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  1. I'm not the voice of experience here, but my concern with mulching an area that big without planting trees would be the amount of competition between your native hardwood seeds and the fern/bracken/bramble that is going to spring up if given the right conditions (ie, nice mulched clear ground). The cost and difficulty of having to keep said invasive species down to allow trees to thrive, i think it would be easier/more cost effective to plant whips. Better to wait for someone with the science to come along and give you the right answer. I like your posts 👍
  2. The pole saw packed up today (too much double extension use) during cutting a fair substantial oak limb. I didn't have my climbing kit so used a sling as a harness and made a three knot system with an old pulling rope to get up there and finish it off. Two morals of the story. 1. Don't climb on shit, old, un-LOLLERed rope. 2. Learn and remember the basics, because you never know when you might need to use them!
  3. Mark Wileman

    Spying on subcontractors

    I guess if it depends on what sort of sub-contracting you are doing. If the prime contractor tells you "fell those four trees" or "clear that span", so long as you are working within the remit of your RAMS it's my opinion that it's none of his business what time you get to site or leave. If however you are subbing in on a day rate, then if I was the prime contractor I'd want to keep an eye on what my subcontractors were doing... there are too many people in this industry that take people for a ride in terms of value for money.
  4. Mark Wileman

    Which small chipper to buy...

    Rock Machinery is good for small stuff or straight stuff up to 4". Its light enough to pull around but not sure you'd fit her in the back of a van. Its hard enough getting up onto my little trailer and that's a shallow ramp.
  5. Mark Wileman

    Husqvarna 550xp MK2

    I can't find anything on google. I was of the impression that the MK1 550/560ss were the one with all the carb issues from a couple of years ago. Mk2 being the upgraded computer/carbs or whatever it was that made them stop being shit! Anyone got a link of any info on the new 550?
  6. Mark Wileman

    Husqvarna 550xp MK2

    Isn't the 550 mk2 already out?
  7. Mark Wileman

    Best size netted bags for 10 inch logs

    Thanks. I've made a little jig to make loading easier, based on the log bagger.
  8. Mark Wileman

    Prices for qualifications

    That's the european chainsaw certificate. I think most UK firms would prefer NPTC/LANTRA qualifications, although the syllabus looks similar.
  9. My firewood pile is getting a bit bit, so I want to start shifting some of it. I don't have the time in the evenings for sorting out/delivering full tipper loads so I'm just going to start bagging it all up in netted bags and sell it as and when I can find the time. (Easier to throw 10 ready packed nets on the back of my tipper than fill it up from the pile). I cut my firewood into 10 inch logs, after splitting between 100-150mm thick. I ordered some netted bags (can't remember what size) but they are too big, and my neatly stacked pile of logs just falls apart in the bag and makes it look half full. What size nets are people using for 10 inch logs? Cheers, Mark
  10. Mark Wileman

    Entrenched Ivy on Mature ASH removal

    I got anaphylaxic shock once when I got stung by a hornet. The doctor tried giving me an epi pen but it would make me unable to continue to previous job so I never went back. I've not been stung since by anything, so not sure where I stand!
  11. Mark Wileman

    Entrenched Ivy on Mature ASH removal

    Same, but I don't. I topped a hollow ash out last year, stem full of bees. They didn't sting me. I like to think we have a mutual respectful relationship.
  12. Mark Wileman

    huskvarna 562 xp - work experience

    I haven't read any of this. My 562 is amazing, starts on the button, runs a 20" bar easily. Buried the bar in a big beech this week and she hardly slowed down. Feels a lot more powerful than a 372, in spite of being smaller. GET ONE
  13. Mark Wileman

    Pikeys and professionals.

    I was half joking, my point being on paper I can do everything someone who's been in the industry 20 years can.
  14. Mark Wileman

    Pikeys and professionals.

    Yeah, qualifications in this industry arent comparable to other sectors. I'm probably more qualified than a lot of people here, but I still wouldn't trust myself to dismantle anything over my house 🤣 Compare that with NVQ 3 tradesman and along with that qualification comes at least 3 years experience.
  15. Mark Wileman

    Rigging assessment.

    Oh, and you have to demonstrate chogging down and know the load snatching puts on the kit etc..


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