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  1. wisewood

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    Found them, the timber for the fort was milled from the hexagonal core. There’s a trap door in the floor of the fort, the only way up is from inside the tree[emoji106]
  2. wisewood

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    I’ll try and dig out some pics [emoji106]
  3. wisewood


    Latest piece in cedar
  4. wisewood

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    I did a similar thing a few years back. My approach was to mill the outer wood off in slabs, leaving a hexagonal core. The log was then screwed/ bolted back together [emoji106]
  5. wisewood

    Best chain for milling

    ThanksRob, I’ll keep a look out then[emoji108]
  6. wisewood


    Steve, do you know if a rear handle version will follow the launch of this top handle??
  7. wisewood

    Best chain for milling

    Hi Rob is the 27RA ripping chain available yet? Cheers, Si
  8. wisewood

    Best chain for milling

    Hi Rob is the 27RA ripping chain available yet? Cheers, Si
  9. wisewood

    Anyone here from the north west

    Formby, Liverpool
  10. wisewood

    Building and contents insurance

    Thanks Steve, Damage thankfully was isolated just in time to my stock of carving logs, but my carving shed was only 8 ft from the spread! I need to find a policy that will cover me otherwise next time I’ll be wiped out.
  11. I suffered an arson attack last night at the yard, thankfully it was contained before reaching the workshop. My question is, what policies are out there for temporary structures/agricultural structures? My workspace is a timber frame with tin roof. A glorified wood store basically that is securely locked. I’m looking for cover for fire, theft etc. Thanks, Simon
  12. wisewood

    Saw logs needed for Wingfest2018

  13. London Wing Fest 2018 is at Stratford Waterside in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I’m heading down from Liverpool to carve a giant chicken for them. Can anyone help or recommend a firm that could supply big diameter logs in Stratford or surrounding areas? Preferred species wrc, cedar, sequoia, cypress, would take leylandii also. Event is at the beginning of August. Thanks in advance, Si
  14. wisewood

    Amazing Technique for Solo Heavy Lifting

    I saw a program last year where they moved a massive block of stone along a carpet of seaweed, it literally glided across!
  15. wisewood


    Fantastic mate


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