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  1. removed a few old stickes with boiling water softens up the adhesive
  2. better training and less idiots being passed in their climbing assesment would have prevented a lot of these accidents . when i did my climbing assessment it took 1 student two days to complete his and still passed .
  3. cracking machine [emoji108]loved workin alongside a 4cx doing tree work was nothing it couldnt do.
  4. u still looking for climber am based in glasgow but willing to travel got 4 years climbing experianance and relevant tickets
  5. looking up the snake road towards ladybower
  6. cruachan power station in loch awe argyll scotland is ahuge pump storage facilty with a really intresting visitor centre. the tour involves going 1 km inside the mountain to see the machine hall thts been carved out the rock.
  7. few pics of my old bosses 4cx was really usefull machine drove tae 95 % of our site clearance work
  8. East Kilbride man left with ‘no skin on the back of his leg’ after horror stump grinder accident WWW.THESCOTTISHSUN.CO.UK The man, 22, was described as screaming and writhing in pain after his leg was caught in a stump grinder in the “horrific” accident 1 sounds a sore one for young lad involved
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/membership/2017/dec/03/how-scotland-reduced-knife-deaths-among-young-people
  10. i live in renfrewshire quoted above and its no were near as bad as say 10 to 15 years ago whn knife crime was epidemic in west of scotland they have done a gd job reducing the no of homicide/ knife incid3nts in tht time . i witnessed my best friend been knifed in heart whh he was 16 years ol so i know 1st hand how it affects young peepo.
  11. Cheers bud [emoji106]new one for me never came across any before
  12. Came across this in a local park any help with identification would he helpful
  13. Same as above decent tyres but side walls crackin after about year n half


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