a decent tradesman insurance rate for most building trades without an NVQ 2/3 in that trade, but I can get insurance for dismantling a 100ft tree over a listed mansion with a 3 days long rigging ticket.
  9. I've reverted back to carpentry! Boarded out a loft and built a banister today!
  10. Sorry to hear that mate. ?
  11. I just pull trees over sometimes. You all take this far too seriously.
  12. It was my interpretation of base anchoring that it also has the advantage that should the crotch fail, the rope should hopefully grab something (the next crotch down) else and not lead to having no line in the tree! That and I'm shit with a throw line, base anchoring is easier. ?
  13. Nah the glass will be in a ply frame that will attach to the back of the timber. Might use some rubber washers or something to keep it off of the fresh stuff. The fresh stuff has still been cut for over 2 years so shouldn't warp too crazy.
  14. That is the joy of West Wales. No developers would ever build a huge site in the country side here since there aren't enough people to even keep the normal property market afloat


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