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  1. Khriss

    Non paying customer

    Then there is Defamation. Way easier to prove link us lot to said post on checkatrade and let the emails commence k
  2. Khriss

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    Look mate , the moon is round , unlike the earth , an does not rotate as the sun rotates around the earth , so you just use solar panels on the light side of the moon , sorted ... K ( On the dark side of the moon you have a long lead....... )
  3. Khriss

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    Try the new Stihl polesaw ....... dear god what were they thinking ! I mean , put motor in saw head - yea- just where you want the weight ! K
  4. Khriss

    Battery/electric vs Petrol

    You need a 'not till they nail the lid down on me " button preferably after I have gone before k
  5. Khriss

    Monkey Puzzle

    Get it milled Gobbypunk, it's quite rare n you will kick yrself if you don't. Just don't ask me to pick it up ! K
  6. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Basically the original structure was classed as fireproofed, from original design drawings ( big slabbed concrete- excellent, plenty of evacuation time) but subsequent panelling ( sound design or not, arguable ) totally changed any fire spread assessment and smoke toxicity. Hard to blame anyone but Definately a catastrophe to learn from and Not the first of its sort in the UK, I might add. K
  7. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    ...Stop.... It. ..;) k ( thos sure a flat pack Cathederal is not beyond IKEAS abilities...." The Screws ! THE SCREWS GRIZELDA !!!!! )
  8. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Topical AND tasteless poor Keith ! Not even cold in the ground ! K
  9. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    One thing in the French' favour is their Oak woodland management is pretty good. With modern milling and digital design, I think there is a good restoration result achievable. K
  10. Khriss

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Pretty good price fr all that Mark. An more likely to find a fault if so. K
  11. Khriss

    Cpcs vs npors

    Depends on which site manager you get most times. If you stick yr bucket thru the deisel bowser, I think they get fussy k
  12. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    I AM reading a signed copy.... think it's gospel mate *hehe* k
  13. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    ....look Hewn, if that's an admission, think you better get yrself a good solicitor k
  14. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Ephesians 2:4 to 5 and Romans 4:4 to 5 my son; ) k
  15. Khriss

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    ...soon as they just sign up fr that IMF loan, they shall have thine Starbucks n Greggs, here ended the lesson. K


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