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  1. Some recent pieces

    Thanks Chessa [emoji106]
  2. Some recent pieces

    Interesting mate, Clay is a lot more forgiving than wood [emoji1]
  3. Some recent pieces

    Cheers Russ, how’s things mate, not heard from you in ages
  4. First few carvings of the year

    Nice, like the hedgehog
  5. Hi wisewood

    Not sure what is happening with the heavy yet. The customer was thinking of keeping it. I will recontact you if there's some available 👍

  6. Chip site wanted. Huyton Merseyside area

    Can’t help with the brash but will take logs, the bigger the better, based at Formby, not very far off
  7. Unwanted nocturnal visitors again

    It’s no wonder these folk are so brazen and persistent when the police aren’t even interested. Police resources must be stripped to nothing, really p****s me off
  8. Some recent pieces

    Thanks Gary [emoji106]
  9. Some recent pieces

    Thanks Steve, it’s leylandii, one of my favourite woods [emoji108]
  10. Some recent pieces

    Cheers Mark, just seen you pics[emoji1] Glad to see you are finding ways to stay productive mate but please be careful, don’t want to slip whilst running a saw!
  11. Carver in SE London / Kent

    Might be worth posting on Facebook Arbtalk too
  12. Carver in SE London / Kent

    Ian Andrews and Steven Andrews (no relation) are based in Kent. I can travel but it would need to be big job to warrant that sort of distance (Liverpool)
  13. Some recent pieces

    Cedar cone, hare and owl family
  14. memorial carving for a friend

    Thanks Charlie, you’ve got a cool style bud
  15. memorial carving for a friend

    Really lovely piece mate


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