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  1. Cheers Spud, I don't usually have a phone signal at work, Email simon.archer@wisewood.org.uk www.wisewood.org.uk Links on there to social media, my Instagram has plenty of examples of work [emoji106] Cheers, Simon
  2. Hi Scott, This got pinged up to me today, you actually emailed me today also. The price I suggested is based on how I envisage the piece, size, level of detail etc. I forgot to mention that these commissions are bespoke so if my price is way off your expectations there may be a way to compromise the design to fit your budget. If not, I may be able to find someone local who might help. Cheers, Simon
  3. Hi Leonard, ok, first off, run your carving chain slack otherwise you’ll overheat the bar and chain. secondly you may need to grind/file the heels/ backs of the cutters as sometimes they can stick out more than the cutting face as they travel round the bar tip. Start simple, mushrooms, owls. watch YouTube videos and join carving groups on Facebook. most of all though study form of your subject matter, lots of photos so you have plenty of good reference material. Copying someone else’s work may lead to you copying their mistakes 🤣 Best of luck, Simon
  4. Lol should have gone to Specsavers
  5. Not a fan of the Trumps but that is shocking lol
  6. Well I guess because I previously switched everything to 3/8 or 3/8 lo pro. I’m not saying this is what everyone is doing, just works for me
  7. Look forward to seeing/hearing the your take on these
  8. 64” lo pro bars ??? What are these designed to run on? ms661? ms880? Is there an increase in flex or bowing within the cut ?
  9. Rob, without looking at my reel at the yard , I would fairly confidently say I use Oregon 91VXL for my carving bars( quarter tips and toonies ) Reasons for buying It’s readily available its fairly cheap i would say on the whole I’m very happy with it. The only gripe I have is that for the narrower radius quarter tips the cutter is a little too long and I end up grinding more cutter heel off than I would with a shorter cutter length. I know the L in VXL means longer and in normal use it would be a benefit having more tooth to sharpen. I also use it for milling (42” lo pro bar on Stihl 066) re-profiled for milling. only reason- I had existing reel of it. If I were to buy more loops just for milling I would be interested in lo pro skip chain if such a chain exists?
  10. Hmm, interesting. Maybe I’ve fitted the wrong tension spring then. I’ll see if I can find out what year it is 👍 thanks again
  11. Many thanks for this mate, only had a quick skim through so far but yes the sm looks to be all there 👍 i shall update my post once I’ve sorted it or sent to spud lol
  12. Possibly, wedgebanger sent me the service manual so will be studying very closely 👍
  13. Thanks Rich, it took 3 &1/2 days with 2of us working on it. All saw apart from some chisel work on the eyes.
  14. Hi Rob, I use 3/8 lo pro on my quarter tips and toonies. Probably down to being the easiest option for me as I can run both lo pro and standard 3/8 on my bigger saws if needs be without any hassle


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