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  1. Three saws in regular usage for me - Husky 550 mk2, 572 and 390. 550 mk2 is every bit as good as a 560/562 in my opinion, great for wee stuff and for snedding. Bigger stuff if you're only felling to the head with maybe the occasional bit of snedding rough ones 572 with either a 20" or a 24" bar will fell most stuff. Take one of these bars in the piece bag and then you've got a spare with you. 390 really only stuff that's really big and close to the road, it's too heavy to carry miles into the wood. Stihl 261 good saw, but not as good as the 550 for softwood forestry. Stihl 462 good saw, doesn't sned as well as the 572. Haven't used the 500i more than a day, seemed a good saw, lots of folk like them for forestry but I don't know enough about them. Bigger Stihls I haven't used for ages so don't know. Echo, never used but looks old, heavy and clunky - I could be doing them a massive disservice, but they don't look up to the job. DolMakita good saws but the one I tried didn't have the build quality of a Husky or Stihl, too many issues with it falling to bits.
  2. Don't know? Haven't done either for ages, but small areas used to be cheaper to tube than fence and 200m isn't going to fence a very big area therefore I assumed it wouldn't be that many tubes and might be cheaper. Last time I bought 4' stakes was spring this year and they were about 50p each. That leaves quite a lot for tubes but like I say I'm out of touch with prices for both tubes and stakes and deer fencing. It also depends on planting density obviously. Just thought it was worth asking the question. There could be a lot of other reasons for preffering to fence or not to fence.
  3. 200m of fencing??? Not a lot easier and cheaper to tube and stake?
  4. I think you need type C for training anyway.
  5. ..... things generally start off fairly cheap at auction and go up???😏
  6. Have used both recently, 550 mk2 wipes the floor with the 261 in small conifers and 1st thinnings. Arb might be different, but for commercial forestry work I'd go 550 mk2 every time.
  7. Indoor plumbing and electric lighting.
  8. I'm out of touch with rates, but the last I heard skyline work was fetching from around about £30-£32 up to around £50 a cube. Full on skyline on clearfell with big timber. Your forwarder rate sounds about right, but again I'm out of touch. Can you make it pay at your rates? If you can and they'll pay it then happy days. If you can't you need to rethink your prices, no point in doing it if your not making money.
  9. I'd agree with all that. Last job I left the saw out on was a couple of miles into the wood, the wood was a couple of miles from the nearest (small) village and the saw was 500m odd up the hill, completely out of sight from the forest road, let alone anywhere else. If folk want to nick that then they're more or less welcome to it, it's a lot more effort than most thieves are willing to put into it.
  10. I've left 562 and 572 Huskys out in the wood over night and for a few nights on many occasions. Always been fine and started no bother, never in really cold weather, but have been caught out by snow at least once. Like Stubby says, I always make sure they're sitting on their feet to give them the best chance of keeping the rain out.
  11. I've not have many problems with the 572 that haven't been self inflicted. Ran over it for example. Good saw in my opinion, well balanced, pulls either a 20" or 24" bar. I like it. I have heard of one or two problems with them, but they seem fairly good in the most part. Only ever had a shot of either the 462 and the 500i. Both good saws. 462 was running 0.63 chain which made the bar and chain seem very heavy to me, perhaps because I'm used to the Husky being on 0.58. 500i was a belter, but only used it for a day on demo. Some folk have had nothing but problems with them, others have had no bother at all, think it depends a little on your luck. I have a Dolmar 7910, lovely saw, always put a smile on my face using it but in the longer term it hasn't stood up to use too well. Parts and service for it are a problem here as there's no local dealer that knows one end of the saw from the other. Shavey is good though for these, never had any problems dealing with him. Don't know much about Echo, like their wee saws, but the big things seem heavy and antiquated in design to me. Never used one of their big saws though, so can't really comment beyond impressions of them sitting on the shelf. Don't know any commercial cutters who use one though, so that kind of speaks for itself? If I was looking to replace the 572 it would be a straight race between another 572 and a 500i and I'm not sure which would win.
  12. Making climbers less agile, less competitive and slower will be part of the process to convert people to MEWP work, which is what they (HSE) really want anyway.
  13. What does your leather working friend think it is?
  14. What's it like compared to a quad for turning circle, ground clearance and wheelbase?
  15. Thanks for all the replies, not sure I'm any further forward as everyone has their own preferences! ? I should also add it needs to be waterproof - it's for use in Scotland, not the wettest part of Scotland, but still pretty wet for a large proportion of the time. Predominantly used outside so a good water resistant rating considered essential!


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