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  1. Whippet

    All saw apart from chisels for the eye. Plus some black and white acrylic spray paint
  2. Whippet

    Thanks Bill, 12"x17"
  3. Whippet

    Haha cheers eggs
  4. Whippet

    Thanks Stubby
  5. Whippet

    Chainsaw carved in relief wall piece in field maple
  6. Goaty

    Very sorry to hear this, condolences to you and your family
  7. what level of detail?

    That's interesting, I started off many years back with mallet and chisels but switched to saws because of time. What would take a full day carving traditionally will only take an hour or two with saws. I just couldn't compete on price with edge tools. Still nice to work them when needed though 👍
  8. what level of detail?

    I use a wide variety of tools, but I normally do everything with saws 95% minimum. Sometimes you need another tool but I would recommend pushing yourself with just your saws as much as possible. A lot of novice carvers fall into the trap of carving a bit, then sanding with grinder, then reworking with saw, then grinding again etc.
  9. Night fox

    Thanks Stubby, yes it is a bit ambiguous, if the buyer thinks it's a wolf then it's a wolf 😉
  10. Night fox

    Relief carving in cypress. [ATTACH]222439[/ATTACH]
  11. 28 western red cedar trees

    I'd be interested in the larger stems
  12. Fox

    Relief carved into a slab of cypress [ATTACH]221808[/ATTACH]
  13. Hare study in cypress

    Thanks guys 👌
  14. Yes mate, carve, burn then sand 👌
  15. Thanks guys👍


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