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  1. I've been working on wall pieces a lot these days, experiments with textures.
  2. I've read so many threads of these Lancelot discs destroying people's hands/fingers. Best advice I could offer is bin it and invest in a chainsaw. Put a carving bar on it and it will be infinitely better and so much safer[emoji106]
  3. I agree, and I asked because I was asked by the body that have the mill. I told them that as far as I was aware there was no formal certification. As this is new territory for me and them I thought it worth asking the milling community on here. You have all confirmed my initial thoughts on this and I can now move this forward without any further confusion [emoji106]
  4. Thanks for that, I hadn't even thought about HSE /PUWER [emoji106]
  5. It certainly makes sense to have some one to one training on the mill, paying someone to go through operating and maintenance. Just not sure if you'd need something more formal as a business in terms of insurance cover.
  6. As above, is there such a thing? Is it even a requirement? I know when you buy new you can have a days training from the manufacturer, I'm guessing it's possible to do the same with used equipment also? I ask as I have been approached by a group who have acquired a mill and would like me to operate it. I have no hours on a band saw but it's an opportunity that I would love to seize.
  7. I don't mill very often, I forget how back breaking it is moving oak around. Ended up with 5 boards at 10ft and 6 fireplace mantles plus some odds for bowls etc.
  8. Cut a few more boards today and a 5&1/2"slab for mantelpieces. I thought I'd post my MacGyver style work arounds, they may be of interest to some of you. I normally work alone and have noticed occasionally when milling, the far end of the mill will ride up. So without having another person to apply some downwards pressure I came up with a very basic counterweight to the saw. Seems to work really well [emoji106] The other hack was screwing a plank against the uneven log so the saw mount ran without being hampered by the upright post. I know you can get a wheel assembly for this very reason, but this is the cheap get around [emoji1]


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