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  1. green horn

    Tyres ford ranger. More town than country

    Same as above decent tyres but side walls crackin after about year n half
  2. green horn

    Looking for work west central scotland

    Got nothing on nxt week if any ones looking for a climber/ groundworker own ppe saws pick up etc
  3. green horn

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    Whats your budget ? Husqy 562 light weight packs a punch [emoji108]
  4. Looking for any recomendations on training providers for the above course in the west central scotland
  5. green horn

    Ben Nevis mountain bike track

    Loch arkaig worth visit always a chance of seeing a white tailed sea eagle in the area
  6. green horn

    Looking for work west central scotland

    Cheers m8 already had spoken with grant yesterday hopefully get chat with him on fne this week . Cheers for heads up any way bud
  7. green horn

    Looking for work west central scotland

    Yes i had seen your ad on the other thread but as i have 1 year old kid stayin away is not an option for me at moment or i would have been intrested in the work
  8. Looking for climbing or groud work in the above area i have 4 yrs experiance in commercial and domestic arb nptc qualified with cross cut and maintence , small felling,climbing and rescue and aerial cutting using hand held and free fall techniques willing to travel for the right position.
  9. green horn

    Ebay Felling Levers

    Get proper one been using the larger one all week felling large spruce n larch
  10. green horn

    Welcome new members

    Been memeber for a while never got round to posting much due to new baby now things have settled on tht front its about time i got involved a bit more by posting some pics and stuff of work i do as we all love a pic on this forum. Neve know might help me find extra work on my area Jeff
  11. I work for a local contractor who specialize in site clearance jobs. I work most days till 5 but if site access time is not a problem i can go after work for you if u have trouble finding some anyone. I have 3 years experiance in clearance work

    <p>Hello. se7enthdevil has asked me to try to contact you as you're not rteplying to him! Are you there?!</p>

    <p> </p>


    <p> </p>



  13. green horn

    fungi id

    thanks for the help much appreciated Sent from my SM-G930F using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. green horn

    fungi id

    came across these rather large fungi on a bike ride today and was wondering if any 1 could id them for me some 1 else had alreAdy cut a section from it Sent from my SM-G930F using Arbtalk mobile app


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