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  1. Hi got paid in chainsaw at the start of the year, as i did a stump carving outside my local garden machinery shop. I got a new echo 501sx with the idea to use it as my new blocking saw, as up until now I've mainly just been using the 361 wes for most work, a 281 wes for detail and a 620sx for large cuts. although i still haven't worked out if i can stick a quarter pitch bar on it, I asked Rob at chainsawbars, and he said there was a couple that should fit, but didn't know how many drive links id need. Is anyone else using this saw with a carving setup, if so i'd love to know what your using. If not, what does everyone else recommend as a decent 50cc saw for blocking that will take a toonie tip or quarter tip. Thanks for your time. Charlie
  2. lovely carvings! Are you adding colour? looks great.
  3. Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys, i like the sound of the Rustins stuff, it is aways tricky treating fairly green wood. Ive tried Osmo before, but struggled to get it to dry. Whats the name of the two stage spanish stuff? Cheers
  4. Hi just wondering what finishes others are using, and what works best for you. I've tried loads of different stuff from danish oil, decking oil to varnish, but still not settled on one product. Ideally i want something that dries fairly quick(even in our damp climate), only needs 2-3 coats, dosen't break the bank and leaves a nice satin sheen...Let me know if you've found something that works for you. I used Rustins danish oil on this wild boar carving, quite like the finish, but it took about 5 coats to get it to sheen up, gets a bit pricey....
  5. Thanks for the tip, working great and loads cheaper. started cutting them with stanley knife-too slow, band saw works a treat.
  6. Hi, just wondering what belts others maybe using if they use a makita file sander. I've been using the makita belts for the past 5 years, and they've been great, although they are fairly pricey. However the last few batches I've bought just seem to snap within the first few minutes of use. I'm guessing that they're using a different glue to hold them together. Anyone experiencing this? I've tried them on a mates sander, as i thought maybe something wasn't right with my sander, but same thing happens. Any insights appreciated. Cheers
  7. Yes, i make my own too. I buy the abrasive in 50m rolls from Michael Knudel in Germany and then glue them to a small piece of steel box section. It seems they've stopped making the sand-o-flex, i managed to get a couple from America, but were pricey. Michael also sell the replacement brushes..
  8. All look wicked, especially like the Rhino. Good work!


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