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  1. Khriss

    Hookin' Gone Bad, DMM Captain Hook Bloopers (Video)

    Am not even sure what is happening here ! Just looks like an average day of my throw bagging up a tree ... K
  2. Khriss


    Dunno - must be me Gary , an I am normally good with graph information ! K
  3. Khriss


    Never been keen on them. Hard to interpret and bulky to carry, not sure how they would come over in a Court with a jury ( I do use a long bit and cordless drill for decay mapping ) root and branch wood can be investigated with them , but again - bulky ! K
  4. Khriss

    You are God for a Day

    ( Thankyou Hairy )
  5. Khriss

    You are God for a Day

    But Bill, you have to ! Its a fundamental for humans, Prof. Petersen said so ! K
  6. Khriss

    You are God for a Day

    RE Onechild policy...have you ever dated someone who was an only child ?? Bloody hell the ' lil Miss, I Am ' of it K
  7. Khriss

    Making the news today....

    Yup ! Just wot the UK needed- nothr pompous cunt telling us we are all wrong....... oh, where is Boris when you need him, K ( working out how broke he is gonna be ? )
  8. Khriss

    OREGON field test

    Ze are only following orders ! Mien herr ! K
  9. Khriss

    rings vs pulleys

    Basically a pulley is kinder to ropes, more surface / contact area - heat dissipation less of a problem. K
  10. ....which is what they did in Eire years ago ! Wot ? Farmer liable fr road damage ? Out they come ! K
  11. Khriss


    I think with H.Chestnut, I have seen more crown failures ( heavy lateral branches stress loaded by heavy rain ) than trunk failures-which a Picus would not help you with. K
  12. Khriss

    You are God for a Day

    Ahh hope he Recipes In Piece k
  13. Khriss

    You are God for a Day

    Dunno Mr Stubby, will fink a Bart it ! ( problys shoot the can't who invented spell check/auto-confuse ) k
  14. Khriss

    You are God for a Day

    Definately give every single person a morning to choose their path in life - then they are stuck with it. ( They can choose ANYTHINK , but only death would be way out of it ) k
  15. .....he said Towards a Forwarder ticket !! Get thee to thine specsavers my liege ! K


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