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  1. Khriss

    What's the going rate for block paving

    "cos Der is tree of us ye eeejit !" k
  2. Khriss

    Planning application advice

    Looks a juicy Eco site, might be worth having a word with the local natural history groups, RE bats n the like, could help planning consent if you put in some augmentation or mitigation ? K
  3. Khriss

    Making the news today....

    They getting on a bit - not that I'm free from wear n tear. K
  4. Khriss

    What's the going rate for block paving

    Nice shed...... I wonder f that was why the quote was cheap K
  5. Khriss

    Knife and gun crime London

    I go back to the Shipyard/Pit town I grew up in, in the North, and now live in affluent area surrounded by RangeRovers n "Yaaaaahh" both are relatively tidy with moderate / low crime rates - with a disparity on earnings of over a million /year ! But areas I have to work in are shit holes with high crime rates. K
  6. Khriss

    Knife and gun crime London

    I think the biggest factor is ( young n middle aged ) the disengagement with society ( which drugs n drink accelerate ) if you can't find a job or a decent home Why should you care abt where you live ? If no one invests in themselves they will never achieve, in areas where people do - those tend to be better areas even if they are relatively poor. K
  7. Khriss

    Knife and gun crime London

    Who cares ....... probably the people in the place you deport them to. "A LAND WITHOUT A PEOPLE -FOR A PEOPLE WITHOUT A LAND" Now that ended well didn't it k
  8. Khriss

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Had one do that-that's Wot you do on yr Sundays instead of going to church. Gear puller please vicar 😇 k
  9. Khriss

    Knife and gun crime London

    On my wanders. Some days I feel that the area is pleasant n needs developing more in a humanistic and ecologically sustainable way........ Other days I just....... Wish Speshly when lil Miss Entitled has jammed the ticket barrier..... K
  10. Khriss

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Frankly OS man, the floor n seat box out method is better. I think squaddies used to roll them over ( battery out) to do them. You best do clutch slave cylinder at same time as floor out. ( Ebay now do the coarse screws to hold the floor panels down)
  11. Khriss

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    .. All I can remember is SIII has carbon thrust bearing fr the clutch an SIII has ball bearing. Military chassis are bolt on gearbox crossmember- civilian ones are welded in place ( box out thru the floor) k
  12. Khriss

    Finding your first job

    An with that jolly face you can't go wrong! Don't aim fr big company's they are often shit! A good small 4 or 5 man outfit with a knowledgeable chief n lead climber to follow will give you confidence n experience way faster than the big 'tree experts' k
  13. Khriss

    Finding your first job

    Understood- but unless yr in a transit full of scrap with a bitey dog on a string, you should be OK. K
  14. Khriss

    Forwarding trailer tyre pressure?

    ...an yr loaded softwood must have been a sidewall rip you had not noticed ? K


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