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  1. Video of the Stihl MS500i in action

    I would say so too Monk' they best not get it wrong - spent too much on R&D on this to fail. K
  2. Banyan

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-43825874 Interesting , if a bit far off fr a visit , K
  3. The chainsaw of the future

    Chainsaw protection class ?? K
  4. I am NOT saying I would walk into Court on this one , many decisions have to be made by employers and employees , but make no mistake - IF you have been trained to do a job and signed off on that , then ignore good or accepted best practise - yr on yr own infront of the Judge K
  5. As to in house training, we issue certificates for our guys, an with 600+ employees I would think our corporate insurance ain't compromised, client is happy with it- make sure you match up with what NPTC n Lantra want an realy you cannot be at fault. K
  6. Not any more ! An to previous , they do as they are told- or its another job quickly tacked on be fr ' home time.' .. K ( pressure washer = missing 'Home and Away ' )
  7. ....different angle - yea, the Job Center Plus
  8. It absolutely boileth mine own piss , so it does ! If it aint screaming out shit music or videos in the cab whilst I am driving - its texting the latest domestic drama to the missus or family or bank or car insurance or ....... * breathes * while I am up a tree waiting on the feckless lil cun... they deserve throwing in the chipper !!! K ( and their bloody phones !! )
  9. ...a 'dislike of mobile phones' wld be what I would be looking fr in a grounds person, k
  10. 50 cc saw

    Am Definately picking up the lighter ( an cheap ) saws now - But that Husq 262 can never be beaten ! K
  11. Is chipper dust something we should be worried about.

    My sinuses are shocking Skyhuck. That would kill me ! All dust can be lethal. And also a vector for fungal spores- 'farmers lung'- basically yr gonna die from summat someday. K
  12. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Dont be daft Mr Stubby - tha Moon aint got toilets or a Greggs !! Why would you ever go there !! K
  13. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    ( or electric vans - give me strength Lord ! )
  14. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    ( Did explain how 5 megawatts an hour , an 1000 gallons of diesel a day aint gonna be mitigated by us using 'battery ' chainsaws )
  15. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    ...or use proven two stroke technology K


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