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  1. Who the hell wants a 6m hedge! Reduce it n retrim. K
  2. Once again. Lidls hedge cutter 😊 chainsaw pole multi tool. Just used mine again an that 40cc motor roars thru brush with mulches blade on. Obvs this is Chinese import they sell. Plenty of similar models on ebay 130 squid buy extra poles if needed. Nice to use a sharp hedge cutter aftr our works shite. K
  3. It's these gems of wisdom that make you the most valued arbtalker Mr Stubby *fit of non Aspen related coughing* 😇 k
  4. Dunno Turn up on time. Put yr hand in on a job- don't wait to be asked to assist. Read a book relevant to yr trade Sweep up yr own mess. If you do this- you will get further in life. If you don't yr the reason this country is on its arse. K
  5. Dunno- swapping systems is inherently flawed. I delivered a recent tree climb / aerial rescue course to our blokes an SRT came up. It's not allowed for work positioning with us. However I have never found ANY short comings in SRT for full crown access ( I use Teufel n Unicender) with either base tied or top tied. But most of our guys use zig zag s an they don't work SRT. So next time I present the refresher course I will include these methods as AA are now looking at including it. K
  6. An god ! Hasn't Charlie Dimmock let herself go ! Never mind using Aspen.... K
  7. Actually - if yr moving large volumes of bio chip with its attendant mycelium fungal spores - smoking roll ups is good fr you as nicotine is a proven fungicide, mate n I were doing it fr 18 months ( I smoked n he did not ) his chest was terrible ! K
  8. I will dig out the report. Am on holiday at the mo. K
  9. I do know that people do pay a lot of money to sit on a shelf with a hard-on.... But will have to look into the details, it may be under "specialist interest" possibly YouTube may be helpful 😳 K
  10. Just remember Australia n NZ published report on how much chainsaw oil you inhale on hot days....... Fr pro forester it's abt a pint a year, think abt that... K
  11. Itys two cheese graters with plastic wedge n nut n bolt driving it in . get down to poundland n get yr angle grinder out . K
  12. Just the tree reaction to stress - wind , growth pattern etc. K
  13. Very impressive bit of kit - wouldn't have been as impressive if the butt bounced over on his saw ! Wot is it abt leavin yr saw next to a falling tree ? However, much more energy efficient way of wedging back leaners etc. K
  14. Anyway... It's a shit, low paid job and we just do it cos we hate trees.. Dancing on a pin head here lads 😁 k
  15. Specially the Clangers - didn't realise they filmed it in color til 30yrs latr when I bought the Dvd ! Was like being on drugs! K


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