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  1. wisewood

    Metal detector

    I’ve got one of those security wands, they’re pretty accurate most of the time. Although anything swallowed by the tree becomes guesswork and I usually resort to a new sharp chain to find it [emoji38]
  2. wisewood

    Giant Redwood is it worth much?

    Local chainsaw Carver would be interested I reckon
  3. wisewood

    Some recent pieces

    Thanks, I don’t usually plan far enough ahead to make videos, but I do have this one from last month[emoji106][
  4. wisewood

    New waterproof jacket

    Thanks for all the feedback so far[emoji106] I should have mentioned that I don’t climb so that element won’t be a deciding factor. What I did like about the Sip jacket was the large hood that fitted over my ear defenders
  5. wisewood

    New waterproof jacket

    My Sip Keiu rain jacket came apart today, reckon it’s over two years old but now need to find a replacement asap. Have been happy with it until now, looking for feedback on any alternatives available , Bear valley Alpha any good? Cheers, Si
  6. wisewood

    Angle grinder blade

    These things crop up regularly on various carving forums. I’ve seen a lot of different posts of horrific injuries caused by these, grinder kicking back etc. Far safer to use a saw!
  7. Yes that looks very useful Rob, attached to a squared log is how I imagined it done[emoji106] I do like your table though, have you any footage on how the track sits along the table edge? Will the intersect come with the track? And have you an idea on price yet?
  8. Excellent, very interested in this[emoji106] Lol I must have switched the website to Chinese 🤣
  9. Rob, your website is in Chinese????
  10. Look forward to seeing this Rob
  11. Sorry, I’ve just watched it again and you didn’t mention anything of the sort, weird lol
  12. wisewood

    New Oregon EXL Chain - game changer?

    Hmm, yes both had equal chain stretch. That new chain looks more aggressive and about 2 seconds faster (second cut) than the standard chain in the second video [emoji106]
  13. That’s an excellent piece of kit Rob[emoji106] I watched the demo vid last week, I seem to remember you mentioning that it can be used to replank thicker boards or true up / plane seasoned boards. If this is possible, how exactly can this be done? I can’t see how the end brackets would attach to a thin board, unless you clamp the board somehow to another log your milling??
  14. wisewood

    Trailers help

    Thanks for the heads up, what did you have to do to downplate?
  15. wisewood

    Trailers help

    Pre 97


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