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  1. Khriss

    How much money is there down the smoke?

    Not to be recommended - too many drawbacks , high cost of traveling and the thieving is as bad as Essex . But varied work . K
  2. Khriss

    least strenuous ascent

    A rethink- Definately , K
  3. Khriss

    What's on your bench today?

    Took seat box and floor out on my SII , poked engine crane in thru door, still took over a day , but later models maybe different, K
  4. Khriss

    Making the news today....

    Doesnt explain those bloody Vstol transport planes orbiting London fr last two days - wot the hell was that abt ?? K
  5. Khriss

    Trees and drought

    Its down to who can be bothered Stere , simple mulching and timing yr pruning regime - still seeing loads of heavy reductions round here an we aint had rain fr weeks ! K
  6. Khriss

    Trees and drought

    Definately seeing it down here - established mature broadleafs are toasted on the tops , S.Birch actually failing ! New tree plantings with no mulch ( In my view THE MOST important planting operation -Glendales I am looking at you ...) We are on clay here - so thankgod for last nights heavy shower . Soil moisture wont balance out til end of year . K
  7. Khriss

    Petzl ASAP or DMM Catch in the tree

    Sounds like a chain of failures with staff not using best practise - or any sound practise ! Nothing wrong with single line or double lines in trees ( as long as yr anchored twice fr yr cut . How people store climbing kit is atrocious in most companies ( saws on ropes ) K
  8. Khriss

    What's on your bench today?

    Oddly Mick, its only in the last five years I have carried reading glasses fr saw sharpening - definately getting worse , and my palms seem a bit hairy now too ...... K
  9. Khriss

    What's on your bench today?

    But Mick ! That blind - you better watch yr toes or use a short bar K
  10. Khriss

    What's on your bench today?

    You were robbed ! Poundland reading glasses all the way fr me K
  11. Khriss

    Tree Risk Assessment

    Never too confident of such ( or any systems ) as laziness on the practisioner can be fatal to the systems integrity . Sometimes a good teeth sucking an a fag can let you see more , K
  12. Khriss

    Blisters from my new climbing irons...help please

    Dont be down hearted ! Gf bought £500 shoes - you know the sort - strappy n lots of heel , basically on wearing they chaffed a lot n needed plasters , on pointing out they were made in China , she took them back , I didn't say much after that ....... K
  13. Khriss

    First SRT (rec) climb

    I think Drt would have to be used - just as unfamiliarity with the system could fail you on a rescue. K
  14. Khriss

    Sycamore - Sudden death!

    Might have got fed up with the tennis k
  15. Anyway- hats off fr the CPS , cos otherwise the duty Chief Constable would have to recommend a prosecution , and thats not happening :P K


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